Shared by Kathy Swiney Hufford on December 22, 2012

hi mama, its jjust 3 days till christmas, its just not the same, i miss you so very much, i see signs that you are here with us watching over us, i see butterflies and angels eveywhere. we are all ok, i know you are ok, and that we will be ok, you are at peace and no more pain, and thats what counts., i want to tell you merry christmas, and give you a huge hug and a eskimino kiss and t tell you i love you an you are in my heart and always will be.

One Year

Shared by Mary Hernandez on March 26, 2012

Good Morning Mama

         Been a year It seems like it was just yeasterday.Am miss you so much.Even If I know you are good hands with god..I never want this day ro come..Am out of wods right know ..I just want to say I miss you and love you so much ...

Need to go cnt see at this momment to type sorry love you

                                    Mary Hernandez     

mama ,

Shared by Kathy Swiney Hufford on November 4, 2011

i went to phx and got to spend a few weeks with you mama, they were great moments, justhard on us, but we survived as you taught us to be,me and jr had a great time with you when we came and spent the day with you, i know your favorite store was the goodwill, and you loved shopping avery much,nd sittig outside getting your vitamin d from the sun,and youknow that was the best part, you and i would sit in sun and visit and prissy was there with us, i hear she is doing great, then fred and i came and stayed at hospital with you the last week, i enjoyed that also, i only wish i had been there all along, i would have taken your pain if i could, but now you are at peace and no pain and very happy, and you are with dad, i know you missed and loved him , i love you both very, very much

My life with my mama

Shared by Mary Hernandez on May 8, 2011

My name Is Mary Ann Moore B.O.B 05/09/1967

I was my mama last daughter So that made me the baby:-) She was 37 years old when she had me..I Had 4 others Sister and a few brothers..My mama would help me out with any thing she would give her cloths off her back if she had to not just to me to any one.. we had are ups and down we had more up then down the down we had we didn't hold against each other..She help me with my Daughter Amie Michelle Ann Moore she trench her like one of her daughters..I was very thankful for her that.. When she was getting sick I didn't want to accept it I was always try to get her well back to herself..I try so this this time but the cancer wouldn't let me win but I try my best..I remember mama use to call me to see if everything was OK with me, or call me let me know what dates we had for Dr or when she need her meds..I was always there for her any time she need and she was always there for me..I miss my mama relationship we had

But am be strong because that what she would want, she want me to be a mother to Amie like we was toghter..I cant say enough about my mama,she was a wonderful person,help anyone, love kids,and love her dogs and and go on on but i think you what am saying

Mama I love you so much I miss you like crazy but it feels like your still here i feel you around me..I miss you and daddy so much I wish I can have both of you back with me..If I can but time back I would do that..

Happy mothers day with all my love!!!!!

Love you

Mary & Arturo Hernandez

Shared by Kathy Swiney Hufford on May 5, 2011

jr and me went and spent the day with mama, she was so happy we pushed her all over the place, we let her get her sun for her vitamin d.we had lunch together, she was so happywhen mary came to pick us up we took her to the gift shop, where she got a new purse. earrings and a few other things, you could see the joy in her eyes. my mama was so happy, she ate a good lunch, she laughed and smiled, i am so proud of her,i miss her and love her very very much, mama you will always be with me in my heart

Mom Love her dogs

Shared by Mary Hernandez on May 5, 2011

Mom With two dogs Dolly and Molly.

She loves her dogs. I bet they eat and lived better then she did..she would do anything for her dogs...


Are visti with mom

Shared by Mary Hernandez on May 5, 2011

Mom at Amie for a bar B que before Andwer and Jenni head back home..

Mom enjoy it she was so pround there was no fighting!!! Misti and Amie went and got Prissyyy she was even happier...

This day I will never forget It was are last visti at home and we all enjoy the day with her...Mary,Arturo,Amie Michelle Kathy, Fred,Misti,Mike,Robert,Andwer,Jenni,zak Katilyn and prissyyyyyyyy

Love you mama, missed you   3/13/2011

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