Let the memory of Melissa be with us forever
  • 34 years old
  • Born on October 31, 1979 .
  • Passed away on March 18, 2014 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Melissa Fertig (Paul) 34 years old , born on October 31, 1979 and passed away on March 18, 2014. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Sandra Renneke on 31st October 2018
My beautiful Angel Missy, it is 5 years since your last birthday. I miss you so much. It will be 5 years March 18th 2019 that God called you home. I get to see Leela and Joshua as often as my being on oxygen allows. I think of dad's situation and how mine parallels to his. I can't believe how quickly my situation has worsened in such a short time. I'm scared I'm not guna lie. I pray I will be here for some time yet, I'm only 58. I feel like your death just happened as it does every day. I miss you so much and think of you always. I'm no longer working because of the oxygen thing. I can't do much coloring either. I'm doing good as I can be. I still miss you my li'l goblin and hope I can get out to the cemetery today. I love you always and miss you still!!! Love, momma
Posted by Sandra Renneke on 18th March 2018
My Missy Marie, 4 years ago, God called you home.It feels like forever yet like yesterday. Dads 1st Angelversary was March 7th. In my wildest dreams I never thought you and dad would die before me. I miss you both so very much! Please say hello to all who have gone before me. Much love to all! Love, momma
Posted by Sandra Renneke on 1st March 2018
Hi Miss, I haven't been on this site in a while. It will be 4 years on March 18th since you died and left a hole in my heart. I think of you always, some days it hits me hard and some not quite so much. Leela and Joshua are doing well. I just don't see them as often as I would like. I did see them over new years. I had a appt. with a rhuematologist today and finally got diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Guess it answers the questions I had forever. I miss you so very much. Dad has been gone almost 1 year, still feels like yesterday but not. Getting older sucks and it only gets worse. Whining now so will close. Always on my mind and in my heart. Luv ya Missy, love momma
Posted by Sandra Renneke on 31st October 2017
Happy Heavenly Halloween and Happy Heavenly Birthday Missy!!!! It has been 3 1/2 years since God called you home. It still feels like yesterday. I love you and miss you every day, Leela and Joshua were here a couple weeks ago and they seem to be doing well. Their adoptive parents bought a resort in Gary, South Dakota. I don't see the kids as often as I would like, but since dad died things changed dramatically. I'm still reeling from dad's death and his date of death is 11 days before yours. March is a difficult month and so is October. Chad and Michele are getting divorced, didn't see that coming. Nikki and Mik are doing good as are their critters. I don't think we will celebrating holidays together anymore since dad died. Things have changed and there is wedge between all the kids and adults and it breaks my heart. I love you and love the signs you leave for me. Thank you darlin' Love you always, love momma.
Posted by Sandra Renneke on 17th July 2017
Hello Miss, sorry haven't visited in a awhile. Life just keeps on keeping on til it doesn't. July 7th was 4 months since dad passed away. On July 8th Marty was laid to rest in Browns Valley with Myron & Donna. Leela and Joshua are doing well. They may be moving to Gary South Dakota I guess Rick and Jessica bought a resort there. I haven't talked to them about that but they told Nicole. This last weekend was the Scottish Fair and Highland Games. Nicole, Pam, Sue, Rick and I went. A good time but gets so dang hot in mid July by noon your done. We had a short but nice visit as well. Chad and Michele are getting divorced, surprised me. Well darlin', til we meet again when God calls us home. Watch over the ones you left behind, and know you are loved and missed til we meet again! Love you always, miss you still!!! Love, Mom
Posted by Leela Christians on 27th March 2017
Hey mommy, how are you I'm good. You don't know how hard march has been for me. 3 years can you believe it. I'm going to be 14 soon. I'm just really really mad at my self for not praying or leaving you messages. It makes me so mad that Joshua is all ways mad at me. It makes me so sad and mad that you are not here. It makes me feel like it is my fault for your death. Not trying hard enough to make you happy. I'm just really confused this month. I miss are family I miss seeing you in my dreams. I get little signs about you being hear but I can't fissicly see or hear you I miss Ashe hugs I miss your smell. I miss you saying I love you I miss your hair I miss your shortness. I all out missing you. I love you. Thanks for listening.
Posted by Sandra Renneke on 18th March 2017
Three years Missy, three years you've been gone. Time goes too damn fast when you get to be 50yrs. young. Dad has been gone almost 2 weeks. Hard to wrap my head around that. DENIAL is hitting big time even though I saw him right after he died and then again at the funeral home. I went to his memorial a week ago. People I love are dropping like flies, I am not immune to the very same fate, I don't feel like I'm 3 yrs away from 60. I have some health issues, what I consider to be just old people stuff, ya know?!? I never imagined I would see you die before me, or dad. I feel like a fish outta water, like how can I go on when you and dad aren't here. I want to be here for the grandkids but scared as to the fate of our world. Please watch over us and keep us safe. I love and miss you always darlin' ❤❤❤❤ Love, Momma
Posted by Leela Christians on 31st October 2016
Hey mama, today is Halloween. 3 halloweens with out you. I wonder if you know papa Marty is In SF hospital. I almost have another boy friend his name is Joe. He likes me but I don't see him a lot. My Halloween costume is a purple fairie I love and miss you. Thinking about you lately. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Sandra Renneke on 31st October 2016
Happy Heavenly Birthday Missy, it hardly seems possible you have been gone almost 3 yrs. I am going to see a medium later today and Amanda Gilbertson is coming with me. I just miss you sooo sooo much. Dad isn't doing good, has been in the hospital since Thur. They transferred him to sufu on Saturday. Please watch over him angel. I love and miss you sooo much. You will never be forgotten!!!
Posted by Leela Christians on 16th September 2016
Dear mommy how are yo I just started middle school I was bored and searched your name and this pulled up. I forgive grandma sandy for not telling me. I love and miss you. I'm in cheer leading and to day I have a game please help me not miss a count
Posted by Sandra Renneke on 31st August 2016
Hello my Angel Missy, I'm ashamed I haven't been here in a long time. Been busy, depressed, and anxiety issues UGH
Posted by Sandra Renneke on 6th November 2015
Happy belated 36th birthday Angel. I just left a note for grandma Ellen. I haven't visited your memorial or moms in months. Both of you have been occupying my thoughts as of the last 8 months or more. I still reach for my phone to call you. I had lunch with Amanda the day before your birthday. I went out on Halloween as an old hippie with glow in the dark hair not too far from the truth
Posted by Dennis Tillotson on 2nd November 2015
Love you honey Happy Birthday
Posted by Sandra Renneke on 6th August 2015
My Missy Marie, your angel Leela celebrated her 12th birthday July 25th. The adoption of the kids was finalized June 8th 2015. The kids are happy and healthy and seem to be settling in with their adoptive parents Rick & Jessica Christens. I will make certain that Leela and Joshua never forget you, their mother always and forever!!!!! I am still in a rut but finally got my point across to my head therapists so they did a medication change a week ago. I go back in 1 month. I got a 2nd job at the AmericInn as head of housekeeping, will have to see how it plays out. I hope I can do it. I miss you as much now as the day the Lord called you home my angel. There is a large void in my heart for you and mom that can never be filled. I wait for the day we will be reunited. I love you darlin and miss you still my angel !!!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡ your momma.
Posted by Sandra Renneke on 7th July 2015
Hello my sweet Angel Missy mmmmmwhua ♡♡♡♡♡ I made it through the fourth of July didn't do nothin' but survived it anyway. My depression and anxiety is off the charts. I am seeing a dietician to lose this massive amount of weight gained, It's working or at least for the moment it is. Feeling blah most of the time, hatin' life sometimes it takes all my energy to get through a second or minute of every day. I know you see and hear what's going on with me and your with me always. I just wish you didn't have to go away. I miss & love you my angel now and forever. Love your momma ♡♡♡♡♡♡
Posted by Sandra Renneke on 20th May 2015
Hello my Missy Marie, just letting you know the kids had their tonsil and adnoid surgery on Tue, they did well and were home the same day. I guess Debra came up from Arizona, (oh yay) to be with the kids. She is such a suck up its pitifully ridiculous. Dad called me and let me know Debra was here which I am grateful for. I am still at the farm, dad said to stay here so I am. I know you are aware of what is going on and am sure you get it. I love you much and miss you still, think of you daily and know you are looking out for us. Thanks darling, love you always, miss you still........love momma ♡♡♡♡♡
Posted by Sandra Renneke on 16th May 2015
My Missy Marie, hi it's mom. I want you to know I thought of you and mom ( grandma) on Mothers Day . This year was harder for some reason. I posted a couple pictures on signs from our loved ones and died to young in remembrance of you this Mothers Day 2015. On May 9th we celebrated Joshuas birthday at the YMCA. I guess both kids are scheduled to have surgery to remove their tonsils and adnoids I think next week. Both kids are looking good and seem happy with their adoptive parents. The adoption isn't final yet but very close. Well sunshine I won't be moving at least not now, things kinda fell apart for the moment. I know you know what is going on because you are with me always. I want to thank you for being with me at the eye and tissue banquet, made things easier for me. I also want to tell you how proud I am of you for being a donor. Your organs couldn't be used, but your corneas and tissues were used. They were able to get 88 complete grafts from you and 77 have been used. So very proud of you darlin', I know you are living on in others and that gives me some peace. Well my girl I am going to sign off for now, remember you are with me always. I love you now and always will, and I miss you still. Love, mom ♡♡♡♡♡
Posted by Sandra Renneke on 2nd May 2015
My darling Missy, how are you? I am doing well and trying to get things done in a timely matter.Dad is not doing well and hasn't been for a while. He is doing ok enough to work some but that's about all. Nicole and Mik are living in the house in Lynd. The boys are doing well, Chad isn't working for CEEC he is working at the corn plant. Shelly still in school not sure when she will be graduating. I am so glad you were with me last Saturday at the Eye and Tissue luncheon, made things alot easier. I am sure I told you that Scott died back in March, well guess they are spreading his ashes at the lake today. I have been feeling so alone lately, the people I thought had my back don't for whatever their reasons I don't know but can't waste time and energy on worrying about shit I have no control over. I did pray about it and I got an email about how to deal with the loss of a long term friendship. God does answer prayers. I went to your grave site in Lynd a couple wks ago and added some flowers and a cross. I haven't talked or seen the kids since Easter but am going to contact Rick & Jessica about a visit or at the very least a phone call. Dan is being fairly decent so that's a good thing. I am not taking Callie but will take Sport. A very hard thing to do :-( Well my beautiful angel, I just wanted to update you and let you know how much I love & miss you and Grandma Ellen. I talk to Barbara not alot but some. She really does miss you. Remember I will never forget you and think of you and mom daily.All my love to both of you, forever yours, Mom
Posted by Sandra Renneke on 24th March 2015
My darling Missy, I had lunch with an old school friend today. She asked me about my appt. with "Mary Kay. She has had 3 readings with her, another person who belives in the after life. What a good feeling my Missy Marie I feel awesome, am so glad you are at peace, not sick, and with mom and daddy! I love you baby girl save a place for me in heaven cuz I will be there soon!!!!!!
Posted by Kristie Diaz on 18th March 2015
My Dear Beautiful cousin, How I miss you and today isn't easy for any of us. It's been 1 yr since u left us and was called back to the angels and butterflies. But seems like yesterday .. I miss our talks and how u could make me laugh even though I would be sad . Didn't matter how far apart we were u always seemed so close .... I miss u so much my heart still hasn't healed but I know u are watching over me ... I feel Ur warmth and joy with every sun rise and your happiness that you always showed in every butterfly that I see. I feel u around me when I'm struggling and it seems to have a hand on my shoulder telling me to snap out of it girly life will get better.... I love and miss you Missy ..... I light a candle tonight on this sad day in your memory for u have not been forgotten just missed to the fullest. ....
Posted by Sandra Renneke on 18th March 2015
My Missy Marie I had my reading with the physic medium today. I was left with such a sense of peace and calm. I am glad you are with mom and daddy. It helps me with the acceptance of your death. I will always have a place in my heart for you my sweet girl. I love and miss you more everyday it seems. Give my love to Grandma Ellen and daddy and to the children we lost. Luv Luv from Amanda. Take Care Missy Marie and save me a place in heaven, I will be there soon!!!!!! Love, Mom
Posted by Sandra Renneke on 18th March 2015
My Angel, it has been a year since you went home. I still don't want to believe you are gone. I sense you are here with me, sometimes so much so I wonder if I am going crazier. I know you would think that not possible but it is. I am going to see a medium today and hope it helps me in accepting your death. I miss you as much today as I did a year ago. You will always be in my heart darlin' thank you for showing me you have been with me since you were called home. I love you my Missy Marie now and forever ♡♡♡♡Momma
Posted by Mark Newcomb on 18th March 2015
Hard to believe its been a year already Angel. I cant tell you how many times youve been sneaking up on me lately. I Miss You Angel, so much. I'll hear a song or see something that makes me think of you and there you are with that beautiful smile and great laugh. They say it gets easier, but im still waiting for that to happen. I Love You Angel. Wish You Were Here.
Posted by Sandra Renneke on 8th March 2015
My Missy Marie, in 10 days you will have been gone 1 yr. I still can't wrap my head around the fact you are truely gone. I miss you so very much darlin,' as I sit here typing this, the more the tears flow. I know this is part of the grieving process and what a process it is. I think of you every day and some days are easier than others. Today is difficult the last 2-3 months have been hard. I have been told it gets easier with time, I don't agree. I have an appointment with a medium on your Angelversary, feeling a little anxious but hopeful. I love and miss you so very much darlin', but you know that. Save a place for me in heaven, cuz I will be there soon. Love you now and forever til we meet again my girl! Love, mom
Posted by Sandra Renneke on 20th February 2015
My dearest Missy, you have been on my mind alot these days. The anniversary of your death is about 3 wks away. I still can't wrap my head around the fact you are truely gone. Still seems very surreal the whole idea of you dying and being gone gone. The kids are doing well, you would be so proud of them darlin. I am going to see them next Sunday to bring them your "ashes" I have kept for them. They are more ready to get them now, and I think understand a little better about your death. I wish I could say the same about me and understanding your death better. I honestly don't think I ever will get to that point. A part of me died with you the 18th of March 2014. I will never have that part back and I don't know if I will ever accept it or do I think it lessens with time. My heart aches and you are always with me. Some days your death feels so fresh in my mind and other days there but in the shadow of my mind. Missy Marie You are always with me, I can feel your presence or sense it. I love you now and forever my baby girl!! ♡♡♡♡♡ Momma
Posted by Sandra Renneke on 9th February 2015
My Missy Marie, since the first of February I have been getting de ja vu about last year at this time. It is only 6 weeks until the 1 yr anniversary of your death. This feeling isn't what I thought it would be. I had a dream about you and I last nite, it was more like an episode of I love Lucy or the Lucille Ball show. Weird but not, cuz it was something you and I did or would have done kinda like mom & Carol. Hard to explain but I know you know what I mean. I'm scared because I might relive the day of your death or worse not have any kind of feeling about your death. The feelings surrounding your death are with me all the time, but not always the same. I am looking forward to the personal reading scheduled with the medium on the anniversary of your death. Hoping it will help me move forward because I know that's what you want me to do. I just miss you sooo much darlin' words can't express my sadness about your death or how much life has changed. I got the tattoo to remember you, it is Lady slippers and Monarch butterflies and I know you would love it. Well darlin please remember how much I love and miss you until we are together again!!!! As always love, mom
Posted by Dennis Tillotson on 9th February 2015
Hey babe I woke up thinking about you, and it made me realize some things that I should've understood or wish that I had before now.There were times when you told me you were lucky to have survived until the time you met me, about the doctors saying having children would kill you, the seizures, crazy blood sugars, and just dealing with an illness all your life. I am so fucken mad I can't even think straight I miss you, I'm so so fucken sorry for any of the time I ever took you for granted, when you would say those things I would just equate to everyone else who has said that to me and really didn't give it much thought. I think about you everyday baby nothing has changed that way, you are what my life is, I love you baby I wish I could have all the days back that I didn't say it just to say again. I never understood that our time would be short, I miss our kids and our family baby I don't know what to do?
Posted by Sandra Renneke on 4th February 2015
Morning my Missy Marie, just wanted to let you know Bob (papa) Hentges died January 31st. The funeral is Saturday (7th) @ Catholic Church in Marshall. I plan on going, sounds like he had been pretty ill. Oh and also Rubys son Jeremy, the one that was gone for 20 yrs, just showed up back here at Christmas.........Ikr CrAzY. Been thinking of you and mom alot lately. Guess it's cuz I'm still trying to accept your death and you and mom were so close. Well baby gurl that's all for the moment. Talk to you soon, love you and miss you more than I can put to paper. Luv ya, Mom
Posted by Amanda Gilbertson on 3rd February 2015
Ok so I have been having a really hard time coming to terms with you being gone I am actually still in shock and still not able grieve your passing you were one of the best and anyone that was able to know you knows that and I still find myself wanting to call you Facebook you stop over and see you but I start to to reach for the phone or Facebook you a message or start driving toward your home and then I remember oh that's right she's gone and I can't handle it I love and miss you so much my sister from another mister lol you always had such a brightness you brought with you whenever you came into a room and when talking on the phone with you you always had a way with words to make me feel better and now there is apart of me that just feels empty and aches for my sister. I miss you so much please as I go into surgery tomorrow please please watch over me and if that doctor screws anything up you have my permission to haunt him for as long as you need to lol anyway until we see each other again please know how much I love and miss you. Love your sister forever Amanda♥️
Posted by Sandra Renneke on 3rd February 2015
My girl Missy, today is Feb 2nd and the 1 year anniversary of your death is 7 weeks away. I still can't believe you are truely gone. When I look at the pictures of you, I try to remember that particular day in your life. There are quite a few actually, it's funny how that works. Guess those things are now in the forefront of my mind, rather than just a fleeting memory in time. Alot of things will trigger a memory of you, and that is a good thing as it helps me to move forward I think but you know it's a SLOOOW PROCESS. The hurt that came from your death will always be there and no one can take from me the memories that, that hurt has caused. I luv you baby girl always and forever, Love mom
Posted by Harrison Tillotson on 13th January 2015
Missy was like a second mom to me ... and i miss her soo much ...i wish she was here still its really hard knowing shes gone forever ..... i miss you missy i love you like my own mother .... ill see you again someday
Posted by Sandra Renneke on 13th January 2015
My dearest Missy, I've been thinking about my birthday, one year ago. I remember coming to see you and you told me to wait a sec. You went into the bedroom and came out with a small rectangular box with wrapping paper on it and gave it to me and said "Happy Birthday momma. I opened the box and inside was a beautiful elephant pendent with a turquois head piece. Inside the box was also a hand written note explaining why elephants are so revered in the world. I remember you and I talking about that subject and saying how cool elephants were and we weren't surprised that they were so revered. I want to thank you again Missy for that awesome gift and I will wear it today in your memory. God bless you darlin' ♡♡♡♡ Mom
Posted by Sandra Renneke on 3rd January 2015
Missy another year has come and gone, glad it is over but doesn't change the fact you are gone. It will be 10 months on January 18th. Almost a year since you died, still don't want to accept it. I made an appt with a physic medium for a personal reading to try and talk to you thru her on March 18th, as you know there are no coincidences. It is a good omen I believe. It was the first date she had open when I called to make the appt. I about fell over when she told me that, also very happy about the date. I am anxious but glad and can't wait for the reading. It is about the only thing that keeps me going right now. I am feeling that my life sucks right now but am sure it is because of Dans trouble and him drinking alot and being a absolute asshole. I can hear your response in my head weird how that happens. I have not seen the kids since November but they are transitioning to their new home and I don't want to interfere with that. Well angel, I love and miss you very much but feel your presence occasionally. I wish you were here and not just your spirit. All my love darling, as always Mom
Posted by Sandra Renneke on 25th December 2014
My Angel Missy Marie, This is the first Christmas without you and also your first Christmas in heaven. This holiday season has been extremely hard for me. I was gonna spend Christmas Eve at dads with the kids and everyone but that didnt happen thanks to Shelly. It shouldn't surprise me I guess but Shelly is a hipppocrite, claims she is a christian but she is NOT. I did go to the cemetary and spent 2 hrs talking to you and God, questioning my faith, Gods existence, and how much I missed you and mom. My Christmas this year SUCKED as much as the whole year of 2014. I am hopeful that 2015 will be better. I miss you so much Missy and Mom too. It's been much harder cuz my 2 people I could talk to about anything are both gone now. With all my love to you and mom in heaven baby girl. Luv u much, miss u more!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Sandra Renneke on 17th December 2014
My darling Missy, we are a week and one day away from Christmas. It will be a sad Christmas without you. We did get one Christmas miracle this year, Leela and Joshua are going to be adopted by a family in Cottonwood Mn and will be able to be involved with our family. Debra will have to come here to visit and has to be supervised. Joshs' parental rights were taken away in October so he can have no contact. :-) Oh Happy Day !!! There was a candle lighting worldwide for everyone that has someone in heaven this holiday season on December 14 2014. I participated at The Compassionate Friends grief support group that I go to. Remember that light up angel I gave mom and then I got it back, well I turn it on every night to honor you and mom and others who have passed over. I miss you more everyday even though it's supposed to get easier as time passes or so they say. I am not sure that it will get easier for me like they say, it sure is not feeling like that to me.I think of you every day and there isn't a phone line to heaven but I think and /or talk to you everyday..I ask you to let mom know that I love and Miss her too. I know there will come a day that we will be together again and I am trying to be patient and do Gods work here but sometimes it gets so hard darlin'. As always baby girl I love and Miss you bunches. Love, your Mom !!!!!?
Posted by Sandra Renneke on 3rd December 2014
My dearest Missy, Christmas is just over 3 wks away. I can't believe this year has gone by so fast. This Christmas will be difficult as I was remembering the past few Christmases with you at dads. I still have the peace pillows you made for me. I have the coffee cup you gave me and the footprints plaque. I didn't really give those things a second thought until after you passed away. I have the Elephant necklace you gave me for my 54th birthday and the box you put it in. These things mean so much to me little girl and am so thankful to have them. I know you will be with me in spirit but it's just not the same. I think of you always and you are always with me in my heart and my thoughts. I love you Missy Marie. As always, love mom !!!!
Posted by Sandra Renneke on 26th November 2014
My dearest Missy, with Thanksgiving tomorrow, I am sorry I never came to share Thanksgiving with you. I am so ashamed and wish that I would have come to be Thankful for you, Leela, and Joshua. I will always be thankful for you and the kids, just sorry I never came to celebrate with you.Please forgive me my sweet Missy. As Always, love Mom
Posted by Harrison Tillotson on 20th November 2014
I wish you werestill with us missy its been almost a year since i last saw you ... it sucks ... badly thanksgiving is gonna be hard for me this year
Posted by Kristie Diaz on 19th November 2014
Missy I love and Miss u daily. I'm sorry I didn't get to come back to see u and I'm sorry I couldn't face my heart achieve when I lost u. U where my bff they one cousin I could relate to and u never judged me . I love u missy
Posted by Heather Tillotson on 18th November 2014
Sissy, I love you❤️
Posted by Sandra Renneke on 18th November 2014
My Missy Marie I got through the anniversary of mom's death, kinda. Tomorrow is the 85th celebration of moms life. I did watch both the dvds of yours and moms life. It is still difficult to watch moms and yours is very difficult since your death isn't real in my heart yet. I talk to you every night and cry while doing it but that helps me heal or so I'm told. Can't believe you have been gone 8 months already but in the same sense not dead just gone. I guess when you're a parent and lose a child especially your first-born, it never really seems real, for me anyway. I don't think I told you about getting a call from the South Dakota eye and tissue bank on your birthday. After talking to them they ask if I would speak at their next donor luncheon.I felt honored that they ask me to speak.. I plan on doing that at least right now. I guess it's easier to write some things than to speak them. We had that commonality in life, surprising how things like that seem to take on a different meaning after you you lose a loved one in death. Well Miss I Love and Miss you alot and most days, wish I had you here with me again. I know we will be together again but until then, the ache in my heart will remain, along with the void which can never be filled. God Bless you my Angel, Love, Mom
Posted by Sandra Renneke on 9th November 2014
My Missy Marie, it has been a little over a week since your 35 bithday. It was extremely difficult due to the fact t I couldn't have Leela & Joshua for your birthday which was the plan, til some people said I was Mentally Unbalanced. Whatever; it is their issue not mine. I called New Horizons last Friday to try to set up an appt and to see if they were going to charge me to see the kids. No one called me back so couldn't see the kids :-( Oh well what do you do, right? ????? I know you understand but soooooo wish you were here. If you were here wouldn't be havin' to deal with this crap. I also know you never thought it would become such a cluster-fuck after you died. Kinda like when mom died. The anniversary of her death is 3 days away and that's going to be tough too. I know you and mom will be with me in spirit, comforting me as only you could. Please give mom a hug and kiss, love & miss you both very much!!!!!!!!!! Love, mom
Posted by Barbara Karakas on 31st October 2014
Happy Birthday Missy, My special angel I miss you and will never forget you....I know there are times when you are here with me...I still have trouble believing that you are gone, I love you! Mom Barbara
Posted by Dory Munnell on 31st October 2014
Happy Heavenly Birthday Missy!
Posted by Sandra Renneke on 31st October 2014
Happy 35th birthday Missy Marie!!!!!!! It is your birthday today and I am missing you so much. I won't have the kids today because some people think I am not stable enough to handle it. Its B.S. but gotta do what they tell ya. Phhhhht !!!! I am going to visit your grave and leave Halloween decorations to celebrate your life. I know you are looking down on all of us and and celebrating right along with us. This year and for years to come you will be my angel on Halloween!!!!! So Happy Birthday and Happy Halloween my Angel !!!!!, love Mom
Posted by Sandra Renneke on 25th October 2014
My Melissa Marie, your birthday is 6 days away. I can't believe that 7 months has gone so fast since you died. It still is so wrong in my mind even tho I know the Lord had his reasons for taking you home. I believe part of the reason was to end your pain and suffering. I did not want you in any more PAIN of that I am certain. I often wonder how things would have been if we had done the transplant. I try and understand how you must have felt facing that. I will never know for sure but it must have scared the shit out of you. I know you are with mom and all others that have died and so I do have a feeling of peace knowing that. I also know my life will never be the same. I love and miss you every day. I love you my angel and we will be together again some day. Love, your Mom
Posted by Dennis Tillotson on 24th October 2014
Well baby been here a month now lol you know our luck nothing ever is what you think it will be I think of you everyday and wish for you I love you baby
Posted by Sandra Renneke on 21st October 2014
My Missy Marie, as your birthday gets closer, I seem to get further away from accepting your death. I love and Miss you so very much. I still want to call you all the time. I miss your voice and your wisecracks, you could make me laugh when no one else could. It seemed like you just knew when I was having a shitty day and most always asked what was wrong? If I wasn't always forth coming you would back off for awhile and then ask me again. I could tell you everything and at times it was like our roles were reversed. People would say that wasn't healthy or the way mother/daughter relationships should be. We broke that mold and fortunately it worked for us. I know that for most people that wouldn't work. We had a unique relationship, we didn't always see eye to eye but we made it work reguardless. I loved the relationship we had and maybe that's why your death is so hard for me to accept. I hope it gets easier but I will never ever forget you my little goblin. R.I.P. Love Mom
Posted by Barbara Karakas on 19th October 2014
Missy I am missing you tonight wish I could call and talk to you...I hope you are happy...I look at your pictures and I know one thing I will miss you the Rest of my days on earth...I am going to make an effort and see your Mom don't right now when but I am going to try. I love you My Missy.....
Posted by Sandra Renneke on 16th October 2014
My dear Missy, I put the remainder of your ashes in "grandma ellens'" lake on Oct 10th 2014. It was 4 yrs to the day that moms ashes were layed to rest in Lake Alice. I thought it was fitting since you and mom were so close.I hope you are truely at peace now that it is done. I miss you soooo very much darlin', the closer your birthday gets the harder it seems to accept your death. I have never felt such pain, it is an indescribable emptiness and sorrow I can't explain. The lord is with me though and with his help the pain will lessen in time. God bless you baby girl, love and miss you !!!! Love, mom

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