Let the memory of michael be with us forever
  • 2 years old
  • Born on June 8, 1992 in Quincy, Massachusetts, United States.
  • Passed away on September 2, 1994 in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Michael Murphy 2 years old , born on June 8, 1992 and passed away on September 2, 1994. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Doug Murphy on 3rd September 2018
I wish he was here, I would of loved to see the man he became. Love you Always . Uncle Doug
Posted by Don Bryant on 3rd September 2018
May his memory be eternal. The love of Michael's mother and father bind them to all who are surprised by suffering. The legacy of Michael continues.
Posted by Thomas Murphy on 2nd September 2018
How could it be 24 yrs since you passed away. Life goes by so quickly. I can’t even imagine all you could have accomplished in a longer life. I miss you and will always love you . DAD
Posted by Thomas Murphy on 2nd September 2017
My beautiful son,another year has past without you.I love and miss you so much.You are so special.I was blessed to have you in my life. Love Dad
Posted by Don Bryant on 2nd September 2017
We who came into your life after Michael's repose look forward to meeting him some day. Who could not want to meet him? That you and Tom love him so much tells us what we need to know about his value and specialness. In the meantime we know you lay hold of the joy before you in the promise of God to be reunited with this one whom you love. Peace and courage to you during this part of your journey. Don and Sharon
Posted by Robert D'Alessandro on 2nd September 2017
It is so hard to believe twenty three years have passed!!!! There is not a day we do not think of you & miss you!!! Michael, we wii love you forever!!!!!! nana & papa XXXXXXXX
Posted by Douglas Murphy on 12th June 2017
Hi Micheal. I can not believe that this much time as past. I think about you and what kind of man you would have been. I am sure you would have been a great guy, friend and mentor to your brothers. Love you
Posted by Chris D'Alessandro on 8th June 2017
Happy 25th Birthday Michael. Your still a precious child in my memories. I know in heaven you are cherished & loved almost as much as you are here. Forever loved & missed deeply, Chris Xo, xo
Posted by Robert D'Alessandro on 8th June 2017
Beautiful Michael, 25yrs have passed since you had to leave us but, the missing and loving will NEVER disappear!!! Papa & I will love you forever!!! xxxxxxxxx
Posted by Don Bryant on 8th June 2017
Sharon and I never knew Michael but somehow we do - because he is so precious to you and you are so precious to us. The one thing we do know is that he had the experience of love, full-on and never ending. The Murphys are in our hearts this day in a special way.
Posted by Thomas Murphy on 8th June 2017
I love you always. There are reminders of you in everything I see. You are the most beautiful child I have ever seen. You were perfection . Love Dad
Posted by Chris D'Alessandro on 2nd September 2016
Thinking of you today dearest Michael. You are in my thoughts often and today, 22 years ago, I would have thought maybe it would get easier, but with tears in my eyes, today I know, it never gets easier. Missed always, loved forever.
Posted by Thomas Murphy on 2nd September 2016
My dearest son,some things you just learn to cope with. You NEVER forget. I will never accept why you were taken so soon.I miss you everyday and just learn to cope.I dont even try to imagine what life could have been with you. I love you DAD
Posted by Tyler Murphy on 9th June 2016
Happy birthday brother, who knows how different our lives would be if you were still here with us on earth. I'm grateful to have you and God watching over us and I hope you hear my prayers every night. I love you and hope to one day finally get to meet you.
Posted by Robert D'Alessandro on 8th June 2016
Happy 24th birthday,Michael, our precious & deeply loved grandson. The first time we saw you, there was something SO special & beautiful!! You were a wonderful gift in our lives!! We will love & miss you forever!!!! Nana & papa xxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Douglas Murphy on 8th June 2016
I can not believe he would of been 24 years old today. Wish you were here in body but I know you are in spirit. Love Uncle Doug
Posted by Sue Ellen Logan on 8th June 2016
Michael, I will always remember your beautiful smile, especially when your Dad would lovingly throw you up in the air and catch you. You would giggle and break into the biggest laugh I ever heard. You will always be remembered. Love, Aunt Sue
Posted by Thomas Murphy on 8th June 2016
another year has one by without you. Life just seems to go on but there is always a hole where you are missing. I cant even imagine what you would have been doing on your 24th birthday.I miss you every day. Love Dad
Posted by Chris D'Alessandro on 8th June 2016
Happy 24th Birthday today to our angel Michael Robert in heaven! Forever loved, Never forgotten, and truly missed more than words could ever express! I will be looking for you in the stars tonight! xo, Chris
Posted by Thomas Murphy on 24th April 2016
I love you
Posted by Thomas Murphy on 7th February 2016
I love and miss you
Posted by Thomas Murphy on 29th December 2015
The holidays are NEVER what thge could have been without you.No matter how we try to get thru them , you are always missed. I love and miss you sooo much love Dad
Posted by Robert D'Alessandro on 5th September 2015
Posted by Don Bryant on 2nd September 2015
On this day of memory of Michael's repose Sharon and I are thankful for your example of continued love and belief in the communion of saints, that heaven and earth meet in the heart that never forgets.
Posted by Thomas Murphy on 2nd September 2015
After so many years it is still so painfull to even speak your name sometimes, the sadness is unbearable.Life seems so unfair at times.Sometimes we can get so caught up in lifes "issues" that it make it easy to forget what really matters. I would give my last breathe to hold you in my arms again ,even for only a moment. I love and miss you more than words can describe. You are a true ANGEL . DAD
Posted by Lori Murphy on 2nd September 2015
It's been 21 years since I held you. There are days when grief overwhelms me and fills my heart with anger. But I have to trust that God is in fact bigger than all of this and believe that there is a reason behind your death. I will endure this life of missing you for a reason. I choose to praise God even on the days I feel life is not fair. You were my gift from God. I was so blessed by God to have had you in my life. Love,Mommy
Posted by Lori Murphy on 2nd September 2015
The day you went to be with Jesus was the first day my life forever changed. My life will never be the same again without you. My mornings were waking up to your beautiful smile. My days and nights were filled with your Love, your smiles, your laughter, and your precious hugs and kisses. All the times we got to cuddle together. I never left your side. There's not a day that goes by that I don't long to hold you again. It's hard living without you. I've asked God a million times "why"? I'am lost without you. Everyone around us could see that you needed me to take care of you and all your needs, but couldn't they see how much more I needed you? I thank God everyday for you and all the precious memories I have of you. You taught me so much about life, about Love, faith, hope, patience, and sacrifice. if I had the choice I would do it all over again. Even though my heart is forever broken, I feel a peace within me knowing that I have the promise of seeing you again.Love, Mommy xoxo
Posted by Robert D'Alessandro on 22nd August 2015
Sweet angel, Michael, Thinking of you constantly and missing you MORE everyday!!!! Love you forever!!!! Nana & Papa D'Alessandro
Posted by Robert D'Alessandro on 22nd July 2015
Michael, Just sitting here. thinking about you, as we all do SO much!! I really miss not being able to watch you grow & be in our everyday lives. You will always be W/us!!!! Love you xxxxx Nana & Papa
Posted by Robert D'Alessandro on 4th July 2015
OUR BEAUTIFUL GRANDSON. MICHAEL. Just to remind you how much you are MISSED & LOVED every day of our lives!!!!! Nana & Papa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Chris D'Alessandro on 8th June 2015
Happy Birthday to my beautiful, beautiful nephew Michael Robert. Missed beyond belief today, and every waking moment of my day. Truly an angel. XOXO.
Posted by Tyler Murphy on 8th June 2015
Happy birthday brother hope to one day finally meet you. I miss you and wish you were here. Please keep a watch over me and the family Yours truly, Tyler
Posted by Lori Murphy on 8th June 2015
Happy 23rd Birthday to my precious son whom i miss everyday. For some reason this was a hard day for me. Strange, some birthdays come and go and some just hit me hard. Today was hard. I Miss you so much but i know you are happy, healthy, safe, i know that someday i will see you and it will seem like we were never apart but this is hard. Some days are harder than others. You taught me so much in your two short years. I truly believe you were only meant to be here for two years. I am who i am today because of you, my precious Angel from above who sits on Jesus lap. I take comfort in knowing you are in the best place imaginable. I Love you Michael Robert Murphy Forever and Always Love Mommy
Posted by Don Bryant on 8th June 2015
Sharon and I are thinking of the Murphys this day-the remembering, the loving and the grieving. You have brought Michael into all our lives with his beauty.
Posted by Robert D'Alessandro on 8th June 2015
Michael, it is so hard to believe you would be 23yrs old today!!! Our wish would be to spend the day w/you!!!! Happy birthday PRECIOUS!! We will always LOVE & MISS you!!! Nana & Papa xxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Thomas Murphy on 8th June 2015
Today is your 23rd birthday! Life goes by SO fast. We grow ,we struggle, we laugh, we cry, we have happy times and sad but no matter how good times may seem there is always a void that can never be filled.We hold on by hoping that someday we will be reunited with you. How our lives can change in an instant. We survive knowing that you are in a better place. I love and miss you so much Love DAD
Posted by Thomas Murphy on 8th April 2015
Sometimes we all get caught up in the day to day struggles in life and we forget what is really IMPORTANT. Its not what we don't have or what we think we want, its is about appreciating the things we DO have and knowing that they can be taken away in the blink of an eye. Look around you and put a price on everything you (think) you own. Most likely the only thing you have of REAL value is your family and hey are PRICELESS. There are some things that are irreplaceable and if they were taken away, your life would NEVER be the same. I miss you EVERYDAY and my life will never be the same.
Posted by Robert D'Alessandro on 6th April 2015
Happy Easter to the most beautiful & precious angel in heaven!!! We will always miss & love you!!
Posted by Lori Murphy on 6th April 2015
As your Dad and brother Logan and i sat at the table eating our Easter dinner all i could think was there should be 6 people sitting at this table not 3. It was so very depressing. I miss my boys so much. My children are my life. Why do i have to hurt so bad? All i ever wanted was a family. I can't even have all my sons physically with me. Iam on the verge of tears everyday. After your brother left the table i just cried. Thank God for your daddy. He is and always has been there for me. He and i miss you more everyday. The days just get harder. Someday i will hold you again and on that Blessed day it will feel like we were never apart. Jesus has you now. i cry because i miss you, i miss Ty i miss Tj but you are in Heaven. I am comforted to know that you are in the arms of our Heavenly father where there is pure joy no tears no pain no more sickness you are happy unlike we who are left behind until we reunite. I Love you Michael.xoxo
Posted by Lori Murphy on 21st March 2015
My little precious Angel, Missing you more and more with each passing day.They tell me you are with me everyday, walking beside me but i dont feel your presence all the times only sometimes and that breaks my heart. i want to be able to feel you EVERYDAY. i would give anything to hold you again to sleep with you and wake to find you next to me. I used to Love waking and watching you sleep. I Love you sweet boy. There is no Love like a mother's.
Posted by Robert D'Alessandro on 19th March 2015
Michael, you are in our thoughts every day of our lifes! I look at your picture and wish you were here with us!!!! You are SO beautiful!!! We love you precious angel!!! xxxxx nana & papa xxxxxx
Posted by Robert D'Alessandro on 31st December 2014
Michael, We will NEVER stop missing you!!! You are with us constantly!! You will always be Loved & never FORGOTTEN!!! Nana & Papa
Posted by Lori Murphy on 25th December 2014
Michael, You are forever In my thoughts. I Love and miss you with each passing day. You will forever be remembered never to be forgotten. Merry Christmas in Heaven my sweet Angel!! Mommy Loves you forevermore!
Posted by Thomas Murphy on 24th December 2014
You are in our hearts and thoughts every single day of the year. The pain diminished yet the sorrow never seems to ease. Sometimes it is difficult to be grateful for what you have when what was taken was so great. You were truly great in every way. I will always love you Dad
Posted by Robert D'Alessandro on 13th November 2014
Michael, as the holiday season approaches you will be in our thoughts and in our hearts! Never, ever to be forgotten!! We will ALWAYS love you!! Papa & Nana xxxxxx
Posted by Lori Murphy on 4th October 2014
Life goes on but your memory will forever be with me never to leave. Twenty years later and i am still trying to always keep your memory alive in any way i can. You were here and walked this earth with me but left too soon. I will always and forever remember you. You are just as much a part of my life as the day you left. I will forever miss you. I will never lose the hope and faith that someday we will be together again. On that glorious day we will rejoice and it will be like we were never apart. There are no tears in Heaven, just pure joy. So until that faithful day i will do everything and anything to keep your precious memory alive because that is all i have left of you. I Love you my precious son, Michael. Until we are together again, Love mommy. XOXO
Posted by Robert D'Alessandro on 8th September 2014
Michael, you are with me every waking moment in my life! You will ALWAYS be missed & NEVER FORGOTTEN!!! Love you so much precious angel. nana del xxxxxxxx
Posted by Thomas Murphy on 4th September 2014
God MUST have chosen you for his mother for his short stay here on earth.I couldnt imagine a better match.He was the MOST beautiful child I had and have ever seen in my life. My prayer would be just to be reuinted with him some day. He was truley an amazing person and he will NEVER be forgotten
Posted by Cathy Anastas on 4th September 2014
i remember michael at his grandmother's house...beautiful little boy....always smiling....
Posted by Robert D'Alessandro on 4th September 2014
Michael left us all with broken hearts. He TRULY was a special, beautiful little boy. His beautiful face will be with us Forever! We love & miss you so MUCH!!! Nana & Papa XXXXXXXXXXX

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