You may say I'm a dreamer...
but I'm not the only one.
  • 69 years old
  • Born on February 27, 1945 in Jasper County, Indiana, United States.
  • Passed away on January 31, 2015 in Cherry Valley, California, United States.

Mark was a much beloved husband, father, grandfather, brother and friend. 
He passed from this life on the last day of January 2015, just four weeks shy of his 70th birthday. His family is greatly saddened by his passing but we are enlivened and comforted by the joy and happiness that he brought to us and by the memory of his beautiful life. 

My dad was a loving, kind, honorable and gracious man.  He touched the lives of many people in a positive, harmonious way.  Mark had a beautiful outlook on life and his strong, positive energy was easy and fun to be around. The outpouring of admiration, love and respect from his many friends and acquaintances has been an amazing and humbling experience. 

This brief note is just the beginning of the tale about the life of a wonderful man.
We hope to add many photos, videos and stories about Mark and his adventures.
Thank you to everyone that ever knew, and/or loved Mark Manning. 
You are part of his family, here. 
We welcome your photos and rememberances of him as well as any notes or treasured times you would like to share.

Rest in Peace, dear friend.  ON...SAIL ON!  

Posted by Carl Carson on 31st January 2019
Hard to believe time goes by so fast - but that is why no matter what happens in life it is only a matter of time till we meet again!
Posted by Mary Wright on 28th February 2018
You are still missed and always will be. It won't be long until I will join you. I remember you saying you would come over if I made you some chocolate chip chews. I don't think I ever saw Mark in a bad mood. He always had a smile on his face.
Posted by Scott Manning on 27th February 2018
Thinking of you on your Birthday, Padre. I miss you greatly! Thank you for dusting the mountains for us again, this year. I feel your positive energy around me daily and am very grateful for it! I know I will see you again, at the end of the path. Until then, have big fun and keep on dreaming and shining! Love you always.❤️
Posted by Marlene Russell on 27th February 2017
Time moves on with out them with us. But we still miss them in our life. More with him now than we have here. Oh what we have waiting for us. Treasures stored in heaven waiting. Jesus I want to see most. Then my family forever we will be together. Never more to part. Great time it will be.
Posted by Carl Carson on 31st January 2017
Time sure goes by quick and it is the only thing it seems we don't have enough of, however, one thing is for sure is that we never forget who are friends and family are and Mark was one in a million. The only thing that stands between where Mark is and us is some time, as we will be together again someday in a better place! It must be a awesome too meet with Jesus and I know that Mark was one of his children. I never knew of anything he ever did that was not helpful to his fellow man. So Amigo - Con von dios - You will always be missed here!!
Posted by Scott Manning on 27th February 2016
Feliz Cumpleanos mi Padre. Thanks for all the Love today! Hope you are on the 19th hole, enjoying a scotch. Much Love, always! Scott
Posted by Mary Wright on 27th February 2016
I am looking forward to seeing your smiling face again someday, Mark. I have such fond memories of you and your family.
Posted by Carl Carson on 2nd February 2016
One of my favorite people here on planet earth - looking forward to seeing him again some day!!
Posted by John Kerley on 22nd August 2015
I worked with Mark in the Chicago area in 1975. I moved my family there on a job change from TN. I remember giving a sermonette before Mark spoke one Saturday. It was based on a "frying pan." Mark was so impressed that he took me to his other church to give the sermonette there. Mark was like an older brother to me. Sorry that I didn't get to see him again after 1976. I moved to Calif. in 1976.
Posted by Pat Barnes on 14th July 2015
Judy, your comment reminded me of something. In the 80s the law office where I worked was considering some Oracle software. They sent us a sales disc with info to convince us to buy their software. The person on the video was Mark. I told my friend, the salesman, I know him! He checked with the company and was told that Mark had read the script once and had it memorized. As I remember is was at least 20 minutes long. Gone but not forgotten . . .
Posted by Judy Erickson on 13th July 2015
It doesn't seem possible that Mark is not with us anymore. It is hard to think about the sadness his family must have felt at his death & now being without him & his positive attitude & constant desire to be doing & accomplishing something worthwhile. He was a good friend & someone to be admired in so many ways. I remember him as always being friendly & concerned about everyone, a kind & considerate person. I am missing him & praying for his family. He was a fun-loving, smart guy with such talent & determination. He gave me a copy of his recent book Finding a Job is Good; Finding 86 of Them is Just Nuts! It was interesting (& clever, funny & serious) how he worked so hard all his life & it seemed it was so easy for him to find a different job when he was tired of the one he had or he needed to make a change. He had his first job at age 12. Every job seemed to be one more way he was learning & being challenged (& paying the bills!). When Mark & Phyllis met me & my daughter & her husband for dinner while in CA last summer, he said he thought of a few more after he wrote the book! Though most of us have drifted apart over the years, the friendships still feel special to me, as was Mark's friendship. So many years have gone by but it seems the memories are still there with all the fun times we have had with one another. I look forward to seeing Mark again one of these days!
Posted by Mary Wright on 16th May 2015
Mark was like a "brother" to me. I was very close to him and his parents. I kept Scot and Mike when they were little. He called me sister, but we were cousins. I can't believe he is gone and I miss his little notes to me.
Posted by Michelle Pruitt on 19th April 2015
I had not seen Uncle Mark in many years, unfortunately that's what happens with age and everyone moving in different directions. Growing up we used to go visit him and the family, I remember going to see him perform on stage in South Pacific and thinking he was the biggest star in "hollywood"! For me he was and is the biggest star in Hollywood and I was always so proud to have him in our family. I will always cherish his beautiful smile, laugh and most of all his beautiful heart. I still have a baby bootie that he gave mom when I was born with the words "I Love Uncle Mark" written on the bottom, 47 years later. Scott and Mike, you are in my thoughts and prayers always.
Posted by Marlene Russell on 18th March 2015
Even though I had not seen Mark in years. All the visits back and forth when daddy was alive. Puts them all in my heart forever. Haps death has hurt me too. Loved that big bear so much. Know we had good men as daddies. I miss mine too. So goodbye for now Mark will catch you later.
Posted by Scott Manning on 27th February 2015
Happy 70th Birthday to Mark! Dad would have turned seventy years old today. We are remembering him with much love and fond memories. Maybe have a nip of scotch, a bit of golf, some tasty mexican food and family game night...just a few of his favorite things. We love you and miss you Dad.
Posted by Tina Inmon on 16th February 2015
I'm so glad that mom, Kim, and I went to Uncle Mark and Aunt Phyllis' for a visit a few years ago. It was such a great time -- lots of laughs, as always, and the best Bloody Marys!. Will miss his infectious smile and kind heart. and count myself lucky to have had such a wonderful person in my life. Love you Uncle Mark, Aunt Phyllis, Scott, and Michael -- Tina Stalbaum Inmon My brother was an English nut to the end. He was always correcting my speech. I finally told him I wasn't as smart as some of my brothers, so leave me alone, and he did! I loved him so much and will always miss him. No goodbyes Mark. -- Your sister Suzie
Posted by Carl Carson on 11th February 2015
Scott: I know we have never met and in as much as you are Mark's son, know that you had a great father, very well liked and was a great tribute to your family, his community and friends. The Salyer family was very out going and I have many good memories of growing up with many of them, your uncle Ronnie, Mark, Larry, etc.. It was very interesting that we all were in the WWCG, and attended many of the holy days, etc.. In spite of the up's and down's in life we all remained good friends thru the years and never too my knowledge had a bad word among us. The only difference where Mark is now and we are is a little time, so when you think about life and hopefully death in the flesh isn't always the end of life? I know you and your family will always miss him as all of us that were his friends thru life will too. Maybe some day we can visit and share some of the ole time pictures our family has of the beginning of our lives which I know you would enjoy. With that I will wish you our family condolunces from the Carson's.
Posted by Phyllis Terry on 9th February 2015
Mark was a wonderful cousin. We loved to laugh with him. What a joy to know and love him. He will forever be missed. May God be with you all in this time of sorrow.
Posted by Helen Weathers on 9th February 2015
The truest testament of a persons legacy is the person their children have grown to be. I did not know Mark that well, however I have had the pleasure of knowing his sons, Scott and Mike. As wonderful of a man Mark was, his legacy lives on in his sons and grandchildren. The world is a better place for him having such amazing sons. Rest in Peace.
Posted by Sandie Boyce-Hamilton on 8th February 2015
I met Mark in Ambassador College in about 1968. Then he was our pastor in Ft.Worth a few years later. He was always kind and had a warm fun loving outlook on life. I loved his smile!! God Bless and be with his family because I know they will miss him even more than all of us who were friends, and he will be missed terribly by all of us.
Posted by Jane McNutt on 8th February 2015
Growing up, I saw Uncle Mark very little, but I always enjoyed listening to him sing with other members of our family, when we were together. About 18 years ago (can't believe it's been that long ago) he came and stayed with me and my family. It was then that I got to know him better. We had some good times together, taking road trips and sitting on my front porch listening to music late at night, and just catching up with each other, just to mention a few. He was known as Grampy by my kids (his request). My most valuable keepsake he left for me is a tape of him singing several different songs, one being his own song he made up on the spot during one of our nights on the porch. Uncle Mark has always had a special place in my heart. It is hard to believe he is gone, but the love I have for him in my heart will remain as long as I live. Goodbye Uncle Mark, I love you!!!
Posted by Kathy Miller on 8th February 2015
Mark was one of the first people I met when I arrived in Big Sandy in 1966. I was a shy, scared 18 year old and he made me feel right at home and like he had always known me. I remember that radiant smile which made everyone else smile too. He seemed able to transmit a positive outlook and yet was open and sincere. His vibrant spirit and no-nonsense, positive outlook was uplifting to many. His sons and grandson are such a wonderful reflection of his influence. He is missed by many
Posted by Scott Manning on 7th February 2015
Hello Padre, I love you and I miss you greatly! Thank you for all of your Love, Knowledge, Joy and Lessons. Enjoy all those birdies on that great Golf Course in the sky. I look forward to seeing you on the 19th hole.

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