A Heartwarming and funny story

Shared by Maha El-Gazzar on 11th November 2018

Dearest Ben (Martin),

What an impact you have had on everyone's life you touched and on the people who were fortunate enough to have met a man with a heart as pure as yours.


I have a story to share with everyone. 

Sometime during our first month together as a couple, we stood outside one warm summer night under the light of a streetlamp.  As we stood together, Martin's eye caught something and he quickly jumped.  His look was one of panic and distress.  Looking across the road he thought he saw a rabbit struck in the middle of the road.  

He took my hand and we were suddenly running across the quiet road towards the distressed "animal".  When we got closer, it became clear that what we were running to rescue was a white plastic shopping bag.  

We laughed together and as we did I saw the look of pure relief on this compassionate man's face.  That day I knew I was in the presence of a true angel.

So Sorry for your loss

Shared by Carla Bennett on 10th November 2018

Dear Maha,

I'm very sorry for your loss of Martin.  He was our best man at our wedding and previously married to my sister Tina for many years.   We were heart broken to hear of this tragedy.  Martin was a kind gentle heart who loved animals.  We all shared this same passion in life.  I hope you and your family can heal in time.  I appreciate you putting up this site, so that we could see his recent picture.  I wish you and your children all the best and prayers.  We are lost for words.  Time will heal the pain.  

Shared by Maha El-Gazzar on 10th November 2018

Saleema and I write in our journals together to keep you close to our hearts.  Some of her beautiful thoughts. 

Back Home

Shared by Maha El-Gazzar on 8th November 2018

An angel has gone back home.

I have experienced how it feels to lose a soul mate.  But I know you're watching over me because I've gained a sister and brother in the process of having and learning how to begin healing a hollow heart.  Linda and Tony,  you have been sent to me by our Martin/Ben.  Thank you for your beautiful heartfelt words of love and your unending support.  We seek comfort with the ones our beloved Martin has left behind.  

When the day comes...we will be waiting for you at the rainbow with "Open Arms" (Journey).

Forever Free

Shared by Tony And Linda Ponte on 8th November 2018

There’s an empty space where you use to be, an ache in our hearts that won’t go away, we couldn’t of asked for a better friend and Maha’s loving and faithful companion until the end, now riding free on the open roads, listening to the song of the wind under the sun. Meet us at the rainbow when the time is right dear friend and run into all of our arms again. We love and miss you Martin....., thank you for giving us Maha as a friend..x

Words are not enough

Shared by Tony And Linda Ponte on 8th November 2018

There will never be closure for us because of how and when he was taken. We will always regret not being able to to pay proper respect and grieve properly for someone who deserved more.  Thank you Martin for making our lives better for knowing you and letting us know your life and also for introducing Maha to us.  You were full of life with her and that spilled into our lives

We could not have more respect for a man as we do for you.

We will always love you my dear friend.

Love and respect

Tony and Linda

Shared by Lawrence Bul on 7th November 2018

I only knew martin a short time but he was always there to help and always good for a laugh. An amazing man. He is greatly missed by all his friends and coworkers at the city. Our thoughts and prayers to his family and loved ones. 

Shared by Maha El-Gazzar on 3rd November 2018

Grief never ends...but it changes.

It's a passage, not a place to stay. 

Grief is not a sign of weakness...

It is the price of love.

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