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August 29, 2019
I remember growing up with Bud he was my older brother and always protected me, he always told my boyfriend's and husband's that if they ever hurt me they would have to answer to him. I am not sure how old he was when he stole my mom's car and wrecked it going through a fence and just when we were telling our mom her car was gone the police knocked on the door and our mom said to them she was just going to call them cause someone stole her car they told her yes they knew and they knew who stole it.

He graduated from the wings program in Carson City Nevada prison, we were so proud of him, and we attended his  graduation. He may have been in prison most of his life but we were still very, very close. He died at home of cancer in 2012 and I was right by his side when he took his last breath like I promised him. I loved him very much. I will miss him so, so much and he will forever be in my heart. RIP Bud love Sissy.

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