Born on Tuesday 14th of February 1995, At 4.27am, 4 mintues after Tegan, In Camperdown Sydney, Megan came into the world weighing 6pd, 3oz. 48.1cm long. Megan is the youngest daughter of parents Leanne and Allan, With them having 5 children together with Jessica being the eldest and Tristan being the youngest. Megan is 1 of 7 children Leanne having in order from oldest to youngest. Amanda, Aaron, Jessica, Kyle, Tegan, Megan and Tristan. 
Megan wasn’t always a Megan, The original name her parents had picked was AIMEE-LEE GRACE, That change the moment her grandfather Michael looked at her for the very first time, Turning to Leanne, Saying the little one is a Megan, Name her Megan. Although never calling Megan by her name, She gained the nickname 'Sunshine' from her grandfather the very day she entered the world, Right up until Michael passed away in 2014, He called Megan 'Sunshine'. Middle names Zoe and Anahera, Zoe being given to Megan by her Great Grandmother and Anahera, Picked by Megan's godmother who had returned from a holiday in New Zealand, Where she heard the name. So that is how Megan Zoe Anahera Hunt was created, Hunt being Leanne’s family name, That all of her children we’re given.
Name meanings;
Megan - 'Pearl', Zoe - 'Life', Anahera - 'Angel'.
Growing up in Enmore with mother Leanne and her siblings . Although Megan spent most of her childhood and adulthood from a newborn in Newtown with her grandparents Michael and Katherine and in Maroubra with her Godfather. 
On Saturday 28th of October 1995 at 8 months old Megan and twin sister Tegan we’re baptised at St Joseph’s Catholic Church Newtown. Following a big party at the South Sydney Juniors Club in Kingsford. It was a very memorable and enjoyable time celebrating Megan and her twin sister Tegan. 
Once Megan found her feet, Megan was around 11 months old when she was started to walk it was hard to try and contain her, She was off with Katherine often using the phase 'And there goes Phar Lap again', Because it was unbelievably hard to keep Megan still for more then a few minutes, Unless you we’re Poppy, Megan would sit for hours on her grandfathers lap, Megan was always very content with her grandfather and they had an incredible bond that had to be seen. Mick was the only person that could never have Megan spit the dummy literally. If Poppy spoke, Megan would spit that dummy straight out having endless chats with Pop, Megan could hold a full conversation at the age of 14 months asking the typical questions to answering those when asked.. Pop happened to be Megan’s first word, Normally it is Mum or Dad, Not Megan it was Pop and boy didn’t Megan use it. 
1st Birthday – Leanne threw a big party to celebrate Megan and twin sister Tegan’s 1st Birthday, In the backyard of her Enmore home, People flooded in. Leanne had ordered a big Dorothy the dinosaur cake, Unfortunately I do not think Megan liked that cake very much, Right at the moment of singing the birthday song and big sister holding Megan up at the table, That Dorothy the dinosaur got decapitated by Megan stomping on the head and then bursting out with the biggest cackle. As most  kid’s parties back then was only a kid’s party until the sun goes down, It then becomes a grown up parties, With the drinks flowing and music on. Megan and Tegan’s 1st birthday was no exception, However Megan was found right with her grandfather, A cold beer in 1 hand and Megan in the other, It was like that for many occasions. Megan was 1 of 18 grandchildren to Mick and Kathy, But she was still the apple of Mick’s eye and everybody knew it.  Megan with her wavy brunette locks, Hazel eyes, And a cheeky smile, That she never lost. Megan would walk around like a investigator getting into anything and everything and checking it all out, With her much loved red, white and blue dummy that was always not far away from arms reach of Megan. 
Megan was taken to her first footy game by Mick, Who was a all out South Sydney Rabbitohs Supporter, Megan dressed in a Jersey and black slacks she was off, Up on Mick’s shoulders they ventured off to head to the footy. Megan following in her grandfather footsteps and also because a hard core Rabbitohs support herself. Megan became a regular spectator attending many footy games over the years, Over 200 games Megan attended. Megan had a deep love for football and she never lost that love of the game or her team the Rabbitohs. Megan would be cheering on the bunnies yelling out 'Go tricky' Every opportunity she had, Tricky, Was Darrell Trindall, He was Megan’s favourite from the time she could talk. Megan loved footy so much that when she turned 5, She played and played the game she loved until she was 12 years old, Megan had the biggest grin ear to ear the very first day she ran onto that footy field at age 5, With her footy boots fastened by Pop, the socks, Shorts and Jersey she ran out with her team and just like that, We had a little footy player in the family, Megan was naturally gifted when it came to footy, And even with being the smallest player on the team she was big hitter, Megan certainly didn’t hesitate to get in full swing of things when it came to her footy.
At 3 years old Megan quickly became the entertainer belting out songs and dancing around, She particularly enjoyed dancing around with Pop after he had a few coldies up he’s sleeve, Mick would whisk her up and spin and dance with Megan to the Daryl Braithwaite classic, The horses Megan learnt that song word for word by the time she was 5 years old, She also enjoyed Chubby Checker, The twist, Megan at aged 3 had the twist perfected. Megan enjoyed the songs Save the last dance for me, Under the boardwalk, Do Wah Diddy Diddy. Surprisingly as Megan got older she had a great little voice, Megan often sung to her and along with both of her grandparents. Mick’s favourites we’re Unchained Melody, Have I told you lately, Before the last tear drop falls Megan knew every word to that including the Spanish verse by the time she was 5 years old, Mick loved Megan sitting that, And it was actually very good, Kathy’s The favourites we’re The parting glass, Blue eyes crying in the rain, Lean on me. With Mick from the time Megan was a born signing You are my sunshine her. Megan would of heard that song over 1000 times sung to her by Mick. Kathy always called Megan My girl, It was a rare occasion to even hear Kathy call Megan by  name. Both, Mick and Kathy would only have to say to Megan, You know what to do, Sunshine/My girl depending on who would say it, And with those words Megan would. Megan would begin to sing. Even as teen and Adult Megan still sung their songs, Kathy’s favourite was Blue eyes crying in the rain, Megan sung that song to her Nan often with Before the last tear drop falls, being Mick’s.
Megan attended a Primary school in Newtown, where she did schooling Kindergarten through to Grade 6, Following on, Megan was enrolled in a private high school, However due to her sporting abilities, Megan was accepted into a sports high, Attending the private school briefly Megan then transferred to the Sports high school where she excelled immensely, Megan was an outstanding, Bright pupil throughout her school years. Megan achieved many amazing achievements and accomplished outstanding amount through out her schooling also. Being a straight A student from a young age through to finishing and completing her schooling. Megan played soccer on representative level throughout High School.
At 12 years old, Megan moved out of her mother’s house permanently, Moving to Maroubra to her godfather’s and spending weekend at her grandparents home in Newtown. 
The Awards Megan gained in High School, She was extremely intelligent,
Grade 7; Academic excellence award in Mathematics,, English, History. Also receiving the student integrity of the year certificate.
Grade 8; Academic Excellence Award in Mathematics, English and Health & PE. Above and beyond award for overall student excellency.
Grade 9; Academic Excellence Award in Mathematics, English, Science, History. Citizenship Award, Principal’s award, Student of the year award.
Grade 10; Academic Excellence Award in Mathematics, English. Dux of year 10, Principal’s award, Student of the year award, Spectacular sportsman award, Stellar Student Award. 
Grade 11;  Academic Excellence Award in Mathematics, English, Technology, Economics and Business, Civics and Citizenship, The Arts. Student of the year Award, Stellar Student Award. 
Grade 12; Academic Excellence Award in Mathematics, English, Technology, Economics and Business, Civics and Citizenship, The Arts. Student of the year Award, Stellar Student Award. Dux of year 12, Citizenship Award, Principle Award.
Megan achieved an incredible amount of achievements during her school days. Looking back on, She was such a prize. Throughout school Megan was the 'Nigel'. She enjoyed ready, She always had a book in hand. In grades 9,10 and 11, Megan received recognition for her outstanding reading results, In grade 9 Megan reading a total of 138 books throughout the school year, In grade 10 readying 102 books and in grade 11 reading a total of 214 books, 
At age 15, Megan gained her first job, Working at Supre around her schooling, Megan always had a great work ethic, And enjoyed working. She also started her first realationship also at 15 with a lovely boy Justin they went together until Megan was 17 and sitting her final exams. Who came to every family function with Megan he truly adored my niece and the way he looked at her he had unbelievable true love. I wish they still we're together.
Still as a teen, Megan’s care and love for her grandparents was very much still high, Going from School on Friday afternoon to her grandparents spending the weekend with them, And returning to Maroubra on Monday after school for the week. 
On weekends Megan would spend much of her time with her Pop down in the shed working on cars and rebuilding old cars, Mick had a passion for cars and he would rebuild for people, Megan first helped her Pop rebuild an entire car from scratch at the age of 12, Turning into a grease monkey, That car they rebuilt was a 1963 Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe. A few of the cars Mick and Megan rebuilt over the years we’re 1969 Holden HT Monaro GTS 350, 1972 Holden Torana LJ GTR, 1970 Holden HK Monaro GTS HG,1988 Holden VL Commodore, But by far the most outstanding car they rebuilt was a 1972 Chrysler Valiant VH Charger E49 that car was a beautiful machine, Megan picked the colours that car was sprayed in, It was in Black and Emerald metallic green. It was truly magnificent that car, Megan had a passion for cars that same passion that her grandfather had and he was so proud of that. Megan continued to help her Pop until she was 18 when Mick got to tired and fell ill. Megan rebuilt 1 car with her cousin Daniel, But declare to the whole family she would never do it again as he was 'Clueless'. Megan was very honest about what she felt regarding others, Sometimes the honesty wasn’t welcomed but Megan did not care what anyone thought about her opinions of them. 

Megan endured a lot of hurdles and was tainted by events that took place throughout her childhood what still effected deeply throughout her life.
Megan’s 18th birthday. Held at the South Sydney Juniors club in Kingsford, Auditorium. Megan had the theme none other then them Green & Red, Colours of her Rabbitohs. 217 people attending coming from all over to help Megan celebrate her birthday and everyone made it a wonderful night, 1 that Megan would always remember. Mick had sung the song you are my sunshine to Megan her entire life, And her 18th birthday was no different, Pulling Megan onto he’s lap and singing her song to her. Megan had that smile that many adored from ear to ear, She loved her Pop unconditionally. However my niece was withholding a secret from the rest of us family about herself that we quickly learnt about. Here was my niece only ever having 1 boyfriend, Dropped the bombshell that within the matter of months she was going to be wed. Michael took the news especially well considering, On her 18th Birthday Megan asked her Pop to escort her down the aisle at her upcoming pre nuptials, With Mick spinning around as fast as lightening replying with ‘Well bloody oath, I would of been offended sunshine if anyone else had that role of giving you away'. So it was set in stone.
Megan didn’t share many details of the occasion with her Family regarding her upcoming wedding, Except that she was getting married and we we’re all to be in attendance. So on the 13th of March 2013, At the age of 18, We looked on as Megan entered the venue of her wedding, Wearing a high front, how back lace topped white dress, She walked down the aisle interlocked her grandfather's arm to the sound of Beauty and the beast sung by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson. Mick was so proud to have the honour of walking he’s beloved Grand daughter down the aisle on her wedding day. The ceremony was over in the blink of an eye, Onto the reception. Well didn’t my niece take the party literally. Downing shot after shot of White Sambuca, And drinking her Vodka and cranberry on top it was a fair call to say Megan was plotto. The the MC requesting Megan and her husband to the dance floor to share their first dance together, The sound of Angels sung by Robin Thicke Megan danced her Bridal waltz, Following the bridal party, Megan had Jessica as her Matron of honour, Bridesmaids being her sisters, Her god sister and her cousin as they all danced to the song 'All my life by KC and JoJo' it was then time for the dance Megan had been waiting for all evening, Calling Megan and Michael, the bride’s grandfather to join in the Daughter and Father dance, Megan had no idea the song Mick had picked for there special moment but she believed it was before the last tear drop falls the song she would often sing to her grandfather, But it was not Mick had picked a very sentiment song called I loved her sung by Heartland, When the music started and the lyrics sounded, Megan went to tears, Holding onto her Pop for the entire dance with tear filled eyes, Megan still to recently said that was 1 of her fondest memories with her grandfather. Before walking Megan down the aisle, Standing in the back room alone with her grandfather, Megan later spoke of the events that took place between herself and Pop, Mick had song he’s song to Megan, And had her sing he’s. With her Pop kissing her softly on the forehead, Resisting the words 'No matter how old you get or whoever it the man that is lucky enough to be your life partner you’ll always be my Sunshine'. Those words meant so much to Megan she later spoke of the reasons as to why. 
Megan’s married life was brief, Her marriage ending a short 3 months after starting, Due to unforseen circumstances. Still 18, Megan threw herself wholeheartedly into work and spending each night with Grandparents, Megan’s day would start at 5am, Waking to go for a 5km run each morning Along Maroubra, Then heading off to the Gym for a hour session, Home to prepare for work for the Day, Megan then worked from 8.30 am each day and finishing at 5pm, Heading straight over to her grandparents house to cook them cooker, Each night Megan shared a meal with her grandparents before heading home so only repeat her daily routine. Even weekends Megan’s life considered of spending time with her grandparents, Saturday Megan would do the housework that had became to difficult for her grandmother to do, and cooking for them, Taking her grandmother shopping on a Sunday morning at Flemington market’s. Megan found happiness in helping her grandparents, As well as putting those who put her first her whole life, Flipping the script to they had become Megan’s world caring and loving towards her grandparents is what she was most proud of. Megan as broken and damaged as she was due to her traumatic past, Megan’s mind was tainted by the past but no matter what was going on in her own mind, Megan always used the famous line 'I'm ok' when ever someone tried to break those walls down that she had built up so very high. It’s really terrible to think that the beautiful, caring, humbled and compassionate person she was had to endure so much pain, heartache and trauma throughout her life, If only some people knew what had been going on it would of been stopped. But Megan being Megan never wanted to burden anyone with her issues. 
Megan had gained a very long and impressive financial portfolio, However regardless of the money, cars, homes, shares, Businesses and stocks Megan had now owned it never changed the person she was. That is what I for one is very proud of. Megan always would say, 'If she could have true happiness and true love, She would give it all up tomorrow and live out of a cardboard box'. Megan was not a greedy person, Proving this many times over for those she had assisted over the years. Megan amongst other things made substantial amount, Donations to charities that involved anything to do with Children and childhood trauma, Domestic Violence and anything to do with Children whom we’re in need of Medical assistance. Every Christmas from when she was only 17, Would take a number of gifts for all ages to the K-Mart wishing tree, So that Children whom had nothing could have something on Christmas day. I was with Megan one day I called her to have a coffee, Whilst we we’re at the coffee shop having a chin wag, Megan’s phone rang. Learning that day, Megan had contacted some youth services around Sydney, And had put her contact details forward, To those in need in anyway possible. Sitting across from my niece I watched as she pulled her journal out of her handbag placed beside her, And heard my kind hearted gentle caring niece simple say, That is not a problem, I will have that stuff to you within the next 2 hours maximum. Once Megan was off the call, She then explained what she was talking about, A young girl aged 12 had that had gone to seek shelter at a youth refugee, With no personal belongings the girl had gone through some disturbing things. Megan said to me ‘Auntie Di want to come shopping with me'. Who in their right mind would ever pass up a shopping trip with Megan nobody, That girl knew how to shop. So off went, Into Parramatta Westfield shopping centre that was across the road from our spot we used to go for coffee. Megan went nuts she brought so much stuff for that little girl clothes, shoes – And I am not am not speaking of cheap shoes, Megan brought this young girl, A pair of Nike shoes, As well as the socks to go with them. That day Megan spent a bit of money on that girl buying everything she needed and more importantly to Megan, What she could call her own. Driving out to the Refugee, I was so proud of her, When we arrived, Megan buzzed in, Both hands full of bags as well as my own hands. The staff we’re overwhelmed with gratitude for what Megan had done. Sitting us in the office, A young girl appeared. With skin so pale, Cigarettes burns we could see, In filthy rags for clothes, Thongs on her feet, In the mist of winter. Mattered sandy coloured hair, And visibly dirty. Megan turned to me and simple said 'We are going to be awhile auntie Di'. Megan and that young girl sat talking, Within 10 minutes, I was given my marching orders with a list to go to the chemist Megan wanted a detangling spray for hair, The biggest bottle of Shampoo and Conditioner I could find and a few other supplies. When I got back Megan was all set to help this girl, Sitting in the bathroom Megan played hair dresser, Washing this girl’s hair over the bath, Megan said there and so patiently untangled that young girl’s. After all that was done, Megan gave the girl all that she had brought her, And I know up until March 2019, Megan was still in contact with that young girl who was unbelievable so grateful for Megan’s kindness, Still 6 years on the girl being 18 years old still treasured Megan for her help, And that young lady, Whom had a little girl in January 2019, Calling her own daughter Megan attended my niece’s funeral. Now that is what I call the upmost amount of respect one could ever be shown, Megan done that same thing for a few youths in need.

Also 18 years old Megan was diagnosed with a server case of PTSD due to all the traumatic things she had endured to date. On top of OCD, obsessive, Compulsive, Disorder this explained to us as to why Megan would go into melt down mode when anything unexpected got tossed into her routine, Megan lived by that Routine and when something or someone would mix her routine up, It was havoc for her and very overwhelming, Megan was not one to deal with Stress or getting worked up, It was always very concerning when this would happen, As Megan would shut down completely, Blocking everyone out and hiding. Along with acute social anxiety disorder, Megan didn’t handle aggressive behaviour nor could handle anyone being physically within her presence. Being another red flag that would spiral her out of control. On top of all that, Megan had been diagnosed with Bulimia, at this stage Megan was a 18 year old girl who was in a size 10 clothing, weighing approximately 55kg and suffered from Bulimia due to a individual embedding into her mind that she was fat, ugly and useless. My niece unfortunately believed it and became ill due to that mental abuse she endured. Megan was none of those things, She was beautiful inside and out and not to mention had a body of a girl from a magazine. And lastly Megan was diagnosed with clinical depression what in fact is the worst type of depression a individual can suffer from so most our giggles was most certainly broken. Her mind was broken, Unfortunately some people do not understand mental illness as it’s not illnesses you can physically see with your eyes. Unfortunately it’s within the minds and souls of those we love and cherish dearly. Mental health is a very serious matter and those who disagree need to be given a rude awakening. Those whom claim it’s a mind over matter scenario it’s in fact not the case. Unfortunately Megan also lost another close person to herself, Her great-grandmother whom Megan was lucky enough to have in her life for a long time, 
Ada May Hunt passed away on the 14th of June 2013, Aged 94, My grandmother, Megan’s great-grandmother was one of those whom gave her the name Zoe, Megan was very fond of her Nanna Ada. Originally from Brewarrina New South Wales, Megan learnt the song word for word of Travelling solider, By the Dixie Chicks, When she was young probably at around 12 years old, She sung that to Ada on many, many occasions as Nanna Ada never married and never went on to be with another man she lost the love of her life, Colin when he was sent off to World War 2. Whom passed away during battle in 1942. We took Nan back to her beloved Brewarrina to be laid to rest. So at Ada’s funeral Megan requested Travelling solider be played as Ada simple loved it. My father was a war child, Mick’s father had been sent to war prior to knowing he was to be a father. Megan’s great grandparents we’re Colin Raymond Harper & Ada May Hunt, Violet May and John Patrick Fahey. Megan was lucky enough to have known both of her great-grandmothers. And that’s something not many can say they get to experience, Megan was 6 years old when Violet passed away, And then at 18 years old Ada peacefully passed away. 
Megan at 19 years old 2014, A Young adult, Whom should of been living her life like a normal '19 year old', Was more interested in caring for her grandparents and watching her beloved footy Team play with her Pop. Almost each weekend Megan would head off to the footy games with Mick, Dressed in her Bunnies Jersey, Black long sleeve top underneath given it was Winter, Black Jeans and White Nike’s, That was her footy Game attire. 2014 was the year for the Rabbitohs, Megan and Mick thick as thieves the pair of them, Would disappear to watch the game. The Rabbitohs went all the way to the Grand Final, Megan was beside herself in 19 years that was the 1st year they had made it, In fact it had been a 43 year brought for the green and red. Megan had the tickets on hand to head off to the Grand final at ANZ stadium, Sunday the 5th of October was the day. 83,833 People attended that Match that day, Myself, my parents Mick & Kathy, Megan, Her best friend from the age of 1 that still they remained as tight as they did as children Robbie, Sophie came because Megan wasn’t letting her miss it, Tristan and Daniel Megan’s cousin we’re amongst that number. 8 of us in total, All aboard into the 8 seater four wheel drive Megan had hired for the weekend, Heading for the stadium. Megan, Robbie, Sophie and Daniel all had their war paint on, Green and Red stripes under both eye’s. All 8 of us in Rabbitohs jersey’s we we’re set. South Sydney Rabbitohs VS Canterbury Bulldogs. The band Train preformed at the stadium that day, It was the happiest I had seen Megan in I would years, As Train belted out their song Hey soul sister Megan Sang along while danced around with Sophie like there was no one else in that moment besides those two, Megan and Sophie shared an incredible bond. The mighty Rabbitohs taking out the grand final, And as the whistle blew, the final score being 30-6, The crowd erupted into celebrations, With the 5 younger ones all standing up on their seats screaming the Rabbitohs song with lyrics being, 
When speaking of the champions, When speaking of the champions, one stands above the rest
Of glories old and records proud, when often put to test
Of fine traditions, history, that others cannot best glories old and records proud, when often put to test
Of fine traditions, history, that others cannot best
They weaR the red and green
Glory, Glory to South Sydney
Glory, Glory to South Sydney
Glory, Glory to South Sydney
South Sydney marches on
They mauled the Balmain Tigers
Slew the Dragons from St. GeorgeThe Seagulls and the Mounties next
Were crushed by mighty force
They humbled Parramatta
And the Berries in due course
They wear the Red and Green

Glory, Glory to South Sydney

Glory, Glory to South Sydney
Glory, Glory to South Sydney
South Sydney marches on
They plucked the Western Magpies Slashed the Newtown bag of blue The Eastern Suburbs Rooster crowed
And then was conquered too
The greatest name in any game
Within South Sydney grew
They wear the Red and Green
Glory, Glory to South Sydney Glory, Glory to South Sydney Glory, Glory to South Sydney South Sydney marches on
As as the last Chorus was Sung, Megan just jumped down off her seat, Next to Pop and hung him so tight telling her Pop they done it they took out the premiership cheering and clapping with her Pop they joined in together hand in hand and sung the last Chorus together. Megan said that was the best memory she shared with her Pop, Watching their team win a grand final together. 
The year 2014 wasn’t all cheers, The happiness and joy was ended when Megan’s Pop, My dad was rushed to hospital, On the 19th of November 2014, At about 11pm, One month after the Rabbitohs had won. I called Megan as I had began to stay at my parent’s house in Newtown as my father had rapidly gone down hill very fast. From Megan’s home in Maroubra to the hospital it was a 22 minute drive, And a 6 minute drive from my parents house in Newtown to the hospital, I phoned Megan right as they we’re loading Dad into the back of the ambulance, Megan arriving at the hospital at the same time as we the ambulance so Megan was definitely a lead foot that night,  But what can I say Megan’s godfather who is a self claimed Bathurst Raceway driver in he’s mind and her grandfather my father who had a deep passion for cars had been the 2 people whom taught Megan how to drive a car that within itself is a valid explanation, Still dressed in her singlet and boxer shorts and her black thongs on her feet Megan rushed to the ambulance to her Pop, Dad taking the oxygen mask off he’s face, telling Megan 'Oh sunshine I’m sorry i’ll be right, You go home, Pop’s just having a bad time but the quacks will fix me up'. Megan with a simple 'No Pop I’m not going anywhere, I’m staying'. Dad got worse as the hours went on. And at 12.30pm on the 20th of November the doctors made the announcement to us to prepare, As he won’t make it through the next few hours. At 6 pm that night, Dad turned he’s head to Mum and said Struggling to breath 'I love you Kath, You take good care of our girl, And remember even when I’m gone your the love of my life'. Mum sat by dad’s side and responded 'You know I always will my love, Our girl will be ok and you know Mick your the man who stole my heart and never returned it just the way I always wanted it to he’s ' they spoke of Megan when referring to 'Our girl’. In both of my parents eyes Megan was their grand daughter, But their lives for the past 19 years. 
Megan’s fingers entwined in her grandfather’s fingers while she sat on the other side of my her Pop. So strong and courageous she was that evening. My father turning head to face Megan, Struggling to catch he’s breathe, Said 'Here my sunshine look at Pop, I want to see that beautiful face I love so much' Megan turned her head down at Dad and said 'I’m here Pop' Dad started to to sing Megan’s song,
The other night dear, as I lay sleeping I dreamed I held you in my arms But when I awoke, dear, I was mistaken So I hung my head and I cried You are my sunshine, my only sunshine You make me happy when skies are gray You'll never know dear, how much I love you Please don't take my sunshine away I'll always love you and make you happy If you will only say the same But if you leave me and love another You'll regret it all some day You are my sunshine, my only sunshine You make me happy when skies are gray  You'll never know dear, how much I love you Please don't take my sunshine away You told me once, dear, you really loved me And no one else could come between But now you've left me and love another You have shattered all of my dreams You are my sunshine, my only sunshine You make me happy when skies are gray You'll never know dear, how much I love you Please don't take my sunshine away In all my dreams, dear, you seem to leave me When I awake my poor heart pains So when you come back and make me happy I'll forgive you dear, I'll take all the blame You are my sunshine, my only sunshine You make me happy when skies are gray You'll never know dear, how much I love you Please don't take my sunshine away
Those words that took Johnny cash 2 minutes and and 49 second to sing, Took Mick Hunt 8 minutes too. Dad ended that with 'Go on my sunshine you know what to do for Pop’ and with no other words spoke Megan lent down and Kissed her Pop 1 final time on the cheek while still having fingers entwined  then begun;
If he brings you happiness Then I wish you all the best It's your happiness that matters most of all
But if he ever breaks your heart If the teardrops ever start
I'll be there before the next teardrop falls Si te quiere de verdad Y te da felicidad Te deseo lo más bueno pa' los dos Pero si te hace llorar A mé me puedes hablar Y estaré contigo cuando triste estás I'll be there anytime You need me by your side To drive away every teardrop that you cried And if he ever leaves you blue Just remember, I love you And I'll be there before the next teardrop falls And I'll be there before the next teardrop falls.
And just like that, Michael Colin Hunt, Aged 75 born 17th May 1940, Peacefully passed away  to the sound of he’s beloved sunshine singing he’s favourite song to him, With he’s Youngest granddaughter and he’s beloved wife of 50 years holding onto each hand. That night changed Megan, A deeper sadness grew within, Megan helped plan dad’s funeral from the start to finish. Megan selected all the songs for Dad’s service. The song’s Megan picked we’re Dad to a T, I’m very proud that Megan took the time to really get to know her grandfather to that level. Dad was carried in to the song by Jimmy Barnes Working Class Man, the songs played throughout dad’s service that day was Johnny Cash, You are my sunshine, Roger Miller, King of the road, We all left the chapel with dad’s favourite karaoke go to song The Wanderer by Dion Megan also picked that  it was dad’s go too song when he had a few beers. Megan continued to look after Kathy once Mick had passed.
In 2015 Megan was 20. And even at the age of 20 Megan’s main priority was her grandmother Kathy, On September 21st Megan was to say her final farewell's to her grandmother, Katherine 'Kathy' Grace Hunt Nee Ryan born in Moree New South Wales, Aged 71 born on the 26th June 1944 passed away with her beloved granddaughter at her side and as the same as Mick with their lingers entwined together while Megan sung the song the parting glass to her. Megan planned Kathy’s entire funeral alone one thing about my niece she was incredibly independent and stubborn, When Megan had something in her mind not many could change it, She wasn’t having anyone involved so as we all gathered the song by the Clancy Brothers, Parting glass played Kathy was carried into the same chapel Mick was only the year prior by her son and 5 of her grandson’s. Megan did a wonderful job at putting all that together, However losing her Grandparents changed Megan. 
In 2016 Megan turned 21, We gathered to have a big birthday bash for her and her twin Tegan. Drinks flowing and tunes playing everyone decided Karaoke was a good idea, Megan wasn’t having a bar of that, However probably had the best voice out of them all that did take part in it. It was a very good night. But after that night Megan went abit odd. Megan done her own thing throughout the next 18 months and not many family members heard from her, She went away and it was a temporary fix for herself as she returned to her much loved Maroubra. So from 21 through to 23 we didn’t have much to do with each other until she returned back home.
In April 2018 Megan returned to her home, Maroubra. Megan was broken more then ever before and to my understanding was mistreated once again, This may not be the exact story but I have been told someone had broken her spirit not that she needed to be broken anymore then she already was. Megan got a rental place in Kingsford as her home in Maroubra was being leased out, Megan had several investment properties, With her brother Tristan. She quickly and very surprising became a item with a man whom had been in her life almost the entire time, A friend of her brother’s. Jamie was 28, Megan was 23 at the time. Megan got some very unexpected news shortly after the two had started dating. Megan was expecting a baby. Megan going to her ultrasound appointment I went with her as Megan’s mother and grandmother’s weren’t around to do. They began to do the ultrasound and the lady turned around and said there is 2 little fluttering heartbeats in there and pointed to the screen, The words that came out of Megan’s mouth,' Oh for f*** sake I thought there was only one'. Megan struggled abit with her problems throughout her pregnancy. November 2018, We had all gathered to the what the invitation said was a gender reveal party to in fact a wedding, Saturday 17th of November 2018 at 1pm Megan married the man she was expecting twins with wearing a lovely strapless off white dress and displaying a rather large baby bump Megan looked incredible, Although her mouth wasn’t very matching with her attire, The ceremony concluded and with that Megan went onto announcing that Jamie and herself we’re expecting twin girl’s whom they were to name Gracelyn Aroura Faith and Violet May Hope. Megan coming to the table I sat at, She lent down and kissed me upon my cheek as that was how we always greet each other in our family, And the words 'How are you auntie Di' came from her mouth. During that conversation Megan pointed to her dress near where her heart is, And said look auntie Di can you see it, Megan had a patch in her dress in the shape of a love heart that had been cut out and other fabric had been added, That fabric added Megan’s dress was in fact the material from a shirt of my father’s Megan’s grandfather Mick's I thought that was very sweet of her. Following on to my congratulations of her announcement regarding the twins I asked her so if they we’re to be boys did you have names picked out, Jamie was standing behind Megan and she sitting next to me let out this someone odd giggle and said 'Jayceon Michael and Watson Tobias', Jamie just rolled he’s eyes and said ‘Thankfully their girl’s we don’t need to worry about boys names' Megan was still full of giggles over it, It wasn’t until recently, My own daughter recently explained Megan’s endless giggling session to me as to I now know why miss giggles was in a good ole form of the giggles, They shared their first dance to the song I had never heard of before, Carnival of rust by the band poets of the fall and sharing a dance with her younger brother to the song The Horses by Darryl Braithwaite classic. The night continued with a lot of tunes and the celebrations carried on throughout the night.
On December 17th in the mist of the night I received a phone call from Megan the words still replay in my mind as if it was yesterday' 'Come on Auntie Di these girl’s are coming, We are on the way to the hospital now'. I jumped out of bed and got prepared and headed off to wait for the news to be shared that Gracelyn and Violet had entered the world. I sat in the maternity waiting room with a number of their family members and friends waiting for the word that the twins had arrived, Looking around the room that night there was so many faces and laughs shared. Megan was taken to have a C section, and at 4am Jamie appeared to announce that Violet May Hope had arrived first followed by twin sister Gracelyn Aroura Faith, The waiting Room erupted into cheers of joy for the twins arrival. I was taken by Jamie first to the room where Megan was. At 5.30am on Decembe 18th I entered the room to the sight of my niece sitting up in the bed with a newborn baby in each arm. Myself and Megan shared two hours alone just the two of us. Walking over to lay eyes on the two little bundles of joy Megan nursed, Megan introduced myself to Violet May Hope laying in her right arm, And Gracelyn Aroura Faith in her left arm. Following with the world’s 'Look auntie Di I’m a mum' with her eyes filled with tears. We shared many words that morning. Megan wished for nothing more then her Pop to be present in that moment, Megan quickly pointed out the fact that Violet had Pop’s nose, Looking closely I seen it, Violet was of the image of my father. Megan took to motherhood like a duck to water, Instantly becoming a mother, Megan put those two girl’s above everything, Megan was now their protector and that was something she fiercely done. Violet and Gracelyn we’re her pride and joy. 
On Saturday February 24th 2019, Myself and 113 other people gathered at the golf club in La Perouse, To witness Violet May Hope and Gracelyn Aroura Faith naming ceremony. Megan as Megan did dressed spectacularly wearing a black top with silver detailing and a black pair of slacks and wearing strappy heels and the girl’s wearing matching white lace dresses something similar to fairy dresses, White lace matching headbands and tiny little straps on their feet with flowers on them as they we’re only 2 months old at this stage. Megan disclosed to me that day that herself and Jamie had separated, Megan never spoke to me about the reasons their marriage had fallen apart. But they didn’t show their martial problems to the guests that day they got alone, I could tell something was off as both Megan and Jamie we’re on first name basis to each other it was no longer the typical 'Babe' they used to address each other. Sitting in the front row at the ceremony I looked around to all the guests and my niece was truly loved and very well respected by many even if she never felt that. As always Megan’s functions we’re very lavish and tasteful the twins naming day was no different. As the celebrations carried on throughout the evening Megan shared many moments dancing on the dancefloor with family member’s, My daughter’s Natasha and Vanessa. Her sister’s Amanda, Jessica and Tegan, her cousin’s and friends along with her brother’s Kyle and Tristan. She was full of smiles. It was one of the most recent memories I’ll forever remember. 
On Saturday the 29th of June 2019, Megan along with Sophie and the twin girl’s attended the Hunt family reunion that is held every 10 year’s, Megan had attended both 1999 and 2009 with my parents, Her grandparents and this time she attended with her own children. She showed them girls off that day to everyone. She was incredibly proud of her daughter’s. That day I seen the old Megan come out signing up for the main event the Touch footy Game played at the end of every reunion, She even was able to talk her Sophie, Natasha, Vanessa, Tegan and Amanda into signing up too. With me on the sideline with the twins I heard many family members say just how much Megan looked like Mickey out on that oval that day, And the talent Megan had when it came to footy still was very much there. On the drive back to Sydney Megan turned to me, In the passenger seat of her car and said 'Auntie Di I think I’m going to move away and start fresh', Megan was then 5 months pregnant with a baby boy. 
So in July 2019, Megan packed up herself and the girls and headed off to Melbourne, Where she stayed with her sister Tegan and Sophie’s family. Megan again was devastated by the early arrival of her son Azariah Michael-John on the 30th of July 2019 unfortunately Azariah was born a angel from the beginning. Megan hit rock bottom. In the following days Megan had many people be extremely nasty and hurtful, If only those people knew what they do today maybe their attitudes would of been different towards her at that time. Megan was very sad over her son and I received a photograph from Megan of herself and her son that will forever sit upon my wall and that I find myself at times sharing at. 
On the 19th of August 2019, My world turned upside and it will never be the same as it was prior to that day. My mobile phone rang flat out at around 5.30am, It was my niece Jessica who let out the words 'Megan's gone auntie Di' with her voice muffled by sobs, Jess hung up the phone. I sat on the end of my bed in shock I think, I picked up my mobile phone sitting beside me after thinking to myself I must of heard Jess wrong. I phoned my daughter at 6.52am, All I could hear in the background of that phone call was my niece Tegan, Crying uncontrollably with the word No being said over and over, I asked my daughter if it was true, Without hesitation, My daughter responded with Yes Mum. I hung that phone up with my eyes filled with tears and booked a flight to Melbourne. I got to the airport to get a flight, When I arrived I seen Tristan and he’s partner awaiting the same flight, Along with a few other’s also boarding my flight. I walked over and Tristan didn’t speak, He sat on that seat with earphones in and he’s eye’s fixated on he’s phone what he had a photo of he’s sister on the screen. When we arrived in Melbourne, We went straight to where Megan had been taken. The first words I heard Tristan speak that day was 'I want to see my sister, Take me to Megan now', Tristan was escorted to the room Megan where Megan was. Returning after almost 2 hours to us, Tristan dropped to he’s knees immediately and screamed and sobbed. After he’s partner was able to somewhat calm him down he insisted on seeing he’s niece’s. We we’re taken to the house where Gracelyn and Violet we’re, Tristan clutched those two girl’s that evening so tight repeatedly apologising to both of the girls for not saving Megan. It was heartbreaking. It was then decided we we’re to take Megan home where she belonged. Days past and I think shock absorbed most of us. With the words of many flooding in about the news of Megan. 
On Wednesday the 11th of September 2019 we gathered to farewell my beloved niece Megan Zoe Anahera Hunt. Megan was brought to the home in Maroubra for the last time in the hearse after she had left the mosque in Lakemba, With the South Sydney Rabbitohs song playing from the house we we’re able to see Megan at her much loved Maroubra one last time. We followed the hearse car after car a sea of hotter up cars and motorcycles escorted the hearse for the final ride to where we had Megan’s service. The drive from Maroubra to Matraville felt like it took a 100 years with horns tooting and Megan’s name displayed on every single car ahead. We finally reached the chapel, The chapel that day was packed to capacity with a crowd outside as well. The song The Lost Boys by Greg Holden when Megan was carried into the chapel on the shoulders of brother’s Kyle and Tristan, her god father and God brother, and her two favourite Cousin’s I looked back to watch my niece entre and the amazing sight of Megan’s long term childhood friend Jarrod, leading a group of young men preforming a New Zealand traditional Haka in honour of my niece while she was being carried into the chapel it was a deep mark of respect those young men showed Megan with their performance and with Megan’s daughter’s in the arms of her sister and cousin escorting the coffin Megan was placed on the pillars front and centre, We we’re instructed to please take our seats and the ceremony commenced, The time for the visual tribute came and with photo’s all over the screens of Megan from birth to recently we’re there put together by her brother Tristan so many to the sound of Hey Hey My My by the band Battleme played I got to see my niece’s beautiful smiling face many times over, Megan was always camera shy so for those who had contributed to the slideshow was a remarkable sight, I asked Tristan later on just how many photo’s there was he told me 312 to be exact and the 2 short videos that ended the visual tribute Megan at the 2014 Footy grand final singing the theme song with her arm over Robbie’s shoulder and he’s over Megan’s shoulder, I heard my niece’s voice, And the final one of Megan singing you are my sunshine to her daughters she loved so very much, Gracelyn let out the biggest Mum Mum Mum right at that very moment. The ceremony continued with many people paying tribute to Megan and speaking some wonderful words about the times and their memories they shared of Megan. The floral tribute came and the sound of Skinny love by Birdy played I took my place to lay a oriental lily upon my niece’s coffin, Watching ahead I got to witness Gracelyn and Violet lay a flower each on their Mum with some help, It came to my turn and I layed that flower among the rest of them and gave my niece a final kiss upon her coffin and told her to find true happiness. Returning to my seat I looked around and the line of people awaiting to lay their flowers was breath taking a line of Green and Red was out the doors of the chapel that day. The ceremony concluded and we we’re all asked to make our way out of the chapel. Looking back while to song Megan sung often to her daughters forever Young by Andre Mae played I seen Tristan again on he’s knees at he’s sister’s coffin with he’s eyes filled with tears. Walking through those chapel doors Megan’s friends awaiting outside with a row of vehicles all done up they did one last lap in honour of my niece from La Perouse, Maroubra, Kingsford and back to La Perouse look out where they then held their own celebrations for my niece. Many different events took place that afternoon in memory of my niece Megan, Who’s life was tragically lost to soon.
My niece was caring, humble, respectful, nurturing, loving, intelligent, giving and most of all she possessed unbelievable beauty within and outside of her being. 

This is the life of Megan Zoe Anahera Hunt born 14th of February 1995 and tragically passed away on August 19th 2019.