Let the memory of Michael be with us forever
  • 52 years old
  • Born on January 3, 1955 in Seattle, Washington, United States.
  • Passed away on November 12, 2007 in Edmonds, Washington, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Michael Ajer 52 years old , born on January 3, 1955 and passed away on November 12, 2007. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Kelly Ajer on 3rd January 2019
Happy Birthday Babe!
Posted by Kelly Ajer on 3rd January 2019
Posted by Kelly Ajer on 3rd January 2019
Posted by Frank DeMiero on 12th November 2018
In our lives, we meet hundreds of people, maybe even thousands...most all of them are a pleasure to get to know. Then, just once in awhile, we meet a person who has a strong and profound impact on our lives. It might be their looks or their personality or their talents...but mostly it's their character. Michael Ajer's strengths were deep in honesty, integrity and love. This was exemplified in they way he enjoyed life, cared for his friends and loved his family. We don't replace people with this attributes when they pass... thank God we were included in his circle and that we can remember....God rest his soul.
Posted by Kelly Ajer on 12th November 2018
11 years ago today, I can't believe it has been that long. You are missed every day my forever love...
Posted by Kristin Colburn on 4th January 2018
We're always thinking of you with loving, happy memories, Mikey!
Posted by Kelly Ajer on 3rd January 2018
I love you Mike, the day of your birth brought magic to my life.
Posted by Kelly Ajer on 12th November 2017
Dearest Mike, 10 years ago today we lost you and our lives were forever changed. Thank you for choosing me to love the last years of your life...
Posted by Kelly Ajer on 24th January 2017
14 years ago today, the happiest day of my life. Missing you Mike, more than ever.
Posted by Ric Shallow on 3rd January 2017
MIKE, YOU ARE IN BETTER PLACE THAT FOR SURE. NO MORE PAIN JUST LOVE AND LAUGHTER! DON'T Worry your kids & wife are fine a lot of people love them here! I miss you brother, we shared a lot of stories and sat together in God's choir! Ric
Posted by Kelly Ajer on 3rd January 2017
I thank God for your birth, I was blessed to spend your last years of your life with me. You chose me. I chose you and you were the best days of my life.
Posted by Frank DeMiero on 3rd January 2017
Michael was a most talented musician, capable of singing in many styles. I will never forget his scatting at the Driftwood Theater with the Sno-King Community Chorale singing background. He surprised a lot of folks with his abilities to develop hip melodies with great jazz rhythms. In a relatively short time, Mike and I became very good friends, (so many folks can say this same thing,) and we shared many of the same interests in music and in life. He was inspirational in many ways, I will always cherish his friendship.
Posted by Susan Mccormick on 13th November 2016
Thanks for sharing, I still feel his presence in the parking lot (now PCC) where Mac and I would be shopping (then Albertsons) and there Mike would be just watching us. Then when ever we'd run into him, he'd say, "I saw you guys" and we'd laugh....he was always there and still is...Just felt him the other day.....forgot it was his anniversary coming up....Life is Good! Again, thanks for keeping his memory alive.....
Posted by Kelly Ajer on 13th November 2016
9 years ago, an eternity for me..I miss you my one great love.
Posted by Kelly Ajer on 24th January 2016
13 years ago today you made all of my dreams come true...
Posted by Susan Mccormick on 4th January 2016
Happy Birthday, I'll be right behind you turning 61 my friend...I still look for you in the grocery store parking lot, who knows, maybe you are still there only it's not Albertsons anymore....It's PCC. I'll look for you, will you nod at me please? Funny how we remember and still look....must feel our energy. Life is Good and take care.....
Posted by Kelly Ajer on 3rd January 2016
Happy 61st Birthday sweetheart, I miss you...
Posted by Ric Shallow on 16th November 2015
Seems Like yesterday we were singing in Choir of The Sound, miss you buddy! The Angel's Choir is no doubt loving your great tenor voice! I know you are watching Kelly and your kids from up above and smiling.
Posted by Lin Hochstetter on 12th November 2015
Rest peacefully, Michael.
Posted by Kelly Ajer on 12th November 2015
I lost you 8 years ago today. The pain is even deeper each day without you. You are my forever love
Posted by Lin Hochstetter on 24th February 2015
Hello Kim. I think we connected just weeks after Michael passed. I am working on genealogy, and I think I had tried to contact Michael, but regretfully, I missed him by two weeks. I enjoyed going through this memorial and his slideshow. We are distantly related. My maiden name was Ajer. My father was Robert Donald Ajer, Sr. His father was Norman Alfred Ajer, whose brother Was Edwin Carl Ajer. Their father was Andrew (Anders) John (Bjorge) Ajer, born in Norway, died in Boyceville, Wisconsin. Although time has passed since Michael's passing, I would like to send my condolences to you and your family. God bless you all.
Posted by Kelly Ajer on 3rd January 2015
Happy 60th birthday Mike. I miss you so very much. I will love you forever.
Posted by Allison Thomas on 12th November 2014
I Believe in Angels...love when you come for a visit.
Posted by Kelly Ajer on 12th November 2014
7 years ago today you crossed over to the other side. I am more in love with you today than the day we first met and knew it would be a forever love...
Posted by Kelly Ajer on 24th January 2014
Happy 11th anniversary my eternal love....
Posted by Susan Mccormick on 6th January 2014
Ohhhhh Happy Birthday Michael!!! 59 and we are not that old!!! :-)
Posted by Kelly Ajer on 3rd January 2014
Happy 59th Birthday Mike, Mike....I love you!
Posted by Kelly Ajer on 25th December 2013
I'm missing you my love on this Christmas morning....
Posted by Susan Mccormick on 12th November 2013
Hey there big guy, I was just thinking about you last week. I was at QFC picking up a RX and you popped into my head. Seems the grocery store parking lot was where Mac and I "always" saw you. You'd be just standing there and we'd look up and there you were. LOL, were you stalking us? :-) Remembering you and those times. You were missed at our 40 year class reunion. Life is Good
Posted by Kelly Ajer on 11th November 2013
My one and only love, 6 years ago tonight, I spent your last night on this earth loving you more than anyone can love another human being. God how I miss you.....
Posted by Susan Mccormick on 9th May 2013
Mac and I would always run into Mike at Albertsons. It was usually in the parking lot. We'd be getting out of our car to go into the store, and we'd look up, and there Mike would be just smiling at us. We always said hi, exchanged a wave and he'd get in his car and we'd head into the store. I still look for him in the parking lot. With Alberstons gone, I still expect to see Mike there.
Posted by Kelly Ajer on 24th January 2013
Happy 10th wedding anniversary my one great love...
Posted by Kelly Ajer on 3rd January 2013
Today you would have turned 58 years old. I thank God that you were born so that I could know your love and so that I could love you forever.
Posted by Kristin Colburn on 13th November 2012
Woke up this morning singing one of your Grease duets, Mikey - thanks for a ton of wonderfully happy memories!
Posted by Ric Shallow on 12th November 2012
Dear Mike, I just want you to know that Kelly and your kids are OK. They have lots of people here on earth that love them very much. I'm sure you know all of this and you are smiling down from heaven with your beautiful smile. We miss you!
Posted by Kelly Ajer on 12th November 2012
5 years ago today you held me and kissed me one last time. 5 years or 500 ? Or was it yesterday? My heart broke, my eyes lost their sparkle, my soul was ripped from my body and took the journey with you.It is where it should be, with you...
Posted by Mark Sterkel on 5th September 2012
For whatever reason, I found myself thinking of you today..... " Peace Brother
Posted by Kerrianne Ajer on 7th February 2012
Miss and love you so much, Dad. A line from a recent song helps me a lot: "When I do something like you you'll be on my mind or through, 'Cause I forgot you left me behind to remind me of you."
Posted by Kelly Ajer on 24th January 2012
Today is our wedding anniversary Mike. My love for you still grows stronger every day. My heart is filled with only you.
Posted by Ric Shallow on 3rd January 2012
Mike & I always sat next to each other in Choir. The man could sing! I'm sure he's in the Lord's Choir making great music.
Posted by Kelly Ajer on 3rd January 2012
Today would have been your 57th Birthday my love. We had what everyone looks for but so very few find. We were born to love each other forever.....
Posted by Kristin Colburn on 12th November 2011
We miss you on this side, Mikey, but special memories of singing and laughing with you will always keep your love alive here.
Posted by Kristin Butterfield on 12th November 2011
A beautiful tribute for a wonderful man. Mike will always be remembered by those who knew and loved him, Kelly.
Posted by Kelly Ajer on 12th November 2011
4 years ago today at 2:00pm, Kerrianne, Nick, Frank and I watched Mike actually "see the light" and enter Heaven. You my love, are my heart and soul....
Posted by Scott Loucks on 1st October 2011
I played soccer with Mike for several years in high school and after. He was a great guy, great athlete with super ability and speed. I just saw this memorial and I am saddened to see someone that I knew, so active and positive--always supportive and friendly, gone so early.
Posted by Dani Mahler on 1st March 2011
You will always be remembered.....
Posted by Kelly Ajer on 21st January 2011
My forever love throughout all eternity...

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