Melissa Ann Macdonald Pellerin was born on March 23, 1968, in Jasper, Indiana.  She was the second of four daughters born to Patricia and John Macdonald.  The family moved to a small ranch house in Aurora, Indiana in 1970.  As a child, Melissa loved to play softball, football and badminton with her family and friends, ride bikes, swim and go hiking and camping.  Melissa went to Dillsboro Elementary and Middle Schools before going to South Dearborn High School.  She was active in many clubs and loved to participate in everything musical, including band, musical performances, variety shows, and the Swing Choir.  Melissa attended Purdue University, where she planned to study Math, but when she discovered that she was interested in working with kids, she switched to studying Education.  While attending Purdue, Melissa met her first husband, Huntley Manhertz.  They married after graduation and in 1994 had their beautiful son Treh.  Melissa's family and Huntley's family still keep in touch.  Melissa taught in Jamaica for one year before returning to Indiana to attend graduate school at Indiana University in Bloomington where she focused on multi-cultural education.  Feeling that she needed practical experience, Melissa accepted a position at an international school, and she and Treh moved to Ifran, Morocco in 1998.  After living in Morocco for several years, Melissa took a new position at a school in Kuwait.  Here, Melissa fell in love with and married fellow teacher Pierre Pellerin.  Pierre and Melissa’s son Duncan was born during their years in Kuwait, before the family moved to new teaching positions, first in Lebanon, and then to Surabaya, Indonesia, where they lived for many years.  After Treh graduated from High School and left to attend college at Vassar, the Pellerin family moved to Moscow, Russia where Melissa and Pierre taught for six years at the Anglo-American School.  The family traveled through Asia and Europe, as well as Africa, during their more than two decades living overseas.  The family returned regularly to visit family in the United States and Canada, and Melissa and Pierre bought their own house in Pierre’s hometown of Larry’s River, Nova Scotia, where they enjoyed returning for summers and December holidays to work on the house. 

Melissa was full of love and positive energy.  She loved spending time with Pierre and her sons, Treh and Duncan, who could rival anyone in Harry Potter knowledge.  Melissa always had a book that she was either reading or listening to, and she loved to play games and work various types of puzzles.  She also enjoyed walking through the woods close to her school in Moscow, kayaking at her home in Larry’s River and in Maine, and had recently began crocheting numerous blankets and other items to give as gifts.  Anyone who spent time with Melissa knows that she adored being with people and going to all types of restaurants, as well as attending musical performances and other events.  Melissa also cherished her moments alone, drinking coffee and watching the sunrise from her deck in Larry’s River.