This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Mary Gladys (Cooper) Wilson 58 years old , born on July 24, 1941 and passed away on May 3, 2000. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Sylvia NMcNabb on May 5, 2013
Here it is our 50th nursing reunion. I thought of you while I was looking through my photo album of our training days. We will be thinking of you this week, as we celebrate our 50th, and wish you were still with us.
Posted by Elaine Murphy on May 3, 2013
Monday will celebrate your 50th graduation year at the alumnae dinner.  You will be remembered there.  I miss you too.  Elaine
Posted by Diane Peacock on May 3, 2013
13 Years ago we lost a beautiful lady. Never will I forget you and the good times we had on Beech Lake.
Posted by Shirley Hall on May 3, 2013
This is a special year Mary. we will be missing you
Posted by Shelley Orlowski on July 24, 2012
Happy Birthday Mom. We miss you.
Posted by Elaine Murphy on July 24, 2012
nice to be reminded on your birthday of all the memories we made together.
Posted by Lynda Brohm on July 24, 2012
Mary, missing you especially today. The many birthdays we celebrated together, memories that will live forever in my heart.
Posted by Shelley Orlowski on May 4, 2012
Knowing that you are watching over us and are in our hearts makes missing you a little more bearable. I miss you mommy.
Posted by Eleanor Wilson on May 3, 2012
I cannot believe that 12 years have passed. I still have may memories of our many camping days with the families.
Posted by J Mckenna on May 1, 2012
Mary, the pain doesn't appear to lighten with each passing year. That is a testament to the indelible mark you have left on our hearts. Love Judy
Posted by Elaine Murphy on May 1, 2012
2012 - another year passed.  Memories are still strong --- and so good.  You are not forgotten in my heart.
Posted by Shirley Hall on May 1, 2012
Posted by Sylvia NMcNabb on May 1, 2012
Mary: We remember the parties at your house. There was always so much laughter and so much fun. We will always miss you,
and you have a very special place in our hearts. Bill and Sylvia
Posted by Elaine Murphy on July 24, 2011
another year gone by but the memories of our good times together --- and a few others ---- remain bright and clear my friend.
Posted by Sylvia NMcNabb on July 24, 2011
You will always be missed. Even when you were so ill, you asked me about Bill. You were always such a thoughtful person.
Posted by Shirley Hall on May 3, 2011
MISSED YOU last night MARY
Posted by Eleanor Wilson on May 3, 2011
Where have those 11 years gone? Still have fond memories of our camping days, toboggan parties & many dances together. We still miss you Mary
Posted by Dean Wilson on May 3, 2011
My heart aches when I selfishly wish you were here to comfort me, but I know that you love and are loved exactly where you are...
Posted by Wanda Wade on May 2, 2011
You brighten up my life every time I view your warm loving smile.
Posted by Elaine Murphy on May 2, 2011
Another year rolled by and again another opportunity to visit with classmates and remember our times together.  You were my bridesmaid and we just had our 48th anniversary.  Was looking at those pictures last week;  you were perfect in your gold
Posted by Sylvia NMcNabb on May 2, 2011
Tonight is our Alumni Dinner. We always think of you at this time of year. You missed very few banquets. Although you are physically not here, your presence will be felt at the dinner, as we share and reminisce. Still miss you a lot
Posted by J Mckenna on August 23, 2010
The light of your love will always be remembered.
Your Mom Doris Cooper
Posted by Wally Speckert on August 8, 2010
The only thing we have left on earth when we pass is our legacy. Your legacy of warmth and love is illustrated by the candles lit by friends and families a decade after your time on earth was over. OX
Posted by Linda Watson on May 20, 2010
I smile everytime I think of our euchre games & the hat we used to remember who dealt.
Your sense of humour will always be remembered. So many lovely memories.
Linda Watson
Posted by Dean Wilson on May 19, 2010
Miss you so much mom - just talked about you today with your grand-daughter Alicia. There's so much I wish I could share with you and so many questions I'd love to ask - you were so loved !
Posted by Elaine Murphy on May 8, 2010
elaine murphy on May 8/10

We gathered at Ann's for a visit before the alumnai banquet on 3rd. Classmate connection - you my friend, were well remembered and will always be.
Posted by Marilyn Wedlock on May 8, 2010
"May 3rd was an appropriate day for the Class of '63 to be together. We miss you, Mary."
Posted by Eleanor Wilson on May 8, 2010
Mary, I remember all the good times we had with our children, the camping trips & the toboggan parties. So sorry you were unable to remain with us & see your grandchildren grow up.
Posted by Shirley Hall on May 7, 2010
Shirley Hall
  Missing you always Mary
Posted by Sylvia NMcNabb on May 6, 2010
Sylvia McNabb lit a candle May 06 2010.
The last time I saw you, sick and all as you were you asked about Bill. What a special person you. A pleasure to have know you.
Posted by J Mckenna on May 5, 2010
I miss your vitality, your care and concern for me, and not being able to ask you about the flowers in my garden!
Posted by Diane Peacock on May 5, 2010
It doesn't seem like 10 years have passed. We will always remember your smile and love that you gave to all.
Posted by Shelley Orlowski on May 3, 2010
Missing you more today than any other day of the year.
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Posted by Lynda Brohm on July 27, 2020
Thinking of you on your birthday and the holiday time we would be now spending together. Great food, laughs, adventure and solving the world problems. Who would have thought this year the coronavirus pandemic. Always missing you
Posted by Wanda Wade on July 25, 2020
Happy birthday sis (aka other Mom). Spent a glorious day with friends exploring Sandbanks, Picton, Presquile. Reminded me of your camping days with the family. Love you always and forever.
Posted by J Mckenna on July 24, 2020
Happy Birthday, Mary! Sending wishes to Heaven! I’m imagining us Cooper women are playing an all-night Scrabble game around the Beech Lake table. And you’re winning! Love Judy
Recent stories

In Memory of Mary (Cooper) Wilson

Shared by Wanda Wade on May 18, 2010

I am sure this life is only lent,

Our Mary, a gift, that was heaven sent.

In Oshawa General, Doris first heard your cry.

Then many years of sickness and tears to dry.


The war being over, Dad gets his release,

Thank God for the Allies, their lives given for our Peace.

And now as each passes from this scene,

We are reminded of what could have been.


Back up to Haliburton, each said let's go,

Beautiful lakes and a bit more snow.

For her classmates Mary loved to sing and step dance

Every time she had a chance.


Three summers at Joy Bible Camp we could afford,

During that time, Mary trusted the Lord.

Two more sisters,  four years apart, we span

Then two more in the Cooper clan.


At her nursing graduation, many stories were told,

Each one seemed a bit more bold.

They remember good times and their pranks,

The enema given to the wrong patient and they both say thanks.


Nursing in Calgary where it was cold,

But can change rapidly, we are told.

Port Hope was calling, and Ken Wilson was there,

Soon they were married, a life for to share.


Now Shelley and John in Florida where they live,

Come home often, their help to give.

Steven and Tara will live near  home,

Dean, now Alicia, not far did roam.


Mary taken to a brand new place,

For all Eternity to view God's face.

Christ Jesus came, God Emanuel, so pure.

Can be yours by trusting Him, making sure.


James B. Cooper - 2000



Mom Lived Her Life For Love Of Friends And Family

Shared by Wanda Wade on May 18, 2010

Mom lived her life for love of friends and family,

Neither asking for not wanting a return.

Her days became a sunlit homily.

With others' joy her joy and main concern.

When we were ill, she also became sick;

When we were cut, she, too, began to bleed.

Of our oil lamp, she was the wick,

Drawing her bright flame from our need.

Some say that such behaviour's out of date:

That self-fulfillment is the way to grace.

But mom, without much choice then chose her fate,

Finding greater truth in an embrace.

She lives on in the sparkle of our eyes:

Laughing, quiet, gentle, loving and wise.




My Sister

Shared by Wanda Wade on May 14, 2010

She came to me many years ago.

Filling my life with heavenly glow.

She watched over me, not saying a word

Her spirit flying high as a bird.

She taught me how to run and play

Never wanting anything but love throughout the day.

She was the one that taught me right from wrong.

With her I always knew I belonged.

Without her I wonder where I would be today.

I may not have ever learned how to love or pray.

I will always miss and love her til we meet in the place,

Where she told me she will be.