Let the memory of Marjorie be with us forever
  • 87 years old
  • Born on August 28, 1930 in Colorado, United States.
  • Passed away on May 29, 2018 in Fort Pierce, Florida, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Marjorie Walden 87 years old , born on August 28, 1930 and passed away on May 29, 2018. We will remember her forever.
Posted by ICS Cremation And Funeral... on 9th June 2018
Rest in peace Marjorie
Posted by Georganna Lee on 31st May 2018
I loved you so much , my heart breaks for the loss and loneliness I feel without you. I looked up to you and admired you my whole life , my big sister. I always felt safe and happy in your presence . You will always be in my heart I love you . God Blessed me with a sister such as you were. Rest in Peace my Darling , no more hurt or Pain. Our Loss is God's good fortune.
Posted by Sherri May on 31st May 2018
In the life of an angel Long before we reach that angel status in our life we are just presumed human. Yes, I know all angels are in heaven and that they earned their place there by their goodness. There was a lady whom I love so very much who earned her place in that palace beyond the skies. She gave more of herself to others than she actually had to give. She spoke of her children like they were born into this world as saints. I always just thought it was her old age that made her say such things. Her children were never saints, we were All American Southern born and raised kids. None of us ever made it to sainthood and we stood with one foot in the fire at all times. I actually used to wonder if she had another set of kids somewhere because the ones she always described were not the four that I knew. I remember watching her hang clothes on the line in the yard that would ice over before she could finish getting them all hung, I would think to myself as a little girl how is it possible that she can do that, it was so cold outside and yet there she was. I have seen her wash clothes on an old metal and wood scrub board with a large metal tub as a basin just so we could have those clean clothes that she hung out on the line in the freezing cold. She could make something out of nothing most of the time. I don't remember hearing her ever ask for anything, but would tell you on any given day that she had everything she ever wanted out of life, and that was those four children (that she in her later years swore were saints ). Her life was never easy her roads were long and dirt born most of the time. She was never a quitter, she had a temper, an opinion (that she did not mind sharing)but a heart bigger than she was. She never looked at people categorically, I concluded this when she attacked the Baptist Preacher over her sons (this was two of those saints she spoke so highly of ). Life dealt her so many losing hands but she never stopped, she never gave up. She was not ashamed to walk to work if she had to, she was never too proud to ask for help when it was needed and this spoke volumes about the woman that she was. Angel blue eyes, silver lined hair, and an unbreakable kindness to others. She walked this earth as a human for eighty-seven years and finally on May 29th, 2018 at six fifty-five in the morning God took this lovely lady home to be where she belonged. Her spot with the angels while in this sometimes cold and hard world was now being filled. Fly high sweet lady for your work here is done, rest in the assurance that you are loved beyond measure. Sit down, see your grandson and all the ones who have gone before you. Tell them the stories of your four saint children, but most of all tell them that we will forever look to the skies in search of those angel blue eyes. We will talk a good bit to you even though you are not here on this earth with us. The stories we will tell about our mother: who was a saint. Let everyone know that you entered those pearly gates with all the love and gratitude your children had to give. You will be forever in our hearts and in our memories. No one will ever know that special lady the way we did and no one will never understand how much you did to earn those wings that you so proudly wear now. Mother when you look down on us now, please ask God to forgive our ways as we are only human and he knows we're not saints. But he does know that your presence in his kingdom was earned while you walked this world as a simple human you just kept your wings well hidden. I love you momma and I was so blessed to have you on this earth at my side I hope I made you proud. Rest in God’s hands

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