The Brightest Star in the Heavens. Beloved son. To keep you memory alive. You were such a beautiful and kind person and my son you will be always dearly missed. ♡♡♡
  • 23 years old
  • Born on October 4, 1989 in Gainesville, Florida, United States.
  • Passed away on August 15, 2013 in Old Town, Florida, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Michael Lewis, 23, born on October 4, 1989 and passed away on August 15, 2013. We will remember him forever. And he is dearly missed.  Always in my heart. ♡♡♡♡

Posted by Renee--Lewis Watson on 28th October 2018
You’re Birthday has came and gone another year has past since you left .. Miss you everyday and wish I could talk to you and tell you all the things I miss talking to you about.. Twenty three years is a very long time to share everyday with someone in taking care of them and watching them grow from a small baby to a handsome young man .. I didn’t get enough time with you but I’m so grateful for the time that I did get .. it is a beautiful gift to have had the honor of being your mother.. I just wanted more time , that’s all ... love you Angel boy ...
Posted by Renee--Lewis Watson on 10th July 2016
Always missing you
Posted by Renee--Lewis Watson on 26th December 2015
Missed you so bad this Christmas. You always was excited to open your presents and be with your family. I miss you so bad. I try to hide it more lately because I know everyone has lost patients with me. I think of you every night before I fall asleep and you are the first thought in my mind when I wake up. I wish I could turn back time instead of watching another year move on, move further and further from when I last saw you. Just wish everything would slow down. Love you angel. Always and forever in mama's heart.
Posted by Samer Mohey on 5th December 2015
am so sorry for your loss, but your manage to servive a 2 and a half year, that approve your courage, I hope I knew more about your belove son, wish there is a way I can ease your pain.
Posted by Renee--Lewis Watson on 4th October 2015
Today you'd been 26 years old and I miss you so much. My shining star. I will miss you and long to see you until I'm called home where I will see you. You are so very special to me and have always been and will always be. Love you baby boy
Posted by Renee--Lewis Watson on 2nd October 2015
Love you and we think of you every day all day. I miss your smile and your laugh and the gentleness in you voice and manner, it's hard here without you. Mama misses you so very bad. ♡♡
Posted by Renee--Lewis Watson on 9th February 2015
I miss you so very much Michael ! Things are OK here but without you Im not ME ! I walk these floors , I sit in your room and I touch your clothes and try to imagine that you are still here , maybe out of town , I try to imagine you coming home , I know its my way of not losing my mind ,, I never got to see you and I wish you would have not thought you were not in danger .. Lord .. Watch down on me Michael and I do feel your presence here and sometimes its strong , you still know how to get Mamas attention ! Love you , you are my golden child , you always were <3
Posted by Renee--Lewis Watson on 29th November 2014
Missing you sweet baby. Thanksgiving was not the same without you! You were larger than life
Posted by Renee--Lewis Watson on 21st November 2014
Miss you so bad. Just want to be with you!
Posted by Renee--Lewis Watson on 7th November 2014
Love you sweet boy! This week has been hard! I know how u loved the football and homecoming and tailgating. Its not the same without you here! Everthing is changing so fast but my sweet baby my world has stood still for me. But everthing was change Nothing the same! I miss your voice and your very intelligent conversation. I just miss everything about you!
Posted by Renee--Lewis Watson on 18th October 2014
Missing you so much! Its been fourteen months and 2 days since your death and your name in the same sentence . But even as strange as it sounds and as much as i don't want to speak your name in association with death i have to,,, so that my job my be complete ,, my job now is finding the questions that were never found as you, honey deserve more than just being forgotten! !, my job is a rememberer and that is to somehow make sure your not forgotten by people, you know id never forget you my precious Angel Mike. Mama will see you very soon! I love you so much with this heart so broken for you. I just want to be with you ! Mama will not have any peace until i see my baby. Oh how i love you
Posted by Renee--Lewis Watson on 10th July 2014
It is approaching 11 months that you have been gone, i was in your you a few days ago and i held you Letterman jacket close and i can't smell you, your cologne has faded with time. You will never be forgotten, that i promise you, until i take my last breath you will have part of my heart. I so look forward to the day i can leave this earthly body and be with you. If it was not for your brothers i would have already left this old world to be with you, the only way ill ever find peace. And knowing you aa i do i know you want me TO be happy but this life has taken so much from me (it took you my special child) i am trying so hard but im trying as i know you would want me to. I LOVE you with every piece of my piece of my heart THAT you hold. I love you and until we meet again my angel not a minute goes by YOU are not on my mind !! not a minute goes by im not thinking of you! Love you and i miss you more than words can express. Rest easy my sweet baby. Mama will nevee stop thinking of YOU.
Posted by Renee--Lewis Watson on 28th June 2014
I light a candle for you. 49 weeks tonight. Miss you so very much
Posted by Renee--Lewis Watson on 15th April 2014
I light a candle for you every day my precious son ,, I miss you and I love you to the stars and back ! You are never forgotten ! Not one second goes by I don't think of you !! Tomorrow will be 8 months since your passing ! I will always keep our Memories alive in my heart and mind .. Until I am holding you again my sweet child , I keep you safely in my heart <3 Miss you so very much <3
Posted by Renee--Lewis Watson on 7th January 2014
Gone to soon .

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