May her memory be eternal
Αἰωνία ἡ μνήμη
  • 84 years old
  • Born on January 2, 1933 .
  • Passed away on June 3, 2017 .

It was wonderful seeing everyone who joined us to mourn the passing and celebrate the life of Mary Bolas, 84, born on January 2, 1933 and reunited with her husband Ted on June 3, 2017. May her memory be eternal. 

The funeral service was held at Hollywood Forever Chapel on Thursday, June 8th at 10:30 am with the reception following at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery from 12-2 pm.

Thank you to everyone that sent flowers.  If one wishes to support a cause in her memory, organizations that were important in Mary's life included:

The Los Angeles YWCA's Studio Club. Mary was always grateful for the platform the Studio Club provided her to grow as a musician and young woman.  Today it provides safe spaces to live, learn, and grow by supporting in-transition foster children and teaching digital skills.  If you wish to make a donation, visit the Donor Page and under the 'wish to allocate' option select Hollywood Studio Club and fill in the 'honor of' field with Mary Bolas.

Music's ability to help us find love and a little fun, was central to Mary's life. Influences included KUSC, the Thorton School of Music, and CSULB's guitar program.


Posted by Ray Albera on June 3, 2019
There are few people that we are Blessed with to have in our lives and Mary Bolas was certainly one of those few. Mary lived her life with love, compassion and wisdom, that she was also free to give any or all to those who needed love, compassion or wisdom.
Mary you are forever remembered, Ray
Posted by Athene Craig on January 2, 2018
I loved her and her sister Pres Sophronia. The Nicolau sisters were two of a kind! Mary ALWAYS made me laugh. May her memory be eternal!
Posted by Ruth McCartney on January 2, 2018
What a lovely, welcoming lady, may Heaven continue to be blessed by her presence.
Posted by Nikoletta Yukich on January 2, 2018
Happy 85th birthday Mama! This day has been blessed for me as I came back to this memorial site and am re-reading the beautiful memories written here. Thank you so much to everyone who has shared. It means a lot and we truly appreciate it. OXO
Posted by Babe Kirkpatrick, (and Th... on July 12, 2017
We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our
    hearts are conscious of our treasures.
                                   - Thornton Wilder
... Mary is a treasure, living in hearts here!

                   Sending loving supportive thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Nikoletta Yukich on July 8, 2017
[From Puena Keolanui in her card:]
Dear Niko, Nikoletta, Mark, Alexa, and family--
So many of my wonderful childhood memories involve the times our two families spent together on Micheltorena St. In the midst of those memories was Mary, or "Mrs. Bolas" as I affectionately called her. She was a remarkable woman in every way! She was strong, caring, independent, supportive, purposeful, creative, musical, smart, witty, fun, and humorous. I loved how she shared her culture with all of us. I loved listening to her sing and play her guitar. What a treat it was when your dad sang with her! I thought growing up she was the BEST baker in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD! I looked forward to the Greek cookies we received every Christmas and the Easter bread with the quarter inside of it. I learned to love Greek food through her... spanakopita, tiropitas, and baklava to name a few. She was always busy caring for her family, helping her neighbors, volunteering at the school, doing the books for the painting business, and in her quiet moments, I remember her quilting and sewing. Perhaps my best memory of her was just being Teddy's wife. How he loved her! I am so blessed to have known Mary. I am so grateful for the positive impact she had on my life. I'd like to think that she is with Ted now and he is so happy to have his "Maria" by his side once again. I will never forget her and my love to all of you! I see your mom's love and remarkable qualities so visible in all of you!
Me ke aloha (with love), Puena
Posted by Jamie Ledner on July 1, 2017
So glad I had the honor of knowing Mary all of these years. I have such fond memories of Mary and the entire wonderful Bolas family. So much love there.
Posted by Julia Stewart on June 13, 2017
Dear Nikoletta, my heart goes out to you and I offer you all my love and comfort, and also to your family. Our mothers are so incredibly special. I wish I could have known yours ~ a very sweet woman.
More and more love to you ~
Posted by Ray Albera on June 10, 2017
Sweet Mary, it was a pleasure to grow up as a child on Micheltorena with Niko, Nicoletta, Markie and Alexa along with all of the other children that we grew up with, but it was a GIFT to have you in all of our lives. Being that we were so many on what we called "the Hill" there were many homes we gathered at but your home more often than others seemed to be the main meeting place where the fun began.
Throughout my growing years and even into my adult life I recognized that when I or someone else spoke to you about something going on in their life that instead of you giving your opinion like most people do, that you always had "Words of Wisdom" that you would share, and that is not a learned quality but a God Given Gift that very few have and Yes Mary, throughout our lives and the lives of many others You have been a GIFT, a gift that has stayed with me throughout my entire life.
Mary, thank you for being that "Gift" in my life and you will forever be in my heart. Ray
Posted by Chet Anderson on June 8, 2017
When Nanci brought her Mark into our lives, we gained much more than a great son-in-law. We became part of Mary and Ted's greater Bolas family. Almost with our first meeting, Mary declared us to be "symbithera" (spelling??) which is Greek for "family" and always made us feel like, indeed, we were part of her family. In addition to sharing two of her wonderful grandchildren with us, she shared with Sherri their love of music (piano and choral) and craftiness; with me she shared her incredibly sharp wit, best illustrated by a rapid-fire, back and forth session of great PUNS with Mark....and anyone else who would join in. The City of Angels has lost one of its brightest angels...but only in this iteration!  (From Chet The Father of Nanci)
Posted by Nick Melillo on June 8, 2017
I have lived on micheltorena st for 20 years now and when I first moved into my house Mary was one of the first to come over to visit us and say hello. I would see her walk around the block and often I went across the street to walk with her to say hello. I lost my mom a few years ago and Mary was a sweet and kind person and never forgot my name, thats amazing cause I can't remember many names. God Speed Mary, hopefully you are going your husband and loved ones in the Eternal Life.
Posted by Burke Horner on June 8, 2017
Teddy and Mary and their kids were related to my departed wife Susan, who died of cancer later after Teddy. His brother George, also departed, brought our families together for years, after we had moved to California. Many beautiful Greek meals at Mary's as well as Georges, helped us realize the importance of binding a family together, and keeping it that way.

I always used to love to surprise Teddy and Mary at their paint store, giving them maybe a half hour to remember my name, always a fun reunion. I had never seen Mary without a smile on her face or a kind word to share. I kept in touch with her for years after my wife passed and we had moved to Washington

My heart goes out to you remaining children and grandchildren. A fine lady will be missed!
Posted by Mónica Ley on June 8, 2017
Every moment spent in the presence of Mary is a a blessed, fortunate moment and gift. I feel so lucky and honored to have met her and to have shared a heart connection. Mary always had a deep, beautiful sparkle in her eyes and a unique tone in her voice that came from a profound place in her heart and spirit. She humbly shared respect and appreciation for all beings and it was always a delight to observe her style and take it all in.

What an extraordinary and special woman, who cultivated the love of family and community and sacred music and the value of unconditional love.

It is beautiful that Mary and Ted have reunited in the spirit world, enjoying their love and connection in a new bright and precious way. Ted and Mary are two words that go together! Together, they created the Bolas family who we all love so much and who is loved by so many people in the world! The roots go far and wide and this is a testimony to Mary and Ted's commitment to family. The Bolas legacy is a powerful one! Being in the presence of such a bond is uplifting and wonderful.

Dear beloved Mary, enjoy the spirit world! 
Wishing you eternal peace, joy and serenity, with deep love and gratitude, 

Posted by Bonnie Schindler on June 8, 2017
Mary was so authentic and genuine. She was as down to earth as one could be but at the same time she had a sort of old fashioned grace that always inspired me. Mary was kind and smart, funny and thoughtful. I admire the way she had so many interests and continued to cultivate her musical talents. She was warm and welcoming and had a really great laugh
Mary wasn’t quick with unsolicited opinions, but some of the best advice I ever received came from her. She always told me I should marry a nice Jewish man and that certainly turned out well for me!
One particularly fun memory I have of both Mary and Ted is the New Year’s Eve that they went to the Dresden Room with our friend Lisa M., my sister Evelyn and me. Evelyn and Lisa spotted a handsome young man across the room and were swooning a little, so Ted went over and brought him to our table and introduced us all as his daughters. Soon all of his friends began to join us and Ted and Mary’s table ended up as the place to be at the Dresden Room! They were so much fun.
I feel so lucky to have known Mary and will miss her very much.
Posted by Ella Campos on June 8, 2017
  Yes, I do call you "grandma" My name is Ella but you always call me Ellie. You told me Ellie means angel to you and Ella means come here in Greek. You told me how I'm an angel to you which I am really flattered. You never wanted to call me Ella even in front of the nurse and your therapist. Thank you for even the short amount of time we spend, you made me feel how a grandmother truly loves her grandchild even though I had a grandmother. You're the only one who truly makes me feel a grandmother's love. You're so kind you treated me as your own granddaughter. Never once you made it hard for me while I was working for you. Even though you were already feeling pain. You still thought about me. On how you don't want me to get tired and you were shy to ask me to do things for you or to get things for you. We talked about a lot of things sad,happy talks, we shared all that together. You treated me as a part of your family not a caregiver. All the sad and happy memories I will never forget about them and to the things you taught to me. I will never forget you. Even if we're world's apart you will never leave my mind and my heart. I love you so much grandma I know that you will guide me you're my guardian angel. I will never forget. One day grandma, we will meet again.
Posted by Luisa Campos on June 8, 2017
Mary, thank you for the warm welcome you gave us when we visit you,last mother's day you made our day with your jokes and your kidness. For the short time you've know the campos family you treated us, as your own family. Thank you us, as a filipino family. We all wishes that we could've spend more time with you.
In the short time we spend together,we learned a lot of things from you with your warm hugs and your wonderful jokes that made everyone laughs. We know that you no longer feel anymore pain. Mary, campos family salute you as a mother and a grandmother. We know that you already found your peace up there in your husband's arm,watching over your family. Your memories will forever stay in all of our hearst. We love you
Posted by Nikoletta Yukich on June 7, 2017
Mary Bolas (née Nickolaou), age 84. Born in Chicago IL on Jan 2, 1933. Married Aug 21, 1955 in Chicago IL to Theodore N. Bolas; they moved to Los Angeles on their honeymoon, and never looked back. Ted died in 2005, but appeared to her in a dream 2 weeks ago and said “Mary, hurry up!” She complied, and passed peacefully in Los Angeles, CA on Jun 3, 2017.

She was adored by her children: Niko (Mika) Bolas, Nikoletta (Nick) Yukich, Mark (Nanci) Bolas, and Alexa Bolas, and her grandchildren: Ben (Robin), Sundie, and Kalen Yukich, and Beth and Theodore Bolas. She loved her nieces and nephews: Carla Curio, Laura Curio Hoodenpyle, and James Curio, and Irene Tomaras Supica and Charles Tomaras. She was predeceased by her parents, Kyriakos "Charlie" and Alexandra Argetakis Nickolaou, sister, Sophronia Nickolaou Tomaras, and her beloved in-laws: Nicholas and Nickoletta Bolas, George Bolas, and Dianne Herbert.

Mary attended Koraes Elementary and Hirsch High School in Chicago IL, and attended the University of Chicago and The Actor’s Company. She performed with the USO, singing and miming her hilarious rendition of “Serenade to a Jerk.” As a young woman, she moved to the Hollywood Studio Club in Los Angeles, to focus on her study of classical guitar. She then married and had four children. She taught guitar enrichment classes at Micheltorena St. Elementary, was a teacher’s aide in ESL classes at Thomas Starr King Jr. High, and studied Spanish and Accounting at LA City College. Mary and Ted ran Century Paints on Berendo St. (1974-2000) — one of the last mom-and-pop paint stores in Los Angeles. Mary also served as loyal bookkeeper for Trinity Church through 2011.

She was so much fun as a mother: she would yell “Hold on kids!” and accelerate down the “rolley coaster hill” (Marathon St.); she would “lose control” of the steering wheel and the car would force her to drive us to Foster’s Freeze on Sunset for ice cream; she was a gifted mimic and had different voices for every character in the books she would read aloud, Charlie and the Chocolate Factor was a favorite. She had a gift for making dolls and puppets talk to us, and even made “Mr. Toilet” talk to us when we feared it as very young children. She told jokes, she clowned around, she was a wonderful cook. She knitted us sweaters and made us quilts with little personalized images quilted into them.

Mary was always ahead of her time and said her headstone should read: “You wanna do WHAT?!” She was a Greek folk singer before folk music was popular; she studied classical guitar when it was completely unknown; she got into quilting when it was so rare that she had to track down a 90-year-old woman to teach her how to do it.

Music was her lifelong passion, and the classical guitar was her first love, triggered by a chance hearing of Romance de Amor that brought her to her knees. She was a wonderful performer and the parties Ted & Mary gave remain legendary, with much singing, Greek dancing, and beautiful food, all night long. In mid-life, when a hand problem kept her from fulfilling her guitar dreams, she turned to the Celtic harp, and sang in the choir at Trinity Episcopal Church on Berendo St. Her Trinity family brought her fulfillment and joy for many years; she wistfully referred to the early years there as “Camelot.”

She made beautiful quilts as gifts for others, and loved knitting darling baby hats and blankets for donation to Stitches from the Heart. She was a huge fan of the LA Guitar Quartet from their earliest days. She always had the KUSC classical station playing on the radio in her pantry, and she loved Chet Atkins and often said, “If you ever play Chet Atkins and my foot doesn’t tap, you’ll know it’s time to pull the plug.” She was never bored, she was very independent, and she had an amazing disposition
— she genuinely remembered only the good things. Mary also had talents that went unexpressed in this life; few knew that she could draw and sculpt.

Mary was blessed with the sweetest, most loyal friends and family, many of whom have passed and who are no doubt partying with her at this very moment. We sure will miss her until we are together again.
Posted by Zoe Thrall on June 7, 2017
I only know of Mary from the wonderful stories of her from Niko. From those stories and the beautiful tributes written here I can say I only wish I had met her in person. My sincerest condolences to you and your family Niko.
Posted by GANZO RUBEN on June 6, 2017
Conoci a Mary como un Angel. Ella siempre estubo velando por mi bienestar en la iglesia. Luego, se convirtio en motivo de admiracion por los talentos que ella tenia. me gustaba tocar la guitarra y cantar con ella. Un grande honor el haber conocido a un ser sublime como Mary.
Gracias por haber traido luz a mi vida Mary.
Se feliz por siempre. Amen
Posted by Athene Craig on June 5, 2017
Achhh. Mary is with Pres. Sophronia and they are having a lot of laughs together again. I love those two women and will always remember Mary's naughty laugh and devilish ways. What a kind, kind soul. May her memory be eternal!
Posted by Adam Snook on June 5, 2017
What can one say about Mary except that she epitomized joie de vie and was the most delightful person I had ever met. Like many, I was summarily adopted as an honorary Bolas after first meeting Mary and Ted. Although she will be missed by all, she lives on through her children as they all share the pleasant openness and welcoming personality that Mary embodied. I have been blessed to know both Ted and Mary and cherish memories of both dearly.
Posted by Keith Brandman on June 5, 2017
When I decided to build an airplane, Ted insisted I build in the back of the store. After an afternoon of making noise with all the charm of a dentists drill, I always expected someone to come back and tell me to keep the noise down. But either Ted or usually Mary would come back and ask "You coming over to the house for dinner?"
I ALWAYS felt like family from the entire Bolas family. Mary, I will miss you everyday.
Posted by Darrell Brown on June 5, 2017
What i love about Mary - her laugh , her kids, her smile, her hugs, that she loved music, that she loved choirs, that she loved everyone and made them feel like family,  Meet you in the sky someday Mary.  xoxoxox
Posted by Ruth McCartney on June 5, 2017
Mary and Ted probably wondered what on earth wandered through their doors in 1984 when this British, high heel wearing, fishnet clad, loony toon pop-star wannabe came to visit courtesy of Niko, who was knee-deep in rock n'roll at the time, with me in tow on a break from Record One. Nevertheless, they made me so very welcome with their Greek-American hospitality, I even made a run down the hill (not literally, in a car) with Ted to pick up something from the paint store, only to come back up to Micheltorena St. to find coffee and sumptuous sweet treats waiting, courtesy of the ever-vigilant Mary. She and Ted raised 4 truly (and I do not use this word often) amazing kids, and now she can go be forever with her beau, knowing they made the world a much much better place. And I STILL want the recipe for that Baklava! Fly with the angels dear Mary.
Posted by Angie McCartney on June 5, 2017
A sweet, warm and loving lady, always ready with a smile and a welcome. She will be sadly missed.
Posted by Karen Sartell on June 5, 2017
Mother Mary, always gracious, welcoming and smiling. Heaven just gained a good one and she has some wonderful people waiting for her. Mary, you now get to hear Pavarotti sing with the angels.
Posted by Ellie Goritz on June 5, 2017
Tony and I will always remember Mary as a bright and loving person. May her family and loved ones be comforted by their happy memories.
Posted by Deborah Sommer on June 5, 2017
Dear Mary, Everyone was blessed to know you and your wonderful family. God bless you until we meet again. Love, Deb
Posted by Adria Schumann on June 5, 2017
My name is Adria Folb Schumann. I was a teacher at T.S. King Middle School. The Bolas children came through my classes and I had the honor of knowing the family at that time. Additionally, one of my best friends in the world has been a friend and neighbor of the Bolas Family for years. One of my cherished memories is when my husband and I were invited to a Bolas Greek Easter celebration. The generosity, kindnesses and dear nature of Mrs. Bolas are things I will always remember, as will my husband. Thank you, Bolas Family, for all the kind things you have always done, spear-headed by your dear mother, Mary Bolas. She will be missed but always remembered with love. Sincerely, Jeff and Adria Schumann
Posted by Judy Bravard on June 5, 2017
Moving into this neighborhood in 1979 it was Mary and Ted that made us feel at home.
Mary's warmth and gentle manner was always kind, welcoming, and enjoyed a good laugh. She loved playing the guitar, and when she no longer was able she turned to her harp: I then knew she was heaven sent! She treasured her family and got such joy watching them all grow up. This neighborhood is very special in such transient times.. .many of us have been here for over 40 years... we are family.
We have lost our angel and we will always picture her at such peace in her home, baking, quilting, enjoying a chat with whomever appeared at her door...
She is now resting beside her beloved Teddy.
Posted by Tracy Lieu on June 5, 2017
I remember Mary's warmth, generosity, and practicality. She was also so creative! When Mark and I were in junior high school, he had designed a logo for himself (an empty bee, an allusion to his initials, MTB). One of my memories of that time was that she was making a quilt with the logo, always thinking about ways to help and encourage her family.
Posted by Jennifer Murphy on June 5, 2017
Mary (and Ted) welcomed me into her world in 1998 and treated me and mine like family. Her hard working, gentle good humor and sparkling eyes were a blessing. She had a quiet, loving manner but she was also a rock of ages. She could be a fierce protector. She got things done but never sweat the small stuff. She was and will remain a role model to me for making the world a better place with motherly practicality, compassion, and a song in her heart.
Posted by Sean Femrite on June 5, 2017
Don't tell Marion, but Mary was my favorite neighbor. Her warmth, smiling face, and cheerful nature were always present. I will miss getting her hugs and the warm waves from across the street. I will hold her in my heart and ever day when I light candles for " the mother Mary" I will remember her in my heart with deep fondness.
Posted by Lailani Sampang on June 5, 2017
Mary is a nice and loving person. I worked for her for less than a month. But its seems we know each other more than that because, She treat me like her own family. She's one of best partient I had. You always be in my heart. Love you...
Posted by Charles Tomaras on June 4, 2017
I will miss you and will always carry your memory, see your face and be able to hear your voice in my mind.

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