We're all just walking each other home.
- Ram Dass
  • 76 years old
  • Born on February 13, 1942 .
  • Passed away on March 17, 2018 .

This memorial website was created to celebrate the life of Marty Klein. The fact that you are here means a lot to us. He was such a bright light and touched a lot of people on his journey in the world.  We invite you to leave a tribute, share stories, thoughts, or memories of your time with Marty. 

Marty's Celebration of Life will take place on Saturday, June 16, 2018 at 2 PM at Seaside Center for Spiritual Living, located at 1613 Lake Dr, Encinitas, CA, 92024. We invite everyone to attend, and the service will be followed by a casual reception. We know that Marty would want this to be a joyous celebration, so please wear whatever brings you happiness! 


In lieu of flowers, please consider making a donation to one of the following organizations:

Oceana   (www.oceana.org)

Nature Conservency  (www.nature.org)

Seaside Center for Spiritual Living  (www.seasidecenter.org)

Posted by Chris Tait on 11th June 2018
Marty I am shocked and saddened to just now learn of your passing. I don’t know why I didn’t see on Facebook posts, maybe the dumb fb algorithm. I always loved your Full Moon blog posts. Wow I read almost every one I saw. They were always so filled with wonderful images and knowledge and history and insights. I remember meeting you in 1994 I believe. You were friends with my roommate. I remember going through a hard patch and you gave me a beautiful card with the most inspiring poem, I always saved it and have it still. I didn’t get out to much of the social events in Encinitas, but I remember whenever I ran into you, you always greeted me with the most beautiful smile and light in your eyes. My condolences to your family and friends. Your presence was treasured and will be missed.
Posted by Jesse Greene on 9th June 2018
marty, i just heard now. you are so loved. your inquisitive nature, love of argument, singing, growing and hiking. i especially loved our buffet lunches after a great hike in the mountains. you touch me. love jesse
Posted by Odile Jain on 13th May 2018
Only being here since 2016, I did not have the chance to get to know Marty enough to share stories about him... but he is the kind of person that I felt related to right away, a soul brother. His presence at Soul of Yoga for devotional singing and at the Sufi dances always made me feel at home in spite of my shyness; it was as if I had known him for ever... Now that his physical presence is no more, his warmth and quiet gentleness remain with me, Thank You, Marty, for having brought that comforting sense of belonging to me in this strange place that is now my neighborhood. <3
Posted by Jennifer Roth on 7th May 2018
Marty is a gem. One of my closest friends and confidants for many years. I am forever grateful for his youthful spirit that reminded me to not take things so seriously. I treasure his smile & laughter. Our long beach walks and meals at Ki's were a regular and my favorite. I see and talk to him through the moon now which he loved. He was a gentle spirit who always lent a hand to those in need. He left a deep impression in my heart and I will miss him dearly.
Posted by Jim CHOW on 1st May 2018
Marty, Thanks for sharing these last many years in community, on the path upon which we walked, sang, talked and danced together. Though I am now learning more about your life and past, our time together was true. Then, as now, Namaste... The God in me salutes the God in you.
Posted by Steve Grant on 26th April 2018
I only met Marty a few years ago at Seaside Center for Spiritual Living, but he impressed me immediately with his intelligence, wisdom, humor, and Love. Without hesitation he dove in volunteering at Seaside, taking classes, taking over as Lead Ambassador, taking a position on the Board... and buying a mountain of fruit then making a giant fruit salad for 20-30 guys every month at our Men's Breakfast(!) I'm sorry I didn't have the time to get to know him better, but my every experience with him enriched my life. I miss him, as do so many others at Seaside.
Posted by Joel Vorensky on 24th April 2018
I was acquainted with Marty several years, Seaside Center, Devotional Singing, and other Groups. I was at Devotional Singing a week or two before his passing so the shock of his transition is still present. Marty's spirit of service, connection to and encouragement to others, sincere focus to connection with the higher power, and vibration reflective of the celebration of life is on-going and imbedded, imprinted, to all who knew him and to those who he never met. His physical presence will be missed but the love he radiated continues to sparkle/glow and is truly alive, even now! I feel it and I am connected to it do you?
Posted by Mary M. on 14th April 2018
I met Marty at a Sufi dance at Seaside Center FSL in 2002. The dances were led by Robert Frey and MaryBrenda McQueen. What started then as a romance with Marty blossomed into a deep and lasting friendship. Marty was a very generous man and shared with me as he did with so many others, his time, wisdom, love of science, sense of humor and emotional support. He has guided me many times, up and out of the depths of a personal drama by reminding me of the words of the serenity prayer. Marty was my computer guru, confidant, mentor and at times, mirror. He modeled for me, courage, in his willingness to step out of his comfort zone by taking courses or workshops in order to stretch and grow. I was a willing partner in many of his exciting travel adventures. Some of our trips together include scenic visits to Yosemite National Park, Sedona, and the Grand Canyon. In 2005 we embarked on an inspirational spiritual adventure, a trip to see famed healer John of God in Brazil. One of Marty’s most outstanding qualities was his compassion, his huge, open heart. A few months ago I shared with him my difficulty in phone communication with a dear family member who is very hard of hearing and now in a nursing home in Massachusetts. Between his ears and my soft voice, phone conversations were difficult and frustrating for both of us. Marty offered to try and set up a three way phone conversation, so that he could, with his resonant and deep voice, repeat my questions and comments. This worked wonderfully well and we made several calls this way over the past few months. In December, Marty’s loving heart and support made it possible for me to visit the central Mass. nursing home and reconnect with this beloved family member whom I hadn’t seen in 17 years. I could not have managed this without Marty’s help. On our drive back to Boston after leaving the home, we encountered a snowstorm that brought 8 inches of heavy, wet snow. An iffy GPS and snow that covered every street sign made following directions very challenging. Since we couldn’t always tell when we had reached our turning point, we had to back up several times and try again. Marty’s patience and calm demeanor, “Soooo ... are we having fun yet?” and expert driving skills brought us safely to our destination and we were even able to squeeze in a fun visit with cousins before leaving Mass. I feel so blessed to have had Marty’s very bright light help illuminate my path in this lifetime. I see him around me still, as I know others have around them. He is happy when I see him and very excited about the opportunity to continue to serve, but now from the spirit realm.
Posted by Tess Pulver on 13th April 2018
Mick and I LOVED Marty so much. He brightened our lives for years Especially when he did our " Deep End" Program and performed He was a true comedian and touched everyone there. Also, at Seaside he really contributed so much. We miss him deeply
Posted by Michael Torres on 8th April 2018
I knew Marty very briefly, but I hope that he is able to touch the stars that he once admired during his life on Earth. I have lit a candle in is memory this Sunday afternoon. In the end, we all rejoin the Universe and head into the great unknown.
Posted by Nan Davis on 6th April 2018
I met Marty back in the early '60's. We were friends. Over the years we went our separate ways. Recently I found Marty on fb and had some contact. I had hoped to hear more about how his life turned out. Having recently "re-found" him, I was hoping to catch up more. I am so sorry for your loss. It seems he lived a full, interesting, caring filled life.
Posted by Fred Branaman on 6th April 2018
What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man. My condolences to all. Love, Fred

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