Let the memory of Michael be with us forever
  • 54 years old
  • Born on December 19, 1958 in San Diego, California, United States.
  • Passed away on May 26, 2013 in Gold Beach, Oregon, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Michael Kelley, 54, born on December 19, 1958 and passed away on May 26, 2013. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Anne Rutherford Kelley on 19th December 2018
Knowing you are never far from us because of Divine Love, a great bond that can only be unifying...Kimberly has remembered your loving nature which has guided her to a special man in her life, someone who reminds her of you and that is a beautiful legacy of who you are to her and all of us living on here and now...thank you Michael! The gift is always in who one is...
Posted by Anne Rutherford Kelley on 28th May 2018
Remembering you!
Posted by Mike Haas on 20th December 2017
Happy Belated Birthday! Love ya
Posted by Anne Rutherford Kelley on 19th December 2017
Remembering you on your birthday xxxooo
Posted by Anne Rutherford Kelley on 26th May 2017
You are always in His Presence and wherever you are is never far from that love you share with all of us remaining. It is the resurrecting energy that never forgets our purpose in this moment. Until we come to that completeness let us remember the One who loves us greatly.
Posted by Mike Haas on 26th May 2017
I appreciate your friendship, time goes by so fast.... you are remembered and always will be a blessing. We will see you again....I'm glad we will continue our friendship for eternity in heaven..... Love you Michael!
Posted by Anne Rutherford Kelley on 19th December 2016
Thinking of you this day...Love remaining in our hearts of this family you touched...
Posted by Anne Rutherford Kelley on 26th May 2016
It is that time to send a prayer of love your way as you so many times lightened my load and helped others unceasingly...Your light still presents itself in my life,,,Heaven is blessed because I know that is where you are..Love you Dear One
Posted by Debbie Hart on 26th May 2016
miss you mike, think about you often ;)
Posted by Mike Haas on 6th May 2016
Glad to have known you! I'm glad I will get to know you more throughout eternity once this earthly life I know is over.... I look forward to it!
Posted by Anne Rutherford Kelley on 5th May 2016
remembering our day 26 years ago..Bless you wherever you are; Love and Kisses
Posted by Anne Rutherford Kelley on 25th December 2015
Christmas Day and thinking of how our family was made so complete and special with you in it...we will always treasure our memories of you and thank God for choosing you for our family....Love and Blessings Always wherever you are in the Kingdom Anne
Posted by Debbie Hart on 26th May 2015
I know you are loving the after life my friend. See you soon
Posted by Anne Rutherford Kelley on 26th May 2015
Remembering the sweet loving soul and spirit of a precious person! Two years too long away from you...Let's arise to our True Life, our resurrected Life!
Posted by Anne Rutherford Kelley on 5th May 2015
This would be our 25th anniversary and so I remember a beautiful person, Michael "Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet"....Psalms- Let God Our Farther remain your guide in the place where you are... Love and kisses forever
Posted by Anne Rutherford Kelley on 19th December 2014
Michael, Your birthday today - we light a candle and remember you and how your life enhanced all of us here-this whole family of which you are still a part will never be forgotten. We celebrate this day of your birth, we envelope your memory with the love and honor as the gift of the advent season of Christmas!
Posted by Anne Rutherford Kelley on 15th June 2014
Happy Father's Day Michael-We miss You!
Posted by Pam Chapek on 2nd June 2014
Miss you Mike. We all think about you so much and remember your giving and loving ways. Your sweet spirit lives on…
Posted by John McFarland on 2nd June 2014
Beautiful site! Great tribute to Michael... Bless you all!
Posted by Anne Rutherford Kelley on 26th May 2014
Michael's love of wildlife in our own backyard-the deer from our deck was a picture he was always ready for.The animals are so abundant within our property he had his camera always ready.
Posted by Anne Rutherford Kelley on 25th May 2014
It's been a year today and I still expect to see you again...I don't understand this experience and never will when we miss those we love.....
Posted by Anne Rutherford Kelley on 5th May 2014
Posted by Anne Rutherford Kelley on 4th May 2014
Kimberly Self April 27 at 11:47pm · Had the best dream earlier! My grandpa came to my house, said he never really died he just moved and told me how much he misses and loves my grandmother! This dream caught me so off guard but was a good reminder of him watching over all of us! Unlike · · Share You, Pam Rutherford-Chapek, Elisa Valentine, Alexis J. Cain and 30 others like this. 2 shares Pam Rutherford-Chapek Amazing! April 28 at 5:54am · Like Elisa Valentine That's beautiful! April 28 at 7:16am · Like Wanda C. Dolly Mitchell Ohhhhhhh that is sooooo sweet !!!!! April 28 at 10:05pm · Like Anne Rutherford Kelley My anniversary present was to read your dream and reminding me on our 24th wedding anniversary, this May 5th-Sunday- that he is still the loving person I married--Thank you Kimberly for reminding me how much he loved all of us! April 29 at 2:14pm · Edited · Like · 1 Anne Rutherford Kelley
Posted by Anne Rutherford Kelley on 29th April 2014
Our 24th anniversary is May 5th this Sunday and Kimberly's Facebook message told me of the dream she had of her grandpa Michael and I couldn't have wanted a better 24th anniversary present than to hear how much he told her that he loved me through her dream and how he looks out for us all- I want to celebrate that day in Gold Beach in the place he loved....
Posted by Anne Rutherford Kelley on 23rd December 2013
It was a year ago this month that I was with you Michael in Gold Beach for your birthday and Christmas...I never wanted to leave you we had such a wonderful time together with our son Chewy-the chow chow. It was so much fun to wake up to the snow fakes that melted as soon as they hit the ground....I never thought I would not see you again when I left to come back for my doctor's and all that comp stuff that seems so nothing and stupidly slow, a never ending project that has no heart . I was planning a future for just us to be together at the end of the rainbow...when work ceases and our time is endless sharing. You always said you were going to have to push me around in a wheel chair if I didn't retire, well I didn't get the chance to look after you as I needed to-I miss you! Now your 55th birthday as I remember you this month and always...
Posted by Anne Rutherford Kelley on 23rd December 2013
In real life, there may be a lot more carry-out than candlelight. More quick kisses than cuddling. More running around than relaxing together. But when real life is the life I have with you. All that suff doesn't seem to matter. We have each other and that is enough for me... Birthday Blessings Michael! with Love Anne- Wherever you are God is and all is well in Christ Jesus (sentiments on our 23rd aniversary card that never got sent)
Posted by John McFarland on 19th December 2013
What a Blessing to have known a man that that played such a great role and took such good care of my wonderful friends...
Posted by Anne Rutherford Kelley on 26th June 2013
I asked God for a flower and he gave me a bouquet I asked God for a minute and he gave me a day I asked God for a True Love and he gave me that too A True Love, a Forever Friend I found when I met You
Posted by Kimberly Self on 21st June 2013
Rest in peace grandpa. Thank you for helping raise me into the young women I am today! I'm so glad to have had you in my life for the time I did. Although I may not have always shown my appreciation towards you words can't express how thankful I am for everything you've done! Ill always remember your bright smile and strange sense of Humor! You've done nothing to deserve the pain but everything to
Posted by Kimberly Self on 21st June 2013
in the amazing heaven you are going to! Love you always and forever I will never ever forget you!
Posted by Susan Valentine on 19th June 2013
"Our Dear Mike... truly a servant of Our Lord, you ministered to each & everyone who knew you merely by being fully present with each individual. I never worried about my sister and all family members placed into your loving care. You always did your best to meet everyone's need. In your blessed state, I am reassured you forgive us for any human failings. Only Love abides, 4 ever!
Posted by Carlos Chapek on 16th June 2013
Mike, thank you for always making me feel at home when I visited family in California and Oregon. You had an early departure from this world, but now you are with the Lord.
Posted by Pam Chapek on 16th June 2013
From Bernyce Rutherford... Mike's Mother-in-Law. Thanks Mike for all your help. You were there when I needed it and I will always grateful. You will be missed greatly.
Posted by Debbie Hart on 15th June 2013
you were a man with many talents my friend. always so patient and kind. st. mike, you will be missed dearly. xoxoxoxox i will see ya down the road .love, debbie
Posted by Pam Chapek on 15th June 2013
Thanks Mike for all that you did to make our lives easier. You always gave of your time freely and never made us feel like we were inconveniencing you. You were an angel on earth and now you're one in heaven.
Posted by Anne Rutherford Kelley on 13th June 2013
There is a light that glows in my heart for you always and I will never forget the promise we shared for each other and which held us close "that he who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it in Christ Jesus." You were always a sweet and loving husband and dear friend. All my love Anne
Posted by Anne Rutherford Kelley on 13th June 2013
Memorial will be held June 22, 2013 at 5:pm at Life Christian Fellowship 1132 N Melrose Vista, Ca 92083. All welcome to attend

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