Let the memory of Mattie be with us forever
  • 102 years old
  • Born on October 17, 1907 in Prentice, Mississippi, United States.
  • Passed away on October 11, 2010 in Los Angeles, California, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Mattie Markham 102 years old , born on October 17, 1907 and passed away on October 11, 2010. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Jackie Jones on October 18, 2017
Grammy each year gets harder and harder knowing you are not around. We all love you and miss you. We are happy to know you instilled in us value and to love one another which helps us get through the day. You will forever be missed. Please kiss my mom and our other loved ones. 

Posted by Brenda Lockridge on October 19, 2016
Happy birthday grandmama!! I know you are happy to be in heaven with your Lord and your family. I Will forever miss & love you!
Your 1st born ghranddaughter, Brenda
Posted by La Shunda Lambert on October 17, 2016
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANNIE !!!! U r 109 today. MISSING U MUCH. SMOOCHESSSSSSSS, Did u feel it? That's right I gv u a big kiss cause ur my favorite girl :)
Posted by Jackie Jones on October 13, 2016
Grammy, You've always been there for me from the very start. I always knew you loved me from the bottom of your heart. You encouraged me that know matter what always do your best. There's a special kind of love I have for you It's filled with amazing wisdom you taught me. I thank you for being that perfect roll model in my life. You instilled in me how to be a responsible adult along with my mom and I thank you. I try to follow the footsteps of two amazing ladies and my walk with God is because of you. The memories of you Grammy in my heart will always last. May God bless and keep you in His loving care. Hold close to the love that only our two hearts can share.
You are truly loved an d missed
Jackie (Jack A Lina)
Posted by LaNesha Johnson-Colston on October 11, 2016
I only have fond memories of you...that is so awesome! I recently became a morning coffee drinker and each morning when I fill my cup, the aroma instantly takes me back to sipping cool coffee from a small saucer you would give me when I was about 4 or 5 years old. It always made me feel so grown up...:-) There were so many of us but you always made each of us feel so loved. Your heart was pure. Loved always and missed forever.
Posted by Denai Jones on October 11, 2016

So much has changed since your passing (good and bad). I wish you were here to offer words of encouragement and 100% honesty. You will forever be the most honorable woman i have ever encountered. Continue resting in heaven and being my Grammy from up above!

Happy early birthday....

Love Latifah a.k.a Denai...
Posted by La Shunda Lambert on October 11, 2016
Grannie I miss you so much. I long for your words of wisdom. I remember sitting at your feet talking with you about any and everything. Your not here with me physically but I know your right next to me and at times holding me (especially now). I'm thankful that I was BLESSED TO HAVE had you as a MENTOR, PROTECTOR, CONFIDANT, AND MOST OF ALL A PRAYING GRANDMOTHER. Continue to cover your kids and kiss my mommie for me.
Posted by Rere Love on October 18, 2014
Aunt Mattie was a Amazing woman. Full of wisdom and love!!!
Gone but never forgotten
Posted by LaNesha Johnson-Colston on October 17, 2014
God is so amazing that HE gave us memories. I realize that through your actions there were lessons. Only a Grammy would let us "bake" our mud pies in her oven, go in her pocket book for dimes every half hour for popsicles trips to the store then eagle eye us to the store from the back porch, let us play and drink out the water hose in the front as long as we didn't wet Uncle George's car...lol Miss your spirit, your prayers and warm heart always. Happy Heavenly Birthday! !

-love Nesha
Posted by Jackie Jones on October 17, 2014
Granny you are so very much missed. We miss your wisdom, enthusiasm, and prayers. We know you are living in a place where there is no pain or sorrow. We ask that you continue to send down your blessings for all of us. 

Our beautiful gardens now stands alone,
missing the one who nurtured it
But now she is gone,
Her flowers still bloom, and the sun it still shines,
But the rain is like tear drops, for the ones left behind,
The weeds lay waiting to take the gardens beauty away,
But the beautiful memories of its keeper are in our hearts to stay,
she loved every flower even some that were weeds,
So much love she would plant with each little seed,
But just like her flowers she was part of Gods plan,
So when it was her time he reached down his hand,
He look through the Garden searching for the best,
That's when he found Granny, it was her time to rest,
It was hard for those who loved her, to just let her go,
But God had a spot in his garden, that needed a gentle soul,
So when you start missing Granny, remember if you just wait,
When God has a spot in his garden, She'll meet you at the gate....
Jackie, Denai & TJ
Posted by Jackie Jones on October 25, 2012
So, you left before we were ready we know, that’s selfish to thing or say but, it’s the way we feel and we’re sure, others feel this way. You left before we were ready, But we are so thankful that you were here to make us smile and laugh All throughout the years. You left before we were ready you caught us by surprise. We, can’t shake those beautiful memories we hold in our hearts of you.
Posted by Brenda Lockridge on October 13, 2012
I love you and will forever miss your sweet voice. I know that God loves you best and wanted you to rest from your labor. Until we meet again RIP. forever in my heart!
Posted by Jackie Jones on October 12, 2012
Granny I love you and miss you very much. You will always been in my heart.

Love you Branden
Posted by Shyria Barahona on October 12, 2012
Granny oh how I miss you dearly...but I know ur at a better place and I know my daddy and uncle Joe are taking very good care of you. It breaks my heart to know that Andrew didn't get to know until your last days but talks about you like he knew you forever.. Please let daddy know I love him & miss him as much... Always missed and never forgotten... Love you Mattie Markham
Posted by Shyria Barahona on October 12, 2012
From Andrew
I love you I hope your having a good day with GOD. I hope that god gives you food and water and you have a great day. Love you and talk to you later.
Love Andrew Pamilton
Posted by Jackie Jones on October 11, 2012
Grammy, although it's been two years, it seems like yesterday when i last held your hand and told you to go on home we would be okay. Its really hard living without you but i thank God for your teachings that i will follow for the rest of my life. You are greatly missed I will always love you and have a special place in my heart set aside for you.
Posted by Jackie Jones on November 7, 2011
Grammy, You will forever be missed. I know you are traveling unknown paths but God is your strength. When you left us you really left shoes that would never be filled. I'm trying to hold on to the love and kindness you taught me. But it's not the same. I Love you and you will always be in my heart.
Posted by Brenda Lockridge on October 22, 2011
I think about you all the time, I love you so much.
Posted by Joseph Peay on October 22, 2011
Mother, what a blessing it was to know you. In good times and bad you were always cheerful, loving, and forgiving. God bless us all to exemplify those qualities.
Posted by Brenda Lockridge on May 26, 2011
There never is enough time to say our last farewells. To say, “Granny I love you” one last time. To hug and wish you well. We want to hold on forever and not release our grip as if our holding on might avoid your final trip. Death is God’s will, and
Posted by La Shunda Lambert on May 26, 2011
A day doesn't go by that I don't think of you and wish I had just another day to talk with you. I cherish all of the moments we shared together. Your my number 1 ANGEL looking over me. Grannie keep me covered. I Love You with all of my heart
Posted by Denai Jones on May 26, 2011
So many words can be written to express my feelings for you. However, I love you seems to express them best! You go down in history as thee best grandma ever!

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