Let the memory of Marienette forever be with us. She fought a good fight and we know she is in a good resting place . Her last word on earth was "Amen"
  • 22 years old
  • Born on July 2, 1992 .
  • Passed away on May 21, 2015 in District of Columbia, United States.

Viewing, Memorial Service, & Wake Keping will take place on Saturday, June 13th 2015

Viewing & Memorial Service
J.B Jenkins Funeral Home
7474 Landover Rd
Hyattsville, MD 20785
Viewing: 4pm-6pm & Memorial Service: 6pm-7pm

Wake Keeping
To follow immediately after service at,
Buena Vista 
8844 Washington Blvd
Jessup, MD 20794

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: 446033703200
Routing #: 052001633
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Anna Nulla Njinjoh (301-442-2355), or
Grace Nagwa Dinga

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God Bless You

Posted by Larry Ncheh on 21st May 2016
We miss you
Posted by Comfort Sema on 2nd July 2015
Good morning and happy Birthday my dear ! Yes today again brings memory of how we have lived and shared love. My memOry is fresh of the wonderful time we shared together! Marinette rest in peace my dear with Jesus Christ. Thank you for the impact you have made in our society and amongst our youth. I will always through my small way promote your dream! I saw the uniform you ordered for your birth day. I will make mine and will join the rest to celebrate! I will forever remember you. Rest Baby!!!!!! Auntie Comfort
Posted by Kahma Daiga on 2nd July 2015
happy birthdaaaaay!!! we'll be turning up with Ni Lam & the Aunties on your behalf
Posted by Lizette Nkongho on 22nd June 2015
I can't believe it's been a whole month. Sorry it took me so long, it's just because i really don't know what to say. I was scrolling down my what's app this morning and i noticed how far down the list your name is now and it hit me......you're really not going to be sending me anything else. I'm pass anger and sadness, i just thank God now for the time he let me have with you, even though it was mostly spent with me asking you for food lol (BTW, there's been loads of fish roll in my life, thank you, i know that was you) I truly felt that you were my sister and I still love you as my sister. Don't worry about your mom, we won't leave her. I love you so much and i know you haven't really left us either. See you later my love!
Posted by Pamela Musong on 15th June 2015
I have been on this page on nd off since it was created but I just couldn't write anything, not until today. Marie you know how I felt about you. I will for ever love u Ngams. I am going through our new years resolutions one after another. It hurts that you ain't here but wen I saw your body I knew deep inside of me that your soul somewhere is in a better. RIP Ngams.
Posted by Hsin-Ta Andre Tsai on 15th June 2015
Dear Marienette, It was a real pleasure working with you in the LSL office at Berea, laughing, drinking office coffee, being creative on our projects, and sneaking to finish class assignments while on-clock together. It wasn't even that long ago and I can't believe you have left us so soon. Rest in peace, my dear, and know that you will be very much missed and loved.
Posted by Alycia Ward on 15th June 2015
Marie, I felt like I didn't know you all that well, but the times I got to talk to you were always so nice. You were a bright ray of sunshine for so many people, and I always felt happier after having spent a little time with you. I remember reading up on your condition, and I was rooting for you all the way. I'm sad that you didn't get to make it there, though. You certainly left us too soon, but I know you will forever be in the hearts of many. Adieu Marie. Je suis certaine que tu nous regardes du ciel avec un sourire sur ton beau visage. :)
Posted by Cynthia Njafuh on 14th June 2015
Dear Marienette Ngambou, Ms. Cameroon 2015 Marienette, it’s amazing you will be a Ms. Cameroon 2015 contestant and winner in heaven! Attention, Attention! Audience, the competition has been moved to heaven so let’s prepare for this haven! Reminiscing about your angelic voice, I can bet your opening act will be you singing angelically! Inspiring others to be on fire for God while singing and dancing graciously, balancing being a chemist and artist demonstrates your strength. Explicitly I asked, “How are you feeling?” she responded, “staying strong” encouraging us to smile despite experiencing pain. Needless to say, you courageously fought cancer and broke the cancer chain. Exploding heads are wondering why you left us early. Teary eyed, shine on us because we need your reflection from your smile and skin-deep glow to shine on the worldly. Tributes will say you walked with your head high; you were a rare human being. Enemy, ovarian cancer thought he could steal your joy but Marienette you still laughing! Love, Cynthia Njafuh
Posted by Larry Ncheh on 13th June 2015
Marie didn't lose her fight with cancer, she actually earned her wings and her halo. Now she leads the way, preparing the it for us all to someday follow.
Posted by Kelly Mouapi on 11th June 2015
Cherie Coco, the only true Bakassi babes, Marie Bijoux Bijoux!!!.... You don show we! You don teach we lesson. It took God for me to understand why. You lived a life worthy of crowns. Go on and get your crown of glory, your crown of righteousness, your crown of eternal life, your champion crown because you fought a good fight. I will miss you. I will miss your presence, your voice, your laughter, your smile, your hug, your words of reassurance, your confidence, your hope, your vision, your leadership, your sense of humor. No one can fill the gap that you left in the Core group. I know you wouldn't want any of us crying but what can we do? I will miss you but I will remember you. There will be a lot of catching up to do when we meet again. Go on, join the heavenly angels and sing on precious jewel (Bijoux). Rest in Heaven Cherie coco. Rest well.
Posted by Irene Fohtung on 9th June 2015
Marinette, Unbelievable yet true, you left us so soon. All the while I visited you during your illness you gave no one the impression it will soon be over. You made your mother proud- a very good daughter! even at the end , you cared more about her than yourself. You stood tall, beautiful, selfless,talented, intelligent yet with a humble and kind heart ready to serve. At your age, you were an inspiration. Your light shone so bright. Your legacy lives on-bringing awareness to Ovarian Cancer in the Cameroonian community here and beyond. September is National Ovarian Cancer month. I wonder what you would have been up to... One of your favorite phrase was " God Knows" Indeed God knows. We love you but God loves you more. I know you are smiling and praising him this very moment. We miss you but I know we shall meet again and together we shall be praising the Lord for ever and ever. This is the very essence of life..............
Posted by Nagella Nukuna on 8th June 2015
Marienette, Your message was one of teaching. Your heart's desire will be recognized because your message penetrated all our souls. You lit every room you walked through. Now we have to share part of your message of early diagnosis for Ovarian cancer; a blood test that measures a protein shed by tumor cells called CA-125 and an ultrasound exam to give doctors a look at the ovaries. We need to fight for clinical studies that focus on the young and ethnic. We are awaiting results from a 200,000 clinical UK study to shed light on this terrible disease. Thanks for shedding the light with your precious life. You will always shine and though we miss you physically, your message, your smile, your strength has saved lives. God bless you and may your sweet young soul, Rest in Perfect Peace. Never mind, mum and all your loved ones will be just fine as we know you are watching over their every move. Angel, rest in peace. love Ma Nagella
Posted by Belinda Wamala on 8th June 2015
honey.... i would say wake up and laugh at us for crying but the Lord gives and the Lord takes. You were ready..we are in this world but only or a while. rest easy Marie and see you soon:)
Posted by Jennee-Stella Ma Ste on 7th June 2015
Hello Marienette, you took my breath away when I heard the news of your moving on. Yes, I say moving on because, with all the plans you had, you could not have done otherwise, but to move on. When I visited you at the hospital, you were full of hope and life, and I was happy to see you doing so well,but who knew? Who really knew that you were just saying but soft goodbyes as you were smiling and reassuring me that you were feeling much better? Well God knew , and so He has you now to keep Him company and watch over us until we meet to part no more. Baby, please intercede for your mommy and we pray she has strength to overcome or live with your early departure. R.I.P.sweetheart. Your plans, your platform and messages will be fulfilled. You have gone like a rainbow, too soon, Adieu, Love Ma Ste
Posted by Nana Efua Wilmot on 7th June 2015
My babe! I've been putting off writing this because I can't fathom that I won't physically see you again. I have gone back on forth these past weeks and still can't believe this is really happening. So as we all mentally prepare to head to MD this week to bid you an earthly farewell, I sit here and reminisce about all the amazing times we have had. From the chemistry building to dance practice to all the conversations and I can't help but shed a tear. But in all things we have to give thanks (the good book reminds us of this). So thank you Marie for showing me what bravery looked like over the past year. Thank you for always being you and for making me laugh. I looked forward to celebrating your future accomplishments. But God had a better plan for you and we can't dispute that. Core group won't be complete without you but I know you have become our self appointed guardian angel in heaven. We'll all make you proud and make sure that we do right by God so we can finally have our core group reunion. Keep smiling above. Till we meet again, I'll always love you. My one and only Bakassi babe!
Posted by Ma Anne Nkapsah on 7th June 2015
Gentle Savior please look down, There's someone by your side, A small bewildered 22 years old, That needs you as her guide. There was no stain on Marienette's soul, No hatred, no fear but faith and love; You must have loved her even more Than we who mourn her here.
Posted by Comfort Sema on 3rd June 2015
Marinette, I am short of words my dear, I cannot even write because tears is tearing me apart my baby. Your last text to me keeps me meditating about your brilliant and understanding at a very young age. Your departure is a big surprise to me because you were so strong, and never made me to think differently. The joy that I have in my heart today is that you are in the Lord's arm resting. I remember your plan to bring awareness about cancer to young girls and women in our African community. ... You have fought a good fight. Rest in His arms.......
Posted by Candace Harmon-Uter on 2nd June 2015
Marienette, what a beautiful young woman you turned out to be! You are among what I refer to as the "Largo Elite!" A respectful young woman who always had a huge smile and a kind word for your classmate's mother. You have left an indelible mark on the world and you will forever be missed. God bless you and those who helped shape you into the phenomenal woman you became.
Posted by Nisha Marks on 29th May 2015
Kahma has been harassing me forever to get on here and write something and I'm sorry it has taken me so long. I just kept saying...I have no words. Well Bijoux, today I found some, "Thank you!" Thank you for helping me escape from Kentucky lol, for opening your home to me, for always being a source of happiness and for teaching me that life is a most precious gift that we should never take for granted. I'll see you later boo.....on the other side!
Posted by LadyKate Atabong Ndi on 29th May 2015
Rest in Peace our Little Angel. Your Voice will never die, your message will prevail, Rest in Peace and know that we will keep burning your candle, your light will continue to shine. Rest in Peace our Angel
Posted by Jonathan Stephens on 27th May 2015
May his peace be with you till we meet again, till wereach the distance shore where we shed the tears no more, may he give you strength to endure....till we meet again. .R.I.P marienette
Posted by Akinjide Agbodo on 26th May 2015
I know you walking hand in hand with our lord. Your precious memory will linger for long, your life was full of excellence you are the best among your equal no wonder you left foot print in places you go.Gentle kind,smart one of my praise worship team at RCCG Jesus place never say no to assignment ready for challenges any day: you are missed and always be missed. Marinette your memory is ever green. Looking forward to see you again at the marriage supper of the Lamb.Say me hi to my Dad over there
Posted by Kathy Dunn on 25th May 2015
My husband Ron, who Marinette called, Papi Ron, and I got to know Marinette when she came to Berea. I watched her grow from a teenager in college to a self assured woman. We had several talks after her diagnosis of cancer. She amazed me at her strength and love for Christ. She knew this world was only temporary and the way she handled dying was a testimony of her faith in God and her blessed assurance that she knew where her final destination would take her. I made her a bracelet that said Believe, Hope, Faith. She had them all. Sing on in Heaven's Choir Marinette. You life was not in vain, but a strength to all of us that really knew who you were. ,
Posted by Judith Nwana on 23rd May 2015
Dear Marienette, leaving us so young! Why? I saw you a month ago at the Patcha Foundation workshop and we celebrated the fact that you had beat cancer. Little did we know! You were so brave, so eloquent and you gave us hope. Your are a star and will keep shinning. Thanks for being part of our lives albeit briefly. Rest in perfect peace baby and help us with divine intervention for this cancer. Love you.
Posted by Claudette Musong on 23rd May 2015
Petite seoure I tire ohhhh I tire.....I thought you had bit cancer but never knew u were trying to just give us Hope. Marie I won't ask too many questions cus I know no one will answer me but I will applaud you because u were a brave woman u were very courageous and I will never forget that .....I love u and i will always..thanks for the good n bad times we shared..I will forever miss u
Posted by Chris Nkempu on 23rd May 2015
My dear R.I.P. It is a journey we all must take. Hope u will finally find rest from cancer. Your memory leaves on girl. May God grant u eternal rest. Till another generation farethee well small sis
Posted by Chris Nkempu on 23rd May 2015
My dear R.I.P. It is a journey we all must take. Hope u will finally find rest from cancer. Your memory leaves on girl. May God grant u eternal rest. Till another generation farethee well small sis
Posted by Dumbi Mabiala on 23rd May 2015
May you rest in perfect peace! I never knew you but your story deeply touched my heart. I'm praying for your family. May God's loving arms wrap each of them today and every day, in Jesus name.
Posted by Kahma Daiga on 22nd May 2015
Marienette!!! chai clap for yourself! You couldn't even wait 2 more weeks for our plans to celebrate the end of your chemo and say a final bye to that "Italian-spaghetti-sauce-cancer". We could never pronounce the name of your cancer so we came up with the nickname. In fact words can't even...i'm just...i'll see you on the other side boo... Try to sit down in Heaven and rest in peace because you were always busying around on earth lol.

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