Let the memory of Miguel be with us forever
  • 24 years old
  • Born on May 16, 1984 .
  • Passed away on March 30, 2009 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Miguel aponte 24 years old , born on May 16, 1984 and passed away on March 30, 2009. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Raelee Tigar on 22nd January 2015
hey uncle miguel its bin 7 years i really miss you alot . you were always there for me when i was a baby and i really miss how we used to bond .. im happy your in a safe place now.ill see you some day when we are together again. i love you forever and always ..
Posted by Sharon Hanuszak on 15th December 2013
Miguel I am so glad u can finally r.i.p I am so glad the ppl who murdered u were caught....now Ur friends n family can have closure. ...and justice will b served....not a day goes by I don't think about u...I miss the no half breed days lol when u would come to my house......until we meet again
Posted by Corrin Banner on 15th December 2013
Miguel we may have lost contact over the years but it never made a difference bc we always found our way back and acted like nothing ever changed. The night I got the news that you were killed my heart dropped and I didn't wanna believe it! Growing up we used to play all the time and always got in trouble with lyston which looking back was allot of fun! I wish you were here to meet my 2 beautiful girls you would have so much fun with them! Miguel you are always missed and never forgotten and we all know your looking over us.... I just Hope you look away when we are going potty or getting dressed lol! I love you and miss you dearly fly high cuz!
Posted by Ruth Gruhler on 14th December 2013
I'm so happy right and thrilled they found out who killed you yep your old friend FRANKY Brandt they got him now they are lookin for the Holmes kids now I no you can R.I.P because it took alot off of mom's stress I LOVE YOU AND MISSES YOU EVERYDAY ESPECIALLY ON THE HOLIDAYS
Posted by Randi Hill on 14th December 2013
Now you can finally rest in peace the finally caught them. Goon but never forgotten <3
Posted by Stephaniiee Richmond on 14th December 2013
dont really know you or the situation .. but i do no loosing someone hurts and i know it sucks .. i wish your family all good and no bad ... im glad they found who did what they did to you and i hope it gives the people in your life some peace of mind actually knowing <3 love and respect
Posted by Tammy Dalrymple on 14th December 2013
My little Miggy Miggy Miguel...I miss you so much, and i know your up there watching over your friends and family...An I am so happy that you can finally rest in peace and your mom is so relieved that justice is finally going to be served!!! Well Mig I love you and miss you very much until we meet again!!!!
Posted by Elisa Marsico-Ladlee on 14th December 2013
Miguel 'my teddy bear'. I miss you my friend so relieved when I read the paper that you could rest in peace. You are forever missed. Love you xoxo
Posted by Karen Neely on 14th December 2013
Michael lee, we miss you very much. :-( as you know by now they think they have your killer or know who it is. R.I.P. buddy............
Posted by Denise Eustis on 14th December 2013
Miguel may u rest in peace now I hope they get what they deserve I hope they get electric chair now ur family can have peice of mind and im so happy for ur mom miss u miguelo aunt dee dee will see u again one day and hey I might have that dollar u use to ask me for RipMiguel
Posted by Brad Lacey on 14th December 2013
Miguel there nothing more to say then how happy I am for your mother and family.we known each other for a long time your like a brother.we had are good times and bad times but friends go threw that in life.there so many good memories we had together that I will never forget.we may have went are seprait ways but i still love yah like if u was my own brother.its such a great feeling that god has answered not just my prayers but everyone else prayers and soon there will be justice. you can then rest in piece and open your wings and fly high over all of us.
Posted by Nalini Dinesh on 10th December 2013
im from singapore , i was just looking for people who shared my birthday with and happened to be its u ...... fly high brother
Posted by Ruth Gruhler on 28th November 2013
Hey its THANKSGIVING DAY and i miss you so much LOVE ALWAYS MOM
Posted by Ruth Gruhler on 14th November 2013
Today your beautiful daughter turned 5 yrs old she turned out Eindruck just like you when u we're her age love u both love MOM
Posted by Ruth Gruhler on 21st October 2013
Hello baby . Well today is another day that I am missing you alot thinking about you everyday you will always be loved and sadly missed love you. MOM
Posted by Ruth Gruhler on 5th October 2013
Hello son well today is a new day wishing you were here miss you so much and love you always MOM
Posted by Ruth Gruhler on 4th October 2013
I love and miss you so much not a day goes bye I don't talk or think about you love you MOM
Posted by Carla Tigar on 4th October 2013
Some days we sit and think about the times we had with you, people didn't see the side of you that we most did. Your always in our hearts Miguel and believe me not a chance will you ever be forgotten.. WE LOVE AND MISS YOU CARLA,MIKEY,AUSTIN,RAE-LEE (TIGAR)
Posted by Danielle Rissmiller on 4th October 2013
i cant say i have a fav memory. you were my best friend for so many years, its still hard to believe your gone. You were there for me through so many good times hard times and everything in between. You made me laugh cry and drove me insane but through everything you will forever live in my heart and soul. ill love you till my last breath and remember you long after. love ya miggy :)
Posted by Missy Sexton on 4th October 2013
Miguel, I never imagined I would be writing something in your memory. I thought that we would share millions of stories memories and most of all a million laughs to last us a lifetime. I miss you I miss you more than you could ever imagine. You deserve to be here with us you were taken far to soon ❤️ I pray that in time it gets better
Posted by Yanellie Rosa on 4th October 2013
Not one day goes by where I don't think about you!! My heart still and will forever hurt! You were ny backbone when I needed it..my cousin, best friend and brother!! I love you !! 1,000+ kisses! Til we meet again brother!!!
Posted by Brittany DeBias on 4th October 2013
Miguel..Miguel..Miguel..it still doesn't feel real sometimes when I think about it. At times it feels like you are just gonna come home one day!!! Spazzing out cracking jokes&&jammin out to Destinys Child!!! But then I remember and reality sinks back in. You are very much missed by me and everyone that knew you !! You've touched lives in ways you probably never even knew!! I wish...
Posted by Brittany DeBias on 4th October 2013
You were here to share the news of my first little peanut growing in my little ol belly but I know you're watching down on me!!! And I may add being with Iyanna reminds me of you in more then one way!! She is your twin!!! There's not one thing she does that doesn't remind us all of you!!! You will forever live on thru that precious baby!!! I love and miss you dearly!!! Fly high! XOXO

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