Let the memory of Mark be with us forever
  • 59 years old
  • Born on April 25, 1954 .
  • Passed away on April 18, 2014 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Mark Schneider 59 years old , born on April 25, 1954 and passed away on April 18, 2014. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Rachel Schneider on 16th July 2018
So many exciting things are happening but I know your with me, so theres no need to go over it all. I do feel called to call in some prayers for Louie. <3
Posted by Kathy Johnson on 6th July 2018
THappy anniversary, I miss you and I still hate you, that's normal I've been told. You broke so many hearts yet isn't that ironic! Always thinking of you. RIP ❤️
Posted by Michael Sobel on 25th April 2018
Schneid.. Feel your presence daily. Know you’ll be there to greet me;))
Posted by Rachel Schneider on 25th April 2017
Happy birthday Dad. We sure do miss and love u.
Posted by Lori Grinnell on 21st April 2017
Mark you were a good brother in lew I miss you so much you could make some ones day I know my sister loved you so very much we are with you and you will stay in our hearts for each and ever say love you brother in lew
Posted by Michael Sobel on 19th April 2017
Thx for thinking of me, Schneid;)). Helps the hole in my heart. Always have and always will love you. Give Artie an embrace for me:))
Posted by Rachel Schneider on 18th April 2017
Daddio! I love u to the moon and back! Not a day goes by that I don't find a thought of u to smile about. Nothing on earth can replace u. You always wanted me to be strong and I am truely. Nothing can happen that I can't handle with grace, patients and love in my heart.
Posted by Bobbie Ruvalcava on 18th April 2017
Marcus, You were so on our minds this weekend. Made some of your favorite cow colon and laughing away of the time we had you try. Will never forget all the stories you told. There is never a day that we do not think of you!! Love you and miss you bunches!! Al & Bobbie
Posted by Kathy Johnson on 18th April 2017
Dear Highness If you could only see how many people have viewed this memorial site, over 3800! I know you didn't like facebook but you would have had a mighty popular one if you did. Three years have gone by and nothing could have prepared me for the complications I've endured. Everything we talked about came true. It was moment after moment of the true and the untrue just like you always warned me. You sure loved your truest friends and they in turn gave that love to me in my time of need. I still miss you but I don't think that ever really goes away. Your legend lives on in the stories I tell and new people in my life know you too. I have a whole bunch of new friends that keep me busy yet there is an emptiness that I can't describe when I think of you. You are greatly missed!
Posted by Mary Schuler on 20th April 2016
It's so hard to believe it's been 2 years. Love and miss you my friend Mary
Posted by Bobbie Ruvalcava on 18th April 2016
It's been 2 years since we lost our BEST buddy!! We will never forget all the wonderful memories!! Bobbie & Al
Posted by Bobbie Ruvalcava on 27th April 2015
It's been a year and there has is not one day in which we do not think of you. We will never forget all the crazy & wonderful time spent together. Happy Birthday Coroncio!! Your friends forever- Al & Bobbie
Posted by Rachel Schneider on 25th April 2015
Today is your birthday Dad, I will celebrate your gifts on this day for the rest of my life. You are in my heart and in my soul forever. Love Boo Boo
Posted by Sara Thorholm on 19th April 2015
You are always in my thoughts and prayers. You will never ever be forgotten! Love never dies . EVER ! Your candle sines bright in my heart for eternity!
Posted by Ana Henderson on 18th April 2015
May God Bless your soul always Mark. Your wonderful warm nature will continue to live on in our memories forever. You are missed and we send Kathy our love as we share in her loss. Bless you both.
Posted by Chelly Juedes on 10th October 2014
Mark...it is with great sadness that I have learned of your passing today. Tears fill my eyes just thinking about it. The river memories, my wedding, the Halloween parties and countless other memories will forever be with me. Thinking of you Kathy and there will always be one Schneider!! Love you man...
Posted by Mary Schuler on 6th June 2014
Mark, Tears still come when I think of never hear your voice and laughter. The great times with family, friends, and your beloved Kathy we have had over the years were epic. I pray time will heal hearts and the past will help replace the tears with smiles when you are remembered my friend. You will truly will be missed, love Mary
Posted by Dora Tempkins on 25th May 2014
Mark you were the nicest funniest guy I've ever met! I loved the contagious Laugh! I will never forget the Halloween parties those will be great memories.. Your memory will always be remembered I'm my heart; we all miss you here very much.
Posted by Rachel Schneider on 14th May 2014
It's hard to describe my Father in words, it's like describing the finest of wines or a sunset cascading over a beautiful surreal landscape. They say that the eyes are the window to the soul and when our Father looked at you, you felt it. He could see what was right with you, not concerned with what was wrong. (Unless you were hired to work for him lol) He gave people the power to see what they couldn't see in themselves and that's why so many people loved him. For those who loved him, know what a fantastic character he was, how fiercely loyal, loving and fun my Dad was. His presence and energy was infectious, all you knew was that you wanted to be around him. Dad's humor was unprecedented. His smile, energy, and boyish good looks attracted every thing in life my Father ever wanted. His taste and fashion even though at times embarrassed me as a child, represented a man that knew how to take life by the balls. I remember hiding his m.c. Hammer purple leopard pants from him (the fad was long gone at the time) His friends were like brothers, and many of them were life long. He loved his family and friends with every ounce of his being and was always there to get you out of a jam. His parents Louis and Helen Schneider were class acts and provided every opportunity with unconditional love. Dad loved playing the drums, playing hockey, and building things as a boy. Passions that never left his side. His two twin sisters Bonnie and Doreen loved one another deeply. Doreen passed away some years back and her boy Bradley who has a form of autism was like another son to my Father. Amanda, Bonnie's daughter loved her uncle so much. Dad was a child at heart, so we participated in literally every possible fun activity Tucson had to offer. Haunted houses, go carts, miniature golf, movies, water parks, lake trips, every weekend was an adventure and every summer we went to the best summer camp in Wisconsin. For years everyday after school my Father, Brother Lou and I would have a dance party in the living room, our favorite request was Billy Idol dancing with myself. We also loved to shoot spitballs out of straws at restaurants, but our favorite thing was wrestling, boy did we wrestle. That and pool days which was most days. Dad loved to sing and dance in the mornings he was such a goof ball, I loved that about him! He was passionate about our education but mostly just wanted us to be happy. Dad was the man that all our friends wanted to be. Growing up in Chicago with our family's mob ties paired with Dads rebellious, anti-authority, wild, bad boy ways made for the best stories ever. My Dad accomplished a lot in his day. He owned a bar in Chicago; The Pinewood. He managed the hottest bars in Florida, traveled extensively, owned a hot air balloon bungee jumping company; High Gravity and a all terrain vehicle company; The Great Outdoors. You can thank my Father if you enjoy riding off-road in Tucson he fought tooth and nail to keep off-road riding legal. Dad was a tremendous salesman (go figure) and could sell ice to a Eskimo. He always had the coolest motorcycles, cars, boats and toys. He knew how to throw the best parties, and lived it up on his house bout "The Barnacle" where he bamboozled his way into the hearts of many at the lake almost every weekend. He was a living macgyver who made nothing into something for fun and creativity. He was the renaissance man for cool people. His lust for life, for better or worse gave him a deep understanding for the human condition, more then most. My brother is so much like him that I feel like dad's still here and I feel so privileged to grow up with these amazing men. I'm so thankful for such an amazing Father and remain grateful for the time we had. I know he's in a better place and that the pain is no longer with him and that our lives will never be the same again. Something so important is missing that I have to depend on faith for strength to continue on. I'm blessed to have such a wonderful family and I am grateful to be around so much love and support to get me by with this broken heart. Freedom and free will are the by-products of Love. So many of us lead our lives holding on so tightly that nothing new, nothing miraculous can find us. We have been taught for a very long time that holding on is what makes us strong, is what Love is made of, we measure how much we love someone by how much we suffer for them. Let us no longer try to prove our Love by how much we can hold on but rather by how much we are willing to let go. This is the way Mark Schneider would want it to be. If he was here today, he would say do you have tickets? For the gun show? Then he would laugh and flex his muscles and turn all our frowns upside down. Let's live life to the fullest with love in our hearts dissolving our beliefs in separation. I know your not resting up there Dad that wasn't your style. Shine on you crazy diamond.
Posted by Angie Christiansen on 11th May 2014
Mark I'm with a heavy heart :( Mark you were the nicest funniest guy I've ever met! I loved the sparkle in your eyes & your contagious Laugh! I loved when u came to my families bar The MarkII & challenge me to a game of foosball! You were so competive making me laugh the whole Game! You my friend were one of a kind & wi surely Be missed❌⭕️
Posted by Nancy Bono Ansier on 10th May 2014
When I heard about marks passing, all I could think about was how we grew up together on Capitol street. We were great friends and I remember us laughing together. Growing up we drifted apart but at our 10 year high school reunion we ran into each other, and laughed and talked for a while. Then again we ran into each other in Tucson. Still laughing. My prayers go out to his family , I knew them as a kid and those are great memories. May his memory be for a blessing.
Posted by Les Bass on 10th May 2014
Remembering the great times we had. Our Bar Mitzvah together. Ditching school to work at Big Lou's for lunchtime and then going to Wrigley field for the Cubbies. The Minibikes. The Bar we found on Thanksgiving that Big Lou bought. We had some great times.
Posted by Gary Passantino on 10th May 2014
Mark, You are a unique person who touched peoples lives and souls in ways that very few people are capable of. Your take on life, love and all things of importance was a gift. The memories of hockey and Barrett Jackson, yours and Kathy's Halloween parties, seeing your motorcycle being built in your living room! These are memories that time will never erase. Oh Heck, how can I ever forget your naked dance in Mike and Michelle's Surf Shack and Kathy screaming to put shorts on or lay back down. The three of us were laughing for days. My side still aches from that night. Pal, though the miles grew between us, my feelings for both of you never faded. I always admired the love and camaraderie that you and Kathy shared with each other. Kathy, my sympathy and love know no bounds. My world is colder without you Mark. Peace.......
Posted by Bobbie Ruvalcava on 10th May 2014
Mark today as I sit here alone thinking back about all of our fond memories and wonderful times we had together- Always happy, joyful, daring and always a great time and as I am overflowing with emotion and tears I am so dearly going to miss you bunches, There are so many stories that we can go on and on. but no one could ever tell it like Mark did... Mark always had the best stories to tell Everyone loved you our Marcus and we will never ever forget you. Love you and miss lots- Bobbie & Al
Posted by Sara Thorholm on 9th May 2014
Dearest Mark, There are no words to describe the heartbreak I’m feeling knowing what you have been through and how you have suffered. You will forever be loved by so many and live in my heart for eternity. When we were kids we spent so much time in your garage watching you build and rebuild your Norton. Every day you worked to make it faster, louder and more beautiful than the day before. A total perfectionist! You were good at everything you did. Your Eyes sparkled brighter then diamonds. Your smile so beautiful as you would look in my eyes with the most intensity and sensitive heart any man could ever have. Then came the day that I could no longer see for the first love of my life took himself away from me. With Bryans death came mine; I could no longer move bed ridden in waiting to join him. Ready to set my pain free, but instead the good lord sent you to me. With your loyal sensitive kind heart you sat at my bedside in my Skokie house. Every day you came and sat with me. You put your life on hold the year of 1974. You held my hand and said that you understand as I cried hysterically. Day after day you came to me. You cried with me, you talked to me. You force fed me. You were the best friend that anyone ever had. I was so blessed, as you saved my life! Without you I would not have made it. Very slowly you taught me how to move forwards with Bryans memory always in the for front of our minds as you let me talk about him endlessly never seeming to tire of it. You allowed me to love him endlessly and still be my dear friend. In September you moved me in to your family’s home. I slept in the room a wall away from you. Every night before bed you knocked on the wall to say goodnight and I knocked back. You kept an eye on me from morning till night. You took care of me like a baby. You made me lunch. You make me laugh. You took me on long motorcycle rides through my favorite places in the woods. You talked to me for hours and hours about how I was going to get over this. You cared about me and you made me feel whole again. Somehow like a baby you got me on my feet. You brought me back to life. Mark you taught me how to love again. I remember the time that I wore your engagement ring. All I did that month was sing. We almost got there together. As Love is eternal. GD had other plans for us. You were a wonderful person on this planet and now in heaven. You will never ever be forgotten. No matter how many years went by or how much distance came between us, you were in my heart and soul as you will always be a huge part of who I am. Mark, if I could have some wishes comes true; it would be that I got the chance to thank you. That Gary and I, Kathy and you were friends, till the earth ends. I wish I knew you were sick. I wish I was able to visit with you two. I wish I was able to help you cope, to take away your pain. To meet the love of your life Kathy. For you to meet the love of my life Gary. I wish I was able to have given back to you the support you gave to me. Kathy I am so devastated for you and you’re losing Mark. There are no words. I know from all who met you that Mark loved you with every fiber of his being. I am so grateful that he had you till the end. As I can tell how much you both loved each other. He was so blessed to have you. To be loved by you! You are an amazing woman who stood by his side no matter what. May GD give you the strength to remember that. You did everything for him. He was the luckiest man in the world to have experienced a love so strong a woman as kind and loyal as you. He will be watching over you from above and be with you on a different plane forever. Right by your side. He will remain. Mark you will be missed and loved for eternity. May your soul be wrapped in GDs arms. You will never be forgotten EVER!! FOREVER YOUR FRIEND, SARA KLINGER THORHOLM R.I.P.
Posted by Hersch Tempkins on 8th May 2014
I think we can count on one hand all the true friends we have in the course of our lives. These are the friends that are true and unconditional. Mark was one of those rare friends in my life. He was always there and available. I learned a lot from mark. There was no one funnier than mark and fun to be around. He had a special way of telling stories that no one else could replicate. Mark was the real deal. I met Mark in 1997 at the hockey rink and my life has been better because if him. I'm sad to lose you buddy. I miss you and you will go on every day when I continue tell others about you.
Posted by Steve Kelly on 6th May 2014
I knew Mark through Al & Bobbie. It didn't take long to see just how smart , independent and full-of-himself he was. ( I mean that in the best way ) what a great sense of humor. Mark had enough personality for two people... gone to soon.
Posted by Steve Kelly on 6th May 2014
I knew Mark through Al & Bobbie. It didn't take long to see just how smart , independent and full-of-himself he was. ( I mean that in the best way ) what a great sense of humor. Mark had enough personality for two people... gone to soon.
Posted by James Boles on 5th May 2014
Schneider...Brother, your memory will be forever a part of me. You were always there for me and my family and I thank you. I grin when I think of the laughs we shared, I will always cherish those times. Beyond a shadow of a doubt you're one of the coolest people I have ever met. I proud to be your friend. Rest in peace Brother. Love, Jim
Posted by Gabe Cruz on 2nd May 2014
"Mark: When we met I was completely blown away by your stories, filled with so much life, love and laughs shared in this very short time that you were here with us.The things you told me inspired me to never give up and to truly believe in that all things were possible. You will always be remembered I'm my heart, we all miss you here very much. Never forget". Love You Mark, Gabriel Cruz
Posted by Nancy Johnson on 2nd May 2014
My darling son-in-law mark, now your in heaven my dear one happy and so bright. All the pain and grief is gone, now your a angel safe at home in heaven, withlove, hope, magic of dre as ms watching over kathy and all of us. Carry a beam of light for kathy and for all of us to get through the darkest hrs. And when we get lonely we'll look up and know it's you. Thank you for all the wonderful times and the love we all sharedtogether. In our lifes. Now you and dad are together watching over all of us. Rest in peace my darling love we'll all miss you. You were the best. Love forever. Mother-in-law nancy
Posted by Melvin Garver on 2nd May 2014
Mark, Though I only met you once, I miss you so much. And your memory shall go on for eternity. You were a great person and I knew from day one you were the perfect one for my niece. Thank you for making her happy and treating her so good. We will never forget you. Love you from today forward. Love, Aunt Beulah
Posted by Nancy Johnson on 2nd May 2014
My darling
Posted by Melvin Garver on 2nd May 2014
Mark Schneider, we will always remember you and we will keep you in our hearts forever.
Posted by Norman Russell on 2nd May 2014
I met Mark only a year ago. Our interest were similar and the connection we made was immediate. Mark had a great sense of humor and his personality was wonderful and unique. Although the encounter in our lives was brief, my memory of him will be with me always.
Posted by Richard Garver on 1st May 2014
I only met Mark a few times, but that's not how I feel and as long as he was married to my cousin and made her feel like she was on the top of the world, that's enough for me. I hope you continued to shine down on her like your personality has always done. You will be missed dearly, there is no way we can ever make her feel the way you did. R.I.P. Mark!
Posted by TRISHA MANGONI on 1st May 2014
Kathy Words cannot express how sad and shocked i was to get this news.I truly adored him and his sense of humor and smile that could light up even the darkest room.I know he was your knight in shining armor and i am glad that you found each other when you did and always remember true love never dies.RIP My Dear Friend You Will Be Missed Love Always Trisha
Posted by Lori Grinnell on 1st May 2014
Mark you were a nice brother in law and we will love u and miss you and you were the perfect on for my sister kathy and im glad my sister bought you to erie pa to meet us we all had fun and we will always remember you in our hearts
Posted by Wayne Posner on 1st May 2014
Mark: Your where my oldest friend, we knew each other for almost fifty years. We had some crazy times together. You will be deeply missed by the many friends and family who love you. I'm grieving your untimely exit. You shit, I will see you on the other side. Love, your brother from another mother. Wayne
Posted by Margo Susco on 1st May 2014
My Dear Mark and Kathy, I don't know where to begin..the laughs, the memories, the support...always the undying support. Did I mention the laughs...so many of them. Mark was one of the finest people I knew...as is Kathy... perfectly made for one another, Mark and Kathy. My dear Kathy I am here for you...please find me. Mark...thanks for the love, the guidance, the laughs and the best of times with both of you. I am stunned....I love you!
Posted by Bobbie Ruvalcava on 1st May 2014
Mark, You were a SPARK to all of our family! You always lite up a crowd at parties and attracted everyone like a giant magnet. Both you and Kathy became a important part of the Mexi-Cleavers. You both were one of the first on the invite list for all of are family functions. We will never forget all the wonderful stories and keep them forever in our hearts and memories. We loved you bunches and will deeply miss you Caruncio!---Al & Bobbie
Posted by LARRY RECKER on 1st May 2014
Mark understood the what was meant by the saying "It is not how many times you get up to bat, it is what you do when you get the chance to bat". Kathy, hold on to the many, many good times. Mark & Kathy have always warmed my heart. Lar
Posted by Charles Schoen on 1st May 2014
Mark will be forever in my mind & soul! He has been an inspiration to all things I thought were not possible. He brought a certain spark to the challenges that are before us all, and proved that all things are possible! I'll miss you man, but you'll forever be in my soul, Chuck
Posted by Shane F on 1st May 2014
Mark, I want to thank you for some of the best times I had in Tucson. I truly enjoyed our friendship and your guidance. It was a blast to play hockey with you and hang out after games listening to all of your stories and laughing so hard it hurt the next day. Both you and Kathy were bright spots for me at a time when I really needed good friends. Thank you Mark..you will be missed...the world is a little less funny and a less compassionate without you in it. I am so sad today.
Posted by Joan Phillips on 1st May 2014
Ahhh, thinking of you Kathy. RIP Mr. Mark- there will only be 1 of you!
Posted by Kathy Johnson on 28th April 2014
Highness, I will forever long for you. You were my favorite person in the whole world. You loved me so much and I will be grateful for that always. Our love for each other only comes once in a life time and I will hold onto that until we meet again. You are a legend and our memories of you will carry on. I love you and I will always miss you. Your wife, Kathy

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