Remembering Marsha....
Strong, Vibrant, Intelligent, Caring and Beautiful.
  • 59 years old
  • Born on June 10, 1952 in Whittier, California, United States.
  • Passed away on September 3, 2011 in Whittier, California, United States.

This memorial website was created to honor Marsha Antonelli.  Please feel free to share your thoughts and feelings of Marsha



I wish to thank each and every one of you who sent cards and flowers.  It is impossible to write to everyone, the number of cards is overwhelming and the flowers to Marsha and me were unbelievable in their beauty.  Needless-to-say, it is extremely difficult being without Marsha, but many of you have been gracious in your comments and deeds and have lessened the grief ever so slighly, but meaningfully.

My sincerest thank you to you all.




Posted by John Antonelli on 3rd September 2014
For Marsha I wish that thank all of you who continue to remember this outstanding, giving, caring, outgoing woman who absolutely lit up a room when she came into it.  It has been three difficult years being without her and it does not get easier with the passing of time, nor do I wish it to for I want her close in my heart forever.  John
Posted by Mark Schon on 3rd September 2014
Marsha, three years have gone by since you left us to be with the Angels. We still miss you here and I am certain that we will remember and miss until each one of us gets to see you in God's Kingdom. You are, and always will be, an awesome friend to everyone who was blessed to know you! May God bless John, his family and your family!
Posted by Jacquelyn Pecina on 2nd September 2014
My dear Marsha, I think of you always and what a wonderful and kind person you were to everyone who met you. Missing you greatly. Love always, Jacquelyn
Posted by Mark Schon on 9th June 2014
Remembering our beloved Marsha on her birthday. My prayers continue to be with her family and with those who knew and loved her. She is still so deeply missed...
Posted by Lyn Doyle on 10th December 2013
Marsha & I met in 1977 in Med. Rec. at PIH, She was the big sister I always wanted. She helped me to learn to Celebrate life Everyday!! I'm just so sorry I just found out..i wanted to thank her for so so so many things. Love you and all our Memories <3
Posted by Mark Schon on 2nd September 2013
Has it really been two years? I was looking through the 1970 Cardinal yearbook yesterday. I happened across one of your pictures and noticed that your smile was always that genuine "Marsha Smile" all of your life and it is still remembered today! What a tribute that is! You are especially remembered on this, your second birthday, in Eternity!
Posted by Cynthia Rogers on 29th August 2013
Marsha, Nancy, Terri, Amy and I are celebrating you today at lunch. We miss you terribly and always will. You certainly have touched our hearts, I can still hear your fabulous 'laugh' in my head.....
Posted by Debra Smethurst on 9th June 2013
Marsha you left so suddenly and although we all still have big holes in our hearts, we know you are happy and with your loved ones that have passed before you. We miss you dear friend. Love,Debbie
Posted by Mark Schon on 9th June 2013
Marsha, I often think of you since you left us. It is special days, like your birthday when I miss you the most. Still, you are in a place so incredibly beautiful that none of us left behind can imagine it! I know that all of us look forward to joining you in eternity. Until then, Happy Birthday, Marsha! We love you now and always!!!
Posted by Suzanne LaPoint/Haveman on 9th June 2013
Marsha...I cannot forget our childhood memories. I see the pictures of your life and believe that you had a rich life of friends and experiences. It saddens me to think you were taken so soon. Not fair...whereever you are may you be smiling from ear to ear surrounded by love and beauty. May your family always recall the sound of your laughter. Love, Suz
Posted by Nikki Stark on 9th June 2013
Raising a glass to you, my dear friend, and always celebrating you! Happy Happy Birthday (tomorrow) beautiful Marsha! Love to you John... and to all of us that are celebrating your beautiful Marsha!
Posted by Mark Schon on 2nd September 2012
It has been a year since you left us. It is true that you will never be gone as long as we keep you in our hearts, but oh how we miss that beautiful smile and the loving disposition that came with it. Be at peace, dear friend, for we look forward to the day when we will join you in eternity and be able to enjoy that beautiful smile and loving disposition forever!
Posted by Kathy Robertson on 2nd September 2012
I know you and your brothers are toghter and are happy but you are missed so much here on earth. Your parents especially miss you.. i can hear your laugh and great smile... Your the angel that keeps your parents wrapped in the wings of love. I miss you kathy
Posted by Nancy Sheals on 2nd September 2012
I have added a photo of the memorial to Marsha on the Greenway Trail in Whittier.
Posted by Sandy Kaplan on 2nd September 2012
Just the thought of Marsha and John bring such a warm smile to my face...I know you are so missed by all your family, friends and community...Loving thoughts on the day !!!
Posted by Cynthia Rogers on 2nd September 2012
5000 people have visited or revisited this site since last year. Marsha! We miss you so badly.... I'll be remembering you on The Whittier greenway trail tomorrow morning at 7:00am with my Mom and Sister.....
Posted by Debra Smethurst on 14th June 2012
I find myself visiting this site often to look at the photos. It is still too hard to phathom Marsha is really not here with us. She is in a place of beauty and light and those deserving, will meet with her again. Prayers to John, Max and Marsha's parents. Their loss was unimaginable.
Posted by Tina Riccio on 28th February 2012
Just such a terrible shock to me. I was so touched by Marsha's sweet smile and how we just felt like we new each other for ever. I met her lovely familyworking at the Marriott in Trumbull.Marsha would visit me in the concierge we would talk about are lives.I"ll never forgether because she lives in my heart.Marsha was a giving,lovingsole,God bless her lovinghusband, John.With love always .
Posted by Debra Smethurst on 5th November 2011
Impossible to believe it has been 2+ months since Marsha left us. I still think of her everyday. I start to pick up the phone to go over a receipe or schedule a "doggie play day" at our house. I hope all of us are keeping John, Max and Doris and Ted O'Cheskey in our prayers. Our loss is big but theirs is unimaginable.
Posted by Lou Hutchinson on 8th October 2011
William and I just found out about your loss. send you our prayerful condolences in this time of grief, great loss, and gratitude for a tremendous life that was a blessing to so many.
Posted by Belinda Anderson on 14th September 2011
Marsha you were one of the sweetest most caring people we have ever known. We will miss your smiling face and hugs. Love, Belinda & Pete
Posted by Nancy Geist-Morrison on 10th September 2011
Dear Marsha, I got to know you at WHS through your dear sweet brother Brad. He has always lived in my heart and now you will as well. I hope all three of you are now together in heaven. I'm sure your brothers welcomed you into their arms. My heart goes out to your parents.
Posted by Mark Johnson on 10th September 2011
My heart goes out to Marsha's parents. I remember growing up with Gary, Marsha and Bradley. on Adele and Ben Alder. Kids birthday parties. Hanging out at the Model Market. Memories from way back! It was great to spend time with Marsha. Ahh
Posted by Cynthia Rogers on 9th September 2011
Posted by Fran Torigian Kearins on 9th September 2011
My heart goes out to the family. I will be praying for you. I remember Marsha in High School. She was a good friend, kind to everyone. I was in the class of 71. She encouraged me to be a cheer leader. She had such a fantastic personality. I am so sorry for your loss.
Posted by Lisa Singelyn on 9th September 2011
Marsha-You were the first to welcome me into the Whittier family when I met Mike, and always made me feel welcome. What a lovely bridal shower you hosted for me! I only remember you with a smile and that great laugh. You will be missed. With much love, Lisa and Mike
Posted by G'Angela Gerilyn on 8th September 2011
Marsha, my heart is heavy with your passing. I have so many fond memories of our time together at PIH med. records. May the Lord bless and keep you. May your soul know the depth of love that surrounds all memories of you. I am blessed to have known you. From Gerri Cane.
Posted by Roy Smart on 8th September 2011
What to say? I don’t think there are any words we know that could come close to describe what a wonderful person, Marsha. I just feel very blessed to have known her.
Posted by Del Blackwill on 8th September 2011
As so many, we were drawn to you for your cheerfulness, warmth and kindness. We are deeply saddened by your unexpected passing. You will truly be missed dear friend. I'll save an amber Xmas ornament in your honor. Janice & Del
Posted by Jeanette Nelson on 8th September 2011
Marsha was a teenager when she first came to work in the Medical Record Department at PIH. She sure livened up that department. We all loved her from the start. She became a good friend and was there for me when my husband was ill. I feel lucky to have known her. God bless!
Posted by Larry Thomsen on 8th September 2011
Posted by Sue Carlson on 8th September 2011
I met Marsha over two decades ago when she taught Guest Relations at PIH. I was in awe of her. She taught what she lived and breathed. She was a gracious, classy, compassionate, caring lady. I will miss her. May God carry her parents and husband.
Posted by Valerie King on 8th September 2011
I will always remember the visit Marsha made to my hospital bedside after my horse accident. She brought with her cards from the Giddy Yuppies, a beautiful bouquet of flowers; but more importantly....a friendly smile & true concern. She made me laugh when I needed it the most!
Posted by Steve Sundin on 7th September 2011
In high school you were intense,focused,full of energy and enthusiastic. I so enjoyed our friendship. The few times we saw each other over the years, that friendship was rekindled. You made a strong and positve impact on our world many will never forget you.
Posted by Cindy O'Cheskey on 7th September 2011
My memories of Marsha are ones filled with laughter and happiness. Gifts of love that I will keep in my heart forever. She will be deeply missed.
Posted by Peggy Chulack on 7th September 2011
Marsha was a truly wonderful person. She was a dedicated and loyal executive at PIH, she had tremendous energy, and she was a compassionate, caring person. She had a way of making everyone feel as though they were the best of friends. I will miss her terribly.
Posted by Cathy Dove on 7th September 2011
Marsha was my very best friend in high school, she was my maid of honor in my wedding. Even though our lives went different directions she has lived forever in my heart! I will never forget the great times we shared at the river, our homes and school.. God bless you Marsha!
Posted by Claudia Tammen on 7th September 2011
I knew Marsha at WHS. We were in the varsity pep squad as seniors, & women's track for 4 yrs. Marsha's event (the high jump) was always at the end of the meet. With all of us watching she would sail over the bar. She continued to bloom long past HS into a vibrant caring woman.
Posted by Grace Hsu on 7th September 2011
Wish I could have told you in person that you were the kindest, most supportive boss I've ever had. Thank you for believing in me when I didn't. I've admired your graciousness to people, and I've learned much from you. Thank you, Marsha... with love, Grace (Cheng) Hsu
Posted by Barbara Penland-Maun on 7th September 2011
Dear Marsha, Heaven is now a better place. It has you gracious presence there. Lovely, kind and thoughtful. Ny prayers are with those you loved so much.
Posted by Pam Polito on 7th September 2011
Marsha was one of those unsung angels who spread many acts of kindness, love, thoughtfulness, and compassion to all those around her on a daily basis. We already miss her deeply. Pam & Greg Polito
Posted by Suzanne LaPoint/Haveman on 6th September 2011
Friends and husband...I am sorry that you have lost a friend so dear and wonderful. Our friendship in high school will never be forgotten. Her sense of humor and laughter made my world a brighter place. I never knew the Marsha you know and I wish I had. Hugs to you all. Love, Suz
Posted by Carol Crosby on 6th September 2011
Marsha was a classy lady. I always admired her professionalism and friendly, caring attitude toward everyone she met. Whittier has lost a true gem. On behalf of the Whittier Chamber board and members, I extend condolences to Marsha's family. She will be missed.
Posted by Debra Smethurst on 6th September 2011
Little did you know my friend, that while you were simply living your life being Marsha, you would touch so many lives so profoundly. You have taught us all many lessons of friendship, love and kindness that will be with us forever. Until we meet again.
Posted by Kristi Sibus on 6th September 2011
Marsha was so passionate about the way she lived her life. She always greeted Tim and I with such enthusiasm. We loved and enjoyed every visit with her. She appreciated everyone of her friends in a very special way. We will miss you so much. Tim and Kristi
Posted by Deb Martinez on 6th September 2011
Marsha's creative kindness has been multiplied in the lives of whom she served, loved & laughed with. Her character described the #10 woman. Though she emphasized presentation was 80% of everything, her addition of personal care, magnified everything to 1000%. Eph 3:17a, 18-19
Posted by Catherine Boyer on 6th September 2011
A champagne toast and kisses to the moon in tribute to a most wonderful lady who will continue to be an remarkable inspiration to me and the other Cowgirls of the South Bay. Marsha - I vow to continue in your spirit of generosity and joy and thank you for beautiful memories XOXO
Posted by James Blaylock on 6th September 2011
Marsha was so kind and gracious to Lorraine, Madison and I, we are, like everyone else, absolutely devastated for this loss. Marsha was beautiful, intelligent and had a great sense of humor,the Friendly Hllls Family has lost one of its best members and she will be forever missed.
Posted by Lynn Murphy on 6th September 2011
Although we didn't hang out together (I was new at Whittier High and a very little fish in a big pond),you were friendly to me in gym class and I so appreciated your kindness. My prayers go out to your family!
Posted by Lowell Smith on 6th September 2011
Marilyn and I extend our condolences to dear Marsha's family and friends. I was privileged to work with Marsha at PIH for a number of years throughout which she brought intelligence, energy and good humor to her work as Public Relations Director. Always smiling, always graceful.

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