Let the memory of Mary be with us forever
  • 78 years old
  • Born on December 24, 1935 .
  • Passed away on July 2, 2014 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Mary Enno, 78, born on December 24, 1935 and passed away on July 2, 2014. She will be dearly missed and we will remember her forever.  I welcome you to tell us about any way that Mary touched you, anything that you loved about her.  Whether that comes in the form of words or a picture, a song or a video, is up to you.  If you have not seen Mary for some time or you never knew her family don't be shy:  our love of Mary binds us.  If you are family that has been out of touch for a while: please take this opportunity to reconnect.

If you are able to attend Mary's Memorial Service, information below:

Memorial services will be at 3 pm, on Wednesday, July 23rd at Abiding Love Lutheran Church, 7210 Brush Country Road, Austin, TX  78749.  In lieu of flowers, please send memorial gifts to the Abiding Love Children’s Center Scholarship Fund at above address.



Posted by Charles Kuenzi on 3rd July 2016
Hi Sis, I really miss not talking to you. I really miss your fantastic liver & onions you used to make for me. Thanks for taking care of Sox for so long. Miss you both. Lee
Posted by George Vinson on 26th July 2014
I was saddened to hear through my sister Frances that Cousin Mary had passed away. I believe the last time we saw each other was at our Uncle Chuck’s 90th birthday bash at Sun City Center, Fl. Even though miles separated us most of our lives, I remember with great fondness her very loving spirit and an intellect that was evident and noticeable even during our teenage years. Many were the family get-togethers at “the grove” in Elfers, FL, all of which were instrumental in generating the warmhearted memories I enjoy of my cousin. Loving sympathy to all of her family.
Posted by Tammy Stearns on 22nd July 2014
Chuck and I are sending our love and hugs to Guy, Sara and Miss Molly. It is hard to lose a loved one from our daily lives, but it is important to remember that their imprint on our hearts and souls will live on forever. Memories are the best! Embrace them for strength. We love you!
Posted by Charles Kuenzi on 21st July 2014
As an only sister, Mary went out of her way to harass, dominate and intimidate her only brother. But I got in my licks too. I won't give any detail on the mashed potato fight we had at the supper table. When the potato supply was exhausted, we moved on to the broccoli and succotash. So that's how it started. Only after I stopped moving around the country for my profession did we really begin to know each other. In a fairly short time span, she became my best friend and trusted advisor. Besides, having a psychologist for a sister means you get really cheap rates. Inspiration. That's what Mary was, to me and anyone who came in contact with her. Inspiration. Her love for animals was a common bond we shared for years. Mary was different, a very unique individual. Just like her brother, she only danced to her own drummer. How can you not love someone as beautiful as this. I only wish more people had gotten to know her. Her talent as a fabric artist simply defied all boundaries. Her work echoed the artist - different, unique, one-of-a-kind. Mary loved her sons and her grandkids. I'm pretty sure she also wound up loving her brother. I already miss you sis, Lee
Posted by Amelia Shannon on 21st July 2014
I remember the first time I met Mary many years ago. She lived in Lufkin at the time and Guy brought her over to our little house in Hyde Park for dinner. I remember thinking "wow, what a cool lady!" She was so down to earth and easy to talk to. I cherished getting to know her over the years and really enjoyed having her move to Austin/Wimberly and seeing her more often. We liked to talk about gardening, sewing, quilting, reading and food. She was adventurous and amazingly resilient. She was a wonderful grandma and allowed our boy Judd to call her Aunt Mary which was very special. She had a special talent for giving Judd these great toys. She knew what kind of things intrigued him and to this day those presents from Mary are some of his favorites. I thought about Mary this morning when I saw the little boat bath toy that is a required accessory at bath time and it made me smile. I'm honored to have called her my friend and will miss her tremendously.
Posted by Noma Johns on 19th July 2014
I am the only one here who wrote a story to go along with the picture I submitted. I have more pictures of Mary and will be putting them up in a few days. She is now rejoicing in heaven. We will see her again.
Posted by Kelly Anthony on 17th July 2014
Wow....what a wonderful woman. I loved her passion for art and how unique it was. She didn't just paint a picture or draw a scene, she went deeper with the beauty in everything. People like Mary are hard to find and much needed in this world. I share her love for animals (including helping turtles cross the road in the rain), and her ability to produce such a magnificent garden. I'm sad for my Uncle Guy, my Aunt Sara, and my cousin Molly... but I know that we will all be together again one day. I know how much she loved you guys. You all made her life complete. I love you -Kelly
Posted by Jeanne Kelling on 15th July 2014
Mary was an older first cousin. I did not get to see her very often but the few times I did, I knew she was a very special lady. I am pleased to know how well her family took care of her in her last days. I am also thankful that she knew The Lord and is now in paradise with him. My deepest sympathy to her family in their great loss.
Posted by Anita Mester on 14th July 2014
I knew Mary Guy from the Austin Fiber Artists group. She was a great lady and a wonderful artist. Quiet but she touched my heart. She will be missed.
Posted by Frederick Enno on 11th July 2014
Mary was a unique combination of intelligence and grace, strength and kindness. As a trained Psychologist, she was a woman of science and yet she was intuitive, keenly aware of things less seen, and guided by her faith. Her nature was serene, meditative, reflective and insightful; however, if she sensed injustice or cruelty (especially with animals), she was a lioness. She was capable of deep insight, which is why I sometimes sought her council when light or answers evaded me. She was also an adventurer and loved nothing more than to go someplace she had never been. Now she has embarked on her next great adventure. I am eternally grateful to my mother: I will miss our conversations, our shared meals, the joys we shared watching little Molly grow and, most of all, our friendship that spanned so many years and so many changes. Guy

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