Let the memory of Marie be with us forever
  • 69 years old
  • Born on September 2, 1942 in Newport News, Virginia, United States.
  • Passed away on May 2, 2012 in Waldorf, Maryland, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Marie Williams, . We will remember her forever.

Posted by Maurice Williams on 2nd May 2018
It's been 6 years. I miss you mom. I'll be listening to a song that we used to listen to and remember that little dance you used to do with your fingers. I want to call you, but then I remember . We will always miss you. R.I.P
Posted by Maurice Williams on 2nd September 2016
Good morning, I love you and miss you very much. Happy birthday ma. I know that you are enjoying Jesus. We are celebrating your life. The spaghetti is done, Sam and I are going to enjoy it today. I know that you would have loved her. I believe that she is the one. I know that I have your blessing. My goal has always been to make you proud. I pray that we will continue to do so. I love you. Again, Happy birthday ma.
Posted by Wanda-Marie Carey on 3rd May 2016
Dear Aunty Ree, You are missed! As moments go by in my life I wish you were here to spend them with me. You have always been someone I was excited to tell about life events and just know how happy and proud you would be. I miss you so much. Just wanted to let you know (and I know you aleady know) that I'll be having a baby boy. Wish you were here, but I can just imagine your smile and caring words. You are loved, appreciated, and always thought of. I love you Aunty Ree. -Love, Wanda-Marie
Posted by Brandon Williams on 3rd May 2016
I miss you so much, I didn't leave a message yesterday because I was drowning in sorrows, but Mom, I didn't forget the promise I made to you. My time out is over, I will wake up, wipe myself off and get back to the work of doing great things in the name of Jesus. I'm determined to make you proud and to give Brandy a father that she can be proud of, love, and respect. You are forever missed and never forgotten. You are loved also.
Posted by Maurice Williams on 2nd May 2016
On this day in 2012 we lost a special woman. My mother Marie Williams. She meant a lot to a lot of people . I know that she is enjoying Jesus now. You will be forever missed mom. I love you very much.
Posted by Keyairra Edlow on 2nd May 2016
Rest in heaven, know that you are missed very much. Tell my father if you happen across him I said hello and that he is missed very much just as well. I am not sure how we live our days without you guys, the grace of guy I guess but it's still very difficult. Always missed and never forgotten
Posted by Brandon Williams on 2nd September 2015
My heart is so heavy, eyes filled with tears. This sadness never leaves me, forever thinking about you. I just want to make you proud and I fail sometimes and ..... But I hope I make you smile sometimes and Brandy is amazing. I hope you saw her yesterday with her hands up shouting hallelujah from the top of her lungs, I taught her to do that giving her an atmosphere of God's presence. I believe you would be proud at the type of father I've become. Your baby boy had a baby girl. She turns 3 this year. I will continue to eat your facility food, pasta every year on your birthday. I just hope you know how much I truly love you. You've taught me so much.
Posted by Keyairra Edlow on 2nd September 2015
Happy Birthday, 73 years young is what you would have been. You are missed and never forgotten, pasta will be eaten and memories will be shared. I hope to impact people with my life the way you seem to have with yours, R.I.H.
Posted by Maurice Williams on 24th August 2015
Good morning. About to start another day. Mom, I miss you. Not a day goes by where you do not cross my mind. I thank you for all that you have taught me, and my desire is to be the man that you always wanted me to be. I know that I fall short all of the time, but just as I am on the path of Christianity I am also on the path that you demonstrated every day that I knew you. I know that you know all that is going on in my life, but I know that you are in heaven enjoying Jesus Hallelujah ! All I can say is that I love you, I miss you, and I dedicate my life to God, and the legacy you left us. I love you forever.
Posted by Keyairra Edlow on 22nd August 2015
Was wide awake at midnight and you happened across my mind, you have been gone for three years still a little hard to believe. I look at my daughter your grand child and I am reminded of the gift you left me which is your son and his friendship because of you these additions to my family was even possible. The funny thing was you thought my son was so adorable and amazing, little did you know I felt the very same about your son. I just want you to know he misses you every day and your grand daughter will know of you and the love you have for life and the people in it. Thanks for all the gifts and love you gave when you were here and that you left, forever cherished and remembered you are and will be.
Posted by Brandon Williams on 2nd September 2013
I miss you so much mom. I wish that you could have met your granddaughter. I named her Brandy Nicole like you always wished. You know i look at her and see you. I just pray that I give her what you gave to me. You were my Mother, my councilor, my protector and best friend. Love you always, Brandon & Brandy.
Posted by Maurice Williams on 2nd September 2013
Happy birthday mom. I love you always. I will have spaghetti in your honor today. We will miss you. Thank you very much for all you did and the lives you touched.
Posted by Anthony Williams on 13th March 2013
Ma always said she wishes she could have given my brothers and I more, but she gave us the greatest gift of all, her unconditional love. God blessed the three of us with a most loving and wonderful mother and a true friend. I pray that we will all be reunited in Heaven and never have to say goodbye again. May she rest in God's eternal peace and happiness.
Posted by Diane Robinson on 5th March 2013
Hello Marie I miss you I know you're happy in heaven, you were such a beautiful knowledgeable person and very caring I just wish you were here with us again...Love your best friend...:)
Posted by Brandon Williams on 4th March 2013
and I will never forget you. You are my heart forever.
Posted by Brandon Williams on 4th March 2013
I miss you so much mom. I think about you everyday and I wish so badly that I could see you again. You taught me so much, and was always there for me. I will never be loved the way you loved me ever again. Though I have people in my life without you I feel so alone. I just hope you know you were my best friend and though I wasn't always the best son I will love you forever
Posted by Diane Robinson on 3rd September 2012
Posted by Maurice Williams on 2nd September 2012
Mom would've been 70 today . I miss her so very much . I wish she were here. I am going to honor her memory today and for the rest of my life . Mom . I love you . Happy birthday . Enjoy heaven . I will see you soon.
Posted by Keyairra Edlow on 30th May 2012
I only met you a few time but it doesn't take a full day to recognize sunshine, and you were very warm and inviting every time, thanks forgiving me one of my closest friends (laz) and thanks for raising him right. I hope you are resting in Gods home with the rest of the angels R.I.P. Gone but never forgotten.
Posted by Eric Williams on 29th May 2012
Even though at times I didn't understand how Ms. Marie handled situations. It always looked like she was always organized and ready for whatever obstable that tried to block her path. She never seemed like she had any regrets and when she made mistakes she didn't edmit them well at times but for some strange reason she could still put a smile on your face..
Posted by Brandon Williams on 25th May 2012
I miss her so much. I love my mom with all my heart and soul. I just want to see her again. While I am here I just have to live so that when I see her she will be proud of the life I lived. It hurts so much though!!!
Posted by Maurice Williams on 22nd May 2012
I love my mother very much . I know that she is here with us . There will never be another like her . My goal in life is to be the man she taught me to be. A lover of God , a real man in all respects . One that stands up for what he believes in protect,support,and love my family . All I can say is that I miss her very very much .
Posted by Diane Robinson on 22nd May 2012
Marie was and still is my best friend and I will remember her fondly always. We had a lot of good times together, it was like we were soul sisters. I visited her in Philadelphia, North Carolina and Waldorf, MD. She had 5 grandchildren who are precious. I picked Amazing Grace because when she passed it was with such GRACE; and the holding hands theme because she was holding her 3 sons hand

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