It feels good to feel good
  • 42 years old
  • Born on August 3, 1971 .
  • Passed away on April 25, 2014 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Mark Griffiths, 42, born on August 3, 1971 and passed away on April 25, 2014. While his active body no longer houses his Spirit, and passion for life carries on.

Mark Jonathan Griffiths, was born August 3rd 1971 to Don and Cheryl Griffiths in Provo Utah. Mark lost his life to cancer on April 25th 2014 at his home in Ashland, Oregon surrounded by friends and family.

Mark was and continues to be a great inspiration and teacher to those who had the fortune to know him. He was truly a friend to ALL regardless of who, what or where they came from.

Mark fully embraced the lessons in his life and is known for his generosity, wisdom and a great sense of humor. He was a talented torch artist, a master gardener and had a love for travel and the outdoors, music and being with his family. Mark lived his life to the fullest every moment. 

Mark is survived by his children Athena (12), Makio (10) and Opie (3) and partner Tracy.  He was cared for lovingly by his parents, Don and Cheryl, and Aunt Liz (Otte).  Caring providers from Ashland Hospice provided immesurable support and care along with much patience during the last months of his life. His siblings Ellen (Henstrom), Emily (Stutz), Sharla (Patee), Matthew, Michael and Susan felt blessed to spend time with him over these last few months connecting with him and caring for him.  Even with a group of seven, his loss is much more than just one individual.  He loved his extended family and has many aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews and nieces who will continue to celebrate his unique zest. 

Mark was diagnosed with Leiomyosarcoma, a cancer that attacks smooth muscle tissue, in Feburary 2012 after breaking his leg in January.  He spent a lot of time thinking about which path to choose to address this challenge.  His choice was to embrace his life.  Understanding the important connection between the body, the mind and the spirit, he chose to pursue naturopathic and alternative healing.  This journey was one of great  inner reflection by Mark.  Until the end he chose to live and focus on this life and all the joy and blessings it brought him.

Posted by Cheryl Griffiths on 25th June 2018
Sent by Erin Henery on April 25, 2018 Mark, I've decided that every year I want to thank you for something. This year I want to thank you for teaching me to fix things by myself and not be too quick to pay someone to do something that I can do myself. The kids and I have a house now and there is so much to do! I've been working on several things that I've never done before and I think of you often during these times. When I'm frustrated and swearing and thinking that I can't finish- I am reminded that you would think it was ridiculous to hire someone and I carry on with determination. Thank you for having confidence in yourself to do things and instilling that in me. I hope that I'm teaching our kids the same lesson, but I don't think I'm setting an example of how fun it is. Hopefully they see the sense of accomplishment it brings me and they look forward to having that. Athena is driving now and I've taught her how to change the windshield wipers. You would've thought I told her I was going to show her how to replace the engine when I mentioned that this was something she was going to need to do. But she was successful and skipped away- hopefully feeling proud. Makio is carrying on the tradition of breaking bones. He has his second broken arm in 5 months. I see determination in him in trying to do things by himself. I offer help but he says,, "I'm going to have to learn how to do it at some point," so he figures it out. I think he gets that from you. We've seen Opie a few times. Boy does he remind me of Makio. I try to get them all together as much as we can. He is a very sweet boy and I'm glad the three of them are close. They share something unique aside from the fact that they are your children. They all lost you too soon. I want my kids to be able to share stories about you with Opie because they have the perspective as your kids and nobody else can offer that to Opie. You would be proud of your kids. Your spirit is strong and very present in all of them. Until next year, Erin
Posted by Matthew Griffiths on 25th April 2018
Really, this is not a date I like to remember. I am happy though to have this day to memorialize my brother, Mark. I can't be helped, but to see Mark everyday through my own physical or verbal expressions. I even tend to throw out there a "tarde" ("later" en espanol....since Mark had to give his personal over-armerikanized twist on the direct translation). Mostly I love seeing that expression, head cocked to the side, mouth slightly agape with a thin smile in a dumbfounded but clever way, Ready to get after it, whatever element of adventure was sprouting out of that dumbfounded grin, or more significantly from that mind that was exploding with explorative imagination. I miss that amigo by my side, though his influences in the physical & verbal likenesses that I get to experience everyday, draw me near to my memories of my brother. I miss Mark a lot, & I'm happy that I get so much physical likeness to feel his presence through my voice & actions. But mostly through the way it makes me feel. That overwhelming excitement for adventure & living with intention to grow through experience, which usually meant intense experience to get the fullest deepest experience. He took me places physically & emotionally I would have never otherwise experienced. I love you Mark. I memorialize you with the biggest shit eating grin I can mock up for you.
Posted by Cheryl Griffiths on 4th August 2017
46 years ago at 4:03 PM Mark came into the world arriving 14 days later than expected. He came on his own terms and in his own time. Sound familiar? Being the firstborn son, he was welcomed with excitement by his older sisters, mom, Grandma and Aunt Liz. His dad was on a BYU survival excursion as an instructor and did not know that his boy had finally arrived. Mark brought a new dynamic to our family and his charm was apparent from the beginning. That gift manifest itself early in his life. He knew how to let you have his way. That was always his gift--he could charm his way into anything! My dear Mark, how much I miss you and your lovely soul! Whose life are you blessing in heaven? Our memories of you bless us here on earth. Receive our love and thoughts of you,
Posted by Athena Henery on 4th August 2017
Happy birthday to the best dad a girl could ever have!! I miss you tons! You're always on my mind every single day and even though you're not physically here with me today you're spirit and beautiful soul is always with me. Often times throughout my day, whether I'm in a rough situation or just thinking about things, one of the first things I think about is how you would have handled it if you were put into that situation and for reasons I don't know the solution always comes to me almost right away. I was so lucky to be able to spend your birthday this year in one of your most favorite spots, Lake Tahoe. As uncle Matthew told us stories on the way there of all the fun times you two had together It made me reflect on some of my most favorite memories I had with you, one that specifically stands out to me was when you had finally bought me and makio candy because you knew we were coming now this was a rare occasion considering you NEVER gave us sweets for some reason during that night me and makio were supposed to stay up all night which is why he bought the candy in the first place. So in honor of today being my dads 46th birthday we decided to have cupcakes and lucky enough for makio and I we got two due to the fact that, one he never wanted us to eat sweets and two that someone had to eat his cupcakes so me and makio both decided we better celebrate his birthday by eating sweets that we know he would have wanted us to eat! I just would like you to know that every single day your name comes up in me and Makio's day and that always brings up a story so every single day me and makio have a special story to tell about you that we had. Happy birthday to the best dad! I love tons and miss you always! Love, Beetle
Posted by Buzz Hollingshead on 3rd August 2017
Happy Birthday Brother! Just the other day Froggy and I were recounting an adventure we all had together. Of course, we started laughing and reminisced how much fun it was to hang with you. We miss you, but know you are sharing that infectious laugh with some other lucky souls right now.
Posted by April Oneal on 3rd August 2017
Reading the tribute that Mathew wrote last about uncle mark , I can't help but feel the EXACT same way. Who else takes my call at three am ?? Or interrupted my sleep so many times at the wee hours of the morn just to tell me some genius new 50 million dollar dream!! miss those three am talks the most. I find myself longing for the advice that I never took. Happy birthday to u my friend. Loving you so hard !!!
Posted by Michael Griffiths on 3rd August 2017
Happy 46th! We are stoked your our brother/Uncle! Thank you all the memories and stories you left for us to tell........Love you and miss you! You are a legend in our home. Love you Dead Head! Love Michael, Sharla, and Noah
Posted by Matthew Griffiths on 30th April 2017
This is Sarah. One of the best things about uncle Markie was that he could always make me laugh. He used to say he hadn't showered in a week then he'd ask me how his armpits smelled. I miss him tons and want to be with him.
Posted by Buzz Hollingshead on 25th April 2017
Missing my old friend a lot today. It is bitter and sweet when I look at many of the pictures on this site of our adventures together. My mind is flooded with all the incredible experiences and people we enjoyed together. We were fortunate enough to travel to Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama and even Japan. In everyone of these places I acted as "interpreter", however, there is no question Mark was always the one making the real and deep connection with the people we met. He had that gift. He could cut through the bullshit and get right into the soul of things. He touched so many people in beautifully varied and profound ways. He is, was, and will always be, my brother. I love and miss him dearly!
Posted by Cheryl Griffiths on 25th April 2017
A couple of weeks ago, we visited the National Cathedral in Washington, DC twice in a week. As we walked through the beautiful building, there were many places to stop, look heavenward into stunning stained glass windows. Candles were lit in prayer for loved ones, there were quiet places to sit and reflect. While I was there, a woman stood in a circle of light from one of the windows. It seemed like it came directly from heaven and felt like a direct connection to Mark from above. I guess as Mark's mother, I will think of him many times each day, grateful for his time on earth with us and the beautiful children and their moms he left us. You are a most beloved son.
Posted by Matthew Griffiths on 25th April 2017
You know when I really miss Mark? Every night between 12-2am!!! Almost no matter where we were in our adult lives, Mark & I used to talk on the phone or sometimes sitting together talking all kinds of fabulous nonsense about how we were going to see the world together, or how we were going to change the world. I miss how much Mark influenced me. He always had lots to say & always had advice for me. I often rolled my eyes at some Mark's ideas for me, but I always loved that I knew how much he cared about me by those things he'd tell me. Mark is without a doubt the most influential person in my life, & I really miss that advice & those wonderful talks. To this day I still haven't found someone who regularly stays up so late that I can rap with the way I did with ol Uncle Mark. I miss the adventures & most of all the adventurous spirit that Mark brought to everything he did. I love you Mark, & your definitely forever missed. May you stay Forever Young!!!
Posted by Elizabeth Otte on 25th April 2017
Okay, here I am 1096 days without Mark's physical presence in my life. No matter, he is as much alive in my memories as ever. It feels like he is just in the other room. Love your sweet countenance, MJG. Happy you have been and still are a huge part of my life. Spent time recently with Erin, Athena and Makio. I want to see Opie on my next trip to Portland. You left an incredible legacy.
Posted by Sharla Patee on 25th April 2017
Remembering Mark today and the way 3 years ago changed my life. Feeling so lucky to be able to spend so much time with his kids. They have the free spirit, kindness, and love that he had. Miss him daily but feel his presence always. Zane and Shiloh love to see pictures and hear stories of "uncle Markie" adventures.
Posted by Elizabeth Otte on 3rd August 2016
Happy Birthday Markie. Hope you, Morgan and Uncle Gary are spending some of your "brownie points". I think about you every day and am happy you were and always will be a part of my life. Love, Auntie Liz
Posted by Ellen Henstrom on 3rd August 2016
Happy Birthday Bro! Each time I spend time with your kiddos I see all of your best of family, watching out for each other, having a good time, telling crazy stories and embracing all of life. No day passes that I don't think of you. You are so loved and so missed but I'm so happy you left us with Athena, Makio and Opie to love forever too!
Posted by April Oneal on 3rd August 2016
thinking about mark today and missing his face. Laughing when I think about the way he could always make me Smile . Even when shit hit the fan. Mark is missed by so many people. Every time I see old friends there is never a time he's not brought up in conversation. Loving him today and always.
Posted by Reid Ellis on 1st October 2015
So this is pretty tough. A couple of days ago, I was talking to my buddy Alan Chambers. We were talking about our friends and all the crazy adventures that our group of friends had growing up in Provo. Well I mentioned Mark. Alan informed me that he had passed away due to cancer. WOW.. It's ironic that the last time I had seen or spoken to Mark was at our friend, Shawn Call's funeral. Two of my dearest friends gone way too soon. There is no scale that can measure the amount of crazy fun that Mark(and Shawn)added to my life. For some crazy reason most of my memories of Mark include Shawn. Whether it was road trips to see the Grateful Dead, and the tolerance on the road for my insatiable appetite for crappy punk rock and skateboarding, showing up randomly in the middle of the night at my parents house after we moved to Hurricane. First tracks down the mountain after a bomb snow storm. I will always remember the raging good times we had. I feel so privileged to have Mark as a friend. I love you bro! Give Shawn a hug for me. Say hi to my Dad and Mom. Tell my mom I said to bake you some cookies.
Posted by Tracy Roberti on 4th August 2015
Holding your head still and cocked to the side, with a big, animated smile, a kick of the heels, elbows out, fists to your doing your signature sideways celebration dance:)! I see you! Finding amusement in yourself as you respond to the many acknowledgements of ❤️YOU❤️ on this day. Knowing very well, that you are celebrated every single day! I only knew you to acknowledge people on their birthdays in one way- by saying "awe, we're so glad you were born:)", completely present and sincere, you'd follow up with the most heartfelt embrace and a moan as you held the person so sweetly and lovingly. Well, back at you Mark- thank YOU for being born. I LOVE you❤️. We LOVE you❤️. You are LOVE❤️. We are LOVE❤️.
Posted by Emily Stutz on 3rd August 2015
Happy Birthday, Markio! Love you and miss you every day.
Posted by Buzz Hollingshead on 3rd August 2015
I just posted a picture here I took at the "Fare Thee Well" shows for the Grateful Dead. It was July 4th and I decided to take some of Mark's ashes to the top of Soldier Field and share in a moment together. In true Mark and Dead fashion, as soon as I reached the top the song Standing on the Moon began to play. "A lovely view of heaven, but I'd rather be with you." Needless to say I smiled, cried my eyes out, felt and remembered so many things. It was truly remarkable and I will never forget it. Mark may have moved on, but he will never be forgotten. Happy Birthday Brother! See you in a little while.
Posted by April Oneal on 3rd August 2015
"It feels good to feel good". The Words ringing in my ears. Happy birthday uncle mark I'm so grateful to have had so many memories an good times with u can't wait to be with u again
Posted by Michael Griffiths on 26th April 2015
It is with great sadness that I write today. I miss my bro! Just shy of eleven years ago my wife and I moved from Utah to Colorado. We had no friends or family in Colorado but Mark as he always did flew into Utah where he go into the moving truck and drove to Colorado with us. We arrived, unpacked and Mark got us comfortable. Then as we loved to do.......we went golfing:) Mark, Buzz and I. It was the best of times and the greatest of things about my brother, he brought life and happiness to all! I try to live as he bringing as much joy to those we are with when we are with them. Love you forever and always Mark.
Posted by Matthew Griffiths on 26th April 2015
Since I'm sitting here in Berkeley, I thought I'd share one of the many millions of funny stories & experiences that I had with Mark. In August 1993 Mark took me to the Greek theater in Berkeley for the first time to see the band Phish for the first time. It kind of sums up my experiences with Mark all in one fell swoop. We arrived in Berkeley in "the SAAB" just as the engine started sputtering out as we sat in traffic inching up University Avenue towards UC Berkeley. We were able to make it far enough up the hill and found a place to park it & then hoof it the rest of the way up to the Greek theater. Of course we weren't going empty-handed, we had to have a huge 70 liter backpack full of freshly made veggie bagels and Sammy Smith Oatmeal Stout's for sale outside the show, as well as a bunch of Capri Sun juice packs. We arrived at the show (in the days before cell phones) in search of some longtime deadhead friends of Mark's (as the Grateful Dead were also playing nearby that weekend at Shoreline amphitheater, also in the Bay Area). We searched around for Matt Adolfson and Dave Osfegue for a while but didn't find them. Nonetheless we ran into no less than 20 people that Mark had met over several years in many different places throughout the country following and participating in the carnival that was known as "Dead shows". As the show approached and the masses really started to show up we sat on the street curb just outside the Greek theater & started selling veggie bagels, that we had made, as well as some Sammy Smith oatmeal stout beers right out of the backpack. After a little while we noticed some Berkeley police officers across the street, but that didn't cause any alarm or even caution on our part. After all, this was Berkeley wasn't it?, and we didn't need to be worried. A few minutes after spotting the Berkeley police, two officers headed across the street toward us, at which time we quickly zipped up the backpack stashed everything we had and Mark threw it on his shirtless back. Just as he had put the backpack on & started walking into the crowds, the officers from the Berkeley PD stopped him and said "we need you to empty out the backpack and give us the beers." Of course Mark had to be coy and try to talk his way out of the situation, but in the end they decided that they were taking him with them and the backpack. He was then whisked away in a patrol car and I was left there on my own, knowing no one, with no keys to the car, and not sure what I was going to do. I was a little freaked out but lucky to have run into Matt and Dave not more than 20 minutes later, at which time I told them the situation. They kinda laughed it off, and for very good reason......not more than 10 or 15 minutes after that we ran into Mark again, with his backpack, full of veggie bagels and Capri Suns, telling us that he had been taken to the police station, the beers seized as well as one of his glass pieces (since the Berkeley PD had to Al least score something from the deal). So there I was, at one moment panicked that I was totally lost in Berkeley and no clue what to do, and then all circumstances changed with in a few minutes. This ended up turning into one of the most amazing and influential evenings that I experienced at my young age of just 17 years old. We had an amazing and cosmic evening enjoying the show and afterwords selling the rest of the veggie bagels and "Cosmic Capri Sun's" (as I aptly named them). We then headed off with Matt and Dave to the grocery store to grab some beers, at which point Matt told us that he had received directions to a house in the Oakland hills where a fun after party was going on. We looked at the full-page of directions that he received. The directions spelled out the route navigation that consisted of about 15 different freeways, roads & winding turns, etc. that we needed to take to get there......& then the final line of the note read "long walk somewhere". We laughed our heads off that Matt had been dooped into some bogus after party. Nonetheless me and Mark jumped in the back of Dave's truck as we creeped through the winding roads from Berkeley up into the Oakland hills. Me and Mark were laughing so hard that these two clueless dudes from out of town were driving us to someplace where we had a "long walk somewhere". We got such a kick out of going along for the ride with a couple of guys totally toasted out of their minds, like "Captain Neal, at the wheel on the bus to never, never land". Nevertheless about 20 minutes later Dave pulled the truck over and we all got out at the corner of a street named "Long Walk Dr." in the Oakland hills. We had an amazing time at that party as we sat out all night on the deck looking down over the fog coming in & then burning it's way back out through the Golden Gate Bridge and over the San Francisco Bay. We watch the sun come up from the other side of the Oakland hills and finally made our way down to a local café in the neighborhood for breakfast and some coffee. Since I was the young guy and probably the most sober of the crew I was thus designated to drive down to the café. We had a nice time sitting there contemplating all the cosmic and psychedelic energy of the evening that flowed through our lives at that time. When it was time to go back to the house to pick up Matt, it was me at the wheel. I was backing out of a parking space in the Safeway parking lot when I heard a horn honk behind me just as I felt truck slam into a car behind us. "Uh, oh!!! We were in serious trouble" I thought as Mark & I stumbled out of the pick up truck and looked at the Volvo sedan behind us that I had just slammed into. In beautiful and classic Mark fashion, he dissuaded the couple from calling the cops and told them that we would take care of the whole situation, so just give us their phone number, etc. The wife was having none of that but Mark was able to persuade her to let us take care of the situation in which we gave her our contact information and insurance information on the vehicle. In the end, I was never responsible for anything and we ended up walking away Scott free from the situation. For me, it is just another example of how remarkable Mark was at talking his way out of so many situations in which there could have been some kind of casualty. Not only that, he taught me the value of staying calm and cool and letting your positive vibrations guide a situation. Most importantly though, we had a hell of a lot of fun!!! And you know what? That pretty much sums up my loving and endearing relationship with this beautiful man, brother of mine that taught me so much. We got dropped back off where we had parked the sob, pop the trunk and noticed that a few electrical plugs had popped off of the spark plugs. We plug them back in started the car and got on our way. Of course we couldn't get out of town without picking up few "Heads" in need of a ride back to ward Tahoe. It was an amazingly beautiful sunny and musical ride back home to Cameron Park. And just the beginning of many many many many many many many many many fun, crazy, amazing, spiritual, psychedelic, asinine, hilarious, inspirational, beautiful, loving, hysterical moments that I spent with this brother of mine. Thank you Mark, for taking down "so many roads t'ease my soul". "May the four wins blow you safely home".
Posted by Michael Griffiths on 26th April 2015
This is Noah Griffiths and I wanted to leave a story today. At Uncle Marks last Thanksgiving I was in Oregon and got sick. Uncle Mark was hanging out with me and we were talking about football, I told him how much I liked the Broncos and how good they are. Uncle Mark made up a name for the Broncos, calling them the Doncos! It made me laugh and helped me feel better. You are great Uncle Mark. I love you tons!
Posted by Ellen Henstrom on 25th April 2015
I guess that as I have been in Ashland in the last week and listening to the dead you have been on my mind. I think one of the great memories I have is at the end of March last year. You were pretty sick, but were super happy that Cecilee & I had come down. We watched movies and talked about how much we loved hiking. You told stories about cool people you had met in the Sierras on several different expeditions. Lately, I think back on how you were always trying to encourage me to live more simply and not be so stressed out all the time. I used to think it was easy for you to not be stressed because you lived outside the lines of the rest of society. You were unencumbered by what you had in your life. I am now starting to get that having more stuff is just that -- more stuff. To live a more peaceful life, your things should enrich not encumber your existence. Thanks for the lesson. I miss you my dear Markio.
Posted by Elizabeth Otte on 25th April 2015
I sat by Mark's bedside a year ago tonight as he was taking his last breaths in mortality. I was also at his bedside a few hours after he took his first breaths in mortality, and many times in between. He told me some really awesome jokes & made me realize that everyone didn't like warm cookies. He bought me my passport at age 60 and helped me find the courage to go to Japan. He treated me to tickets for the Shakespearean Festival in Ashland. We watched golf together during his last few weeks on earth. There were times I wanted to hug him and times I wanted to ring his neck. Mostly, I just want to say how much I appreciate having known him. He was with me the first time I went to Mexico and we shared many fun times at Disneyland, Magic Mountain, the beach and many holidays. I am sure he is having fun with Uncle Gary and finally getting to spend some of the thousands of "brownie points" he earned. Mark was predictably unpredictable. He left three beautiful children as his legacy and no one will ever forget knowing him.
Posted by April Oneal on 25th April 2015
Miss your face. Uncle mark.
Posted by Sharla Patee on 25th April 2015
Oh how I miss you. There's not a day that goes by without thinking of you. We saw your amazing children last weekend. They are so kind, loving and know the importance of family. It was this weekend 11 years ago that you were just being you. You and Erin had come to California to help Dave fix the deck then to the Phish concert in Vegas. We were going to watch Makio & Athena for you. Well that isn't exactly how it worked out...go figure! We went to the bike trail near my house and you had to show us all that you could "catch air" with Rob's mountain bike. You did catch air alright but oops there were boulders at the bottom of the the gravel path and you were traveling at a high speed... it was either wreck or death....he choose to slid out. We had to carry you back to the car. Helping Dave was out of the question and so was the Phish concert. But thanks for giving me your tickets to join Erin in Vegas. We had the funnest time ever. Thanks to the rest of you that watched Mark and the kids :)
Posted by Susan Griffiths on 25th April 2015
There is a fairly large age difference between Mark and I so it isn’t like we spent a lot of our growing up years hanging out and doing stuff. However, when I was living on the East Coast and considering moving back to the West Coast, I came out for Thanksgiving to look at some different schools in both California and Oregon. My best friend Anne and I decided to take a trip up to Portland, OR and look at some schools along the way. Having recently found out that Mark and Erin were expecting their first child, I had obviously gone nuts and bought a ton of stuff for the new niece (Athena). I had never met Erin before, so Anne and I decided to stop in Ashland on our way back from Portland so I could meet Erin and drop off the things I had bought for the baby. I met Erin and Mark and we sat and chatted for a while about the anticipation of the upcoming birth of the baby as well as things that had been going on within the family. I hadn’t lived in California, at that point, for quite a few years so there were a lot of things that had changed and a lot of people I didn’t know. One of those people was Dave, Sharla’s live in boyfriend at the time. Mark asked me what I thought of Dave and I explained that I hadn’t met Dave yet. Mark then wanted to know what I thought about Dave’s mullet and I said “What mullet?” Mark then started laughing and said to me “How could you not know about the mullet, it is his defining characteristic!” Mark and I had a good laugh over that for many years. We harassed Dave endlessly, even after the mullet got cut off. It is sad to say, but making fun of the mullet became one of the small ways in which Mark and I bonded the very best.
Posted by Michael Valdes on 22nd April 2015
in memory of the greatest brother in law ever. i miss you and think of you every day. your memory is very alive in our homes. you had such a big influence in my life. im looking at your photo as i write this and it is still hard to believe you are gone from this earth. i am truly grateful for every moment, past and present. you were able to live truly in the moment and i try to enjoy life and people as you did. not easy. you taught me to blow glass which gave me time to get to know your sister better. now my wife. we had your kids last weekend, and they are amazing, but you know that. so one of my favorite stories about you and i, was the time you had me bring your para-sail to the park. you hopped around on one leg and got me all hooked up, brief instruction and sent me ass over tea kettle all the way down the hill. wish the video was better. everyone was laughing so hard. when i got back up the hill you wanted to show me how it was done. your sister is smart and said it was not the best idea so you tried to talk me into doing it again. smart me said no way. missing you and all of your crazyness. this is from your bro Dave. may life always be grateful
Posted by April Oneal on 8th October 2014
Loving uncle mark. I'm so grateful to be a part of the huge group of people who miss his contagious smile. Marks in my life and in my mind. Miss ur face. dear friend.
Posted by Cheryl Griffiths on 4th August 2014
43 years ago today, Mark Jonathan Griffiths entered this amazing mortal life. He is now on to the next journey. It is a pleasure to know he is pouring all his intention into embracing his current situation as he did here on earth. How blessed I feel to have brought him into the world and to be with him as he departed from it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY from your mom!
Posted by Ellen Henstrom on 4th August 2014
Just remembering Mark today and all the crazy birthdays we hung out. I miss you bro and it's not the same without you here, but your Spirit lingers in the stories and when I see Opie's eyes light up and the mischievous twinkle in Makio when he drives Athena crazy. The world continues to feel your influence.
Posted by Matthew Griffiths on 3rd August 2014
Happy Birthday Brother!!! I'm so happy to be celebrating this day with you & Buzz. August 3rd is always a day that sticks out firmly in my mind. Pretty cool that our favorite city, San Francisco decided to proclaim your birthday as official Jerry Garcia day in honor of one of our favorite musical & magical inspirations. I hope you're boogin' down with Uncle Jerry on this day. It's strange, but I haven't spent too many of your Birthdays' with you, but I loved spending this one with you. I felt you right there with me & Buzz as we hiked Squaw Peak to enjoy this day with you. I love you brother. May you stay Forever Young.
Posted by Eirik Olesen on 16th June 2014
I'm very sorry for your loss, what a beautiful service you had for Mark, so many people and great times with Mark, as always it was so nice to see my family. Mark you will always be with me as I hike in spirit, I felt you with me on top of a big old rock last week, watching the sunset. I will always love you my brother.
Posted by Doug Lesh on 6th June 2014
Mark will be very, very missed! Mark was always the guy everyone wanted to be around. He was the shining light to follow. I can vouch for this myself personally. He possessed a drive for life that was unrivalled. Sharla, Ellen, Emily, Matthew, Michael and Susan, I am so sorry you lost your brother. I think I always just assumed I would run into Mark again in the Little Cloud lift line. Life is too short! Mark really was that guy people always wanted to be around. Everybody who knew him was inspired by his enthusiasm and passion for life. I remember going to a UB40 concert at 'Park West' (now 'the Canyons' I think) when we were - 15ish. Mark was at the top top of the hill on the way out. He decided it was time to pontificate - "Bob Marley lives!!!" The crowd went wild! Mark Griffiths lived!!! I lived better because of him - and I will miss him greatly. I was born on August 5, 1971. Mark was 2 days older than me. Always the 'old man' - the joke went. Never thought he would move on. Keep well Griffiths family. Your son always was, and always will be the 'Man'. I have lived in Australia for the past 20 years. I would have loved to have been at Snowbird for Mark's memorial. Really sorry I couldn't be there. I really always imagined I would see Mark here in OZ. I'm really sorry for your loss. Doug
Posted by Eric Tuttle on 3rd June 2014
Don and Cheryl, I was saddened to hear about the loss of your son. We have a daughter about that age and I know it would sure tear me up to loose her. Deepest sympathy for your loss. Eric Tuttle
Posted by Janae Blake on 1st June 2014
There were so many nice tributes at your Memorial today. I recalled some great times we had as you came to Fish Lake to the Schroepfer reunions. We couldn't wait until the Griffiths families and Allred families arrived! Marks personality was colorful. We loved to listen to his "whoa dude" language and his laughter and his enthusiasm for life! He loved to share his love for the "Grateful Dead"! I couldn't believe he'd go follow this group across the country! When I scan through XM radio and see the station of "Grateful Dead" show up I think of Mark Griffith, the fun cousin with the killer smile and zest for life! I'll never see a rainbow shirt or tie-dyed shirt without thinking of your life. We will appreciate life more after celebrating your life today! We love your family! Your children are adorable!
Posted by Amy Norris on 28th May 2014
I must have met Mark about 7 or 8 years back. I remember I was sitting outside of a restaurant with my daughter and he very crasply hit on me reminding me of Howard Stern. This is how the next few of our encounters also went and I didn't think I liked Mark very much but down the road it ended up that we had mutual friends and it didn't take long for Mark to rub off on me with his fantasitc humor and his way about him that had at first put me off made me appreciate and love him. He was such a people person and once you got to understand him, it was impossible to not love him. We became good friends. I spent a lot of time hanging out over at his home getting to know some of his Utah friends and meeting his children Athena and Makio (Opie not yet born). He was an excellent father, his children was all he over spoke of. He was enthusiastic for life and he surely did live it up! Even when he became ill, Mark never lost is optimistic, positive attitude for life. He has always been such an inspiration to me. I had many very memorable deep conversations with Mark on life, love, philosophy, and spirituality. He was a very intelligent and thoughtful person. You wouldn't always know it by his sometimes crude humor as I found out that Howard Stern was also an Idol of his which made a lot of sense! I didn't get to spend much time with Mark after last summer and I only in the last few months heard he wasn't doing so well. I am sad to say that I was out of the country when Mark passed and I really wished I could have been there to see him off and be at his service and meet his lovely family. Whom I have heard many wonderful things about. Mark will forever live on and be loved & missed by many. I sure do love him and miss him already. Bless you up Mark Griffiths to Heaven's Most High and be with the Angels my dear friend. Peace forever be with You. I Love You Marky Mark. Your sis for life, Amy
Posted by Tami Larson on 16th May 2014
"The Cousins", that's what we called our amazing Griffiths cousins. We, my siblings and I, spent a lot of time together and loved each one of them so much. Mark was a big part of our lives. I remember one day, as we (my siblings and "the cousins") were driving in our old, paneled station wagon from Camarillo to Santa Barbara to visit our grandparents. Sitting in the far back, we all sang songs and had a great time together. All of us loved going to grandmas so we were all feeling quite happy. One of the songs that we sang made us all giggle and laugh. We sang, "His name is Mark-eo, His name is Mark-eo...over and over again. We also always cheered together when our driver passed somebody up on the freeway and we made sure to warn the driver if someone was catching us up. I'm sure that whoever was driving us on that and other occasions was driven nuts, but we all had a great time. I also have fond memories of sitting in the back of the big old orange four-door truck with "The Cousins". I have no idea where we were driving to but I do remember the truck bed was packed with singing kids, including Mark, as we drove down the highway. Looking back on it, it is truly miraculous that nobody fell out of the truck because we got pretty animated on those trips. Mark was always so happy and fun to be around. Those were great times! I had an amazing opportunity to live with "The Cousins" during college. While there, I came to realize what an amazing skier Mark was. I was always very impressed with that as well as the way that he could consume Oreo cookies. I love Mark and will miss him. His name is Mark-eo will always echo through my heart and mind. I love you Mark!

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