Let the memory of Mary be with us forever
  • 74 years old
  • Born on April 19, 1933 .
  • Passed away on July 18, 2007 .


We prayed for you to be healed, if it was God's will

But there was a place in Heaven, He wanted you to fill

Over the years you fought sickness, at times you won

For you were touched, by God's Holy Son

Then the sickness returned, and filled your body with pain

For just a little longer with us, you would remain

God looked down, and saw you now tired and weak

The sickness that was with you, left you unable to speak

God saw that, your suffering continued to grow

He knew your heart, and knew you were ready to go

So God called your name, and as the angels took you to the other side

You were greeted by Jesus, waiting there with arms open wide

Jesus carried you gently, to your beautiful new home

You are viewing your treasures, which here have never been known

We will all miss you, in our hearts you will remain

But we would not bring you back, to this world filled with pain

We loved you then, we love you still

But there was a place in Heaven

God wanted you to fill

© 2007 Sheila Davis

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