Let the memory of Maureen be with us forever
  • 67 years old
  • Born on August 13, 1942 .
  • Passed away on May 8, 2010 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Maureen Mast who was born on August 13, 1942 and passed away on May 8, 2010. We will remember  and love her forever.   We hope that all friends and family will share their loving memories and photographs of Maureen.   While death may be the end of life it need not be the end of a relationship. 

Maureen was the daughter of James & Lucille Lambert, loving wife of Chet, devoted mother of Tisha and Meggie and the proud nana of Brannan, Colin, Holly Maureen and Liam.  Mo, as many of her friends called her loved life.  She had an over-sized personality, quick to temper and quick to forgive.  She loved to laugh, have fun and tell stories.  She was the friend you called on when in need.  She was the confidant, companion, sister, wife, mother who was always there for you. She was everything to so many.  She held your confidences, shared your grief, rejoiced in your triumphs and was a loyal friend.  She was a proud Leo, loved her Aruba & Guyana roots and near the end of her life, called herself a Texan!

A woman of great faith, God has called her home.  No doubt, she is wearing some kind of leopard print clothing, a big red hat, loving family and dancing to Spanish Eyes with Grandpa Jim.  We love you mommy, always.

Posted by Sue Jacobs on 12th August 2011
Thinking of you and wishing we could celebrate like always. We miss you and love you. Happy Birthday, dear friend. Sue and Glyn
Posted by Kay Morello on 12th August 2011
Happy Birthday Dearest Friend! We miss you & love you! Kay & Joe
Posted by Meeghan De Cagna on 12th August 2011
Happy birthday Mom!! Wish I could call you and wish you a very happy day, you so loved being a Leo! Words can never express how much you are missed. I hope Wilbur is in heaven giving you a kiss. My two great loves...
Posted by Helen Baur on 8th May 2011
Maureen, this entire weekend I had you in my thoughts and prayers -- one year -- it seems so surreal that you really are not physically here -- but within our hearts forever you will be always. Love, Helen
Posted by Sue Jacobs on 7th May 2011
Happy Mother's Day. We think of you every day and miss you. I have so many things I wish I could share like we used to. Love you
Posted by Meeghan De Cagna on 7th May 2011
Happy Mothers Day Mom. 1 year. It feels like yesterday. I miss and love you so much. I know you are holding Doreen's hand and are with Auntie looking down on us. So wish I could talk to you mom.
Posted by Jeff De Cagna on 7th May 2011
I forgot to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day. Meggie misses you, and I miss you too. Hope you're taking care of our Wilboo in Heaven. Love you.
Posted by Jeff De Cagna on 7th May 2011
Maureen, it's hard to believe it's been a year. We miss you so much, but our Meggie is doing well. She's back in school, doing her master's degree in health communication. Can you believe it? You are Meggie's inspiration, and I know you are so proud
Posted by Kay Morello on 7th May 2011
Happy Mother's Day ~ I know you are watching over your daughters & grandkids! I still miss you, Dearest Mo!
Posted by Meeghan De Cagna on 7th February 2011
9 months mommy and I'm still counting. Life is extraordinarily busy right now with school and work, but it is also exceptionally lonely without you. I miss my mom, I miss my friend. Today is KC's birthday, I know you would be sending her an email, I'll do that for you today. xoxox always.
Posted by CHET MAST on 6th January 2011
Posted by Meeghan De Cagna on 6th January 2011
8 months mom,so hard to start the new year and not be able to talk with you, hear you laugh. You'd be planning a trip to Hilton Head right about now. I go back to the photos of you and Doreen last year. They make me smile. Love you mom, miss you so much.
Posted by Tish Bell on 24th December 2010
Merry Christmas Mom! We are missing you soooo much this holiday season. Meggie and Jeff are here with me celebrating , remembering and missing you. We are comforted by so many happy memories of you and traditions passed down. We will always honor you and remember you. Thanks for staying so close to me and for being my guardian angel. You would be so proud of your grands.. We love you forever.
Posted by Meeghan De Cagna on 7th December 2010
Holidays are tough...wish heaven had a phone...so I could hear your voice again. I thought of you today...but that's nothing new. I thought of you yesterday & days before that too. I think of you in silence & often speak your name. All I have are memories and pictures in a frame...
Posted by Meeghan De Cagna on 7th December 2010
7 months momma. I miss you. Working every day to honor you, to be the woman you wanted me to be. Moving on shouldn't mean forgetting. A life lived in grace should mean a memory upheld in grace. I'll always try to do that for you. xoxoxo, Meggie
Posted by Patricia Vlah on 7th December 2010
Hello Mo-Mo, Seven months... I so miss you. We are in our favorite place...HH. You loved it too. We are in Sea Pines Plantation...beautiful condo at the Harbour Club. You are forever in our thoughts and love. Keep us in your prayers. Counting on you. Much love, sister #1; and sister #2 has you in her prayers and love.
Posted by Tish Bell on 24th November 2010
Happy Thanksgiving Mom. Missing you very much. We had a wonderful dinner full of conversation about you and our traditions of the holiday growing up. I have to trust in God that you are looking down on us. Your would be so proud of your grands. Hope you are welcoming Aunt Trish. She is finally at peace.Hard to believe its been more than half the year since you have been gone.xoxoxo
Posted by Helen Baur on 16th November 2010
More, Camille and I were on a cruise 6 months ago when you left us so unexpectedly last May; we were on another cruise on your six months date in November -- you were never far from our thoughts though -- always, we miss you Chops! Lena
Posted by Doreen Durham on 6th November 2010
Dear Moe, You have been gone six months and it seems like yesterday we were lying in bed in Hilton Head hugging and planning for the next visit. Moe, I miss you and hope that you hear me when I talk to you, which I do very often. Send us all blessings. love ya,dd
Posted by Meeghan De Cagna on 6th November 2010
Tomorrow is 6 months..."And He will raise you up on eagle's wings, bear you on the breadth of dawn, make you to shine like the sun and hold you in the palm of His hand." Love you mommy...Meggie
Posted by Meeghan De Cagna on 30th October 2010
Mom, thinking of you today, missing you & wishing I could hear your voice.I need your advice, to hear you laugh, to tell me a good story, to remind me to write my thank you notes & to hear you say, I love you Meggie. I'm so very lonely without you.
Posted by Meeghan De Cagna on 14th October 2010
Mommy,I can't stop thinking of you today. I just miss you so much You are always in my thoughts. Just when I think I can deal with this sadness new things happen and it reminds me why I miss you so. My Wilbur died a month ago. My Wilbur died.I miss him desperately. Jeff and I are a mess. Two of my great loves - you and Wilbur now gone. Heartbroken.
Posted by Helen Baur on 10th October 2010
More, I still reach for the phone when I think of something to tell you. I still automatically add your email address when sending one to Camille. I just cannot seem to remember that you aren't here physically, but know you realize you are thought of daily and that we miss you terribly. Your loving sister, Lena
Posted by Tish Bell on 7th October 2010
5 months.. Missing you everyday.Please continue to stay close so I can feel your presence. There was such a giant whole on Holly's Sweet 16. Love you forever.
Posted by Najwa Sweeney on 7th October 2010
Dear Mo!!!! I think about you very often. I met you for a short time but the memories and our spiritual emails late at night will stay with me for a long long time..............till we meet again.
Posted by CHET MAST on 7th October 2010
Posted by Doreen Durham on 7th October 2010
Moe, Moe, each time I open my email I look for a message from you. It is still very hard for me to acccept your death - as I type this the tears flow. I miss hearing your voice. Know that each day you are thought of missed. dd
Posted by Patricia Vlah on 7th October 2010
My Sister...five months today since you said farewell.I miss your calls and stories and YOU. Hope you are up there praying for us. You are forever in our hearts and thoughts. So many memories race through my mind and it doesn't seem fair that you are not with us. Your loving sister Camille
Posted by Kay Morello on 12th August 2010
My Dearest Friend, Mo, we always called & sang to each other on our birthdays. I missed you calling me in June and I missed calling you today! Happy Birthday Buddy! I love you, Kay
Posted by Tish Bell on 12th August 2010
Happy Birthday Mom!68 years ago today,the cows gave more milk, the chickens laid more eggs,the sun shone brighter and the world became a better place because Maureen Lambert Donahue Mast was born.
Posted by Patricia Vlah on 12th August 2010
Happy Birthday, Maureen. Friday, the 13th. You always said it was your lucky day and number. You are forever missed. Happy celebrating upstairs. Cheers and much love, Camille and Dick
Posted by Meeghan De Cagna on 11th August 2010
People say you are always with me but some days are harder than others.I walked into a Hallmark & realized that for the first time in my life I can't send you birthday card. Heartbroken & missing you.
Posted by Helen Baur on 11th August 2010
Maureen, tomorrow you would have been 68 on your birthday. I wanted to tell you that wthin our hearts and in our memories, those we love will remain with us always-Happy Birthday. Love Helen and Jer
Posted by Patricia Vlah on 7th August 2010
Hello Maureen, We are missing you. Three months today since you left us. Every day brings a new wave of sadness that you are not here to share our lives. We love you. Camille and Dick
Posted by Tish Bell on 19th July 2010
Missing you so much Mom. Wish I could call and tell you about my new job, dish about the kids and just hear your voice. You are missed more than you can imagine. love you forever! Tisha
Posted by Helen Baur on 28th June 2010
I keep reaching for the phone to talk to you, while watching the tennis matches, remembering how we would discuss the upsets. You would have loved the historical one for over 11 hours. Miss you terribly, Chops! Love always, Helen
Posted by Patricia Vlah on 21st June 2010
I miss you Mo-Mo. Every day is harder and sadder. I want to pick up the phone and hear your voice and your funny stories. But you are not there. I hold you in my heart always.Your loving sister Camill
Posted by Judy Ellsworth on 29th May 2010
Dearest Mo, You were in my life for such a short time. How loving and fun you were. You made all of us feel so loved. You will be forever missed....Judy (Ballard) Ellsworth
Posted by Jeff De Cagna on 28th May 2010
Maureen, we're all gathering in San Antonio to celebrate your extraordinary life. We miss you so much, and we love you. Your spirit fills our hearts. I promise to take care of your (and my) Meggie.
Posted by Sandee Pangle on 27th May 2010
Thank you for giving me Meegie Maureen! You did a wonderful job raising such a great person. She has your eyes.
Posted by Karen Cornelius on 25th May 2010
Days have passed but the memories of you keep flooding in. Your vibrance, vivacity and love is ever present. I miss your emails, I miss YOU!
Posted by Patricia Vlah on 24th May 2010
Sister Maureen, We will forever miss your spirited and infectious personality, humor, laughter and fun stories of Aruba and Guyana. Love never dies. Con Amor, your favorite bookends. Camille and Helen
Posted by Janet Carroll on 24th May 2010
I have no doubt you are in heaven "playing" with your beloved Dad, Mama Mary,and Grandaddy Nixon. Thanks for the wonderful memories. I know you will be sorely missed by so many.
Posted by Anna Southard on 24th May 2010
I remember Maureen from my growing up years in Aruba. Her dynamic, bigger than life personality will forever be how I remember her...And, from these photos, her love of great hats!
Posted by Helen Baur on 23rd May 2010
Maureen, You have left us too early and with such an ache in our hearts. We will always be the three sisters though - your favorite bookends, one older and one younger, Camille and Helen
Posted by Tish Bell on 23rd May 2010
Missing you terribly today. I feel so cheated. I want you back. Holly has her KOTA performance tonight. Please be there in spirit! I love you Mom.
Posted by Marjorie Klein on 18th May 2010
One of the delights of life was communication with Maureen. Our years in Aruba...what a hoot! She was ever the optimist, an exuberant and compassionate friend. How we will miss her!
Posted by Meeghan De Cagna on 17th May 2010
I'm missing you today Mom, looking at beautiful pictures of you and can't believe I can't call you. Life feels now like it is a series of "before and after".
Posted by Catherine Morello on 17th May 2010
Dear Mo ... you were a wonderful, kind friend that brought much joy to my parents. We will all miss and never forget you.
Posted by Kay Morello on 16th May 2010
Every time I play Spanish Eyes on the accordion, I will remember you singing along & dancing. You were such a cheerful friend & I will always miss you! Amore, Joe Or, as you liked to call me: Giuseppe

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