My dad at his dad's wedding
Mark Galves Garcia
  • 60 years old
  • Date of birth: Feb 17, 1952
  • Place of birth:
    California, United States
  • Date of passing: Jun 14, 2012
  • Place of passing:
    Oregon, United States

Thank you to all of my dad's family and friends who have expressed such sincere and kind thoughts and prayers to me and the rest of my family and my dad's closest friends. I have been floored and overwhelmed at the amount of thoughts and kind words everyone has spoken of my dad, and it warms my heart to hear how much people liked and loved him.

Thank you also to all the people that were able to attend my dad's memoral service in Portland, OR or the celebation in Southern California. Your presence meant the world to us, and we want to thank all who were able to come and support us. I have been especially amazed by all the kind people from Goodwill Industries who have shown their support, even though my dad had only worked there under two years. I know he loved his work (and how meaningful it was to him), and I now know how much others did as well.

All the great stories and pictures bring smiles to my face, I love that everyone has embraced this website in tribute to my dad, and I know my dad loves it as well.

Thank you,
Karla Pemberton

This memorial website was created in the memory of my dad, Mark Garcia, 60, born on February 17, 1952 and unexpectedly passed away on June 14, 2012 from liver failure. We will remember him forever.

Although we are still in shock and are heartbroken, I wanted to have a place where all the people who loved my dad could share their memories, stories, and pictures. On behalf of Maya (my sister), Angie (my dad's girlfriend), and my dad's family, we would love to hear from you. 

I will be adding lots more information, picures, and memories, as I am able to, as this is a work in progress. I would love if you could contribute to this site as well- through pictures, stories, music, videos, anything that you remember my dad by.   You can also download pictures that you want to save to your computer from the Gallery in this website.

This has been so hard for me and my dad's family and friends, but all of your suppport means so much.....and to my dad. 

I love and miss you so much Dad. 

Karla (Garcia) Pemberton


Memorial Service Information:
A memorial service to celebrate Mark's life was held in Portland, OR on Thursday, June 21st at 3:00PM at:

Riverview Cemetary Funeral Home
Chapel Location:
0300 SW Taylor's Ferry Rd. 
Porland, OR 
(503) 246-4251


In lieu of flowers, we ask that donations be made to the Artie Garcia Scholarship Fund, a scholarship fund in honor of Mark's mother, Artie Garcia, which supports students with limited resources to fund their college education. Click Here to Donate: (Thanks to Kim Bendeck for setting this up). 

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Karla Pemberton on 14th June 2017

"Missing you today dad! I know you would have loved to meet your granddaughter Riley. I promise we will raise her as a Dodgers fan too."

This tribute was added by Kurt Tietze on 17th February 2017

"Hey mark e mark l was sad cause you left us so early but now that you're gone I mad because you left us so early ,no I want to talk to you late nights ,no more inspiration coming from the great Northwest still miss you buddy cuz"

This tribute was added by Karla Pemberton on 14th June 2015

"Today it has been three years already. Some days it feels like it was only yesterday that Dad left us, and some days it feels like many years. I still feel you and talk to you often Dad, and you are very missed. Love, Karla"

This tribute was added by Bob Kim on 14th June 2015

"Miss you Mark.  We shared a special bond that always makes me smile. RIP."

This tribute was added by Robert Fiedler on 14th June 2014

"In our sophomore year in high school, Mark and I couldn't make the baseball team.  So we became managers under our coach Rosen.  During one game our coach kicked dirt along the baseline, so Garcia and I got up and mimicked the coach kicking dirt on him.  We were fired immediately.  We will all miss Mark's great sense of humor."

This tribute was added by Jim Bombino on 22nd June 2013

"I think of Mark every day at work.  He was so much fun to work with.  We could always stop in the hall and make each other laugh about something.  I loved the merino wool sweaters.  Apparently, he bought about 10 of them in every color in the rainbow."

This tribute was added by Rich Marcell on 14th June 2013

"Karla and Maya,

I was watching the Dodgers, and the new star, Puig, hit a home run. A guy in the bleachers stood up and caught the ball. I think it was your Dad. He smiled, waved, took a bow, and a swig from a beer. He hasn't left us. He'll always be cheering for you."

This tribute was added by Kathleen Cooke on 14th June 2013

"I often think of Mark; something will trigger a recall of his smile, his gentleness, his encouraging ways.  I too remember the Friday afternoon laugh and dance practice at the Job Connection office.  He made a point of getting us ready for a good weekend, no matter how difficult the week had been.  Mark, I know that you are much better off in heaven and would not want to come back. Thanks."

This tribute was added by Miah Becerra on 14th June 2013

"I cant believe that it has been a year. I miss you very much. You were my mentor. Mark u would be very proud of me :) I did it just like you said I would. I am an ES now, & I am doing good! I can still hear your voice telling me that I could do it. Thank you for all that you taught me. I will never in life forget you. @ 4pm tomorrow I will think of the Friday Dance. Rest easy my friend :)"

This tribute was added by Maria Niño on 15th July 2012

"It is a month today, but Mark still here with us. Today we visited the Grotto with Keith and light a candle for him. This candle is special because it has the Virgin of Guadalupe that Mexico loves. We sent our prayers to God for his peace in heaven. We miss him very much!"

This tribute was added by Jim Bombino on 8th July 2012

"What a fine human being!  I loved working with Mark at Goodwill.  It was a short time, but always interesting to catch him in the hallway and visit for a few short minutes.  Always positive, always caring for other people, always concerned about me and my health.  I will miss his kindness,warmth, and humor greatly.  Thank you for all you brought to my life, Mark."

This tribute was added by Mauricio Tobón on 8th July 2012

"I miss Mark. My favorite memory is when I teased him the very first time we met by asking him: "are you Jerry Garcia's brother?"...
I will always remember him Greatfully..."

This tribute was added by Megan Eriksen on 28th June 2012

"Uncle Mark was such a fun, cool uncle when we were growing up. He always made us laugh. I still remember him playing catch with us at the beach and kicking a soccer ball with us at the park. I will always remember his genuine spirit, warm smile, and love of music."

This tribute was added by Russ Vause on 26th June 2012

"Mark was a great friend and loved his family, especially his daughters, Karla and Maya, above everything else.  I can't help but smile when I think about him.  Mark had such a zest for life, music, the Dodgers, and he made the best Mexican food!  He's probably making tamales and beans with his mom right now.  We shared many good times and laughs along the way and I'll always miss him."

This tribute was added by jorge bendeck on 23rd June 2012

"The memory of Mark that will be with me forever was the night we put the bikes together for the kids at Christmas.  We were up till 2 or 3 in the morning and we were so exhausted and we could not figure out how to make the brakes work.  We laughed so hard and he would not let me quit. We kept laughing about the kids crashing into each other. It was a moment for not so handy parents."

This tribute was added by Miah Becerra on 22nd June 2012

"Mark I truly will miss you.... It took me a while to post because It is still hard to accept. I will miss your laugh, our conversations about our families & most of all the "Freeze Frame Photos" all of us used to make at work.. Some of the faces we came up with were priceless and super funny. Thank you for being encouraging & uplifting I will never forget you my friend!"

This tribute was added by Donna Willinsky on 21st June 2012

"I came into work one morning and Mark asked me why I was smiling. I admitted that I'd found an old Three Dog Night CD and had been playing it in the car. Mark immediately began serenading me (loudly!) with his favorite Three Dog Night songs while I put my things away. I hadn't known him very long but I always looked forward to seeing him. My heart goes out to his family and friends."

This tribute was added by marnell ferguson on 21st June 2012

"I worked with Mark for about year and all he ever did is make me laugh he was the funniest guy! I recently did a presentation with him and remember how nervous i was and he helped me get through it! He will be missed a lot! I will always remember him!"

This tribute was added by Andrea Santini on 21st June 2012

"Thinking of all of you today and remembering my funny, cool cousin Mark who will truly be missed by so many.  Love & hugs to Karla, Maya and all of the Garcia Family."

This tribute was added by Brian Pemberton on 21st June 2012

"Mark was my father-in-law and he will be missed dearly.  I will always remember Christmas parties filled with music and great food.  Mark always went out of his way to make sure everyone around him was having a great time.  I am greatful for having the opportunity to get to know Mark.  He will be missed."

This tribute was added by Nastasha Stiles on 21st June 2012

"Mark was always very kind and encouraging to me. I'll always remember our great political conversations and his love for music. He is truly a unique and personable soul, he will be missed by me <3"

This tribute was added by maggi garcia on 20th June 2012

"Mark you left too soon. Thank you for all the kind words you always had for me  you and I bonded immediately and shared the importance of family love. We will miss your weekly phone calls   Thank you for always remembering my birthday   I will miss your singing in Spanish. I promise to take good care of your dad and to be there to help him heal his broken heart.  We will miss you Mark"

This tribute was added by Sarah Rogers on 20th June 2012

"As a close friend of Karla's growing up, I know how special her relationship was with her dad.  I know tomorrow will be a difficult day, and my thoughts, love, and condolences go out to Karla, Maya, Ann, and his many close friends and family members."

This tribute was added by Kurt Tietze on 20th June 2012

"My cuz Mark, all the accolades have already been said.. smart, funny, intelligent, generous, just a really cool guy. One of my favorite things to do was to make him laugh, & laugh really hard as kids and as adults. It is a cliché to say I will miss you; even the crazy phone calls late at night at the fire station. You will always live on in my memory. Say hello to aunt Artie, & my parents."

This tribute was added by Bob Kim on 20th June 2012

"I first met Mark many years ago at a restaurant in Costa Mesa while out to dinner with George and Gayle.  We hit it off immediately.  Mark had the kind of personality that made you feel like you had known him all your life.  I'll never forget all of us dancing to the Macarena after dinner.  Mark came to work in my office for a short time and we became very close.  I miss you. Vaya con Dios"

This tribute was added by Norma Barton on 20th June 2012

"Mark would always do impressions of characters from the movies, my favorite was his slo-mo action. He also would sing to me "Norma ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo Norma" it always made me smile. ( I can still hear him now ) We had a group that sang Christmas songs to our participants while Mark played the guitar, all memories I'll treasure. Mark I will dearly miss you!!"

This tribute was added by Cathy Tappel on 20th June 2012

"Mark and I were a couple about thirteen years ago . . .  He was such a lovely guy: remembering Lacey's bar in Lake Oswego; the only time I went up in the World Trade Center in NYC; meeting all his wonderful family except his much-beloved mom Artie, who died too young at about the same age; he deeply loved his family and friends; I'll never forget and wish him well on his journey."

This tribute was added by Kathleen Cooke on 20th June 2012

"When I was transferred to Mark's department at Goodwill, he went out of his way to make me feel valued.  His positive energy was like a light that lit up my work life.  I truly enjoyed working to support his success because he always made a point of appreciating everyone's work.  Yes, he brought laughter to us all.  Even more, he cared deeply and we knew it."

This tribute was added by Cheri Folk on 20th June 2012

"Don't forget to check out
the tab labeled STORIES
to read more and see photos.

Mark will always be remembered for his jokes, stories and the way he loved to make others laugh and smiles!
He is truly missed!"

This tribute was added by Debra Lewis on 20th June 2012

"Mark brought so much sunshine to the office.  He would get started at 7:30 in the morning with a good joke or story and have everyone energized the whole day.  We loved his impressions, how he would break out in song and have everyone dancing at 4pm.  Thanks Mark for giving all that you gave."

This tribute was added by Marni Barranco on 19th June 2012

"I met Mark at work on Halloween - while dressed as Star Wars' Princess Leia (sporting coiled hair & the whole garb).  I wasn't sure if he thought I was a weirdo or not, so I reminded him it WAS Halloween!  Mark cracked me up and I will miss his crazy impersonations.  I truly believe he is with his Mom (whom he admired so much) and other loved ones on the other side."

This tribute was added by Mike Gibbons on 19th June 2012

"I'll never forget the nights sitting on the deck at Mark's house when we attempted to solve the worlds problems, although I don't think we succeeded we sure enjoyed trying."

This tribute was added by Kendra Schuett on 19th June 2012

"I always enjoyed Mark's smile and jokes at work.  He really was a kind hearted man.  One of my favorite memories of Mark was one day when it was time for the "Friday Dance". The Friday dance was a Friday ritual between Mark and our co-worker Rich.  One would call the other's cell phone at 4pm so they could hear the techno ringtone and then dance to mark the end of  the work week."

This tribute was added by Mitch Gold on 19th June 2012

"Heartbroken to hear the sad news. I had the pleasure of knowing Mark while he worked at AAA. It was great to talk and laugh with Mark about many subjects and one of our favorites: the Dodgers. He often spoke of how proud he was of his family and you could see that in his face. I'm very sorry for you loss of such a good natured person and loving father."

This tribute was added by Jan (Zook) White on 19th June 2012

"We lived across the street from Mark on Trumball Street when we were growing up. Such fun times playing cowboys and indians. Mark was a true friend to my brother Jim. He will be missed."

This tribute was added by Karla Pemberton on 18th June 2012

"Nothing was better than if you could get my dad laughing so hard he didn't make any sound but silently made this wheezing sound that made me always crack up.... he loved to laugh."

This tribute was added by Alyse Byerly on 18th June 2012

"Coincidence landed us at his wedding (we met but hours earlier.) Then our son was born but hours after Karla. From that time on our friendship became a redundancy of good food, good music, and constant laughter. We will never forget that laugh and we will never have a glass of Chardonnay without thinking of Mark. We loved him and will miss him. Tom, Alyse and Evan Byerly"

This tribute was added by Kimberlee Bendeck on 18th June 2012

"My Uncle Mark was just plain Cool! I have the best memories of him - he could always make you smile, laugh and he had a gift of brightening every room he entered. I will always cherish his sense of humor, amazing music, his talent for cooking and for always being real. My Uncle Mark will be truly missed."

This tribute was added by Brooke Kullberg on 18th June 2012


I will miss you greatly! You were always the fun uncle that I had. I remember you as a great story teller. I really enjoyed the time that we spent living together at the Vista house. I am very sad to hear of your passing. I send love over to the other side! Much love, Brooke K."

This tribute was added by Lisa Allen on 18th June 2012

"Mark had a zest for life!  He loved good food, wine, music, friends and family, not necessarily in that order, well maybe ;)  I will miss him dearly; his great childhood stories, yummy recipes, the pep talks and the singing.  We would sing our conversations to one another.  My life is more blessed for having known him."

This tribute was added by Maria Niño on 18th June 2012

"I meet Mark thanks to Rocio my daughter and Keith. I'm from Colombia and visiting Portland was the time because I could share with Rocio's close friends. I always remember Mark, his kindness and friendship. His great food and my best memory is the dinner he hosted with Angie for me in my last visit. We loved that time and always will be in my memories. Thanks Mark. God bless you! Aida"

This tribute was added by Danielle Soc-lopez on 18th June 2012

"I enjoyed working with mark very much he made me laugh on a daily basis. My favorite memory or mark is when he would sing the lyrics I'm too sexy for my love, too sexy for my love Loves going to leave me I'm too sexy for my shirt too sexy for my shirt so sexy it hurts while dancing around the office doing his little sexy dance it made every one laugh so hard this was usually done on Friday at 4pm"

This tribute was added by Maria Niño on 18th June 2012

"I meet Mark at Keith's Vista House around 10 years ago and since that moment he became a very close friend to me. He was Keith's brother and we share a lot of great moments: dinners, cooking on Sundays, singing and playing guitar at the kitchen on weekends, talking and sharing his sense of humor. He brought happiness to my life. I miss you so much!! God bless you dear Mark... Rocio"

This tribute was added by Kathy Galbreath on 18th June 2012

""Mark came into my life a year and a half ago. We became quick friends. I found someone who was funnier then myself. We had many belly laughs. Work will not be the same without him. I am missing you so much and you will always have a place in my heart. God gave you a better job offer. Love you!!""

This tribute was added by Paulett Sicilia on 18th June 2012

"Although I had only known Mark for a few short months, I know that he was a wonderful man, full of passion and a great person to work with. We will miss you so much here at GICW Mark! We are all very blessed and lucky to have had you in our lives. :-)"

This tribute was added by Bob Smith on 18th June 2012

"A smile and a laugh. That was Marks trademark in the 2 years we shared an apartment in Lake Oswego. His heart was as big as the Ceaser Salad's he made and his love for his friends was forever. We will miss you my friend. Safe Travels buddy!!"

This tribute was added by angie mckelvey on 18th June 2012

"I met Mark 6 years ago on a blind date, set up by our beautician, who thought we would have alot of fun together.  Well, she was right.   I would like to quote Mark, quoting from his favorite movie "Multiplicity",
that to me sums up his life, ..."That was a hell of a party Steve".
Love and miss you."

This tribute was added by Keith Kullberg on 18th June 2012

"Mark was like a brother to me and was an uncle to my daughters Hannah and Brooke.  We had so many wonderful times, playing guitar, cooking, going to the Ester Lee at the beach, sharing every Christmas eve, living at vista house and the king tower apartments. Mark, buddy, we are going to miss you so.  Make beautiful music in heaven! Keith"

This tribute was added by Ginny Cavins on 18th June 2012

You were taken from us so early. You had a heart of gold and were a true friend. You were always the life of the party.Seems like you've been in our lives forever and we will miss you so much. I have such fond memories of all the times we were all together. Larry, Rich, Robert, Mark and Stephan forever friends! Never forgotten! Ginny"

This tribute was added by Larry Cavins on 18th June 2012

"Mark you will be missed deeply. You have been such a wonderful friend! I will never forget the song you wrote with Stephan Nylund and played for me at my bachelor party." Detroit Larry is Gettin Married if you don't know." Then for my 50th wrote a sequel. You always took the time to call and get together. Fondest memories cooking with the guys and dinner at the GodFather Restaurant. Larry"

This tribute was added by Karla Pemberton on 18th June 2012

"Hi Dad, I just wanted to wish you a happy Father's Day. Thank you for always telling me you loved me, and how you were proud of me. I wish I could be with you today, BBQ-ing, eating some good food, and giving you the golf clothes I bought you. I miss you, and I love you."

This tribute was added by Rich Marcell on 17th June 2012

"Mark was my friend. I have hugged him as we shared great times together, and I have also disagreed with him. I felt a need to do it, but all he ever did was hug me. He was a good person, who let people be who they were. His appreciation of others came from his wonderful mother,and like her, he lived passionately, with love and affection for his family, and friends. My friend was a friend."

This tribute was added by Jim Zook on 17th June 2012

"To say that Mark will be missed is to not say enough. He was my oldest, dearest friend. We grew up across the street from each other and summers were the best. We used to take my Radio Flyer around the neighborhood to collect bottles and return them for money that we wisely invested in Man in the Moon kites and eight miles of string. For the rest of that summer we'd lose kite after kite."

This tribute was added by Robert Fiedler on 17th June 2012

"How does one sum up the life of Mark Garcia?  He was a free spirit, a talented writer, musician, chef, son, brother, father and great friend.  He was hilarious, charismatic and would light up a room every time we were together.  We all love Mark and he will be greatly missed.  My heart goes out to his family, friends and loved ones.   Robert"

This tribute was added by Michael Bracamontes on 17th June 2012

"His love of family and friends, his music, the Beatles, the Dodgers, good movies, great food and wine, funny stories, his hilarious impressions, tamales at Christmas... Mark was so passionate about so many things. My life won't be the same without him."

This tribute was added by Jaccqueline Lage on 17th June 2012

"While I had not seen him in a while, I always remember accompanying Karla to eat Mark's famous tacos in High School and College. He was truly a bright light and entertaining person to be around - and of course an amazing chef, which is where I think Karla got her cooking talent. Mark retained a special energy that will not be forgotten. Much love to Karla, Ann, Maya, & Family"

This tribute was added by Ashley Caldwell Warwick on 16th June 2012

"Karla, I am so sorry to hear you've lost your Dad.  My Dad died my senior year of high school and even now, it still hurts.  Please remember to talk about him all the time... tell his stories and his jokes the way he always did.  He will forever sit on your shoulder and remind you of his love if you can keep your eyes open for the signs.  Blessings.  -Ashley"

This tribute was added by Lisa Garcia on 16th June 2012

"Mark lived life to the fullest. Mark loved his family above all else. He is and will always be such a good and kind person. We all love Mark!!  I am having such a hard time accepting  that he is no longer with us. I  feel so lucky to have such a great brother. I love him!!"

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