Let the memory of Michelle be with us forever
  • 24 years old
  • Born on December 29, 1984 in Swindon, RAF Wroughton, United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on October 8, 2009 in Holbeach St Johns, At Home, United Kingdom.

This memorial website was created in the memory Michelle.

Please feel free to add your favourite picture, story, music or video. It would be nice to build a picture of Shelly’s life from those that loved her.

We will remember her forever.

Posted by Andrew Dring on 29th December 2014
Happy 30th birthday today. We will all remember you and celebrate with you in our own way, but I miss you a little to much. A little to often and a little bit more on this special day. Sleep well our angel x x
Posted by Lisa Edwards on 29th December 2014
Happy Birthday, you are always in our hearts and minds xxxxx
Posted by Soph Michell on 9th October 2014
I thought about you all day yesterday. Last year, we had a school reunion and the old Theatre Studies group were messing about in Mr Moxley's office, and something was missing - you. I don't have any photos of us to share, but my head is full of memories, like the stupid Christmas card messages about Mr Stonelake in lycra. You're unforgettable xx
Posted by Stephanie Lane on 8th October 2014
Hi Beautiful, i cannot believe how fast time goes, there is not a day that goes by when i dont think of you, know you will ALWAYS be in our hearts and that we will always love and miss you.xxxxxx
Posted by Andrew Dring on 8th October 2014
On this, the 5th anniversary of us loosing you we look back and remember. It still amazes all of us how brave you were to face it all with such composure and that inimitable sense of humour. You will forever set the example that we can all try to live up to. I hate that it still hurts so much to remember, but slowly the good times are coming to the fore as thoughts of you are filled with joy as well as sadness. We miss you, we love you and we hurt that you cannot be here. XX
Posted by Amanda Bond on 8th October 2014
We remember you today Michelle, with heavy hearts. God bless you.
Posted by Amanda Bond on 29th December 2013
Happy Birthday Michelle and lots of love. We have a candle burning to remember you, and it's light warms our hearts as they are very heavy without you in the world. From all of us in New Zealand xxxx.
Posted by Andrew Dring on 20th December 2013
We remember how much you loved Christmas and we all miss your infectious joy at this time of year. Your tree is getting full of decorations you have been given. If your mum and I could give you one present it would be to let you know just one more time how much we love and miss you, and if we could have just one more present from you it would be one of your smiles and a hug (I know thats 2 but you would not mind). Sleep gently and dream happy darling. X x
Posted by Andrew Bond on 12th November 2013
They say that cousins are ready made friends that you will love forever, and this is true when it comes to you Shelly. Although my memories of you are not as vivid as I'd like them to be, what I do remember is simply how stunning you were and I always looked forward to seeing you and Dan so much. I miss you each day, and you are never far from my thoughts. Love you my gorgeous cousin xx
Posted by Amanda Bond on 28th October 2013
A daughter is a beautiful gift from god, and you were a beautiful gift to all who knew you. But god wanted his beautiful gift back and we had to give you back, until we see you again. know we miss and love you x
Posted by Stephanie Lane on 20th October 2013
Hi beautiful cousin, this site is perfect its somewhere we can all come to talk to you and share our stories of you. I have lots of memories about you- Like running & hiding in the garden with you and a jar of pickled onions on boxing day and eating the entire jar! I looked up to you being my big cousin and always admired you and still do.Love and miss you more than you will ever know xxx
Posted by Tammi Blackaby on 20th October 2013
Hey beautiful lady.. this site is sooo beautiful just like you were... I miss you so much everyday... forever in my heart xx
Posted by Ian Smith on 19th October 2013
Can not get over that you are no longer with us.Your smile and your love for life lives on.You changed are family for ever.You will always be really missed by us all.We are going to Disneyland Florida next week and I know how much your little sis would have wanted you to be with us.You will never be forgotten all are love Ian,Tanya,Chloe and Thomas.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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