Shared by Nancy Ulu on August 31, 2019
Your demise is still too sudden and shocking to me Grandma. Accepting d fact that you're no more is a great difficulty.

 You shouldn't have accepted to follow Him to the land of no return I so despise him cause He doesn't know when to knock at someone's door(Mr.Death) 
The last time I saw you was fun filled. You were looking so fresh, young healthy & strong.
Mummy biologically you're not my mother but ever since the hand of fate brought us together, you've been that wonderful Mum that anyone could ask God for.

How can I forget your caring moments, That night I had to sneak out of your room to go cry out my pains because I was denied admission thinking that God had forgotten me,how you noticed it I can't explain. You left your sleep only to encourage me. Mum those your words of encouragement gave me another reason to try. And all tnx to God I made it. Your calls, love, & promises is still fresh in my memory .I will forever miss you Mummy. Alex &Audrey Misses Grandma

It's too painful for me to bid you adieu Grandma. Goodbye is indeed the saddest word. But then I can't question God He knows the best. I pray your golden soul finds eternal peace in the bosom of our creator until we meet to part no more on that resurrection day.

Adieu my motivator
Adieu NNE Ozuzuoma
Nkechi Bubu will forever miss you.

Shared by Lydia Ejiogu on August 31, 2019
A Tribute to a Real Gem
I vividly recall our first encounter, when I came visiting in the house. You gave me a warm welcome and took a liking to me immediately and I did same to you. Regardless of the age difference, we were able to connect quite well.
From that point, a bond was birthed between us and regardless of what path I towed eventually, our relationship didn't change. 
I still remember our talks; how you always called me "Kelechi nwa m", how excited you always were whenever I called to check on you, plus the blessings you constantly showered on me and how you always ended all of our conversations with "I love you nwa m". You were always interested in my welfare; often asking me how work, academics and life were for me. I was continually awed by your love, care and selflessness.
The last time we spoke, while you were still in PH, you were in perfect health and in high spirits as I've known you to be. 
So when Chima told me on the 2nd of this month that he was afraid I wasn't going to be able to talk to my friend again, I didn't understand. I asked what he meant, and he told me you were no more.  It didn't make sense; still doesn't. Like, how could you, who was so full of life have gone like that; unannounced?
It's disheartening to say Adieu, but our consolation is in the fact that you've gone to a better place. You lived an admirable life. You gave your time, energy and service to the work of God. So, it's time to wear your crown of glory. Keep resting in the bosom of the Almighty.
I'll really miss you, Mom. Until we meet to part no more, farewell Ma.
Your daughter (by choice),
Kelechi Ejiogu. 
Shared by Daniel Onyedikachi on August 30, 2019
A Tribute To A Grandmother with an aura of joy and love.

Oh death! Where is your sting? Oh grave, where is your victory? 
So deep are these words to comfort my soul. Though leaving a deep wound in the soul, that will forever bring heart break whenever Grandma is remembered. 
For the times she was in Port Harcourt, as a church member it was natural for the motherless (like I am), to receive care from her motherly heart. 
So approachable, very simple, never-a-dull-moment,  easy going, and cheerful woman of God. Whose presence would lit up a sober environment. I have never seen Grandma angry.
For every errand I ran for her to get her eye drops, was worth it. Because it was impossible to leave without receiving an advice,  a prayer of blessing, a word of encouragement and a persuasion to eat food from Grandma.
All I know is that, indeed death and the power of grave are swallowed up in Christ Jesus; for her faith in Christ has made it possible for me to still say 'it is well with my soul.'
May God comfort us.
Grandma is greatly missed, and simply irreplaceable. 

Onyedikachi Daniel
(Grandma's errand boy for her eye-drops and her church member in Doulos Christian Church, PH).
Shared by Dr. KHase on August 28, 2019
Shared by Monday Iruedo on August 28, 2019
The few times I was privileged to meet mama,I knew I met a mother that was absolutely receptive,caring,and loving. It disheartening to be writing this. It is absolutely true,good people don't last. Where ever you are mum,I know you will be proud of  the legacy you have left behind. You created a base many only dreamt of. Personally I am going to miss u. Rest in the bosom of Christ mum. 
       Monday Caleb I

Tribute to a great woman

Shared by Ikenna Iloabuchi on August 23, 2019
We were in utter shock when the news of your demise was relayed to us. First thought that come to mind was why now and why you. You were at a stage in life we all hoped for : to enjoy and reap the fruits of your labor. An amiable woman you were, filled with love in your heart and always vibrant. The few times we chatted you always genuinely checked on how my family was doing, always cracked jokes about hoping to see us soon, and you always ended the calls with God bless you nwam.
We will definitely miss hearing your voice.
Heavens have gained what this earth has lost. Your departure from this earthly realm leaves us with a void that cannot be filled. May the journey ahead of you be a straight path and I pray that the good Lord you’ve served all your life judge you compassionately and receive your soul in his blossom. 
Till we meet again. Jee nke oma my dear in-law. In our hearts you will forever remain.
Ikenna and Ujuka Iloabuchi
Shared by Dr. KHase on August 23, 2019
Condolence message from Church of Nigeria 

A good woman goes home

Shared by Pasce Nice on August 23, 2019
It was a big shock to me when Ogechi called me n said "Pasce i lost my mum"  my phone fall from my hand n tears dropped from my eyes n my wife asked me what happened?. Mum is a good n God fearing woman , from the little I know her she is caring n take care of people that comes across her. Take heart Oge my friend n brother . may God give Mrs Mercy Igwe eternal rest Amen
Shared by Dr. KHase on August 22, 2019
Mesaage of Condolence from Lord Bishop Diocese of Ohaji/Egbema


Shared by Alexander Umoren on August 22, 2019
I was deeply saddened to hear the loss of your great mum, Mrs Mercy Chinatu Igwe.
Mrs Igwe, your mother for the period I knew her was such a wonderful woman who loves and cares for all her children. She nurtured and trained all of you to be God fearing, and be loved by any one who come across any members of the family. She was an Epitome of a real woman, a good wife, a caring mother, a devoted Christian and a community leader of no mean dimension.
I am really worried that her death has created a vacuum in the family in particular, and for the entire community as a whole. This I feel would be difficult to fill.

Your mum has left so much qualities and gifts worthy of emulation for us to learn from her.
I pray God to use the little sacrifices, good works of love, peace, unity and cheerfulness she exhibited here on earth to welcome her soul into His unending and eternal banquet in Heaven.
May God fill in the vacuum of which her absence may have created in our lives and in the lives of all those who mourn her demise. May the soul of Late Mrs Mercy Chinatu Igwe, and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen

Dr Umoren
(For and on behalf of my Family, The Umorens)
United Kingdom

Condolence message from Cathedral Church Umuokanne

Shared by Dr. KHase on August 22, 2019
May the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace (Amen) 
Shared by Oge Igwe on August 21, 2019
Di nne ya.
 Where nd how do i start.U always called me di nne ya....husband of the mother.My heart is so heavy.But u know sometin mum...u r right here with me now and always. 


Shared by Uju Joseph on August 20, 2019
When ijay told me about your passing on to glory it was such a shock to me because you still full of life,i have met you many times and you are a strong woman,very fashionable,loving and Godly. Thank you for taking care of your grand kids.I am happy because your children took very care of you till death.we will miss you mama but will meet again on the last day.RIP sweet mama.

A tribute by Ashiegbu Martins Chukwuemeka.

Shared by Martins Ashiegbu on August 20, 2019
It is very difficult to accept, yet very true, very difficult to understand, yet very real, the fact that you are gone is still like a dream to me.

You were such a straight forward person, you contributed in changing lives positively, I remember your special interest in me as a person, your caring nature and your words of encouragement at all times.
Rest on mummy, you will forever be missed.

Shared by Aijay Chukwurah on August 18, 2019
Hmmmmmmmm,feels like I have been dreaming but each passing day,it dawns on me what actually happened ,l stil try to fathom what happened, or rather why it happened but I am left with questions upon questions in my deepest of hearts...
Mum you sent me a msg on wattapp that fateful morning the 31st of July and I replied immediately I woke up to see your msg,I promised I was going  to call you during the day,but alas it was a different ball game @ the dawn of 31st July..
Mummy my friend, my gist partner,my strongest ally,my amazon,my fighter, my came for omugwo last year and stayed with me for six months ,oh how I was saddened when u were leaving back to the east...
Words fail me at this time,as I write this tribute with tears rolling down my cheeks like water...I love you mummy in every possible way,and am glad I was able to show my love to you in every possible way I could within my reach..
You were the best mom to us all,you are everything wrapped up in one...
I take consolation in the fact that you are in a far more better place,where there is no death,for the bible says in everything we give thanks for this is the wil of God for us in christ jesus...
You lived your life serving the lord fervently with zeal and passion,you lived a good life...
I wil forever miss you, I wil always love you, you were the best mom ...
Words fail me...
Rest on mum ,you live in my heart forever...
Your daughter marman like u always call me.... 

Shared by R Awori on August 18, 2019
Dear Charles,
I want to express my deepest condolences to you during this trying time. My prayers and my thoughts are with you and your family. I pray that you feel the comfort of our Heavenly Father and His peace strengthens you all

Oh Mama....

Shared by Elvis Osung on August 17, 2019

Mama, it's sad to hear about your exit to the great beyond.

Still in shock, words fail me to express how I feel.

You did not take us just as friends to your children, you took us as your own children.

You always had a broad smile and a welcoming disposition.

You were always keen to listen to all what we had to say.

You never failed to shower us with prayers, blessing our endeavours.

We miss you but take solace in the fact that you are in a better place.

We will live with the memory of your amazing personality and kind heart.

May God grant your children the fortitude to bear this great loss.

RIP Mama

Rest Well Mum

Shared by Unyime Osung on August 17, 2019
Dear Khase,
Please accept our deepest condolences on the passing away of your dearest mum.
The news of her demise came as a rude shock to us. It is still hard to believe she is no more. However, we thank God for the beautiful life that she lived and the many lives she touched.
May God comfort you and your entire family and grant you the grace to bear this irreplaceable loss.
Rest well mum.

A FAMILY FOUNTAIN For the Ozuzuma Family. (Sir Chief S. N. Ozuzuma)

Shared by Dr. KHase on August 16, 2019
 Mercy Chinatu was born on 20th Jan, 1945 to the family of Late Mr. Raphael Ihentuge and Late Mrs. Caroline Ada Ozuzuma of Umuduruonnugbo, Umuagwuru Mbieri in Mbaitoli L.G.A of Imo State.
At birth, the name Chinatu was symbolic. She was the first survived child after two female children who died before the birth of each other. Literally translated; Chinatu means God decides when, what and how to give.
Chinatu was a fountain to her younger siblings, springing different jets, from youth up to present. The younger brother the Opara of the Ozuzuma dynasty Chief sir S. N. Ozuzuma recounts; proceed from her first salary was sent home and Papa used part to buy his first real shoe and trouser. He also recounts that Chinatu and the husband accommodated him when he came to Lagos to look for work.
During the Biafran war she worked as a supervisor to the Caritas/Red Cross society. Her position ensured that we lacked nothing in the mist of starvation.
Chinatu is survived by six siblings who mourn her demise alongside her children, In-laws and respective sympathizers.
Chinatu was born in Umuobogwo, Umokanne in Ohaji/ Egbema L.G.A of Imo State. Growing up she attended CMS Primary School where she obtained the First School Leaving Certificate. She proceeded to Egbu Model School present Egbu Girls Secondary School, she obtained the G4 certificate. She proceeded to Lagos to look for work on the invitation of the maternal uncle Late Mr. G. N. Onuekwusi. 
She was employed by C.P.I (Chasbery Pond International) makers of famous petroleum jelly and other range of products. Sometime after the Biafran war, C.P.I was acquired by liver brothers and she retired as a production manager.
Chinatu met her husband Late Nze J. O. N. Igwe at Umuokanne at the early stage of the war. Their marriage was blessed with seven children.
Chinatu is a member of the Knighthood of the Church of Nigeria, Lady/Dame of Anglican Communion of Ohaji/Egbema Diocese.
Chinatu lived a life of service, she came out of Secondary School with G4 not because she could not compete for the Cambridge Certificate but due to financial pressure to assist the younger siblings. When she assumed management position in her place of work, many, mostly from Umuokanne benefited from her magnanimity and were employed either as artisans, factory or casual workers. 
It was not easy for her and her husband to successfully graduate six out of seven children from the university. Her children are successful in their respective fields and have given her grandchildren. Therefore she has every reason to REST IN PEACE.
De Maa!!! The entire Ozuzuma mourn your death. You were a dependable ally ready to do battle where necessary.
Good bye Adaukwu.
For the Ozuzuma Family.
Sir Chief S. N. Ozuzuma


Shared by Dr. KHase on August 13, 2019
 De-Mercy "de-de", you loved me unconditionally and stood by me through thick and thin. You have partaken in my joy and sorrow, my laughter and my tears,  you have been my inspiration as we grew through the years. 
 Why now?, your demise has traumatised the entire family. We are all in a state of shock. We, your younger ones cannot comprehend.  We are all confused. Your children are left in the dark, losing both parents within 5 years. 
 Who are we to question God, the author and finisher of our fate. Does the clay have the right to ask the potter why he shaped it?. Does a clay pot dare with it's maker?, Certainly not. In every situation thank God. 
Since it has pleased God to take you home at this time, rest in the bosom of the Lord. Till we meet again to part no more. 
Eric Ozuzuma (Younger brother) 

DEATH, A COWARD: Eddy Ozuzuma

Shared by Dr. KHase on August 17, 2019
Death, why do you sneak and walk in shadow? You sneaked into the house to steal AdaUkwu my beloved sister when her armed army of children, grandchildren were not present. Why not confront them frontally and face their battery? The Prayers of Nwakaego, the dialectic acumen of Chima, the Academic Brilliance of Nnamemeka and Chikodi, the Financial Muscle of Ijeoma, the Militancy of Anna and Ogechi.
Walking after the shadows of death, she travelled home to attend the Anniversary of the Anglican Diocese of Ohaji/Egbema and other related activities and you stroke.
Death!!!, My sister triumphed over you, she died in the vineyard of Jehovah. THIS IS MY HAPPINESS.
I console my sympathizers not to morn but rejoice. Light will always conquer darkness In Jesus Name.
Eddy Ozuzuna

Tribute To My Beloved Sister. Mrs Patience Onuoha

Shared by Dr. KHase on August 17, 2019
Dede, I feel so empty writing this tribute, my heart bleeds and feels like a bad dream. You were a sister like no other, a pillar of support to all who surrounded you, a woman after God's heart, a perfect gift to the family.
Ada Nne m, I spoke with you on Monday before the sudden incident on Wednesday of that very week and little did I know that it will be my last talk with you. I will miss your weekly calls to me to ascertain how I am doing with my family.
Ada Nne m, the sad news of your death was indeed a thunder storm to me that night because I never heard you were sick not to talk of death. The sad news really tore me apart. What a life, we live in? I will only hold unto the good memories we had. I am confident that you are with your maker. You have done your best. It is left for us to carry on from where you stopped.
Good night Dede - I and my family miss you. Rest in the blossom of the Lord till we meet to part no more.    
                 Mrs Patience Onuoha

               (Nee Ozuzuma) younger sister.

Tribute To My Elder Sis- From: Gladys Okere.

Shared by Dr. KHase on August 17, 2019
Adamuruada ! Adaukwu ! Adaorintata, I will miss you. My only consolation is that you are resting in the bosom of the LORD. Death came and snatched you away from us suddenly, just like that. Well, we thank God for everything. I discussed with you on Monday, only for me to hear on Wednesday of that same week that you have passed on, and I was shocked. When I called you on that Monday; your response was ' Chi Chi, lovely girl' I will come to your house in August - prepare a room for me. Little did I know that that will be my last discussion with you.
DEDE, you played the role of a mother to me, which will remain ever green in my memory. I will never forget the care you gave to me and my family, during one of my leave period. It was so overwhelming that I saw myself shading tears; and you were surprised. When you asked me why the tears; I answered you that I've not received such care since after the demise of our mother. You assured me that it is tears of joy; that you are also my mother, therefore, should be happy.
When my maid suddenly left ,you were there for me. You came for ' omugwo in your daughters' ( Ijeoma ),house, but insisted she should bring you to my house, to take care of my children, while I go to work. You stayed until I got another house help. In fact, it's only God that can fill the vacuum your demise created.
My only consolation is that you passed away peacefully. Adieu adaorintata


Shared by Dr. KHase on August 17, 2019
To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
A time to be born and a time to die; a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted: 
A time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn, and a time to dance: ( Eccl 3 : 1 - 2 & 4 ).
In this very scenario, we are not dancing nor are laughing - death has snatched you away from us. Our solace is on the fact that we shall see you again when our work here on earth is ended.
God has promised us in His word in Rev 21 : 4 and it says : " And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain, for the former things are away." 
Shared by Nneka Laura on August 17, 2019
Mummy Mercy, your friend, sister and cowife Dame Ngozi Ekeh asked me to tell you that she's still waiting for you @His alive chapel for Wednesday morning prayers as she has vehemently refused to believe that you are gone, how can you tell me that rubbish(she says to me) NDA Mercy and I shared a bed at SYNOD from 4th to 7th July 2019 and we planed  to attend 'SONS INDEED PROGRAM'@ the cathedral on 1st August. its disturbing enough that   NDA Mercy missed  Wednesday morning prayers on 31st July pls don't tell me she won't be coming for 'mothers union conference ' because she  is the 'lay Reader' and as such, has to moderate the conference.. ' .
Its hard for me to believe  that I won't ever hear your soft spoken words again but its obviously harder for your children and friend. how can this be? why this soon? Why this sudden? ???so many questions running through my mind but in all, I take solace in the fact that you are in a better place watching over your loved ones , you where such an awesome and gentle human being always praising the little things I do. Its sad to say goodbye mummy, so I say sleep on till we meet to part no more .....

Adieu Mummy (From daughter in law, Oge Igwe)

Shared by Dr. KHase on August 16, 2019
Me :Hello mummy!
Mummy: my darling wife.
Oh how that melts my welcomed me as a member of your home and showed me all the love and care I could ever ask for...
Oh! How you loved Amaho (Somto)..... I grieve today because you never got to meet him. I wish you could have stayed a while, so our children could have you as an elder spiritual guide. 
I just wanted to let you know that our children will know about you and your legacy of unconditional love.
The OGES love you mummy and we miss you so much.........
Keep resting in the blossom of our Lord!!!

Adieu Dee Marcy( in my dad.Silver's voice)

Shared by Amarachi Achonu on August 16, 2019
I remember the first time Nnemaka brought me home even as a young teeanager you accepted me,and when you found out i was from your maternal home,you loved me and then knowing am Anwusionwu's daughter your love grew(got me wondering if you were my dad's crush...oink!!). Your love for people was so unconditional,not restricted to tribe or language,you were so pure at heart,so giving,so caring,always smiling,i could swear i never saw you angry at anytime. The last time i saw you was the day i gave u my first gift(a perfume) from my first prayed for me,you hugged me so tight that it felt like home been in your arms. Thank you Dee Marcy for all you were and all the love you showed us. Its sad i will never see again but i know you are in a better place. It is with so much hurt i write this but IT IS WELL. SLEEP WELL MA, SUN RE O!!!!!!

A tribute on our ever happy and jovial inlaw

Shared by Eucharia Iloabuchi on August 15, 2019
Your death, was received with great shock, that we are still in doubt of your demise, it is yet to be fully registered as a reality, after all the toiling, now that  the time to ripe, the devil struck. You were such a pleasant, kind  and big entertainer to all around you, I wonder why you didn't remember our daughter ( your nwanyi bekee), our son in-law ( your Ezenwa), and all your cherished children. Your absence in the family has caused excruciating pain, the vacuum is so great to fill too, your absence is so untimely, Daddy Julius, left few years ago, now you too, who will mentor all the kids and your daughters inlaw, this is so very sad. You would have waited for few years more, well who are we to question God, always be our angel  from henceforth. We miss you dearly. Adieu  Ogoom, Adieu nwanyi oma, Adieu lady with thankful heart, goodnight Mom.                                                                                                  From,                                                                                                Sir & Dr. Mrs A.E. iloabuchi.                       

You Lived Well....

Shared by Ngozi Igwe on August 14, 2019
Who told you it was ok to leave us? With whom did you commune in those few minutes? These were the questions I asked when I learnt about your passing. I went ahead to call you over the weekend as promised but then the operator kept saying the number you called is not available. That was when it became my reality. I know you didn’t want to bother anyone when it was time because you said so to me severally. But mum your queen Ada Pempem, your ‘husband’ Chimdibubu, nwanyi bekee gi and of course Nnadede deserved better goodbyes. We agreed you will come see us in yonder soon. I have been buying you stuff and waiting for the time you will eventually land. It’s too funny how life plans for you while you are planning for it.
Nwanyi bekee muo, ezigbo nwa, ezi nwunye anyi gara mba luta, o di m n’obi …. the names are too many. The ‘peacock’ in me rises with each sound. You sang my praise to all and beyond while all I could see was the many flaws I had. Many times, you will use me as reference when seeking to correct another. I am not near perfect but with you, I could wear the badge with honour as the great daughter in-love. I look back now in time and I am very satisfied that I showed you just how much I cared and what you meant to me while you were with us here.
My loss is most certainly heaven’s gain. This is a transition into life and a reminder that no one is promised tomorrow. I miss you so very much, but I know you lived well. Thank you for welcoming me into your home. Thank you for endearing me to you. Thank you for protecting me even in my absence. Thank you for being firm and being you. You are an amazon indeed. I will ensure the kids remember you for all the good times.
Yes, I will make sure someone continues to call me ‘nwanyi bekee’ since you and Dad have become our angels. I have dried my tears with the assurance that wherever you are, I will be in your thoughts for good. Adieu Mommy, you have left a vacuum I do not wish to fill. But in all I give thanks to God for the gift of having known you.
Jenudo, Jee Nke Oma, Zuru ike na ndokwa.

Easter 2019, our last meeting.

Shared by Seth Igwe on August 14, 2019
Don't know what prompted me to go spend the easter of 2019 ( April 21 ) in portharcourt. I guess it was my premonition telling me to go even if it meant for one night and not use work as an excuse. Retrospecting now, I'm glad I did. If I hadn't, September 2018 would have been the last time we saw each other.  

Mum, I've got a thousand memories of you. From when I was 10 and in JSS 1 when you were admitted in the hospital (the ONLY time I remember you ever being admitted) and I spent the 2 weeks at the hospital with you because I couldn't bear being without you, to all our journies to Akogun Street to see Mr. Azeez because you were hell bent on seeing me go to a Unity College aka F.G.C.

I remember finally gaining admission into F.G.C. Idoani, Ondo state and how we both travelled together for the second time. Of course this was after you had initially gone and trekked for about 1hr 30mins because you didn't envision how far the college was from Idoani town. All the numerous times you came visiting before you and dad connived not to come visit for a while because I threatened I was going to run back to Lagos with you whenever you came visiting again. 

"Chi, I'm still waiting for my airtime money this month oh plus my 5k allowance". Your words I still hear in my ears when I close my eyes. Just yesterday I picked up my phone to dial 08061572750 but realised you were no more. Tears. 

Mum's handbag was my pet name by my uncles when growing up because I couldn't stay away from you even for a minute. It's a wonder how it's been 2 weeks today and I'm still here without you. 

Mum, you didn't die, you live in our hearts. 

Farewell Mum

Shared by Ekwe Kinslai on August 14, 2019
Words were so few to describe the shocking wave your death brought to us. Why do good people go without enjoying the fruit of their labour. 
Our heartfelt condolence to Igwe family on the loss of their mother Lady Mercy Chinatu Igwe. Our hearts go out to you during this trying time and may our prayers serve as comfort to you. We hope that our Lord brings your family the much-needed comfort and peace during this sad time.
May her soul rest in peace. Amen
Ekwe Family

For you carved your name on hearts, not tombstones

Shared by Chidi Koldsweat on August 14, 2019
Your eyes!

How can I forget your eyes.
They were warm, welcoming, patient, ever smiling and ever loving.
They saw a lot, yet said a few
Because you were wise

Humility. Strength. Compassion.

These are reflections of some of the attributes you've passed on to those we know and those we've loved. 

No, you didn't pass on
You've replicated all that you are
In the lives of your amazing children
Passing it on from generation to generation

Your memory lives on
And your legacy is forever etched in our hearts.

Rest On Beautiful Mummy

Shared by Oreoluwa Efe on August 14, 2019

  1.  I wish I could take away your pain Seth, Just know that I am thinking about you and praying for comfort for you and your family. Seeing all the Condolences writeup  concludes in me Mummy was Indeed  a shining light in so many people's lives. I hope that our Lord brings you and your family the much-needed peace during this sad time. My condolences to you and your family.

Sincere Condolences

Shared by Amazing Ekedebe on August 14, 2019
I may not have met you ma'am but i believe you were a virtuous woman through the pride and confidence your son (Seth Igwe) had having you as his mother. . .
God bless your soul in eternal peace as the noble seeds you have sown on earth will continue to honor your memory. . .

Sincere condolences to the family & Let the comfort of the Lord remain your Strength!

Shared by Ob Fado on August 14, 2019
Ouch! I feel bad to be writing this....i never met you but I met your son whom i helped find his bearing in the media world, rest in peace ma! It is well with you!!!

Mum Will Be Greatly Missed

Shared by Paul Williams on August 14, 2019
Mummy was such an accommodating mother that treats most of her children's friends as family - I was not an exception.

I can always recall, way back in the hood,  with the full squad engaged in various discussions, laughter and of course keeping the mouth busy.

She will be greatly missed, and I enjoin the family in the celebration of her life. A life well spent is worth celebrating.

The Angels have gained a member

Shared by Osazee OSUNDE on August 14, 2019
I am deeply saddened to hear from of your demise just now,I know the angels are rejoicing @ your welcome, through the eyes of your son, China(Seth) I came to know you as an ever loving mother and encouraging mother who was ever present in his life. I pray God gives the family you left behind the fortitude to bear this loss...

Rest On Ma; Be Strong Charles....

Shared by Ama Kuroshi on August 14, 2019
Dear Ma;
One thing I have learnt by experience is how hard it is to say good bye to someone you’ve known all your life and loved deeply all your life. Inspite of the pain, the comfort is that you are in a much better place. The Apostle Paul said “For to be absent from the body is to be present with the LORD...” So we take courage. You have raised a wonderful family, a courageous young man in Dr. Charles and he is in turnraising such a beautiful family too! may the seeds you sowed of strength, courage, love and the fear of God continue to guide him and all your family, now that you are gone....Rest on Ma and enjoy God’s presence.
Dear Charles, 
Be strong, we pray for you that the Holy Ghost will hold you in His embrace and comfort you.

for and on behalf of Dr. Lawrence Kuroshiand Family

Mummy De Mummy

Shared by Uche Ehirinne on August 13, 2019
I became friend with Joy your daughter n got enveloped with love by your family..You n ur late husband Daddy call me Uche Bekee treating me like your own are an Amazon u taught n implemented love to your children,their friends are your children. Beautiful Lady Igwe,your creator has decided to call you home the way you always say you will go ,quietly without bothering us.We will so very miss you,adieu mummy de mummy.

Mummy joined the Church above!

Shared by Jonathan Alao on August 13, 2019
Mummy, We thankGod for your transition,  if He didn't  allow it, it  couldn't have happened, though we were not prepared, but we are grateful, for you to Live  is Christ, but to die is heaven's gain.
Sleep well! Mama Bishop.
You will be missed by us all here.
Rt Rev Dr Alao Jonathan Afamefuna.
For Doulos Christian Church.

Dear Mummy,

Shared by Nzimiro Onyeakazi on August 13, 2019

Death  is a lasting process that affects every person differently. 

Together we will mourn,
with sadness, tears, and fears.
Together we will love,
dear "Mummy Mercy Igwe". Ourselves, and each other.
Together we will live
for "Mummy Mercy Igwe". for us, for them to come.
Together we will heal,☀️
in memory of our beloved Mother.
Hasty Luego Amuego Mummy!

Wonderful Mummy

Shared by Hans Hans on August 13, 2019
We often say that the hour of death cannot be forecast. When we say this we imagine this hour would be in a distant future. We never thought we would be thinking about you as a memory. 

However, it still came as a shock and still feels a bit unreal.

We all have different memories of  you Mummy but one thing they all have in common is the way you loved and lived for your family. 
May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

An awesome auntie

Shared by Chibuzor Ozuzuma on August 13, 2019
I call you "mummy" , because you represented the word perfectly, you were more than a mother to me, you were my motivational speaker, you encouraged me about being the best version of myself because you saw something I could not see in myself.. Your death came like a shock to me because you were so healthy that I thought you will live to enjoy your childrens children , but God called you for reasons best known to him... Rest in peace mummy..

Will forever love you. 

A Great mother...

Shared by Rosemary Sunday on August 10, 2019
Mummy... The news of ur death came as a rude shock(TearsDrop).... Though I'm not ur biological daughter but u took me as one..... How I recall those times, i come visiting my friend Ijay...I spend more time with u, gisting about everything, u always give me a listening ear.... U were a caring n wonderful mother, a pleasure to be with... Thanks Mummy for ur words of encouragement while u were with's well engraved in my heart....!!! 
The woman I know @Mrs Mercy Igwe isn't dead but in a deep Sleep... 
May the Lord grant u Eternal Rest....

My first love

Shared by Dr. KHase on August 3, 2019
Dear mum,
You have always been and will always be my first love. You sat and watched my infant head while I slept on my cradle bed... 
You were my first and most ardent believer
You were my first teacher, taught me about life, it's pains and gains
You were my first intercessor, held me up in prayers, my first prophet, my first everything!!
It's hard to say goodbye but God knows best. 
Rest on till the day of the resurrection 

Your son 

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