Posted by Olajide Kehinde on June 18, 2021
You will forever remain in my memory ma for the six great years we worked together in BPE.
Rest on the gallant daughter of Zion.
Posted by Alhaja Kudirat Brimah on June 18, 2021
Mrs Modupe Abiodun-Wright resonates with both inner and outer beauty of a lovely, peaceful, well mannered and friendly neighbour. A dignified person who carries herself in a manner that signifies that she is a God loving and God fearing person. Never wanted to hurt any neighbour but will rather take in the hurt in order to ensure a peaceful co-existence with her neighbour. I pray that her family will be comforted with the good life she lived. Adieu my senior sister my friend and my good neighbour.
Posted by Segun Savage on June 18, 2021
May Dupe's gentle soul rest in perfect peace The times that we met I still have memories of them. The pleasant attitude you displayed on this side of the divide shall go with you to eternity. Surely you shall rest in the bosom of the MOST HIGH. ADIEU most pleasant woman.
Posted by UWADI OKPA-OBAJI on June 18, 2021
The news of your passing was a rude shock to me but I took solace in the fact that we are all visitors in this world and we shall depart when the time is come.
May the Good Lord not count your sins against you, and may He forgive your trespasses. May He keep you in his bosom and grant you peace and eternal rest. Dupe, may your soul rest in perfect peace, IJN. Amen.
Posted by Kemi Ajayi on June 18, 2021
May your beautiful soul rest in perfect peace in Jesus mighty name amen. May God almighty grant your lovely family the fortitude to bear this big loss in Jesus mighty name amen.
Posted by Olufunke Dinneh on June 17, 2021
This came as a shock to me. I’m still trying to process this in my mind. Your smile is unforgettable. The story of my career would not be complete without the role you played in God’s demonstration of his plan for me. I will always remember you. Rather than promise me a job, you gave me Jesus and Matt. 6:33 was fulfilled. Oh what a testimony it was and still is. You loved God. I just thought you would always be there and I could reach you anytime but..,,this came as a shock and a lesson. I’ll miss you....
Posted by Tony Osibodu on June 17, 2021
Good night Sis, May your gentle soul rest in Perfect Peace. May the Almighty God grant your family the strength and fortitude to bear this great loss. Amen!
Posted by Toyin Oke on June 17, 2021
Mummy, your death confirms the futility of life!! We are lost, shattered and confused at the news of your death. So unbelievable. Death snatched you away just like that, just like a trick. But who are we to query God? Who are we to question your creator who knows your end from the beginning? Our consolation is that you lived your life so well, touching lives with your character and being. We met you in 2015 when you came to ask for the hand of our daughter, Bunmi, in marriage to your son Ladi. Since then, you never ceased to amaze us with your love, God’s selfless love indeed. You were so, so, so kind, unassuming, and generous. Mummy, we love you dearly. Mummy, rest in the ever-loving peace of God till we meet to part no more. 
Song: Ma sun lo olufe sa ma sinmi, f’ori re le aya Olugbala, a fe o sugbon Jesu fe o ju, sun re, sun re, sun re. 
Toyin Oke (Bunmi Abiodun-Wright’s Mum)

Posted by Esther Chukwu on June 17, 2021
May her gentle soul rest in Perfect Peace. Rest in the sweet bossom of God.
Posted by Adewale Jones on June 17, 2021
It is really sad to lose Auntie Dupe at this time. I served with her on a number of Committees at the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM), the last of which was in the History Committee between 2016-2018. She was the Vice-Chairperson of the Committee.  The outcome of our work found expression in the publication of the book, CIPM at 50. Aunty Dupe was a thorough and diligent professional who radiated warmth always. She sank herself into any assignment given to her. Her departure is indeed a big loss to the HR Community in our Country. She will be sorely missed. I pray that her soul finds eternal repose in the bosom of our creator and rise in glory on the resurrection morning. May divine assistance avail the family as they mourn the loss of a very cherished member, Amen. Adieu Aunty Dupe.
Posted by Adeola Olorodegol on June 17, 2021
Mummy Wright you have fought a good fight you have finished your race and kept the faith .Rest in peace with our Lord Jesus Christ Amen
Posted by Biola Molokwu on June 16, 2021
Modupe was a dear friend and classmate. We met about 57 years ago in Form 1. Our school days was exciting and adventurous. Even after our school days, Dupe's caring self still shone. Recently I came back to Nigeria on a short visit after being away for many years, Dupe and a few other classmates arranged a get together for me. Such is her love and kindness to her friends. 
I was sad and shocked to hear of her passing. We have lost a gem but heavens have gained an angel. May God comfort her husband, children, family and friends.
Modupe rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Adam Eve on June 15, 2021

The news of Dupe's passing hit us about 3:00 am on 20th May 2021. The insomniacs amongst us read the message and soon the timeline was filled with exclamations of “No!”, tearful emoji, and broken hearts. Words failed everyone; we could not articulate our feelings until much later in the day when we were better composed. We had been classmates since 1964, our first year of secondary school and it was a blow to lose someone we had known for 57 years.

St Anne's school (upshoot of Seminary School) was originally founded in 1869 to train young ladies to be educated home managers supporting their families. With time, the training went beyond home management, transforming into a multicultural melting point that ended up training some of Nigeria's foremost women leaders. It is a school with a long history of excellence and Dupe believed wholeheartedly in its promise and future.
She started being charitable early. As a younger girl during the 1967-1970 Nigerian civil war, she and her family took in other students who were unable to go home for several holidays.
Dupe became the Head Girl in 1971 and took her leadership role to heart, long past her tenure by continuing to play an active role in the revival of the school alumni association, at the class and state level. Even after she moved to Abuja, she continued to be active in the Lagos branch. She was the first president of our set 1964-68/70 group and was very committed to our activities, including organizing the 25th-anniversary class reunion in 1993. She kept in touch with us and our families.
Very mature, very reasonable in looking at both sides of the coin instead of being judgemental and basically very kind.
As a class, her departure leaves an irreplaceable vacuum in our group. We will miss her liveliness, kindness, and indomitable spirit. Her memory will live on in her work and in the lives she had touched.
Rest well Dupe.
To her family especially Wole, the children and other family members, we offer our deepest heartfelt condolence and pray her memory will soothe the pain of her passing.
For St Anne's School, Ibadan 1964-68/70
Posted by adebamowo helen on June 15, 2021
My second mummy, advisor, rest in peace, you will remain to be our dearest forever. It always seems like we have all the time in the world , only to realize how fleeting it really is. I wish we had more time to do and say the things we saved for later, which , along with you , is gone forever. I promise to keep you alive in my memory.
Posted by Yomi Ishola on June 14, 2021
Late Mrs Modupe Abiodun Wright, you have fought a good fight of faith. It’s really hard to accept sudden death like this, you were very active and agile, but those days are gone, gone but not forgotten. Mummy certainly the precious memories of you will remain in our hearts. In everything we all can say,Jesus gives and takes, blessed be His holy name.
Posted by Funmi Sosanya on June 13, 2021
Goodnite aunty. May your beautiful soul Rest In Peace.

Femi and funmi Sosanya
Posted by Gbolahan Wright on June 12, 2021
In loving memory of our dearest sister in-law.
Death may have taken you away from us, but it could never take away your memories,
You will always be in our heart , in your your own special place.
Until we meet again,may God give you rest in His bosom.
Posted by adeola morenikeji on June 11, 2021
Pastor ( Mrs) Olamide Agbolade
Mummy you were a woman of prudence and integrity. You lived with us in Abuja full of joy and happiness. You were not LONELY. Thanks for your motherly care love and dedication to all.
I spoke with you a week to your demise that you were not sounding too well. Oh....

Indeed I am confident that you're in the bosom of our LORD.

You left your bible hymn book and slippers with me for your use any time you're in Abuja. It's now story......
You will solely be missed but always remembered.
It is well.
Pastor ( Mrs) Olamide Agbolade from Abuja. MFM TMPM
Posted by KEMI WRIGHT on June 9, 2021
A woman of great mind. Iya Seun as she's fondly called by members of my family was a peace loving woman. A caring Mother, a devoted Christian, lover of Children and a quiet giver. You will definitely be missed by The Abiodun-Wright family members, especially your gentle smile.May God rest her soul in peace.
Posted by Deronke Adeleke on June 8, 2021
Mummy Wright as we fondly called you in MFM Utako Abuja Youth Church, you were brought in 2010 as our Youth Pastor, you demonstrated a holy zeal, discipline, commitment and unconditional love. You took me like a daughter, my relationship with you transcends church, cos you allow me into your home, your taught me practical life experience, you invested in my life, you paid N60k for my entrance into the university, even after you left Abuja, you will always call to advice and pray for me.
I remembered you calling me by 6.30am on my birthday to pray for me and reminding me you will be 70yrs in November

Mummy Wright, we at Cenacle (MFMYC Utako Abuja) love you but God love you more.
Continue to rest in the bossom of God.

Goodnight ma
Posted by Jane Idahosa on June 8, 2021
I LOST A BOSOM MUMMY (often called Mama).
I did not know that the 18th of May, 2021 when you called me to know about my well-being and we spoke for more than 30 minutes, was going to be your penultimate day on earth. You were in a very high spirit you laughed a lot and we gisted on many things. I never knew that it was the last day l would speak with you and on the 19th of May, very early the next day you sent me a prayer link that l should be listening to it, that it is very interesting, because you always encourage me both in my spiritual and physical growth. 
Mama, do you know you have made a lot of impact in me? the way you talk to me, you encourage me, pray with me on some issues, you advise me on many things, and you even scolded me when l was wrong. I never hid anything from you, l am even closer to you than my own mother, which shows how close we were.
You encouraged me a lot, you advised me to do something that will benefit me and you also checked on me on many occasions at work, at home and at any time you are always there for me.
Mama you are my Mentor, you inspired me in many ways, you are my inspiration, you are my mother, my adviser and my strength.
Mama l miss you a lot, do you know at times, I still feel as if you travelled and you would be coming back soon, so that l can tell you so many things that have happened and you will advise me, l still never believe you have gone.
Mama do you know that there was atimes l listened to your advice even it was a gist on how you went on to buy tools at home to prevent labourers from telling you that they did not have tools to work when they are called to work for you. Mama l took to that idea from your gist that very day, l also went to the market l bought tools at home to prevent any excuse from the labourers as well and it really worked for me.
Mama, do you know that there was a time we were having problem with transformer in our area, NEPA staff came to work on the transformer and they needed tools to work with and l was the only one (female) that have the tools to carry out the assignment, that the NEPA staff were surprised that men could not produce tools (na woman get tools for here) then l told them that l have somebody that taught me this, and that is you Mama. 
Mama you were a mother, teacher, Mentor and a disciplinarian. You have a pure heart, you say it the way it is, your uncommon passion for perfection, you are honest and you are so caring, you don’t like seeing people around you suffer because of your caring nature and love.
Mama you were genuinely a very good person to be with, so much love and it hurts remembering you are gone.
Mama l will always miss your special way of calling my name Jaani, l won’t hear that again, it hurts so much.
Mama, l will forever miss you, until we meet again in Heaven not to depart again. I shall always cherish your memories and put into practice all you taught me, l promise not to disappoint you.
Mama l love you so much, keep on resting in the Lord.

Jane Idahosa
Posted by Oluyemisi Ogunseinde on June 8, 2021
From Mrs Oluyemisi Ogunseinde

What can I say on this?
How do I react? The news of your passing is still surreal. So many lovely memories, including you being one of my maids of honour at my wedding, you looked so pretty and radiant.
But our consolation is that you are now resting in the Lord's bosom. Deut. 29 vs 29 " The secret things belong unto the Lord our God: but those things which are revealed belong unto us and our children forever that we may obey all the terms of these instructions" (NLT). May your beautiful soul rest in perfect peace, Adieu! God almighty will commit her family unto Your care. Let all be well with them in Jesus name. Amen.
Posted by Tolu Ogunmokun on June 8, 2021
Dear Aunty,
Heaven definitely has gained an angel. May your sweet soul rest in perfect peace.

Tolu and Segun Ogunmokun
Posted by Ade Orimalade on June 6, 2021
My dearest aunt what a blessing and privilege it was to have you as part of our family ...

You were so beautiful warm and loving , it is indeed hard to put into words how I feel about your passing.

Sleep well my Aunty Dupe ...You will be greatly missed.

Gbolaga Orimalade

Posted by Afolabi Orimalade on June 6, 2021
My aunty Dupe, words cannot describe how much you are missed.

I can still hear your pleasant laughter and soothing voice that I have gotten to know so well over the years

I remember the day I came back from school and mistook you for my mum, your look alike sister!

We all miss you loads and it’s painful to know that you are departed

There will always be a special place in my heart that is for my sweet and loving aunty Dupe.

Rest well aunty… Love you always!

Posted by Busayo Omisore on June 6, 2021
My dear Aunty Dupe, It is still so shocking and unbelievable that you have gone to be with the Lord. You were such a great Aunty to us, always full of smiles and so lively. You will be dearly missed. May God grant you eternal rest. Good Night Aunty Dupe
Posted by Busola Odusanya on June 5, 2021
It is with a heavy heart but total submission to God’s sovereignty, that I make this tribute to my dear Aunty Dupe.

Growing up, the Abiodun-Wrights’ home was very much an extension of ours (and vice versa) both because of the physical proximity and also the closeness of our mums. Seun and Bobo (Ladi) were regulars at Adeyemi Lawson and we also (especially Debo - Seun and Bobo’s ‘takoko’ haired cousin) spent a lot of time in Flat 703, 1004. Bazaars in VI, the Bar Beach, Ikoyi Club, Adema Coffee shop, National Museum and Museum Kitchen are just some of the places we visited with Aunty Dupe.

She was a dependable younger sister to my Mum, and I remember her standing in for my parents at some important secondary school appointments when they were unavoidably out of town. Aunty Dupe was also present at my Call to the Nigerian Bar in Abuja in 2001. She was candid, straight talking and could be counted on to speak the truth no matter what. She embodied courage of conviction, self discipline and deep personal integrity. Viewed by many as contrarian, that was a trait that endeared me to her. She loved to challenge cultural norms and would not go along with a practice simply because everyone else was doing it.

From a tender age, I noticed that she invested her time and resources in things she considered important, such as creating precious memories with close family and friends. She enjoyed photography, and cultivated interest in plants, gardening, tourism and travel.

However, her biggest passion in the past few decades was her faith. She served her church community diligently, throwing herself into various aspects of ministry. When I stayed with her in Abuja in the early 2000s, I watched how she kept long vigils; and her persistent, fervent prayers made a strong impression on me.

Although we are grieving, we take solace in the knowledge that our beloved Aunty Dupe is resting with God whom she served so earnestly. Aunty Dupe, you came, you saw and you conquered. Rest in perfect peace, until we meet to part no more.
Busola Odusanya
Posted by Tope Opatola on June 5, 2021
My Dear Aunty Dupe,
I can't believe you are no longer with us, although I know you are in a better place.
I remember you always smiling and giving the warmest hugs. You had a nickname for me - "Tee Top" and it always made me smile anytime you called me by the name. 
You lived a good life and served the Lord whole heartedly.
Thank you for being an amazing Aunt.
May your gentle soul Rest In Peace.
Tope Opatola (Niece)
Posted by Dolapo Oyedipe on June 5, 2021
My dear Auntie Dupe,
It is so painful that you had to leave in this manner. You were always so cheerful, giving and upright. I guess God had other plans for you to be with the Lord. You lived a fulfilled life.
Rest on dear Auntie

Niyi Orimalade
Posted by Dolapo Oyedipe on June 5, 2021
My sweet and dearest younger sister my carbon copy it is still unbelievable that you are gone for ever. The news about your demise sent shocking waves into my nerves. My husband and I have been traumatised.
Even though you are younger than me ,you have been my confidant. During your university days at Unilag, you lived with us at our campus flat.
You are always ready to give good counselling. It was always hugs and kisses when we met.
Simplicity and decorum are signs of your gait .
Frivolity has no page in your dictionary.

Two days before your demise we chatted and then you sent a message which I will I will cherish for ever. I quote.
" sister our mother, Oyeyemi told me that when she was carrying my pregnancy you took very good care of her which explains why I look so much like you. Thanks, sister because you still do till today to people "
My husband and and my family will mourn you while you live in our hearts for ever.

Sleep on my beloved Dupe
Find a good restful place in the bosom of the Lord
From Adeyinka and Oluronke Orimalade family
Posted by Folasade Odunlami on June 5, 2021
I am short of words and still can't believe that my loving Sister Dupe has gone to be with the Lord albeit I give thanks to God.

I recall my early days of growing up with you as my immediate elder sister, how we would play together and I could confide in you on just about any subject. You accommodated all my "little troubles".

You loved and cared for me. I remember how you brought dainty flowers for me while on admission when I was ill in my early life, cuddled and whispered into my ears that I was the only direct younger sister you had, therefore I should get well quick.

You were such a sweet soul, peaceful and very patient. I will miss our short and long talks on the phone. I will miss your elegance, positive and spiritual aura around you.  You served our Lord Jesus Christ faithfully till the very end. You inspired the fire of Christ in anyone who needed to work out their salvation. I've no doubt that you are heaven bound.

Sleep well my sister, omo Ibukunolu, omo Oyeyemi. Rest on in the bosom of your Creator till the Resurrection Morning.

Sade Odunlami (sister)
Posted by Wole Abiodun-Wright on June 4, 2021
Tribute to my wife - Modupe Ayodele Abiodun - Wright

I thank God for your life.
I thank God for the over four decades of our shared journey and experience.
I thank you for the hardwork you put into building our admirable family.
You applied the same industry to build a career, first in the public sector, then in the Faith Ministry. And you went all the way to the top in both services.
Yes, you are a success story by all accounts. Your legacy will live on in your children, your grand children, and those you mentored.

Yet, it all came to a sudden dramatic end.No warning signs, no goodbyes. Just a sudden end!
And my heart bleeds.
Well, it is what it is.

You came,did your "bit and best"
and left.
Goodnight and goodbye, my Dupe
Eternal rest grant her o Lord

Your husband
Posted by Folasade Osibodu on May 30, 2021
Sisi Dupe, mummy Seun,the daughter of Zion,the soldier of Christ it is still unbelievable that you are no more .The news of your death came to us as a big blow but God knows why He had to call you home and rest and lay your weapons of warfare at His feet to continue to fellowship with the saints triumphant
We loved you but God loves you most Good night until the resurrection morning
Posted by Ajibishe Modupe on May 26, 2021
The news of your demise hit me so hard. I wonder what happened? I knew you to be an active, energetic and lively person.

I had a great time working with and learning from you ma.

May your gentle soul rest in peace ma (my name sake), amen.
Posted by Oluwasheyifunmi Tee-girl on May 25, 2021
Goodnight Mummy wright, may God grant your beautiful soul eternal rest.
Posted by John Ola Joseph on May 25, 2021
Madam; I find it almost unbelievable that you are gone!

I am however comforted that you have overcome the world and have joined the Church above. You will be fondly remembered for your disciplinarian posture and strong commitment to the gospel of our Lord and Saviour.

May your soul rest in perfect peace!
Posted by Albert Mould-Shalom on May 25, 2021
She loved GOD with her whole being.
Compassionate, Yes.
She had her own style
I wish people understood her better.
Now she has gone where sorrows never come
But the Peace, Beauty and Love of the LORD she loved so.
Posted by Aderemi Azeez on May 25, 2021
You left so soon Mrs Wright!

You were a mother, teacher, mentor and a disciplinarian with a beautiful heart. Your uncommon passion for perfection, honesty and caring nature shall surely be missed!

I pray that the good Lord grant you eternal rest and comfort the entire family.

Rest well Mrs Wright till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Shakirat MMO-Oyeleke on May 25, 2021
The news about your exit came to me with a great shock but you will forever be in my memory! Madam as she is fondly called has touched my live in so many ways and areas of life. She was my teacher when I started one year NYSC with the Bureau, my mother when I need someone to talk to. You were my mentor throughout your meritorious service at the BPE. You were everything beautiful, open minded, kind hearted..........Rest in Peace!!! will be missed!!!
Posted by Mo Osibodu on May 24, 2021
My dearest Aunty Dupe, I am so saddened by your early passing from this life but comforted by the knowledge that you are resting with our Heavenly Father. My favourite memory of you was in 2007 when you hosted me and Folarin in your house in Abuja. You cared for us so well and I will always be grateful to you for that. We love you dearly.
Posted by Gbemi Obikoya on May 24, 2021
I lost a bosom friend. I did not know I was speaking with you for the last time just 10days before you departed to be with the Lord. God knows best.Rest In Peace, Dupe. I shall always cherish memories of our friendship of over fifty years. Sun re o, ore mi atata. May the Almighty God give her family the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. Amen.
Mrs. Gbemi Obikoya
Posted by Afolakemi Ogunnusi on May 24, 2021
Goodnight mummy Wright. You’ll be forever missed..............May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Kunle Abiodun-Wright on May 23, 2021
We are pilgrims passing through to eternal rest. We're saddened and still numb by your sudden departure. Praying that God will comfort us in this loss.

We appreciate your dedication, sacrifice, and thoughtfulness for your family and friends. I have known you for almost 50 years, and have fond memories of your unwavering character. Your smart, go-getter, business savvy abilities caused you to accomplish a lot and rise to high levels at work, before retiring from the government. You've traveled far and wide around the world and visited us in California, starting in early 1980s, and then more frequently in the last 20 years.

Adios, our sister, friend, mother, grandma. We will miss your friendly smile, quiet, but serious disposition.          With love, Uncle Kunle.
Posted by Fola Olorode on May 23, 2021
Mummy Wright, adieu. May the great Lord comfort your family. Mummy was a delight to work with within the MFM family. She was fully committed to the teachings of the bible within and without. Very compassionate and generous in all areas of her life.
Posted by Wright Folarin Omoge on May 23, 2021
Posted by Deola ogunleye on May 21, 2021
Aunty Dupe, aka Bobo's mummy. Ha! I can't believe this o. You were the coolest aunt ever. I remember so vividly some of the 'fabu' (if you know you know) from conversions with you. I still have the garden fork & spade pendant set you gave me...will be forever cherished with you gone. I can still hear the unique high pitch ring of your voice when you laugh just as if you're still here.

You'll be sorely missed by the entire family.
My no-stress aunty.
Though painful it be,
in a better place you'll be.
Rest on, in the bosom of the Lord Aunty.
Posted by Olubiyi Oduyale on May 21, 2021
It came as a surprise to hear about the passing of Aunty Dupe. She was a great Aunt to have, a devoted wife and mother as well. She will be greatly missed by those she left behind.
  May the LORD comfort her loved ones and may her soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.
Posted by Dolapo Oyedipe on May 21, 2021
My dearest Aunty
It is still very shocking to me,that  I am writing a tribute for you because of who you really were to me .
You were everything nice I can think of very beautiful ,open minded, caring ,generous, accommodating and very fashionable and sophisticated.
You were my fashionable English speaking Aunty, so stress free and what I will refer as my aje butter Aunt .
You were ever so tolerant and everything about you was done with simplicity and poise .
How I loved my stay with you at 1004 while I attended the Law school. You took good care of me ,my real gist partner .I could gist with Aunty Dupe about anything and everything ,very down to earth and I use to call her my oloyinbo Aunt .
Simple yet sophisticated.
You were always full of advice on how to handle any situation and in your typical fashion,you will give a solution with your signature smile and a laugh .
Everyone that met you remarked on how you and my mum looked so much alike and we would have fun recounting how many people called you my mum's name thinking she was my mum .
We had so many good times together and I thank God that your life simply showed who you really were .You were a committed Christian you never held back or pretended and used every opportunity you had to witness .
You were genuinely a very good person to be around to ,so much fun .I love love you so much and it hurts just thinking you are gone .
Who are we to question GOD ? You had a special way you called me Dolly .I won't hear that again !
You will forever remain an ANGEL in my heart .Fantastic mother wife ,mum and sister Aunt, you were to the family and we would always cherish the memories
Rest in peace dear Aunty dupe because I know without a doubt that you are in heaven ❤ .
Posted by Folarin Osibodu on May 20, 2021
I have two memories of recent years.
Memory #1: Sometime between 2011 and 2015, me and my sisters travelled from Lagos to Abuja. Aunty Dupe took us in, fed us, took care of us and allowed us to go out with our friends at night. This was a big deal to us, because my parents didn't encourage going out at night, haha. Aunty Dupe did and it was a breath of fresh air.
She also told us about her very long career with the Federal Government. If I remember correctly, she spent north of 15 years there, ascending to a very high level/ position. I believe she was trying to let us know how well she did in her career. I caught that, and it is now a goal of mine to stay with my organization/employer for as long as she did. Thank you Aunty Dupe.

Memory #2
Molade Osibodu and I are usually the ones help my parents process U.S. visas/ U.K. visas/ Canada visas. This is complex and involved work that requires computer folder organization. Aunty Dupe needed to process her U.S. visa, and she sought my help. I agreed. We sat down at Mum and Dad's dining table, and had a gentle and peaceful work session. It was an uneventful session that I loved. I love uneventful moments, because uneventful moments are devoid of issues, wahala, or personality clashes.

Aunty Dupe, you are be missed.

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