Let the memory of Mitchell be with us forever
  • 51 years old
  • Born on May 15, 1959 .
  • Passed away on December 24, 2010 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Mitchell Martinez, 51, born on May 15, 1959 and passed away on December 24, 2010. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Naomi Martinez on 24th December 2018
Mitchell, God blessed me by allowing me to give birth to you and to have you in my life for 51 years and seven months. Naturally, I had hoped that you would live to a ripe old age and share your compassion and wisdom with many people. I had hoped that I would be able to look into your beautiful brown eyes as I transitioned from this world to the spiritual realm, but that was not to be. Know this, my son: You were (and are) my pride and joy, my beloved son, my faithful friend, and my honorable pastor. I love you. God bless you fully.
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 15th May 2018
Today, May 15, 2018, is Mitchell's birthday, which is something that did not just occur to me. I've been thinking about Mitchell for days, listening to his messages on cassettes, and crying a little. I posted a birthday greeting on Facebook to honor his memory because he is my pride and job and he always will be. Deborah (Mitchell's wife) transitioned before Christmas last year, and I like to believe they are together again. In the name of Christ Jesus I pray: God bless them. Amen.
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 24th December 2017
Today is the 7th anniversary of Mitchell's passing. I listen to cassettes of his sermons and delight in hearing his voice, and my grief is somewhat eased. In addition to Mitchell's other noble life roles, he was a member of Promise Keepers, which increased my pride in him. A few months ago his beloved wife, Deborah, joined him. Perhaps their spirits happily reunited. I do not know, but I do know that I miss my son and daughter-in-law. God bless their souls. Amen.
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 24th June 2017
Mitchell, Father's Day was June 18th. Thankfully, my caregiver (Teresa) and I visited Rolling Hills Memorial Park on June 17th to place fresh bouquets of flowers on your grave, as well as Colston's grave in recognition of the fact that both of you were devoted fathers who deeply loved your children. I salute you, my honorable son, as well as my honorable brother. Both of you are two of my beloved heroes, my friends, and my counselors. Mitchell, you were also my pastor, my colleague, and my fishing buddy. Every evening before I retire for the evening I pray and thank God for blessing me to be your mother. I've always loved you unconditionally and I always will.
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 15th May 2017
On May 15th, 1959 God blessed me to give birth to my beloved son, Mitchell Franklin Martinez, and I was (and am) thankful. Mitchell was (and remains) my pride and joy. I am thankful to have a few hundred cassettes of his sermons, which guide and comfort me--especially on Mitchell's birthday, Mother's Day, and Christmas Eve. Thank You, Lord.
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 24th December 2016
Mitchell Martinez, my beloved son, has not left my thoughts and heart and he never will. He is and forever will be my pride and joy. Hence, every night before I retire I thank God for blessing me to be Mitchell's mother. From birth to his transition Mitchell gave me unconditional love, compassion, patience, joy, friendship, honor, respect and a host of other godly gifts. And I pray that Mitchell will be one of the first of my loved one to greet me when I make my transition.
Posted by Eposi Westbrook on 24th December 2016
Merry Christmas to Mitchell and all of the other family members who have left this world and are in heaven. The latest one is Dr. John Ewange Tokeson, just like a dream he has joined you all, Colston, Cody, Mom Virginia, Diane and all the other family members whom we will all meet someday in the presence of God.
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 3rd August 2016
My son, Mitchell, is unforgettable. His sermons continue to enlighten, encourage and comfort me. I listened attentively to one of his zealous sermons (i.e. "Choosing Life") on the evening of August 1, 2016 and I felt uplifted. Every night before I retire I pray and thank God for all of the blessings He has bestowed upon me and I never fail to thank Him for blessing me to be Mitchell's mother and for every moment of my son's life.
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 19th June 2016
Today is Father's Day, and I am thinking about Mitchell and what a loving father he was to all nine of his children, what a faithful servant of God he was here on earth, what a genuine man if integrity and compassion he was to others and what a wonderful son he was to me. Of course, I think of Mitchell every day. I thank God for blessing me to be his mother and I also give honor to Julio Colon Martinez (Mitchell's father and my ex-husband). Beloved son, my love for you is endless.
Posted by Berta Parsons on 2nd June 2016
Dear Deborah & Naomi + Family: When I returned to Richmond to stay, I was startled and greatly saddened to hear that my dear Pastor & Brother in Christ, Mitchell Martinez had been taken from us! I was so greatly blessed by him and his ministry as Pastor, Evangelist & a great comforter of a sorrowing soul. When I first met him, it was at the Richmond Rescue Mission on the evening of Sept 2, 2000. I was convinced by the enemy that "God no longer wants to hear from you," among other lies. That very night, the first time I desperately needed to stay at the Mission myself, Pastor Mitchell, in the midst of his (always) superb sermon, pointed toward me and proclaimed "The Lord understands that you've lost a precious family member." Then, a little while later, he again pointed in my direction and said, "You are loosed!" I went out of that amazing chapel meeting thinking to myself that it certainly didn't seem like our so loving God and our Father didn't "want to hear from me anymore." Before I went to sleep I determined that such lovely words were for me (my darling mother had died, and there was another grief nearly as bad) and I, gratefully in those sweet, clean sheets, prepared to rest in sleep, when the Holy Spirit Himself visited me and finished the precious work of hope in my soul begun by your dear & lovely husband and son. He, the Holy Spirit, filled me to the brim and overflowing that night which I will never forget and now I know that happiness & that gracious love that only the Awesome God and our Savior can impart to His suffering but repentant child, obedient at last. It took me 32 yrs to finally obey the Lord God in a way that He could approve, and He told me to get up and go to RRM and that very night the angel He sent me was your marvelous Man of God, Pastor Mitchell G. Martinez! I will never forget him either and every thought of him and of all of you and your ministry to me causes me to bless God and thank Him always for all of you! Thank you! Thank you! Love in Christ, Berta Parsons (aka Barbara)
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 18th May 2016
I have been physically incapacitated and hospitalized on six occasions this year, so my tribute to Mitchell F. Martinez, my only offspring is late. Mitchell's birthday was May 15th. Were he still on earth he would be 57 years old and would still be preaching and teaching in Richmond, California. I have a few hundred of Mitchell's sermons. (Thank God!) And I listen to them--not just to hear his voice, but to continue learning, to be inspired, to be encouraged and to embrace humility. God blessed me richly to have given birth to Mitchell F. Martinez, one of God's faithful servants.
Posted by Eposi Westbrook on 15th May 2016
I know that you are in heaven with the almighty father.
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 24th December 2015
Naturally, thoughts of Mitchell occupied were my constant companions today, thoughts that I shared with my friends. Do I miss my son? Of course, I do; I will miss Mitchell for the remainder of my life. He was not only my son; he was my friend, my colleague, my inspiring pastor, my patient counselor, my fishing buddy, etc. Mitchell understood me, accepted and loved me just as I am. I thank God for blessing me to be Mitchell's mother.
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 26th November 2015
It is Thanksgiving Day, and I have a cornucopia of gratitude to the loving God. Of course, I thank Him (the Holy Provider and Protector) for the gift of grace. I never fail to thank Him for blessing me to be the mother of Mitchell Franklin Martinez. Mitchell was a member of Promise Keepers, a faithful servant of God, a man of integrity and compassion, a blessing to me all of his life and a blessing to countless others. Thank You, Lord. I not only feel blessed; I feel highly favored. Amen.
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 21st June 2015
Today is Father's Day, but I arranged flower bouquets and placed one on Mitchell's grave and another bouquet on my brother's (Colston Westbrook's) grave a few days ago. I honor Mitchell for having been a loving father to his nine children. He, unlike some of his forefathers, was devoted to his wife and family, which included me. God blessed me to be Mitchell's mother, and I will be forever grateful. My son is unforgettable. I was proud of Mitchell every moment of his life, and that pride and motherly love constitute an unending, powerful force that will remain with me throughout my life and beyond. May your spirit, Mitchell, be bathed in God's love, and may it be filled with joy.
Posted by Eposi Westbrook on 16th May 2015
Mitchell will always live in our hearts. There are reminders of him everywhere. His family continues to thrive,, his church and all who loved him continue to love him for the loving and devoted man he was in all that God gave him to do.
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 15th May 2015
Thank you, Lord, for blessing me to be the mother of Mitchell Franklin Martinez, one of your faithful servants and my honorable son. Today (May 15th) is Mitchell's birthday, and I will gaze at photos of him and think about all of the good he did for countless people and about all of the emotional support, spiritual guidance, friendship, happiness and joy he gave me. I always loved Mitchell and I always will. May his spirit rejoice in you, Lord. Amen.
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 5th April 2015
I thank God for blessing me to have given birth to Mitchell, His faithful servant and my honorable son. As I usually do every two weeks, I drove to Rolling Hills Memorial Park on April 2nd to tend to site where Mitchell's body was buried and to place a new flower bouquet into the vase on the gravestone for Easter. It is my way of honoring my son. I have audiocassettes of Mitchell's messages and I will listen to one or two of them this evening and I will thank and praise God for the comfort of being able to listen to my son's voice as he delivered the Word of Truth.
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 24th December 2014
Mitchell's memory is planted in my heart and mind and always will be with me. As I usually do every two weeks, I visited Rolling Hills Memorial Park and trimmed the grass from around his gravestone and my brother's (Colston R. Westbrook's) gravestone. And as usual, I lingered a while, praying and thanking God for blessing me to have given birth to Mitchell, who was my pride and joy every day of his life. Mitchell passed away on December 24, 2010, and I confess that I still mourn his loss. Yet, I remember the words of comfort that Sir (Mitchell) often spoke--i.e. "Mom, God is with us, and everything is going to be all right."
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 21st June 2014
I listened to one of Mitchell's sermons (i.e. Grief, The Joy Snatcher) again today, a sermon that comforts me at times (e.g. his birthday, holidays and special occasions) when I acutely feel my son's loss. I also uploaded another photo of Mitchell to share with his family, his siblings and friends. I love you, my son; I always have and I always will.
Posted by Eposi Westbrook on 15th June 2014
Mitchell was a wonderful, devoted and loving father. Like his uncles, he embodied fatherhood with pride. His children will always carry their heads high knowing that they had a father who loved them beyond measure. That is quite a legacy to leave behind.
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 15th June 2014
Tomorrow (Sunday, June 15, 2014) is Father's Day. Although Mitchell is always on my mind and in my heart, I am especially proud that he was an exemplary, compassionate, dependable father who dearly and genuinely loved all of his nine children. And everyday I thank God for having blessed me to have given birth to a son who grew up to be an honorable man of God and an outstanding father.
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 15th May 2014
As I do every two weeks, I drove over to Rolling Hills Memorial Cemetery to visit Mitchell's grave and to place a new bouquet of flowers on it. Not a day passes without thanking God and my husband for blessing me to give birth to Mitchell, for Mitchell was the pride and joy of my life. I've had many roles throughout my life, but the role of mother was the greatest, most important and most enjoyable of my life. As I arranged the flowers on Mitchell's grave, I remembered May 15, 1959 when I held him in my arms; I reminisced about him running to greet me when I returned from work and about him jumping into my arms; I thought about watching him at his wrestling matches in high school; I thought about attending his marriage; I visualized the joy on his face when every one of his children were born; once more I felt the pride in attending his ordination as a pastor and in his graduation from college where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Management degree. Most of all, I remember Mitchell as a faithful, charismatic, compassionate Servant of God and as a proud and loving husband, father and son. Mitchell (AKA: Sir) will always be in my heart and on my mind. May God continue to bless your spirit and soul, my son.
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 7th January 2014
My term of endearment for Mitchell was "Sir" because I not only loved him unconditionally; I honored and respected him and I always will. Being his mother was the greatest blessing of my life, for Mitchell was the best son any mother could hope to have. He is always in my heart and thoughts. I listen to his sermons and find comfort in hearing his voice. Thank you, Sir, for the legacy of love.
Posted by Nalini Johal on 2nd January 2014
Mitchell Martinez was one awesome, kind human being. God took him away too early. i had the opportunity to work as his clerk at the Contra Costa County Appeals Unit in Concord till I was laid off in 02/2008. Not a day goes by that I think about him also he helped me get a job at the county's Hercules office. May God keep him in his arms in Heaven R.I.P Mitch
Posted by Julie Martinez on 26th December 2013
A day doesn't go by that i don't think of you. I miss you so much my brother the only thing I have left are your emails. I read them often for encouragement, and laughter. I still remember the day we met for the first time, GOD truly Blessed me with an awesome Brother, Pastor and friend. I Love you Mitchell.
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 24th December 2013
Tomorrow, Christmas Eve, marks the third anniversary of my son's passing. Of course Mitchell is always in my hurting heart and thoughts. He gave me many things. I use one of the cups he gave me on a daily basis. Its inscription reads: "Thanks, Mom. Smiles. Hugs. Making me laugh. Letting me cry. A Shoulder to lean on. Infinite patience. Unconditional love. Praying. Caring. Listening. Trusting. Setting some limits. Recognizing my talents. Forgiving my faults. Wise advice. Bright hopes. Precious memories." All of these things are exactly what Mitchell gave me. Thank you, my beloved son.
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 29th November 2013
Mitchell was my only offspring, and all the days of his life he was a blessing to me and to countless others. A loving, compassionate, understanding, empathetic and thoughtful son, he was and always will be my pride and joy. My nickname for him was "Sir", he is in my heart and on my mind daily. And every night after communing with God and before I go to bed, I say: "I love you, Sir." Today (Thanksgiving Day) I thank God for Sir.
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 15th May 2013
Mitchell loved God above all others, I am proud to say. But he told his congregation that there should be two women in every man's life--i.e., his wife and his mother. What comforts my heart on Mitchell's birthday is knowing that he loved his wife, children, grandchildren, and me unconditionally. Naturally, I loved him unconditionally and I always will.
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 13th January 2013
Ralph Waldo Emerson said: "The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well." My son had happy times, but of greater importance he was useful, honorable and compassionate; his life made a difference to a countless number of people, which is one of his greatest legacies.
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 3rd January 2013
Senior Pastor Mitchell F. Martinez was a genuine servant of God. For over two decades he preached and taught the Word of God and served the poor and needy of the Iron Triangle community of Richmond, California. He was an honorable man, a devoted husband, father, grandfather, and son (my only offspring), who I dearly loved and respected and who will forever be in my heart and thoughts.

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