Shared by Linda Ardelean on September 29, 2015

Happy 29th birthday Mishu! Wish we could all celebrate with you. I miss you! 

Shared by Munteanu Vitalie on September 21, 2011

 ai fost bun prieten cu toti ai fost ca un frate  dar stiu ca esti cu domnul

Shared by Diana Petrusan on January 18, 2011

For the first time in 3 weeks my world seems still and quiet. Planning and organizing all the details really helped me to mourn in such a different way. When I would be updating, looking at pictures, talking and sharing with friends, and putting together the memorial services a moment would cross my mind, I stopped laughed, cried, and remembered Mishu.



I first met Mishu in 2004 in Cupcini at the orphanage he came from. That year on the mission trip we as leaders lived at the orphanage, ate with the kids, and experienced life as an orphan for about 10 days. I remember Mishu was the life of the party. He was always the center of attention. All the kids loved him. He had such a special bond with them all. I remember specifically how Mishu never showed any emotion of being sad, he always had a smile on his face. But that summer when we were saying our goodbyes all the kids were crying for Mishu, with tears in his eyes and a smile on his face he was waving goodbye to the kids.



In 2008 I had the opportunity to be in Moldova with Mishu and celebrated the holidays with him. It happened to be his last winter in Moldova. There was something special about spending Christmas in Moldova. One night we all went caroling with a big group of friends as well as Mishu, his friend Victor, my friend Eva, and I. In the car Victor and Mishu talked about one day coming to America. They asked my friend and I many questions about America. The village we caroled was dark, cold, and had no lights. We went from house to house and caroled until we were frozen. Mishu walked my friend and I to the car to get warm. He tried to make us warm and he kept saying "think about the hot california sun". That winter was special because I had the opportunity to really get to know Mishu. He would work grave yard shift as security all night, and still made the time to walk over to our apartment by morning to make sure he got to show us the city one last time and say his goodbyes to me and Eva. Not even getting stuck in the elevator for an hour stopped him that morning. I remember seeing Mishu storm into the apartment singing, dancing, smiling, and asking, "do you girls have food? what are we doing tonight?"



Once you got to know Mishu you were a different person. There were many people who never met Mishu here in America who have said they felt like they knew Mishu. He had a great capacity to love life, have fun, and enjoy every moment. Mishu always talked about how his heart was in Moldova. How he longed to go back with me on the mission trip in the summer. His last few days he talked highly about his new life here in California. How much he loved his friends, his boss, his work, he was mentioning how he really wants to settle down. He talked about his relationship with the Lord, and giving praises to Him! Mishu carried a contagious smile with him everywhere he went. I will never be able to go back with him. But his testimony, memories, and pictures will always be with me. Because of Mishu's death I have a greater desire to serve the orphaned in Moldova, to share the gospel with unbelievers, and to serve the Lord faithfully in what He has called me to do.



The fruit that comes from my life, I am confident that Mishu will have the same crown in Heaven. There are many more Mishu's out there and I am ready to meet them!

-Diana Petrusan

Quiet Boy

Shared by Norann - on January 15, 2011

I First met Mishu when RJ, & Tevor brought him by my home. He was very quiet and sweet, yet stern. I have traveled and met many people as a Hypnotist and a Hairstylist, so I could tell Mishu was an intersesting guy. He sat on the sofa, not saying much, but called my kitten to him. That was magical! Mishu lit up and smiled and played with him for ever. I had to show him my other pets, 2 Sugar Gliders. Lets just say for the next ten mins Trevor had to translate just about everything Mishu was saying he was laughing and having so much fun!!

We spoke often because I became his barber, and he and RJ roommates. When they would get cuts, he would look over my new car for me, give me his opinion. It was always a pleasure to see them all so happy, living life.

One day after hearing where Mishu was from, we were talking about work. He was doing construction work, I know alot about because of my family. He never complained or said anything negaitive towards work, and lets face it, thats not common. I asked "Is it easier work than in your homeland?" his modest response was "Yes, here we use electric tools, there we use hammer and arm!" I know I started appericating the small things in life more thanks Mishu.

I wish more of us have time to spend with you Mishu! Just know how many lives you touched, even in a small way, you made so many of us realize we have to live life, and love those around us, each and everyday. Im so blessed to have met you, and have had you in RJ's life! We all miss you daily and I feel live with a little more love to go around now on your behalf... Rest in Peace my Friend


Shared by Sara P on January 6, 2011

I have a now barely visible scar on my right hand. Just a small place where Misu scratched me once while we were both going for the ball in an intense volleyball match. He was my coach and was pretty patient in teaching me. I used to show him the place he scratched me and announce that he had scarred me for life, but that it was okay, because when he left for America, I wouldn’t forget him.


Me being Sasha’s wife and Misu and Sasha being such prominent fixtures in each others' lives, it was only natural that we become acquainted. We were more than just acquaintances, we were friends. Misu came to my apartment in Moldova every Wednesday to learn English from my roommate and me. We mostly ate big meals, drank hot chocolate and ventured out to play volleyball. There was little English learning happening, but friendship was built. I loved Misu; I still love Misu.


Sasha and I saw Misu just ten days before his accident. We talked about the mundane, like work, traffic, the joys and hardships of America and even snowboarding. And we talked about the future, the kind of girl he should marry, how to help Moldova and jobs that he could learn to do. We talked about the past like life in the orphanage and the first year living with Sasha. We laughed.


Misu came from a past that few of us can begin to imagine. The life of anyone in a Moldovan orphanage is usually unfathomable. My prayer and hope is that his friendship with Sasha, myself and so many others who loved him will be a testimony. That this memorial and the funeral we give him will glorify God and show other orphans in this world that there is life, love and family. Psalm 68.6 says, “God sets the lonely in families.” I feel blessed that God set Misu into mine. I hope that scar on my hand never fully fades away, but I am also ready for the next lonely person God chooses to put in the Pascal family.


-Sara Pascal

Shared by Diana Petrusan on January 2, 2011

An Expired Opportunity


by: Filu Banu


Occasionally, we have all experienced sadness when looking over our shoulders and seeing lost opportunities to act as the hands and feet of God.  A person was in need, or a situation required our resources, but we were too wrapped up in our own lives.  So with this mind, I am grateful to be able to share with you that we didn’t turn our back on a certain young person, but rather embraced him with open arms. 


Mishu Smetanin, an orphan from the streets of Chisinau, did not know God.  And without a family, job or even a high school diploma, who would have ever seen anything worthwhile in him?  Well, God did.  In His love, He sent His son Jesus Christ to die for Mishu.  And what is more, God moved the hearts of my friend, Daniel Bora, who together with Sasha Pascal and still others from Charity Cup, like Mike Barac and Lena Popa, decided to invest in Mishu.  We didn't ask him to change or force him to become a Christian but instead invited Mishu to walk alongside of us so we could love him for who he was and where he was.  Mishu had not heard the stories of Jesus’ love growing up, so he was blessed to be able to experience it for himself firsthand.  Sadly, we won’t be able to encourage Mishu any longer.  A couple days ago, at the age of twenty-four, through a tragic snowboarding accident which we believe was not random but a preordained appointment, Mishu passed away into the presence of the Lord and Savior whom he chose to follow.  For those that knew Mishu it was easy to tell he lived life with a zest for more and a fearless attitude.  His contagious laugh, smile and enthusiasm were a special charm that warmed the hearts of many. But in the end it was his belief in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ that helped him transcend the mortal and snowboard into eternity.


I am thankful to God that Charity Cup was instrumental in changing where Mishu spends eternity.  Yet we are involved with many other people who are in the same situation as Mishu once was.  So I also ask you if there would be similar people in your own life whom God is asking you to seek out.  If someone comes to mind, please take action today; you never know how many chances you have before their time on earth is over!


Finally, we wish to remember that Mishu was part of the Timothy and Esther program where young boys and girls are taken in once they are sent out from orphanages around the age of sixteen. We strive to give these needy individuals food and a place to stay, as well as an education and mentorship, which points to a personal relationship with Lord Jesus. If you would like to take this opportunity to donate for Mishu’s funeral, or for helping another young boy or girl who is desperate, please visit the Charity Cup website and donate online

Love in Christ

Shared by Diana Petrusan on December 31, 2010

The following messages are from emails that have been sent on the Charity Cup Core Email Group.


Daniel Bora writes:

I  have to say that I'm a bit speechless. 

Cred ca in mare am croit careri drepte for Mishu.  Gods Love and 
Mercy has shown itself to Mishu and through him many times!
Although in the last year he's sort of been missing in action... In the 
Back of my mind I was always thinking that at the right time Mishu will be a strong missionary.
I could not help but think that just a year ago he gave his testimony at the Christmas dinner in Chicago... We were all moved.
Lavinia Dobrea writes:
Mishu has gone to be with the Lord.  An unbelievable tragedy & loss for us. 

I pray the Lords mercy, grace, might & awesomeness be shown through Mishu’s passing. I pray all the kids still living in the orphanage Mishu grew up in and all those who knew Mishu are awakened and find peace & refuge in the Lord. May all the believers who knew Mishu be strengthened knowing that the Lord is good & in control.  

I did not know Mishu well, only met him a few times.  But knew of him, what he meant to some of you, what he had overcome & accomplished and the work he had done for the Lord.  I am so happy knowing Mishu is in heaven at peace & rest with our Lord and Savior!

Recently I’ve been contemplating: Does what we do in and with CC really matter?

Mishu’s passing had made it very clear to me that YES: all we do, everything we say, the way we act, the work we put into charity cup- all the projects, tasks & responsibilities and all the prayers really do matter.  The seed is planted and souls are won for Christ.  And we in return are blessed to be part of the Lords work. May Charity Cup be strengthened knowing we showed Mishu Christ’s love.


Linda Ardelean writes:

I just talked to Mishu last week at the LA concert & I walked away from the conversation praising & thanking God that He was taking care of Mishu. Even when we couldn't & didn't know how to help Mishu, God was taking care of Him all along. Mishu talked about how he wanted to settle down & stay somewhere long term, how he respected his boss, Mike Antimea (I think) from New Hope & I was so thankful for Mike. Mishu was so funny, after he described Mike & their relationship, how he was helping him & keeping him accountable, I said "Well Mishu, sounds to me like he's somewhat a Father figure to you. I'm happy you found that." To that he chuckled a bit & said "Oh no, no, he was more like a brother." I left the conversation wondering why he didn't see that what God was giving him was a strong man to guide him & help him, what I would define as a Father. I came to the conclusion that Mishu never knew what a Father was & God gave Him a little glimpse of what a Father is like, before He brought him to Himself: his true Father. The Father of us all. I am conviced that God used each one of us in Mishu's life & the other way around. Thank you God for that last conversation, that you gave me the certainty that You hold Mishu's life in the palm of your hand. Thank you God that Mishu helped me take down the decorations after the concert. Thank you God that you knew the days of Mishu before there was even one of them.

"You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book, the days that were ordained for me when as yet there was not one of them. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed." Psalm 139: 16


George Puraci writes:

He was one of our own, young and restless, but full and life and
potential. God wanted his life to last this long only and we are
grateful for knowing him till now. As one post on facebook said, 'life
is indeed short'.

We know that fact too well and act in light of eternity, not in light
of what might happen here on earth. Keep on loving. Lets strengthen our
tired hands and feeble knees and ..continue to make straight paths with
our feet so that the lame may not fall by the wayside but rather be
Hebrews 12:13.

Mishu was at the LA benefit dinner, sitting next to his mentor/friend
Sasha, and I'm sure heard and learned all the best from him and all of
us in CC. That's all we could do, and did, and I'm sure Mishu died not
ignorant of God but rather knowing Him, and known by Him.


Adi si Mihaela Ambrosie scrie:

Suntem si noi alaturi de familia, biserica, si prietenii lui Mishu in aceasta durere.

Intr-adevar viata este scurta si nu ne apartine. Viata este in mainile Celui ce a creat-o. Ceea ce suntem chemati este sa facem ca aceasta viata sa conteze, adica sa fie o investitie pentru vesnicie.

Credem ca Dumnezeu i-a oferit lui Mishu exact timpul necesar pentru aceasta investitie si acum "viata lui eterna" conteaza cu adevarat!!!

Cu Respect,

Adi si Mihaela Ambrosie

Iasi, Romania


Abi Striblea writes:

It was just a short while ago that I saw Mishu at the Charity Cup Christmas concert. His passing brings a sense of loss - a young man with a life full of potential and promise. Utlimately however, the Lord is sovereign - though we may not fully understand now, we will one day in eternity. The comfort that remains is that our brother is with the Lord.




Laura Repede writes:


I too am saddened by Mishu's passing. Although I didn't know him very well, he always had a contagious smile and seemed to have a zest for life. I pray that the Father of all compassion may bring comfort to those who are mourning. May the lives he touched be forever changed.


Jeniffer Adams writes:


Though we are all grieving the loss of not only our dear friend, but brother in Christ, I know that he is with the Lord. 

I remember many many countless times spent with Mishu and those are memories that will never be forgotten. Seeing such a person grow from a young boy to a young man fearing the Lord was something that I know will be remembered by many of us.
I will continue to pray for all of us as we mourn through this loss. And knowing he is with the Lord is the most amazing thing.

Felicia Iuga writes:

He finished his race. He's with his Savior, his Father. There is no greater joy than that. so...I just started praying that God touches the lives of those who knew him. Every single one person. He was a great impact to all the kids at the orphanage. They all respected him a lot. Thank you Lord for the work you've done in his life and for all the lives you touched through him. 
Lord I pray that you touch every life of those who knew him. Bring them all the cross so they may know you as their personal Savior! And for those that know you, my Lord, I pray that you strengthen their walk with you. 
One more reason to look forward to heaven! We will see you soon our dear friend! 



Shared by Victoria Grosu on December 30, 2010


Pe Mishu il cunosc din proiectul Timotei si Estera...Am fost impreuna 6 ani de zile, 2 ani am invatat cu el intr-o clasa, era cel mai istet din clasa si la educatia fizica era cel mai bun, era foarte prietenos si orideciteori se intilnea cu cineva incepea primul vorba, si isi facea multi prieteni....

Imi aduc aminte de Mishu cind aveam intilniri cu proiectul, el era cel mai vesel si cel mai tare imi aduce aminte de zimbetul lui care ma face si pe mine sa fiu vesela, plina de viata....

Deseori venea de la universitate pe la noi pe acasa, si intreba:" Vica aveti ceva de mincare?" si noi ii dadeam sa manince si el bukuros minka apoi ne multumea si mai stateam la povestit cu el....deseori venea cu ciokolate si ne servea pe fete...era un baiat foarte foarte respectuos, oricare fata  nu ar fi,  el se comporta frumos cu orice fata....

Apoi a venit si timpul sa vina la America si noi toti ne-am luat ramas bun, am avut un timp cu el, in care ne-am luat ramas bun si seara a  plecat la Amerika....

Dupa o luna am venit si eu la Amerika, si in vara Mishu a venit in vizita cu Victor la Washington, ne-am vazut iarasi, si imi aduk aminte cum aici noi am pregatit o supa de casa si el cind a minkat, si-a adus aminte de Moldova si a minkat tot cintat cu el ,aici si-a facut alti prieteni, intra in vorba cu toti oamenii, era prietenos, asta mi-a plakut mult, era un baiat simplu.....

de Craciun mi-a scris Merry Christmas, apoi pe 27 am ramas socata si fara cuvinte, nu-mi vine sa cred si ma intreb de ce asa? am si acuma mesajul in telefon si ma uit si nu pot sa ce Mishu? stii cred ca Dzeu are un plan cu fiecare din noi, si nu stim cind si cum vom muri.....dar asta vreau sa zik, sa fim gata de a pleka acolo una imi pare rau, de ce asa moarte dura a avut Mishu? de ce asa a trebuit sa moara? Numai Dzeu stie de ce, si de ce l-a luat asa de tinar.....Mi-e greu si sunt trista in inima mea, dar am speranta ca ne vom intilni acolo sus cu el si vom vorbi din nou.....Mishu sa stii ca mi-i dor tare de tine si ne lipsesti mult.....imi esti fratele meu...o sa ne vedem curind...Mishka..


De la Mama Vicki

Shared by Vicky Boitor on December 30, 2010


Shalom,                                                                       Decembrie 2010  
Imi vine asa de greu sa scriu deoarece amintirile cu Misu dau navala una peste alta troienind cararea...
Prima data l-am intilnit in Chisinau la tabara de vara – un tinar plin de viata si zburdalnic.
Apoio la un benefit dinner am fost binecuvintata cu poza lui si cu privilegiul de-a ma ruga pentru el. Dorinta pe care o avea era sa vina in USA. Anul trecut ne-a vizitat si parca-l vad si acum stind la bar mincind placinte cu brinza, rizind si povestind cu multa exuberanta. Anul cesta la Christmas Concert mi s-a parut mai asezat, mai matur – dar tot cu zimbetul strengaresc pe buze.
In vara cind am fost in Chisinau vazind lucrarea pe care Domnul o face prin tinerii nostrii adunati din diferite colturi ale lumii, El mi-a pus pe inima sa ma rog pentru ei. Mi-a dat si un text de care m-am agatat si de ani de zile astept implinirea lui: „ Asa vorbeste Domnul, care te-a facut si intocmit, si care de la nasterea ta este sprijinitorul tau: „Nu te teme de nimic, robul Meu.....Caci voi turna ape peste pamintul insetat si riuri pe pamintul uscat; voi turna Duhul Meu peste saminta ta, si binecuvintarea mea peste odraslele tale, si vor rasari ca firele de iarba intre ape, ca salciile linga piraiele de apa.”   
Domnul in dragostea, bunatatea, si suveranitatea Lui a lasat acest eveniment in vietile noastre. Domnul vorbeste in multe feluri dar noi nu luam seama. Cind ingaduie o boala peste noi atunci ridica tonul poate, poate vom auzi. Cind lasa moartea prematura atunci striga din megafoanele cerului:
-          trezire
-          pocainta
-          intoarcere acasa
-          traire, inchinare in Duh si Adevar
-          slujire

V. Boitor

Shared by Cathy DeVoe on December 30, 2010

I first met Mishu, along with Victor, at Sasha and Sara Pascal's wedding. I am Sara's mother. Mishu immediately drew me into his world. His smile was so contagious, like he had a secret no one else knew. You wanted to be around him, talk with him, get to know him better. He made me feel special, yet he barely knew me. As the week progressed I saw that he would talk with anyone, about anything. He loved people! He was gracious, kind, yet a spark of mischieviousness that could not be missed!

At the wedding, we danced the Moldovan Hora. Mishu led it. Here he was, with a group of off tempo Americans and it turned out to be the highlight of the dancing. Everyone laughing and out of breath! And Mishu just kept up that tempo with a huge smile on his face.

By the end of the week I felt he was one of my own. I look forward to seeing you in Heaven Mishu. You are truly one of God's beloved.

Cathy DeVoe

Shared by Silvica Rosca on December 30, 2010

I met Mishu only in April, so I've known him for a very short period of time.  However, I could tell he was a kind-hearted guy.  He showed it in the small things.  

I remember once at a park event when all the youth was gathered to play volleyball.  As they left, they inevitably left all their trash scattered on the ground.  I started picking up the bottles and chip bags.  Most, in their haste, didn't notice - but Mishu did.  Instead of leaving, he joined me in cleaning up.  No questions asked, no hesitation - he just pitched in. And he didn't just pick up a few bottles and leave.  He stayed until the entire area was cleaned up.  Picking up trash might be such a small and insignificant thing, but it was such an effective way of helping, of being faithful in the small details, of being a blessing to those around him.

I pray we all strive to likewise be blessings to those around us.  

Shared by Linda Ardelean on December 29, 2010

Mishu lived with my family for little bit during the summer of '09.  I never got to hang out him while doing missions in Moldova so when he lived with us, I really got a chance to get to know him better.  I found him to be a strong guy; a guy who could deal with a lot of life's sorrows, hardships, and still come out smiling at the end of it.  Here are some thoughts from my journal after spending some time in a deep conversation with Mishu.

June 27, 2009

Mishu has taught me to appreciate the small things in life. I think  he's a deep guy. Hanging out with Mishu has put a lot of things in perspective for me.  God provides for those that admit their humanity, frailty, weakness.  He is an example to me.  Thank you Lord for doing something special with him.


Shared by Jeniffer Adams on December 29, 2010

I will never forget how the Lord touched Mishu's life at such a young age. Growing up and facing many obstacles was tough, but he always looked to the Lord to lead him. I remember many, many late late nights staying up for worship session's at the Orphanage Camp in the Republic of Moldova. Mishu, you always had a smile on your face that was SO contagious. I remember asking you once why you're always smiling and you told me, how could I not? God gave me everything I need and more and this is who I live for. That drew me back because I knew your story and how you were raised at the orphanage. Much more than grew my faith in the Lord tremendously! Thanks, Mishu for always being you. You and your dances and crazy sports skills! Thanks for always being there for late talks and prayer. You will truly be missed. Until we meet again, see you soon, Mishu!

Shared by Diana Perde on December 29, 2010

I first met Mishu at the orphanage camp in Moldova in 2005. I could see him now, laughing and playing with the kids- they loved him!  Last summer Mishu joined our youth group on a trip to Sliderock in Sedona. He was jumping off the highest cliffs doing back flips and all sorts of crazy stunts, all I could think was "Dang, Mishu's hard core!" I thought he was crazy and kept telling him he was going to hurt himself, but he didnt care, he was living life on the edge and testing his zeal for adventure. When I refused to jump off of the smallest cliff (I mean rock), Mishu was right there encouraging me to jump. He stood with me on top of that rock until I finally jumped. He must have jumped about 4 times until we actually jumped together. That imagine replays in my head constantly every time I think of Mishu because it reminds me of his passion to take risks, be adventurous and live his life to the fullest.

Although Mishu's life was full of adversity, challenges, and unbearable obstacles, he allowed the Lord to change his life completely. He had a contagious smile and a zeal for life and adventure that was astonishing and remarkable. Mishu took every opportunity to live on the edge and make every moment count. His testiomony will forever change lives and bring God glory. We will see you soon Mishu! We can't wait for you to welcome us in Heaven with your warm and amazing smile!! We love you!

Until we meet again,


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