Shared by Rhiannon Dixon on November 16, 2019
Megan was a friend and we had a friendship since I was 15 and Megan was 14. We spent so much time together. Megan would always call me up with Oh my god Rhi guess what and she would tell me what she needed to tell me she was always so involved with everything. Megan was the one who made a night out fun. We should go to the meets out at Lapa Megan had a playlist for us girls who would be in her car and she would press play and we would be stupid thinking we were Grammy winning singers Jayde would play the air drums Megan would sing and I would be her backup we had Thunderstruck ACDC, Me & U Cassie, Check on it Beyonce, Problem Ariana Grande, Moving on Up M people, Closer Neyo that was the funniest because Megan would dance even if she was driving, Push the button Sugar babes that was funny that was Megan’s song she would sing it and dance to it. 
Megan was a boyfriend Justin at the time and she did love him heaps, I only ever seen Megan like that over 2 guys Justin her first boyfriend and the guy I didn’t like and thought Megan should have been with someone better, But she loved him Aaron and that was one of the reasons we fought so much prior to Megan passing away. Megan had songs for both of them, Justin’s was  baby love Nicole Scherzinger and Aaron’s was baby boy Big Brova, Megan wanted a future with him she defended him no matter what and she never got that.
Megan rejected 1 of the banky boys when she was 18 and decided to put a show on at the meet it was hilarious with me and Jayde by her side, Megan pumped out Solider by destiny child’s and she danced her heart out. Another time Megan got dared by the boys to show up to the meet in a red flannel shirt Denim shorts and cowgirl boots  because Megan was the start off girl that night then bang Megan jumped in Travis's ute tray and jammed to cotton eye Joe and finished it with These boots are made for walkin it was great Megan was the 1 the who would turn serious situations into a good laugh. 
I was present when Megan married Huss, When they took the dance floor for their first dance and Angels played Megan was stunning. I was also there for the most so joyiest moments. Megan used to play Angel’s cry remix Mariah Carey after Huss passed away. 
Megan is my 3 kid’s god mother even though we had our difference prior to Megan passing away Megan was still a friend. My children Miss their aunty Megan ominously as do I. Megan would show up at my apartment with her sunglasses on and music bumpin and to get access to the garage she would call me from the car and tell me can you push the button and let me in lol, She was very bossy at times but we loved her, She would always bring over lollies and chips for the kids and a bottle of champagne for us. We would sit out on my balcony overlooking the harbour while the kids would be stuffing their faces with the sweets aunty Meg would bring them. 1 day we we’re sitting out on my balcony and Megan asked me if I thought she was crazy because she had gone through alot in her life I said no f**king way babe you’ve been through heaps and you have every right to be abit messed up and she played me a song I’ll never forget that day it was Bebe Rexha I’m gonna show you crazy Megan said Rhi this is my life anthem we laughed together I used to tell her all the time no Meg don’t be Boujee.
Meg loved music, When we would go out for a drive even Meg would Bluetooth her phone to her sound system and she would know almost every single word of every single song that played and lol the had a wide taste in music, Meg had different playlists for different things she was always so organised. Meg sent me her playlist 1 day cause I liked it and I still have it and listen to it even though it hurts because one of my very close dear friends is gone i’ll never get to hear her voice, See her face and her smile and most of all getting her words of advice, Meg helped me at my lowest of lows when my relationship broke down with my kids father Meg was the 1 who kept me from being stupid, Kept me level headed. I’ll never be able to repay her for that. We went on road trip from Sydney to Noosa heads to Meg’s holiday house last year and we listened to Meg’s road trip playlist she also sent to me and I was so happy to call her a friend. Our friendship is something that no one can ever take away from me.
Meg’s Noosa Road Trip Playlist; The ones highlighted we’re her jams, She knew every word and sung it.
ASAP Rocky -  F**kin problems.
Afroman – Colt 45, Because I got high, Palmdale.
Adele – Someone like you, send my love.
Akon – Locked up, Don’t matter, Right Now, Ghetto, Beautiful.
Alessia Cara – Scares to your beautiful, River Of tears.
Bad Wolves – Zombie.
Bebe Rexha – I’m gonna show you crazy, Meant to be.
Beyonce – Irreplaceable, resentment, XO, Diva, if I we’re s boy, best thing I never had.
Big Brovas – Baby Boy.
Billie Eilish – Bad Guy.
Carrie Underwood – Before he cheats.
Chris Brown – Privacy, Loyal, Next to you, With You, Wet the bed, Back to sleep.
Christina Aguilera - Candyman, Dirty, Fighter, The voice within.
Ciara – I Bet.
Cyprus Hill – Insane in the brain, Hits from the bong.
Dua Lipa – IDGAF.
Eminem – Stan, Shake that, Superman, Kill for you, Kim, The Monster, Headlights, Beautiful Pain, Bad Husband.
Five Finger Death Punch – Wash it all away, Got your six, Shame Pain, Gone Away, The Pride, Remember Everything, Dying Breed, Far from Home, Walk away, Bad Company, The devil’s own,  Jakyll and hyde, Battle Born.
Florence and the machine – Shake it out.
Freak n Nasty - Da'Dip
G-Eazy – No limits, Him & I, Good Life, Me myself & I.
Grace – You don’t own me
Hilltop Hoods - The nosebleed section, Live and let go.
Iggy Azalea – Black Widow.
Imagine Dragons – Believer, Bad Liar.
Jamelia – Thank you.
Kendrick Lamar – King Kunta.
Korn – Freak on a Leash, Got the life, Another brick in the wall, Falling away from me, Lullaby for a sadist, Coming undone, Beat it upright, Twisted transistor, Throw me away.
Little Mix – Secret Love Song, Hair, Shout to my Ex, Touch.
Nicki Minaj – Right by my side, Pills and Potions, Superbass.
Notorious BIG- Juicy, Hypnotize.
 Slipknot – The devil and I, Pulse of the maggots, Snuff, Wait and Bleed, Duality, Spit it out,  Before I forget, Dead Memories, Purity.
Piles – Bust it baby.
Post Malone – Rockstar, Pyscho, I fall apart.
Savage – Moonshine.
2Pac – Pac’s life, Thug passion, How do you want it, Life goes On. 
6ix9ine – FEFE. 
My favourite memory of Meg was when we went to the 5SOS concert last year. When Youngblood played we danced our hearts out and sung it to each other. Meg have wholeheartedly and that’s something that not many people can say they give. No matter what she was there 24/7 for me and my kids. No one can ever replace her in mine or my children’s lives.
I have so many fun happy memories of Meg I will forever treasure them.   

Shared by Catherine Taylor on November 11, 2019
Megan was friends with my daughter Jayde from pre school. They we’re 3 and 4 years old and them two girls remained friends for 20 years. The girls we’re inseparable. They continued through primary school together. Megan was a great child and turned into a remarkable young lady, Megan would often stay at our house on weekends and holidays, Megan became a part of our family. From when my children we’re little I took them to carols by candlelight every single year from around the age of 13 Megan was a part of our tradition every year Megan would come along. She was such a wonderful young girl very polite and always worrying about myself and my husband, When Megan would stay over on weekends from around the age of 15 it wasn’t often but at least once a month Megan would stay for the weekend and every Saturday morning she would make myself and my husband a cuppa and would sit on our back veranda having a conversation with us about everything and anything. Megan was very bright. Megan called myself Mumsy and my husband Dad, Out of respect. Megan and Jayde went to preschool and primary school today but they didn’t go to the same high school but they still had a friendship that was unbreakable.
When Megan was 16 there was something wrong with car and Megan said to my husband 'Don't worry Dad i’ll fix it’ And that she did. Our car ran smooth and when we offered to pay Megan for fixing the car she told us don’t be silly I love you guys. When Jayde was turning 16 Megan helped me plan a big birthday party for her we would secretly sneak around planning Jayde’s sweet 16 party, Megan had that party fabulous. We we’re blessed to have a child in out family that we didn’t create, Megan decided to be apart of our family herself and she was a great addition. When Megan was 18 she came to see Jayde one day not long after her 18th birthday and she told myself and my husband she was getting married and we had to come, And that no was unacceptable. We got to witness Megan marry her first husband. We  didn’t know much of the facts then we just we’re there supporting Megan like she wanted. 
Jayde’s 18th birthday and my husband’s 50th birthday, Their birthday’s are only days apart. Megan was almost 19 herself and she came over 1 day I could Megan’s car coming from streets away she loved music and always had her doof doof music on. Megan jumped out of her car that day and said ‘Hey Mumsy dad and Jayde are both at work ain’t they?’ it feels like only yesterday I said 'Yes unfortunately why what’s wrong?’ Megan giggled she had the most radiant glowing smile and Megan said 'Nothings wrong Mumsy I came to see you I brought a cake and we are planning Jayde’s 18th  and dad’s 50th’ I just laughed Megan always made every grand, We went inside Megan flicked the kettle on and made us both a cuppa, And we sat at my dining room table Megan in her spot, She sat in her spot every single time. Megan had a theme of a fate for Jayde as Jayde loved all the fate things every school fate around our area Jayde would go. Megan continued to tell me she had ordered a jumping castle, A popcorn machine, a fairy floss machine, A clown, a slushy machine  Megan went all out for Jayde’s 18th birthday. Megan spun towards me and said 'Mumsy forget about Jayde for a minute' I laughed because Megan always had a way with words she continued with 'Dad's 50th is going to be on the Saturday night after Jayde’s on the Friday on the conditions you and Dad go and stay at my house on the Friday night while us young ones take over your house’ I trusted Megan more then Jayde at that stage she was very responsible and respectful. I agreed but Megan said 'Mumsy I need help with dad’s theme because he’s a hard but to crack' My husband was born in the 60’s so I suggested the rocking 60’s theme to Megan and Megan grabbed me and said that’s it Mumsy that’s the theme. My husband loved Megan singing like most of her peers. Megan said right well I’m gong to sing leader of the pack and the Wanderer to Dad at he’s Party. I was abit taken by surprise as Megan didn’t allow people in very easily. So it was set Megan hired a karaoke machine for my husband’s 50th birthday the same as she did for Jayde’s birthday. The weekend rolled around and Megan spent all day Friday setting up for Jayde’s party that night. Both parties we’re surprises parties. I think Jayde’s party was a success because when we arrived back home on the Saturday the 4 girl’s who we’re inseparable Megan, Jayde, Rhiannon and Jacinta we’re a curled up asleep on the jumping castle all still wearing their party outfits. I went over to the jumping castle and woke the girls up Jayde had abit to much to drink I think, Megan jumped up and started jumping on the jumping castle and said right Mumsy you take Dad out us girls will clean up and set up for dad’s party. I took my husband out for a few hours when we returned Megan had done everything she said she was going to do. My husband was so surprised by the turn out all he’s friends and family we’re there, Megan did that by herself I just let Megan do it all because Megan’s party we’re spectacular and my husband is James but everyone calls him Jim or Jimmy and the time came for Megan to sing to him. So Megan announced it on the microphone 'I have a little something special for Dad that I would like to do' she came over and took him by the hand and let him to the chair set up on the veranda and she began singing everyone had to pick their chins up at the floor Megan had a very unique signing voice, She did a wonderful job and James was so moved he even shed a tear. Megan was dressed in a 60’s theme outfit. She always looked dashing in her attire. The girl’s had a ball on the Karaoke machine that night Megan sung D-I-V-O-R-C-E by the great Tammy Wynette and it was incredible we have some lovely fun loving memories of Megan. I must say Megan should of been a singer and I always told her, Her version of Delta Dawn by Tanya Tucker was mesmerising to listen to. 
We often would have BBQ’s and Megan would come along, When I would call her up to tell her we we’re having a BBQ she used to say every time 'Ok Mumsy i’ll be there and I’ll bring my usual' Her usual was, A ceaser salad, A potato salad, A pasts salad and Megan’s famous Potato bake everyone loved it and raved about how nice it was, I don’t know how she did it. It was always the right amount of ingredients it was Megan’s creamy garlic potato bake that was always a hit at every BBQ.
Megan was a pleasure to be around. Megan came past one day last year and I still recall the exact story Megan looked so serious and said 'Mumsy I have something to tell you and Dad' Jayde was in Bali at this time. And Megan sat at our dining room table and told myself and James she was pregnant and was expecting twins I was so happy for Megan, She was a natural mother she was born to be a mother. We had a conversation that day sitting on our back veranda, Megan was so full of guilt, worry, Regard and she was so scared of failing as a mother. All Megan wanted was for the two little babies growing inside her to never have the same upbringing as she did. See Megan was in love with another when she fell pregnant with the twins. And from what I can tell he was a great man and would of been a perfect match for Megan, She spoke nothing but great words about that young man. And Despite her love for another, Went along with the whole family vision she married the twins father and was willing to play that role of wife and mother for the rest of her life. It’s sad. 
Throughout Megan’s pregnancy she would call me up 'Mumsy I think these babies really want chicken pasta'. Megan loved my chicken pasta. 
Megan called our home phone at 8am on the dot the day she had her daughters. She told me she had had the twins that morning and told me to get to the hospital to meet my new grannies, That’s what I call my grandchildren. I went to the hospital with my daughter Jayde, Who was pregnant herself to Kyle Megan’s brother. I seen the most amazing smile that day she was glowing and Megan introduced us to the two little girls she held in her arms. Megan was in her Peter Alexander satin PJ’s she had many sets and they all had embroidery on them, the name 'Amira'. The girl’s we’re just gorgeous, They both laid in Megan’s arms with they had little Ralph Lauren polo dresses on it was so cute, Hugo boss baby bottles and dummies. Megan always had the best style and I knew that was something her daughter’s would have also. Megan’s world that day became her daughter’s. Megan would often come and visit us and bring the twins, Megan showed up one day it was July it was cold and raining and Megan always parked under the carport. Megan came in and flicked the kettle on as she always did and said she needed to talk to myself and Jayde about something, Jayde and Kyle had moved in with us because Jayde was having a difficult time with their son Gunnar. Megan sat in her seat and told us she had decided to move away with the girls to start again, I never knew that day would be the last day I’d see her. The day Jayde got the phone call that Megan had passed away, Jayde was standing in the kitchen she dropped the phone then she dropped to her knees and let out the most heart wrenching cry a mother never wants to hear her child cry, I rushed into the kitchen not knowing what was going on I got on my kitchen floor and held my daughter, I recall asking her what in God’s name was going on. Jayde turned to me and 'Megan died this morning’ with tears coming from her eyes. I went into shock and I sat on my kitchen floor and all the memories of Megan flowed through my mind the girl who became a daughter to myself and my husband, A sister to my children and member of our family. 
It still takes my breath away, When thinking of Megan, I still think that she will come strolling in and flick my kettle on with her cakes and pastries she always brought with her, I want for nothing more then that. 
Megan wasn’t my biological child, But to myself and James she was a daughter, To my two children she was a sister, And to my daughter Jayde she was a life long friend. Megan’s photo will remain on our wall for the rest of our days. 
Shared by Jay Hudson on November 9, 2019
Megan wow what a chick she was. I met Megan about 10 years ago. Quiet little chick she was until she got to really know me. People who got to know Megan knows she was a top chick.  As most boys in our group I had my own little crush on Megan she was gorgeous. Needless to say we were all pretty crushed when Megan got with Justin lol.
When Megan got her P's she started coming to our meets and she made mince meat of most of the boys!! And when Megan would be up to she would have her system pumping with the Korn song freak on a leash or 2pac’s Life goes On depending on her mood but she always blitzed it anyway. 
We would often hit our favourite night spot when Megan turned 18 Marquee in the casino in Sydney Megan knew how to drop it like it was hot 2 she could move for a white girl she always danced to Nasty girl Biggie’s version, Thug passion 2 Pac, Mesmerize Ja Rule, Right Thurr Chingy, Ago Technology 50 Cent, Attention fat Joe, Right there 50 Cent, Hypnotize Biggie and Eminem’s shake that no matter what she was doing as soon as one of those songs would drop Megan would be shaking it and when she would walk into the dance floor people would move it was pretty awesome partying with Megan. 
Last year my car needed some work done so Megan said to me put it in I’ll take you to work and pick you up it’s no problem. So Megan would come and pick me up at 4.30 every morning Monday to Friday for 3 weeks. That’s the type of person Megan was she would help anyone with everything. Even at 4.30 in the morning Megan would have her music on she’s the only chick I know that can beat out a CB song and a Korn song in the same car ride and know every word like she was the singer of the songs lol And she would always wear the same White bad boy hoodie and her boxers to drop me at work I felt bad cause she was getting out of bed just to take me to work but she used to tell me don’t stress it gets me away from the house. We could stop at McDonald’s on the way to my work to get a coffee Megan always ordered it on her app and would get pissed if I tried to give her cash for my coffee lol. After work Megan would always be on time there was never a day in the 3 weeks I was left high and dry. And she would drop bars to songs Criminal Eminem, Live and let Go Hill top hoods, Pain and success Stitches, Mirrors Lil Wayne, Privacy Chris Brown but it was Palmdale Afroman that used to crack me up she would turn that full ball and knew every word to it and she was gangster lol 
Megan was a mint chick and will always be remembered rest easy girl 
Shared by Renee Martin on November 8, 2019
Megan and I became friends over 16 years ago. She was there when I needed someone to confide in, To catch my tears when I lost my emotions, To comfort me., And of course to be the brutally honest person that would give it to me straight. We shared a lot of memories together. Megan was there for me when my now husband was sent to prison I was 8 months pregnant with our first son Trae. Megan was with me at court, She was there through my son’s birth, My son’s first word, First crawl, First Word and first steps. Trae adored Auntie Meg and so did myself and Kingy we asked Megan to be Trae's godmother because she was the only 1 who was by my side when Kingy went to jail. Megan wasn’t just my friend we we’re sister’s, Not by blood but by choice. We shared many of our deepest darkest secrets with each other. She would come to my house when Trae got old enough he was like 2 and she would bring him a truck load of candy and chocolates and just junk food I used to say all the time 'Meg no more he will be sick', Megan would always tell me 'Oh stop your bitching Nae, He is fine and he’s eating junk with he’s Aunty we only do this once a week'. I just would smile and shake my head. Megan was always reading every time I got in her car, I’d have to move the novel she had on the passenger seat and she used to say 'Nae if you knock my bookmark out it will be the f'ing last time you ever get your ass in my car’. I’d laugh at her every time and I noticed the bookmark was the Lord’s prayer it was from the book shop, So I decided to play a prank on Megan one day, I went and brought the exact same bookmark, The next time I got in Megan’s car I pulled out the 1 I had brought and I said 'Oh my god Meg I’m so bloody sorry' and held the bookmark up after I put her book on the backseat and the book was Fifty shades of Grey she went off at me saying things and I cracked up laughing and said to her that I had brought it as a prank she pulled the car over and actually got out and checked her book to make sure I didn’t stuff her book up. No one was like that with their books that I knew except for Megan. Megan had incredible fashion! She always had the best shoes I think she ended up with like 3500 pairs of something lol a shopping trip with Megan always resulted into a pair or more of shoes!! Every time, I remember once we went to east gardens just for food shopping we ended up leaving there with 16 pairs of bloody shoes because Footlocker had a sale and I brought myself a pair of Nikes and Trae and the other 14 pairs we’re Megan’s lol shoes we’re her thing. Megan had true love for people she cared for and myself, Husband and our son was lucky enough to be in that select few Megan had that love for, Megan and Kingy has a great friendship also she would write him letters when he was inside they would talk on the phone and she would come to visits it was like Megan looked at him like a big brother. Of course Kingy is only a nickname and Megan was the one who actually started that, he’s middle name is Kingston so that’s where it came from. Myself and Megan decided it would be a great idea to take Trae to the Aquarium lol it was a epic fail Megan wise boots and let’s just say walking around darling harbour and around the Aquarium in knee high boots wasn’t such a great idea because the poor girl ended up with blisters the size of 50c pieces all over her feet. But she soldiered on as always. We did have a group of friend’s I wouldn’t call a lot of them friends now given the outcome of things. Megan trusted me I know things about things that some people couldn’t even begin to understand. We we’re lucky enough to watch my friend become a mother herself, And she was one hell of a great one at that. Megan loved her daughter’s unconditionally and she compared to the love of only 3 other people in her whole life, Her grandfather, Her first boyfriend Justin and the man I will not speak he’s name because to me he’s a knob and no I don’t know him and I heard a lot about him, The man she had fallen in love with and was very much wanting to spend her life with I think she could of done so much better, But that was Megan. There must of been something about him because she didn’t trust many people and she certainly didn’t let her walls down for anyone as she did for that guy. Enough about him no one whom speaks ill of the deceased, Isn’t worth my time. In January this year I got married and Megan was one of my bridesmaids and damn boy she looked great considering she only had the girls a month before. The weekend before my wedding Megan was the hostess of my hen’s night I didn’t want a big party with going out and getting wild instead we did the whole Pj’s, Wine, Movies, Junk food thing. Megan insisted everyone arrive by 4pm on the Saturday afternoon 13 of us including myself and Megan, Jayde, My sister’s Natalie and Juliette, Samantha, Kiarra, Callie, Kayla, Jennifer, Ashlee, Jacinta and my cousin Vanessa all took over her formal lounge room. Megan handed out 'Team Bride’s gift bags once everyone arrived I was so surprised and in the girl bags it had a pair of Peter Alexander satin PJ's with our names on them, a pair of black fluffy slides, and a personalised wine glass. We all got changed popped open the bubbly, Megan had ordered a heap of Chinese food and we all had dinner. We watched Mamma Mia, Bridesmaids, The wedding planner, Crazy Stupid Love, bride wars and Grease. Megan had it all set up it was amazing and I loved it. Megan had set up her formal lounge room with bean bags and cleared off her big wooden coffee table. On the coffee table Megan had set up a Lolly buffet it had Skittles, M&Ms, Redskins, Milkos, Fantales, Killer Pythons, Minties, Strawberries & Cream, Red frogs, pineapples, Sugar coated Almonds, Jubes, Mini musk sticks, Jelly Beans, Raspberry Bullets, Chocolate hearts in Black & Red foil, Coconut roughs, Clankers, Chocolate buttons, Maltesers, Chocolate coated coffee beans, Cupcakes, Chocolate covered strawberries popcorn and just because we we’re having a junk food night we also had a fruit platter. It was such a good night 28 bottles of bubbly between 13 of us I think we did pretty well lol. Megan made my night great and it was just what I wanted, She went above and beyond for me. TheThe morning of my wedding whilst we we’re getting ready Megan asked me if she could see me alone for 5 minutes in my parents bedroom as we got prepared at my parents place. We went upstairs and Megan handed me an envelope and a small gift bag. She told me to read what was in the envelope first before opening the gift. The words Megan wrote to me I still have it.
“To my dearest friend Nee on your wedding day. Firstly I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a true friend to me over the years. Today is the first day of your new life with your soon to be husband, And he is so lucky because you will make he’s mornings brighter and  nights sweeter. I know he your man but you can still count on me, I know you’re looking back and laughing at all the frogs you’ve kissed before and how hung up you were on them and I know you’re smiling because them days are over and you found a real man who cherishes and appreciates you so much. I hope he loves you in a way that makes you believe in love every single day and tell your Mum how happy you are so she can finally sleep at night, I hope he listens to you when you’re down and goes out of his way to make you smile. I hope he. I hope he always puts you first, I hope he knows that life is incomplete without you, That all the good things in life won’t mean a thing if he is not sharing them with you. I hope you become the only thing he truly can’t live without. I hope he understands that I am not going anywhere and he could expect me to continue to show up uninvited and call you whenever I feel like it. We’ll still have our inside jokes that he will never get. EvenEven though I will still see you I will miss our random adventures and trips we used to take. I will miss the days when we had all the time in the world, Now I have to share you with someone else. I couldn’t be happier for you and Kingy and of course my little man I know this is what you’ve always wanted. So remember as a thousand years plays today and I walk Infront of you to your brand new beginning no matter what we will always have the love of sister’s and the friendship of soliders. And lastly just so you know I will always be the one you fell in love with at first sight hehe.
Love always, Megan xx”.
We danced and sung out hearts out the night of my wedding. We we’re having the time of our lives. FEFE came on and that was our jam and Megan would rap it and she did at my reception it was a pisser. If you haven’t heard it listen to it. Candy shop was Megan shaking booty song we had so many laughs that night, No limits, Dance off Macklemore was the best though, Megan had her moved on point Megan and Kingy both could move so they had a dance off that night and for someone who only had twins a month before she had great stamina!!  Dance with me 112 was another one of Megan's bust a move tracks. I’m not going to pretend to be fine like everyone else is with what happened to Megan, I think about Megan every single day and I miss her so much Megan wasn’t just a regular girl she had the heart of a lioness, Soul of a Gypsy and the strength of a warrior. Megan was a pleasure to be around, She always put everyone’s feelings above her own. Megan was my true friend. When Megan showed up to my house that day in July and told me she had news for me and that news was that she was moving away to start a new life I balled my eyes out because I didn’t want to lose her I didn’t want her to move and I told her that. She went to Melbourne in search of her love and that love failed her it failed my friend. It’s been the longest time since Megan passed away since we have been friends that we haven’t spoken. It be wilds me every single day that I won’t get to ever see her smile again, Never get to see her face, Or ever hear her voice again. The question I have is why? But that question will never be answered.

Shared by Christina Pullman on November 7, 2019
I met Megan when we both worked at the national australia bank together. We became friends and it was a great friendship. Megan was always the smiley girl at the desk at work and greeted every customer like she had known them for years. We we’re both 18 and we started having lunch together we would take it in turns to pick the place that we had our lunch at most of the time Megan picked the café just down the road from work she would always order a chicken schnitzel burger and had Avocado, Lettuce, Red onion, Cheese and Mayo on a sourdough bun. With a side of Greek salad personally I can’t stand olives but Megan wouldn’t get chips on the side because she said there was nothing like Feta cheese and Olives together. Along with her food she would get a Double strength latté with almond milk. And when we we’re paying she would order a large strawberry thick shake to take back to work. We spent the full hour together Monday through to Friday we spoke about alot together we shared things we didn’t share with anyone else. Megan became my sidekick at work we even started having girl’s nights out on the weekends every now and then. RnB Friday’s became our favourite time of the week when we didn’t have customers in the branch we would turn the music up and dance and be stupid behind our stations we always got to work at the same time so we would log in and get set up next to each other. When I first met Megan she was about to get married she went through that marriage and fell out of that marriage, When Megan began a new relationship after that marriage he was a tosser I didn’t like him either. Megan would often tell me he was a temporary fix to her loneliness but they we’re more like friends and then When Megan left work for personal reasons in November 2017 I decided to hand in my own resignation in the December work just wasn’t the same without Megan. Megan fell in love with a loser as we all do, She had her heart broken by him and then she got with the next loser. We joked about it myself and Megan, Megan said the only good thing to come from him was her daughters. They are gorgeous. I went and paid Megan a visit when she had the girls its almost been a year now since they we’re born and we joked and laughed throughout my visit Megan couldn’t believe she was a Mum. I got married in February this year and Megan and her girl’s and her estranged husband came to my wedding I was blessed to have had my friend attend my special day. She wore a strapless red dress and she looked amazing considering she had twins only 2 months prior. I was so happy for my friend when she told me she had made the ultimate decision to move away and start anew with her daughter’s, If anyone deserved happiness it was Megan. She was so selfless and always put people above herself. We shared many hours together over the years of our friendship and I will never forget my amazing co-worker who turned out to be an incredible friend outside of the workplace. Megan was a pleasure to be around and a unbelievably young attractive woman. 

My best mate

Shared by Robbie Gannon on November 7, 2019
Me and Meggie had a friendship that started over 20 years ago I lost my Mum when I was only 3 an I was raised by my grandparents who lived next door to Mick an Kathy Meggie's grandparents in Newtown. My grandfather an Mick would have Saturday beers together Meggie was only 2 when we started playing together. Our friendship grew over the 20 years and Meggie became like the little sister I never had. We had a 1 in a lifetime type of friendship sure I had my boys as every bloke does but Meggie was my best friend we went through heaps throughout our friendship. My first girlfriend I introduced her to Meggie and within 10 minutes of speaking to her Meggie pulled me aside and goes Robbie get rid of her she’s a 5 stager LOL that day I broke up with her. We never had anything between us we simply loved each other like brother and sister Meggie was my best friend. We spoke about everything and I suffered from deep depression when I was 18 due to losing my Pop Meggie was 17 and she would text me every single day to make sure I was ok she would come and see me all the time and bring me comfort food. 1 night Meggie came over an she was demandin at the best of times she said to me that’s it we are having some bonding time tonight we are watching movies and eating junk food. We watched the Chucky movies Meggie loved Chucky. She was 17 an driving so we used to go on Maccas runs she would order a 10 pack of nuggets and a large strawberry sundae cause she used to dip her nuggets into the sundae lol. And always had music pumpin we would go an watch the sunrise out at lapa we would go through Maccas an get coffee’s an we shared many mornings watching the sun come up over the beach drinkin our coffee’s an talkin. 1 day Meggie was listenin to the radio while drivin I wasn’t in the best of spirits an simply the best came on an Meggie belted that out singin it to me to make me smile an she did put a smile on my face that day. I was privileged enough to see graduate from high school with perfect HSC marks,  Marry twice, Become a mother, an everything she did throughout her life she become a incredible woman from the youngster she was. I know Meggie went through a ton throughout her life. Meggie loved from her soul and when she loved you she done everything for u no matter the situation. My greatest memory of Meggie is the 2014 NRL grand final our team the mighty rabbitohs made it and we went to that game dressed in our bunnies jersey’s black jeans and our all white air max shoes we had red an green stripes on our face when the final siren went off an the bunnies had bet the doggies we celebrated we sung an cheered when we left the grounds we dropped people off in Newtown and me and Meggie headed to the Juniors to continue to celebrate we drank danced an welcomed the boys back with the trophy! Meggie was so happy she had the most amazing smile an that night i seen it non stop. When Meggie had her daughter’s I wasn’t at the hospital but I got sent a photo an I went to the hospital and there the girl I grew up with an loved just like a little sister was holding 2 babies and she was so happy. When Meggie was having a rough time with ex husband she would come and see me with the girl’s. Meggie spoke to me about moving to Melbourne I told her if she thinks it would make her happy then she should go for it. I know Meggie loved someone who she spoke to me about an I know things that no one else did because that’s how we rolled she knew things about me and vis versa. The day Meggie left she stopped by my place an we spoke about things while we had a coffee from maccas she grabbed on the way an we stood outside cause the twin’s we’re asleep in the car while we had a smoke an drank our coffee’s once we had finished Meggie gave me a hug that turned out to be our last hug as she drove off she tooted her horn an waved with a smile on her face. She text me late that night and told me she got down there ok. We had contact every single day. On the day Meggie passed away I got a call from Tegan to tell me I was at work I’m a welder an automatically I told my boss I had to go I got in my car an drove the 11 hours still in my work gear with no clothes nothing from home to Tegan’s I didn’t believe that it was true probably like most people. I got to see Meggie’s daughter’s an the family that was there. While I was there family kept coming down the opinion to farewell Meggie in Victoria wasn’t a opinion she didn’t belong there she belonged in Sydney where she grew up an where people that loved her wanted her to be farewelled. The morning of Meggie’s funeral 11th of September I got up an drove out to Lapa just like we used to an with a Latte with Almond milk in my hand cause that’s what Meggie drank it taste like shit so don’t try it lol I watched the sunrise alone and that’s when it hit me that I’ll never be able to share the sunrise with Meggie again. I got in my car an even as a man I cried for Meggie my best mate who became my sister. Our mates did a guard of honour an escorted the funeral car out to the cemetery. Meggie loved her cars an was probably the only chick who would go up against any bloke at the meets I was asked if I would carry Meggie into the service I was honoured that I was included we were all instructed to wear rabbitohs colours green n red so I wore my jersey that she had brought me for my birthday this year along with the other man I lifted her onto my shoulder and walked her into the service I was the second on the left hand side. Having her on my shoulder walking down the aisle of that chapel felt surreal I still don’t want to believe she’s gone but I know no matter where you are Meggie your dancing with a drink in your hand I love u always my mate this is just how well I knew my best mate.
*Favourite kind of fish? Nemo 
*Favourite sad song? Snuff Slipknot 
*Favourite song to sing? Before the next tear drop falls
*Favourite book? The girl on the train 
*Favourite holiday? Christmas
*Favourite lipstick? Baby daddy jeffree star 
*Favourite sleeping position? Fetal 
*Favourite Number? 8 
*Favourite video game? Street fighter 
*Favourite fast food? Oporto
*Favourite ice cream flavour? Mint choc chip
*Favourite chocolate? Twix 
*Favourite fruity lollies? Starburst chews
*Favourite Asian dish? Satay chicken with extra vegetables 
*Favourite pub meal? Chicken parmigiana 
*Favourite food of all time? Chicken and salad 
*Favourite way to cook a steak? Medium rare
*Favourite pasta dish? Creamy chicken and mushroom fettuccini
*Favourite cookie? white choc and macadamia nut 
*Favourite biscuit? Mint Slice
*Favourite meal as a kid? Chicken nuggets
*Favourite cereal? Crunchy nut
*Favourite breakfast food? Pancakes 
*Favourite pizza toppings? Supreme 
*Favourite fruit? Strawberries
*Favourite vegetable? Broccoli 
*Favourite dessert? Pavlova 
*Favourite comfort food? Chocolate
*Favourite way to cook bacon? On the bbq 
*Favourite snack? Mixed nuts 
*Favourite flavour of cordial? Apple and blackcurrant
*Favourite coffee? Latte with almond milk 
*Favourite cake? White chocolate mud cake 
*Favourite restaurant to dine at? Kingsleys australian steakhouse 
*Weirdest food tried and liked? Cuisses de grenouilles - frogs legs
*Favourite alcoholic drink? Vodka and cranberry
*Favourite drink overall? Apple and mango fruit juice 
*Favourite Chupa chup flavour? Strawberries and cream
*Favourite Gum? Big red 
*Favourite potato chip flavour? Kettle Honey baked ham
*Favourite sandwich? Avocado, chicken, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato with mayonnaise on focaccia bread 
*Favourite donut? Strawberry dinosaur at donut king 
*Favourite colour? Turquoise 
*Favourite type of season? Summer 
*Favourite flower? Oriental lilies 
*Favourite band? Five Finger Death Punch
*Favourite song by favourite band? Bad company
*Favourite cover song? Zombie Bad Wolves 
*Favourite one-hit wonder? Mad World Michael Andrews 
*Favourite beach? Maroubra Obviously 
*Favourite destination? Las Vegas, USA we went to the fight over there it was a great time 
*Favourite sport? Rugby League 
*Favourite football team? Rabbitohs 
*Favourite basketball team? Golden State Warriors 
*Favourite sport she played? Rugby League 
*Favourite sport to watch in person? C.McGregor 
*Favourite cartoon? The fairly oddparents 
*Favourite scary movie? The exorcist 
*Favourite funny movie? Step brothers 
*Favourite Drama movie? Gran Torino 
*Favourite chick flick? Clueless 
*Favourite kid's movie? Inside out 
*Favourite movie of all time? Chucky
*Favourite movie from childhood? Matilda
*Favourite current TV show? Vikings 
*Favourite perfume? Paco Rabanne lady million 
*Favourite household cleaner smell? Pine oclean 
*Favourite baked good to smell? Cookies 
*Favourite type of pet? Dog 
*Favourite song to dance to at a club? Be faithful Fatman scoop  
*Favourite candle scent? Coconut and Lime

Shared by Tegan Hunt on November 7, 2019
My name is Tegan and I’m Megan’s twin sister. As a lot of people would know me and Meg didn’t always see eye to eye or did we get along like a house on fire but at the end of the day she is MY SISTER more then anything she is my twin. Growing up we didn’t have the greatest childhood we we’re deeply effected by things that happened in our lives. As everyone would know I turned to a life of chaos to block it all out I suffered from a young age to substance abuse to numb myself from the memories Meg on the other never did turn to anything to block it out Meg lived with those horrible memories. A lot of people had my sister mixed up Meg wasn’t arrogant nasty or rude instead she had built a wall up to protect herself because she got hurt more times in her life then anyone should! The thing is that people may not know is that Meg was always by my side no matter the fights and BS! We we’re close in a strange odd way I first became a Mum at 16 an Meg was with me every step of the way in a bizarre way Memphis was our baby when I got pregnant I moved in with my Nan and Pop an Meg helped with everything Meg was in the room with me each time I had my kids and she helped name each of my kids Memphis we we’re in the ambulance on the way to the hospital I was 16 in labour with my twin sister by my side we we’re only kids ourselves when we we’re in the ambulance the song walking in Memphis came on the radio and we both looked at each other and said Memphis babies name is Memphis because until that point the baby didn’t have a name. I was in labour for 25 and a half hours and Meg was my sidekick she didn’t sleep didn’t leave my side not even to eat in the middle of labour because we we’re both starving we ordered pizza to be delivered because Meg refused to leave me. When Memphis was born they handed her to me and I said to Meg her name is Memphis Zoe Marissa Hunt Zoe is Meg’s middle name and Marissa is mine. From that night in the hospital Meg would hold Memphis for hours and always sung to her I wasn’t a natural when it came to singing like Meg my sister had a amazing voice I used to try and talk her to audition for X factor but Meg was so full of fear. Meg would get up in the middle of the night to feed an change her. And it was funny to sit an watch Meg with Memphis as a newborn an it was something about Meg singing true colours that instantly stopped Memphis from crying even as a brand new baby. Brooklyn came next when I was 18 that labour went for 17 hours and again Meg didn’t budge from my side when Brooklyn was born Meg said Brooklyn Amira Skye I didn’t get a say in Brooklyn s name at all Auntie Meg took that role like a full speed fright train I just agreed. Brooklyn’s dad didn’t get a word in because Meg told him no your not naming her I am. Those who really knew my sister knows how stubborn she can be at times and when she got her angry face on people listened not me I used to just laugh righto Meg righto calm down. I have so many memories I could go on forever but I will say I do regret not being able to truly say I’m so sorry for everything I got you into when we we’re growing up my deepest regret is I never got to tell my sister just how much I appreciated her and how grateful I am that my kids had someone to be there for them while I was struggling with addiction. Meg was the 1 who put me into rehab and got me straight an she told me it wasn’t for her or me it was for my kids because they needed me. We were different but still very much the same at the same time. At around 12.30 on the morning Megan was taken away I woke up with Stephen next to me in a pool of sweat and was struggling to find my breath Stephen ended up calming me down and that whole time Meg was running through my head I layed back down and I picked up my phone and sent a message to my sister that still is my phone Stephen was asking me what happened I send to Meg 'Hey sis just checking in I just woke up to the most craziest attack I’ve never had before Stephen had to grab an hold me to calm me down. But the whole time I was thinking of you it’s strange anyway your probably asleep so call me later loving you xx'. I put my phone back on the bedside table and rolled over back towards Stephen. It was around 1.30 in the morning on the 19th of Aug and my phone kept ringing crazy it was Soph our niece because I have ringtones set for everyone so if I’m not within reach of my phone I know who’s calling me Nickleback never gonna be alone was Soph's an she rang flat out Stephen grabbed my phone and answered it he turned the light on and told me to talk to her. She was sobbing and wouldn’t talk to Stephen she wanted to speak to me. I got on the phone and Soph said auntie T I need you where are you? I was 4 hours away at Stephen’s parents place Soph said auntie Meg is gone I thought she was meaning as in gone out I replied with where did auntie go? Soph cried out and said she’s gone auntie T. I jumped up put my jumper on over my singlet and my jeans over my shorts an got to the place my sister had been taken to in just under 3 hours. I didn’t even park the car I jumped out locked it an ran through the doors I found Soph curled up in a ball sitting on the floor not even on a seat she was a mess I spoke to the person in charge who asked me to identify my sister I agreed because I didn’t believe it I walked in the room and they uncovered my sister’s face it was my sister laying there. I fell to the ground in disbelief. It took me awhile to get myself together before walking out of that room. I eventually walked out and found Soph. I took her by the hand and we headed for the doors we got out the doors and Soph broke down it was now time for my niece to breakdown Soph dropped to her knees and sobbed she didn’t want to leave without auntie Meg. I dropped right next to here an we sat there for a good hour. I pulled out my phone from my jacket pocket and sent a text to my cousin to meet me at my house what was an hour away. When I eventually got up and got Soph up when we reached my house my cousin was already there waiting it was like 6 by this stage in the morning when I finally got inside the first thing I seen was the photo of me an Meg I dropped to the floor in my doorway and just screamed an cried. My cousin comforted me but even now it still is pure raw within my soul that the woman who I shared a womb with I grew up with and who was my right hand no matter the shit we faced and the fights we had and trust me we had alot of them was gone like how was she just gone it wasn’t my keys or my phone or something replaceable how could she just be gone how is it that I’ll never get to see my sister ever again or hear her voice and hear her lectures what always started with )Jesus Christ Tegan). I hated it but no I’d give anything to hear it again. Apart of me went with Meg that morning. I love you so much my sister no one could ever replace you in my heart. 
We would sing this together and that’s something that will forever be our song 
 She won't get off the phone she won't leave me alone when I'm talking to that guy she can be a real nightmare gets me to do her hair then says it never turns out right, but when I put on a face she can tell 'cause she knows me so well closer than my closer friend someone will be there 'til the end my sister, sister deeper than the deepest sea no-one loves you like your family my sister, sister she reads my diary she borrows clothes from me and I never get them back again and she locks the bathroom door says "five minutes more" and an hour later I'm still not in and sometimes we fight every family does (oh yeah) but that can't change our love closer than my closest friend to celebrate the good times to help me through the hard times to bring me down to earth remind me what's important and who comes first gotta tell you who I'm talking about my sister, sister, oh yeah ain't no doubt about it, who I'm talking about she watches out for me I'll know she always be by my side

Rest in peace Amira I love you so much xoxox fly high my incredible sister

Shared by Justin Wright on November 6, 2019
We met in high school Meg was in Yr 9 she was 15 and I was in Yr 10 and I was 16. I used to watch her walk across the footy field every mornin wavy brown hair down her back her an her head down in a book readin most morning's she was walking with her with her head in a book chowin on a apple. While i was training.  1 mornin somehow the footy ended up at Meg's feet I was the closest so I ran over an Meg passed me the footy better then 1/2 the boys in the squad it was abit mind blowin cause Meg was the nerdy girl without the glasses an smart as hell the boys used to say here comes Matilda cause of the movie where the girl was hell a smart an was always readin.  I asked Meg if she played she said not anymore I fix old cars on a Saturday instead now thought she was taken the piss tbh. We started havin a conversation about footy an cars she knew her shit  I invited Meg to watch me play tryin to show off an score some points I told her I was selected for the jrn U16's souths squad she looked at me with a real shady look an said well I might take you up on that offer 1 day if my Pa an PaPa an my Pop agree that I can I was kinda worried she named 3 men. I did the typical HS shit so do ya wanna have lunch ...
That day we met up to have lunch an she was a pretty amazin chick turned out Meg was actually in the Jrn Souths cheer squad so she was my cheerleader we we're getting along really well It was the yr 10 formal I invited Meg as my date she sat across from me with that smile like she's gonna kill you with kindness and she went all Rosey cheeks and just said of course but you have to come dress shopping an for any 16 yr old boy ya don't wanna go shoppin period with ya girl but for her I grinned an rolled with it cause that's just what ya do for the chick ya like. She looked incredible the night of my yr 10 formal she wore a black dress. We shared 2 yrs together Meg was my 1st gf an we only went out separate ways because she needed to focus on her HSC I was 18 and Meg was 17. She will always be the 1 that got away. I remember I used to pick her up after work and drop her home in Maroubra we would always get dinner on the way if it was;
Maccas her order everytime was a medium cheeseburger meal with extra pickles and Fanta for the drink and a lrg strawberry sundae.
If it was Red rooster it was the Tropicana pack with Sprite she'd only eat 1 of the pineapple fritters an always give me the other 1 and a chocolate mousse Meg wasn't a big eater at all. We went to the movies heaps that was our thing we went and seen Shark Night in 3D Meg walked out half way through after a shark jumped out of the water at us she screamed and said F@!K this shit an walked out. Was a Friday night an Meg made me go to the movies to see Twilight breaking dawn 1.  Our 1st Christmas Meg brought me a all black G-Shock watch I had been eyeing it off myself an still to this day I have that watch an I brought her a 9crt gold solid belcher bracelet with a heart on it we both must of had the same idea cause we both made a CD for each other I still have the list on my computer I put on Meg's just the way you are-Bruno Mars, What's my name -Rihanna and Drake, Adorn- Miguel, I can love you like that-All 4 one, What makes you beautiful- One Direction, I won't give up- Jason Mraz, As long as you love-Justin Beiber an Big Sean, Without you-David Guetta an Usher, Amazed-Lonestar, Chasing cars- Snow patrol, It will rain - Bruno Mars, Use somebody-Kings of Leon, Lady in Red- Chris De Burgh, everything I do I do for you- Bryan Adams, Hero- Enrique Iglesias, Don't matter- Akon, With YOU- Chris Brown, Nothing on you BOB an Bruno Mars, Next to you- Chris brown an Beautiful- Akon an I still have the CD that Meg made for me that Christmas it is decorated in all the normal 16yr old girlgy stuff they do hearts and our initials together etc track 1 Holly Valance Kiss Kiss - 2 Baby Bash Suga Suga 3- Big Brova Baby Boy 4- Carly Rae Jaspen Call me maybe 5-  Truly Mady Deeply Cascada 6- I'm alive Celine Dion 7-With you Chris Brown 8-Lazy Love Neyo 9-Home Daughtry 10-Cater 2 U Destiny's child 11- Heaven DJ Sammy (The slow version) 12- Emeli Sande 13- Into you Fabulous an Tamia 14-Just a lil bit Gina Go 15-Mesmerize Ja Rule an Ashanti  16-John Mayer Your body is a wonderland 17- No air Jordin Sparks an Chris Brown 18- Beauty and a beat Justin Bieber an Nicki Minaj 19- Your love is my drug Kesha 20-This girl Laza Morgan 21-I'll be lovin U long time - Mariah Carey. Meg became the most important person to me in the 2 years we were together she never missed a footy game she was always at every game to watch me play. We did have plans for our own future Meg was the most kind hearted person i've ever come across.
I went to Bali Indonesia for 5 months with my brother while Meg did her HSC we kept in touch by phone an I received a txt from her 1 day sayin our plans of gettin back together when schools over an your back it can't happen I'm gettin married after my birthday that broke me heart into 100 pieces because I had wanted to spend my life with Meg I extended my stay in Bali an when I got back Meg was married an wouldn't speak to me until the day I was down at Maroubra Beach with a few mates when I seen Meg an a few of her friends as she walked past she didn't look my way until I yelled out "Oi Stunner" that's what I called out 2 her when I wanted to get her attention an she wasn't just a foot away without anything Meg spun around with a huge smile on her face she ran over an gave me the biggest hug we ended up sittin each other talkin about everythin that had happened an Meg told me she wasn't married anymore an told me the story of her marriage the love an feelings I had for her was still very much there but I had news of my own it had been over 12 months since I seen Meg at this point we spoke an Meg asked me so what's been happening in your world it was then I told Meg I was gonna be a dad the chick I was dating for a few months got pregnant unexpectedly an when I told Meg she spun her head head at me cause I was layin down she was sitting up she pulled her sunnies down abit so I could see her eyes she responded with 'are you for real Justin?' an she only ever called me Justin if I was in the shit i just said a simple yeah she smiled an said 'I'm so happy for you' I wasn't with my daughters Mum anymore an I explained it to Meg an she just said things happen you can't help it we exchanged numbers that day an we kept in contact. My daughter was born on the 24th of August 2014 I sent Meg a photo an said this is daughter Maya Imogen Wright Meg responded with she's absolutely gorgeous an a few nights later I was sittin in my loungeroom playin my game when someone knocked on me door I lived in a unit block second floor in Coogee at the time I wasn't expecting any visitors so I answered the door in my boxers an it was Meg I was in shock an she said Geez Justin you haven't changed have you with a smerk on her on face she came in an we had a coffee she handed me a gift bag Meg had brought a gift for my newborn daughter when I opened the bag it was a jewellery box I opened it an it was a solid gold bangle an it was engraved with my first diamond an it had a diamond incrusted in it I looked at Meg an said thank you so much even though we had a rocky break up our friendship was strong enough to overcome that an she had a card in the bag aswell I still have it an of course a baby Souths Jersey cause we both were Souths supporters. We kept in contact an had coffee a few times over the next couple of years Meg got into a relationship with a guy she messaged me an told me she was seeing someone new I congratulated her an she said we can still be friends an we did remain friends. In Dec 2017 Meg messaged me like she always did an said I'm moving away I'm seeing someone new an I don't think he will appricate us being friends.  I didn't respond an we didn't speak until April 2018 I was in the coffee shop down in Newtown an I ran into Meg so we sat down an had a coffee an lunch together that day she explained what had happened with her ex boyfriend an I told her he sounded like a tosser she said no he wasn't that she truly did love him an was still in them feelings the words Meg used exactly was Since you he made me feel like I was wanted an loved. I disagreed with her cause someone who claims to love ya don't just ditch ya she still defended him. Meg invited me out the weekend coming up I couldn't make it as that was my weekend with Maya so we exchanged numbers an added each other on snapchat in May 2018 a snapchat story went up an it was a photo of a ultrasound pic saying guess who's having babies I was abit taken back an send her a snapchat sayin who's preg? Meg responded with a simple an short reply with Me. We spoke for abit an she said Jamie was the Dad let's just say me an Jamie had bad blood I said something's about him to her Meg told me she knew an it wasn't planned but it is what it is we stayed in contact until she passed away. 

Meg was the most amazing chick throughout the years she really taught me a lot I still think that Meg is the reason I live my life the way I do. I couldn't thank her enough.

Until we meet again babe Rest in paradise fly high sweet face. ❤️ 

My Auntie

Shared by Sophie Hunt on November 4, 2019
My auntie Megan was beautiful. She was not only my auntie she was my rock, my best friend and my human diary. Auntie protected me when no one else would she knew when I sad angry annoyed and when I was happy auntie just knew how to read me with just a look. 

When I was 8 Auntie was 18 and she took me to the Sydney Royal Easter Show. It was the best time we had together. We went on so many rides and Auntie brought almost every show bag that was for sale we couldn't even carry them all. Auntie got a locker and we shoved all the showbags in that and we went on more rides. We watched the fireworks at night. Auntie was the person that if I needed her she would get on the next flight to come to me over the last year. Auntie would call me every day when she lived in Sydney and I had to moved away. 
I have so many memories of you and memories that I will pass on to Anahera when she's born I am naming my daughter after you Anahera Zoe Lola ❤️ Because you loved the name Lola but I love you more Auntie and I know this little girl will forever have a guardian angel watching over her. 
I remember being little and sitting up on your lap and you would slowly sway me side to side signing beauty and the beast to me I'd go to sleep in your lap. I wish my own daughter got to do things like that with you. 
My favourite memory was at your first wedding I was only 8 and you said I had to dance with you and you spend hours teaching me the time warp dance and we aced that on the dancefloor Then at your wedding to the   we did that baby mama dance you twerking in your dress and that big belly. I love you auntie you'll forever live inside of my heart ❤️ 

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