Let the memory of Modupe Oyebolu be with us forever
  • Born on February 16, 1937 .
  • Passed away on July 12, 2018 .

This memorial website has been created in memory of our darling wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunty, cousin and friend; Chief Mrs Modupe Olubola Oyebolu. She was a great woman of God with a big smile and an even bigger heart! Soft-spoken, yet greatly respected, she was a great support to many, an encourager to all, a leader, a mentor and a true matriarch!

Mummy was born on February 16, 1937 and passed on suddenly at the age of 81, with no prior illness, on July 12, 2018. For this we are grateful and we are comforted in the knowledge that she is resting peacefully in the bossom of the Lord. We are grateful to God that she lived a rich and fulfilled life, characterised by love and laughter. We also thank God for everyone whose life she touched.  It will be impossible for the vacuum she has left to be filled. We will surely miss her greatly.

This platform has been set up for anyone who was impacted by her, either directly or indirectly, to leave tributes or share stories, pictures or videos. It is a live website that can be visited unlimited number of times, to view or share memories and help us all celebrate her life and remember her incredible legacy.

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Posted by Chief Oluseyi Oyebolu on 16th February 2019
Written last year (posting on behalf of my dad) It is with a heavy heart that I have to write this tribute in respect of my dear and loving wife Chief (Mrs) Modupe Olubola Oyebolu, J.P. who passed away to the great beyond on that Black Thursday, the 12th day of July, 2018. I had always wished that she should succeed me in life, since I am older than her and because I had envisaged that life without her, will be quite rough for me. I have already started experiencing what I predicted since her demise; things have not been the same for me as before, as I keep complaining about everything around me. Our marriage of over fifty six (56) years has been generally marked with success, peace, progress, love, understanding and mutual respect for each other. Dupe had been a caring wife, a loving mother and a dependable partner of repute. She is a good team leader, generally loved and respected by her friends, relations and colleagues. She was kind, tolerant, honest, respectful, loving and had the ability to get on with virtually everybody in any human environment. In fact, I will need to write a book on this woman of honour, integrity and distinction, to enable me fully enumerate her qualities. Finally, my darling wife, I will miss you. In fact, I have started missing you already. My dear Ayinke, sleep well in the bosom of the Lord until we meet to part no more,
Posted by Folake Aderoju on 16th February 2019
Feb 16 2019 - You would have been 82 today. I'm sure you're having an awesome time up there with Baba God the King of Kings and the Lord Lords:-) Happy Birthday Y'emi. Remembering you today and celebrating your life. It's been a hard 6 months after your funeral, I didn't realise your passing would hit me so hard. I've had so many downs in that time - anger, frustration, exasperation, sadness, feeling let down, losing the will to do stuff, feeling we had unfinished business, everything just wrapped up in one because I was missing you soo badly and wanted to see you just one more time! But I know I have so much to thank God for and I am so grateful to Him for your life, very well spent in service to God and mankind. You left an awesome, outstanding legacy Iyajo. about 70 Priests attending your funeral....WOW, you weren't even a Priest/Rev/Pastor!!! o ga o. So many came to pay their last respects to you, from far and near- over 1200 of us were present. The awesome stories of the unbelievable impact you made in the lives of so many was just mind-blowing. I was so proud to be your daughter. More importantly, it made me reflect on life and emphasised the importance of being who God has called us to be and fulfilling our purpose in life; walking in His will for us, being a blessing unto others and serving Him till the very end, regardless of people or what life throws at us. Your own life totally mirrored all of the above. I will spend today looking through the Celebration of Life Programme which was full of so many tributes from those who loved you and whose life you impacted, greatly. I will post here today, as many of those tributes as I can, in celebration of your life. Your life will forever be an inspiration to me even as I press on towards the mark of His high calling. Continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ M'aami. I LOVE YOU FOREVER AND MISS YOU SOOO MUCH! SUN RE O.
Posted by OlaSule Oluwole on 16th August 2018
Mums are very special people, I am sorry for the loss of such a valuable person in your lives. May the memories of her give you the same feelings of love you felt when she was alive. God called home an angel.
Posted by Lydia Tade on 15th August 2018
As lovers of Mum Modupe Oyebolu are running up and down to ensure that her remains is given a befitting burial ,I pray that God will grant all journey mercies and the family too every Grace needed .
Posted by Lydia Tade on 13th August 2018
Mummy Oyebolu, your memory will for ever remain with us.A foundation member of the West African College of Nursing(WACN). A loving woman .A mother who loved to see the younger ones aspiring to be at the top.Believe me she would do everything humanly possible to encourage you to be where you wish to be if you really merit it.May the loving soul of Chief(Mrs)Oyebolu and the souls of all members of the WACN and all our benefactors that have died rest in perfect peace. Amen.May God forgive you all your sins and be merciful to grant you eternal rest Mama Modupe Oyebolu, I will continue to pray always for the repose of your soul. Rest in Peace mama oninure,a won to dara fun,to ntun fe ko dara fun omo elomiran.meaning(People that will always like the less privileged to achieve.)
Posted by Lydia Tade on 11th August 2018
We will for ever miss you,Great Grand Mum as I used to call you.We love you Mum but God loves you more.Our great mentor and loving Mum I pray that your gentle & dear soul will rest in Peace.
Posted by Olufunso Somorin on 11th August 2018
Tears flow from my eyes this afternoon when grandma was not physically around to receive the good news of the success of her grandchildren that went to represent Egba Diocese for the Provincial Essay competition where the representative of S.S.S3 came first out of 14 Diocese and the representative of J.S.S3 came first and Our baby that Represented Pry 6 came third , oh I missed you Grandma
Posted by Shade Idolor on 11th August 2018
I remember with fondness the times spent in Mama Oyebolu's house in Okeho, Isolo visiting my friend . She always received me with so much warmth, as she did with all the other youngsters who came to her home. I still remember with fondness the way she responded to my greetings. May the Lord Comfort and Strengthen her family. Mama will be missed by us all.
Posted by Ebenezer Adebayo on 10th August 2018
FOREVER MISSED: For a duel to death, is not riding in the nude on a mule. It is pouring new fuel on a furious fire. A quintessential and virtuous lady has just returned to where she came from, for ALL the rivers run unto the place from where they come (Eccl. 1:7). Chief (Mrs) MODUPE OLUBOLA OYEBOLU passed on suddenly after 81 years sojourn on earth with no prior illness, was highly respected by all whose life she touched despite being soft spoken Adieu.
Posted by Clara Fehintola on 9th August 2018
TRIBUTE TO A DARLING MOTHER, MENTOR, FOUNDATION FELLOW WEST AFRICAN COLLEGE OF NURSERING AND THE FIRST SECRETARY GENERAL WACN SUBREGION Just like yesterday in the year 2003 when Prof. [Mrs] Grace Sokoya [PHD, RN] introduced me to mummy Oyebolu at her resident, then the commissioner’s quarters as a newly admitted Fellow of West African College of Nursing [WACN] in Ghana. Mama was a huge part of my success as a Fellow of the college as she encouraged me to attend meetings both at Lagos, South west and other West African countries during [BGM]. Mama wish for all follows is to aspire high to occupy executive positions at all levels in the college. By the special grace of God, I was the assistant secretary of WACN Lagos Ogun under the chairmanship of Late [Mrs] Erinosho from 2003 – 2006 and also the Secretary of WACN Ogun while mama was the Chairman between 2003–2006. Many brilliant and successful workshops were organized during our tenure. I cannot forget the tutorial and encouragement mama give me which lead to the great success of my tenure in office in the year 2012- 2014 when I was the Nigeria Chapter Chairman of my Faculty, Faculty of Administration Management and Education [ FAME]. Little did we know that mama will leave us soon, when my husband and I visited her about two weeks before her demise. She was resplendent and full of life. We discussed about moving WACN Lagos/ Ogun forward. She prepared PANKEKE and minerals for us. Oh oo! Mummy was an epitome of Hospitality, Humility and Godliness. Her heart of gold, her pool of wisdom of motherly advice, affectionate and maturity approaches to issues would be greatly missed by all. On behalf of my husband and my children, I say Adieu Mama, Continue to rest in the bosom of your Lord and Saviour. Deaconess Sogbein C.F [FWACN]
Posted by Akisanmi Olushiji on 6th August 2018
I was shocked beyond words with the news of the passing onto Glory of our beloved Mama Oyebolu,Mother of mothers,Mother of fathers,Mother of many children,Who suddenly without warning, was taken away from us all. She was a true definition of Christian Mother, a woman that feared the Lord, a lover of God, a woman of prayer and faith, gentle, peaceful, full of love, caring, kindhearted, warm, generous and a blessing to Many...Mama Oyebolu was incredibly kind. ‘The law of kindness’ was boldly writing in her heart, and therefore on her tongue and in all her facial expressions,infact I have the right to call her "Jesus Christ incarnate" She was a loving mother to all, not only to her children and family. To the children department Holy Trinity church Ikereku, she was a "motivation" to us to always have the mind of coming home with accolades in any quiz competition... can't forget sometimes in 2008,myself and few others from the children's department of ikereku went for Bible quiz @ one church in ibara, twas on a Saturday,we had earlier plan to branch at her house and say hello after the quiz but we felt reluctant after the quiz cuz our performance was not encouraging to us,but Bro. Dipo Ogungbe insist and encourage us to visit the family. Lucky for us we met Baba and Mama Oyebolu at home that day, they were glad to see us they received us with smiles, it took mama no time to notice our mood,we gave her a verbal reports of the Bible quiz,she went inside, brought biscuits and chin chin,with soft drinks. She cheered us up and encourage us to prepare for the coming ones she also(Bless) prayed with us that day. Daddy Oyebolu shake hands with us and gave us each #500 new notes (you know what that means to us then,its equivalent to a million dollars in this age)( smile). Grandma! as you have joined the heavenly cloud of witnesses (Heb.12:1) beholding us and our actions on earth by the grace of God,you shall not be disappointed. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son. That whosoever trusts in Him shall not perish, but have "EVERLASTING LIFE". Therein lies the destiny of MAMA 'MODUPE OYEBOLU! and it’s the destiny of all who have trusted in the Savior, the Lord Jesus.Goodnight Mama OYEBOLU (IYA IJO)
Posted by Eghosa Osadiaye on 5th August 2018
What a rude shock as I got the news of your transition to glory, but all thanks to God. Knowing you was a great privilege to me and my family. Your love, kindness and generosity is one of a kind. Thank you auntie mi, as I called you. As a first born, I learnt a whole lot from you. Your love and sacrifices to every one that came your way, including me and the joy with which you reached out, I can never forget. Thank you auntie mi. I can never forget you. I remember the days of CODISA (COMMITTEE FOR THE DISABLED) in the Chapel of The Healing Cross. Your zeal in serving, your great motivation of members and organization skills were simply awesome. I will miss you greatly. It's been hard keeping regular contact with you since you relocated to Abeokuta. I took for granted that my beloved auntie is always there. I miss you ma and I love you. Continue to rest and praise in the presence of your Father whom you loved and serve with great partion.
Posted by Olufunso Somorin on 5th August 2018
I just think that I would share some loving memories about grandma again. Grandma is a woman who did everything in her capacity to give my family the best for this I am very grateful. Grandma would never joked with church issues expectially the women organization issues she was in the church Saturday before the Ordination service to make sure that everything was in order she joined to clean the pew and as usual with snacks for refreshment's nothing was too small to give and nothing was too big to give out giving has been her lifestyle ,the very essence of God there was no work no labour too tiring you remained strong till the very end to God alone be all the glory my greatest joy and confidence is we will meet to part no more
Posted by Solape Dada on 5th August 2018
As I finally write this, after several difficult attempts, I am forced to face the reality of your passing. I knew you were getting up there in age but it never crossed my mind that you could be gone so soon after we celebrated your 80th birthday. I was hoping for at least 10 more years together. But it was not to be. I thank God for you. You were so vibrant and full of life. A wonderful example of what it means to be a godly woman; a sister, a friend a wife and a mother. I'm glad you were my sister. Your love and care for me and my family were unparalleled. It was always a joy to talk to you, even though many of your phone calls aroused me from sleep with "iyawo Dada, o yi nsun ni?". Thank you for your many prayers and godly counsel. You were truly a godly influence in my life. Your support and encouragement during Funmi's fight for her life was more than appreciated. You were with us every step of the way. You helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel when it was all dark around us. I thank God that Funmi and Joke, " a.k.a "the ladies", to you, were there for your celebration. To God be the glory. You may not have known this, you were more than a sister to me, you were also my mother, a roll you joyfully stepped into with the passing of our mother. I enjoyed being your baby sister, with all its privileges, which in love, you allowed me take full advantage of and I loved you for it. I miss you greatly and I thank God that this is not how it all ends. You have returned to the One who gave you life, the lover of your soul; the One you loved and in whose name you loved and served others around you. You are now rejoicing in His presence, singing songs of praise and worship like you did when you were here so much so that you compiled a book of hymns and choruses to commemorate your birthday. So its not difficult to imagine you doing this right now in His presence. Since we believers have this hope of resurrection, we will not grieve your loss like those without hope. As a result, I choose to say and sing like I know you would, through tears and all "To God be the glory, Great things He has done". I love you.
Posted by Sola Ephraim-Oluwanuga on 5th August 2018
She was to us more than a mother! A tribute to Late Chief (Mrs) Modupe Oyebolu – Mummy Isolo. As I stepped out of the meeting and received the phone call, what I heard was ‘Sister mi ‘Mummy Abeokuta is dead’. At first, it did not strike me that ‘Mummy Isolo’, a name we had often called her for many years, was the one being referred to. When the reality of the message hit home, I stared into space reflecting on the events of several years gone-by. Words will fail me in an attempt to describe my eldest sister whom we called Mummy Isolo. She was for us more than a mother. She was a pillar of support; ever-present; ever protective and ever passionate and resolute in her commitment to seeing that we achieved the highest excellence in our life’s pursuits. I remember vividly how after the death of Father (Daddy), she assured me that if we were ready, the family will see to it that our education progressed uninterrupted. True to her words, I became more or less her adopted son whilst I was studying at the University of Ife. She never discriminated between me and Dapo and Olumide her biological children with whom I attended the same University. Whatever she gave them, I got my own fair share. When I qualified as a lawyer at my call to the bar ceremony she was there as usual as a pillar of support But for her dogged trust and unwavering support, I probably would not have risen to this point in life. Her faith in me and my siblings threw a force behind me urging me in the pathway of success.  I remember with nostalgia the key role she played when I got married, and now I understand why it is often said that ‘It is hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember’ When I had my name change from Sangonuga to Ephraim-Oluwanuga, she felt saddened but like a mother that she is, she loosened up and drew us close.  Little did I know that that visit to her Early this year in Abeokuta after a programme will be my last time of seeing her. Perhaps, if only I had known I would have hugged her, thanking her for all she did for me, for us, for the family, and for all. Mummy Isolo, no doubt that you will forever be evergreen in our hearts. My wife and children will miss you deeply. Like the popular saying, “the Song may be over but the memories linger on”. Your Life was indeed a blessing; your memory a treasure; you are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure. Good night Mummy Isolo.                                                 Sola Ephraim-Oluwanuga, mni
Posted by Kunle Gbajumo on 4th August 2018
Ha ! What kind of shocking news ! ...it was the big blow of the year. A Sister in Christ called me on the phone to sympathise with me, not knowing that she was breaking the sad news to me. It was a big blow ...unbearable news ...difficult to believe God is great We met in 1956 at the School of Nursing University College Hospital Ibadan and immediately bonded like sisters. Our families thereafter united and grew into one big family. We still had a good time together in May this year. Good bye and God bless my good Sister. May God give you eternal rest and may your soul continuously rest in Perfect Peace with our Heavenly Father, Amen. Mrs. Bisi Gbajumo
Posted by Temitayo O on 4th August 2018
From Mrs. P. O. Okunoren Tribute to a caring friend of little children and adults alike. Mrs Modupe Oyebolu (nee Songonuga). I came in contact with her in 1971 when I was posted to Oke Arin Health Centre in 1971 as a Pharmacist in charge of the Pharmacy department. She was in charge of the children's department of the health care section. She was friendly both to staff and distressed mothers with their sick babies. Very cool and caring, mothers loved her because she would assure them not to panic or cry of their sick babies. She was full of energy doing her ward rounds. Very charming, full of energy, always smiling and ready to help if there was a need to do so. She introduced me to the best goldsmith in town then. Very kind and generous. She will be missed by her husband, children, grandchildren friends and Songonuga family being the most senior In her father's household. She has fought a good fight, she has finished her race and a crown of life is waiting for her. She loved God and man. May her soul rest in peace amen. Mrs. P. O. Okunoren ('Ye Tayo), the name given to me by her in Ijebu dialect when we first met in 1971. *********************** From Temitayo True! A friend of children indeed. Mrs. Oyebolu's house was the very first house I agreed to go to spend a holiday. This was because she was always so warm and friendly whenever she saw me. At a particular period during my childhood, I saw her practically every day because she and my mother both worked in the same hospital. I became friends with her daughter, Folake, through Mrs. Oyebolu and we've maintained that friendship till this day. I'm glad that I spent some time with her on her 80th birthday. I pray for God's comfort for her entire family, in Jesus' Name. Amen. Temitayo Okunoren-Makindipe
Posted by Prince Adebayo on 3rd August 2018
TRIBUTE TO A VIRTUOUS WOMAN FOR A LIFE WELL SPENT: MRS. ‘DUPE OYEBOLU Chambers 20th Century Dictionary, edited by E.M. Kirkpatrick, defines DEATH as: state of being dead: extinction or cessation of life: manner of dying: mortality, spiritual blessedness etc etc. Each of the above dictionary meanings, apart from spiritual blessedness, which applies to the christian, who truly accepts that this world is only a temporally abode; that death is the entrance passage to his/her everlasting home, with God, in heaven. All the others, about what death is, leave a bitter/unpleasant taste in the mouth. The truth is that it is the inevitable price that all of us, mortals, owe our creator and must pay. Unfortunately, certain as it is – its certainty as to its exact time is a secret, kept from all mortals and only known to the Almighty, our creator! As W.C Doane puts it, in his immortal essay on death: “We are too stupid about death. We will not learn. It is wages paid to those who earn; How it is the gift for which on earth we yearn, To be set free from the bondage of the flesh; How it is the turning seed corn into grain; How it is winning Heaven’s eternal gain, How it means freedom evermore from pain How it untangles every mortal messh. We are too selfish about death. We count our grief far more than we consider their relief, When the Great Reaper gathers in the sheaf. No more to know the season’s constant change; And we forget that it means only life Life with all rest, peace, joy and glory rife The victory won and/ended all the strife, And Heaven no longer far away or strange”. - W.C Doane Yes, dear friends, our loss – indeed, irreparable loss - is Heaven’s great gain. Our dearest Modupe Oyebolu is now at peace - in the bossom of her creator-our creator, reaping all the fruits of her labour – on earth, awaiting the great Rapture – when we shall all meet – to part no more!. The various ways she favourably impacted our lives directly or indirectly- with sweet memories – which will linger on until we meet, again – at the feet of Jesus. ‘Dupe is not dead in the ordinary dictionary sense of the word. No. While “Some people”, according to Henry Van Dyke –‘are so afraid to die, that they never begin to live”. The ‘Dupe Oyebolu that we all knew – lived her life in such a way as to be looking forward to meet her maker-even at the shortest notice. She won the hearts of those she met on life’s pathway, and favuorably enriched their lives with her infectious smile that was devoid of any affectation. The anguish which we felt at her rude and shocking demise, was only because of its apparent suddenness-leaving no room for even as much as a word of farewell. But this is because we refuse to learn. Death has never changed its mode of striking without notice. It will come when it will come and without notice. The unpalatable lesson, we, therefore, must learn is to heed the admonition of the words of the Psalmist, which in Psalm 90:12 Says: “So, (Lord) “teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom”. Adieu Dupe, aya Barr. ‘Seyi Oyebolu – Rest in perfect peace – in the bossom of your creator. Prince J.A.A Adebayo
Posted by AVIMC Athalia Ventures In... on 2nd August 2018
My grandma was a very peaceful woman of God. She shared love with others. She taught us to be great children of God. I enjoyed visits to Abeokuta when we would spend time with Grandma and Grandpa. She would spend time with us and cook delicious dishes for us. She always had different fruits for us. She was always there to make us laugh. We prayed together each night. You have been a strong, loving, caring, helpful and kind Grandma. I don't know why Grandma so sweet could have died so soon. I miss you Grandma. Ibukun Oke
Posted by Olufunso Somorin on 1st August 2018
I will always miss you Grandma, your memories always brings tears to my eyes because I can not see you physically again your generosity and motherly care to me as young as I am I can never forget you . Continue to rest in the bossom of your Lord and savior. Somorin Victor
Posted by Olamilekan Titus on 1st August 2018
We pay tribute to you dear mother, mentor,a mobilizer, a woman of virtue, epitome of humility- Chief (Mrs) Modupe Oyebolu. Mama, your sudden death came with so many lessons, memories, and questions as to- why now? Lessons to us to spend the time we have on the terrestrial realm wisely in the service of God, the owner of life. Mama, you were an exemplary woman of virtue who loved and gave her whole life into the work of God, service to humanity and exceptional commitment to her family. Your sudden departure make it most glaring now to us that, you had a race which you determined to run and finish on a good note; to win the crown of glory. As we say thanks to God for your indelible legacy you left behind, so we believe that the Lord will tell you " well done, you faithful servant". We love you and you will forever be in our heart. Good night Mama. Members of Staff, Chief Oluseyi Oyebolu's Chambers.
Posted by Bolade Oyebolu on 1st August 2018
https://youtu.be/AKdw8xYyoQY May the sweet, gentle, caring soul of (Chief) Mrs Modupe Olubola Oyebolu rest in perfect peace. A professional nurse who rose to the pinnacle of her career recognised and honoured by her peers in the West Africa College of Nurses and Midwives. A leader and catalysts within her church and family communities, whose unique style of inspiring followership must be essential learning material. A supportive individual wife mother grandmother sister aunt and most especially my own mother and smesme advisor. She was adept at resolving conflicts, dousing flames, introducing peace by a soft reassuring voice of reason, which melted many a hard heart. In some circles she was referred to as THE lion tamer, peacably calming fiery personalities. It is a reminder of how brief and fragile and fleeting life is How while here you must determine what *you* want (not what others want for you) and pursue your dream. Condolences to Uncle Seyi, Olu, Dapo, Folake and Jumoke. I cannot utter anything but words. May you all live long age with grace and in the end may you leave similar lasting imprints to your heart's desire‼ Ire O
Posted by The Oshodis Ilorin on 31st July 2018
We celebrate the life of mama, Chief Mrs Modupe Olubola Oyebolu Mama was a matriarch in every sense of the word. Her caring, loving nature was manifest in all situations and very present all through her life. We have had the privilege to know and be blessed by her kindness over several decades. We indeed bless God for the opportunity to have known her. We pray that her legacy of Christian service will not only endure but grow and prosper. We ask for God's comfort and succour for us all but especially for papa and the wonderful children and grandchildren God has blessed them with. God's love, comfort, and fortitude will bear you through now and always. May her memories always remain evergreen. Amen.
Posted by WACN WACN on 31st July 2018
*TRIBUTE TO LATE CHIEF (MRS.) MODUPE OLUBOLA OYEBOLU (FWACN)* On behalf of all Fellows, West African College of Nursing (WACN) Lagos/Ogun Branch, we commiserate with the entire members of Oyebolu family on unexpected but peaceful departure of an Icon. Chief (Mrs.) M.O. Oyebolu was a Nurse per excellence , a great mentor and an exemplary leader. She was a strong pillar in West African College of Nursing (WACN) as one of the Foundation Fellows. She became a Fellow in 1981 under the Faculty of Community Health Nursing (CHN). She was also very active and contributed her own quota to the growth of West African College of Nursing (WACN) and Nursing profession as a holistic body. She served diligently as the former Secretary General of WACN in 1989 - 1991; under her leadership, remarkable achievements were made. Chief M.O. Oyebolu received many awards to her honour among which is 'Award of Excellence' by WACN Nigeria Chapter at her Annual General Meeting (AGM) in 2012. She remained committed to Lagos/Ogun Branch financially, morally and academically to the end. She was a good reference point to the upcoming Fellows. This is no doubt a great loss not only to your family but also to humanity. We are consoled that she lived a good life and had left her footprints on the sand of time. We urge the entire family to accept our deepest condolence on the departure of their matriarch and forge ahead with the beautiful memories and enviable legacies that she left behind. May her gentle soul rest in the bosom of the Lord Almighty, Amen. Pastor (Mrs.) E.O. Olowokere Chairman WACN LAGOS/OGUN Branch of
Posted by Adewoye Adetoun on 31st July 2018
Adieu mama. May your soul rest in the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Posted by Adejoke Adekoya on 30th July 2018
It was a rude shock!
Posted by Dotun Oyebolu on 29th July 2018
Within the short time I engaged with mummy, it's been a great experience. I learned so much about how she has impacted her world over the years and also experienced her high standard of faith which I was told before we even met! I thought we had more time together but the Lord knows best. I know she rests in heaven, leaving this sinful world behind.
Posted by Funke Ighodaro on 28th July 2018
As far as I can remember, Aunty Dupe has always been a part of our lives, an intergral part of the Oyebolu/Oyewole family, with a very special bond with my parents and each one of us. It was thus with great shock and sadness to hear of her passing. In life, she was warm, caring and great company. Loyal and humble too. We have lost a great gem but thank the Almighty for her life and her many accomplishments. May the Almighty give us all the strength, especially Uncle, to bear the loss and May her soul Rest In Peace. Amen Funke Ighodaro (née Oyewole)
Posted by Omolara Roberts on 27th July 2018
Sister mi, the news of your sudden passing was a devastating blow. Two days earlier. during one of our usual telephone conversations, we discussed my impending visit and other family events. Every thing was fine and I was looking forward to our time together. Instead, I have to bid you goodbye. Since my high school days, I cannot think of any time when we have not been together, starting with your 1st posting to Ughelli, when you returned to Nigeria after training in England, to your time in Ogbomosho after you got married and I used to spend my holidays with you. I also lived with you when I was doing pre-med at the University of Lagos. We also celebrated our wedding anniversaries on the same day! How I will miss you! Your death is a huge loss that has left a big hole that would be difficult to fill. You were my sister, friend and mother rolled into one. My time with you was full of love, caring and sharing. I thank God for our times together, When I had my first child, you not only provided most of what I needed, you looked after him with your own daughter when I left for specialization and brought him up as your child. You also came over to the United States to look after me when Oti was born. Your love for us your sisters was obvious to all around, You loved everyone of us with every fiber of your being. Our visits with you were memorable. You went to great lengths to pamper and celebrate our times together. Your faith and prayers saw us through difficult times. You were our mentor in every sense. Going on without you is going to be tough, but God’s grace will be sufficient for the future. I am thankful for our times together, the beautiful memories we have and the bond we shared. We are comforted by the fact that you are in a better place and have joined the saints triumphant. Sister mi, I love you and miss you. Rest in perfect Peace Lara
Posted by Vivian Songonuga on 26th July 2018
Dear Aunty Dupe, The news of your death took us all by surprise but we are comforted by the knowledge that you are resting peaceful with our Lord. I remember your gentle soft hearted nature and how you brought warmth wherever you were. The many tributes here is a testament to how large a heart you had. We miss you so much but God needed you more. You have ran a good race in this life, now home with the father for your reward. Continue to Rest in Peace aunty.
Posted by Fisayo Aladesanmi on 26th July 2018
A phenomenal woman in every sense....a mum to many.
Posted by Adeola Jimo on 26th July 2018
The sweet memories of your kind and thoughtful advice will remain evergreen in our hearts. You were like a mother to many during our formative years in the estate. We thank the almighty God for the life you lived and for the lives you have impacted. Thank you mommy. Continue to rest in the bosom of the almighty God.
Posted by Taiwo Osunrinade on 26th July 2018
i give God all the glory, You have always been a mother to us all. i recollect those days we watch football matches at home or many other occasions including feeding us anytime we come over to your place. Always be grateful, all i can say is rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Tunde Songonuga on 26th July 2018
My Dear Aunty, you were such a gem! A Tuns Tuns, was your call to me; l love you so much! You showed so much love, so much grace; your smile lit up my heart even if i was upset; dear God I will miss you; not to speak of my Dad! We will miss you so much.
Posted by Oritsejolomi Roberts on 25th July 2018
Thank you Aunty. It was a blessing to be your nephew. But words like nephew seem to mean little now. I was Jolom' I was loved and cared for in every memory through to our last conversation . How reassuring you always were! A safe harbor in any circumstance. I remember searching Isolo for you as a child, I did not find you but your presence or (perhaps the mere thought of you) still lights my search with a warm sense that all would be well. I remember wandering the streets of Abeokuta from a family friend's house, what did I know of addresses? What if no one was home? That evening found me under your roof, at your table eating a warm meal basking in your wealth of caring. The berating was left to others. It was never for you. Ah! It is not easy. Did I say good bye once, twice? I never meant it, it did not weigh like it does now. Distance and time did not diminish that affection. And this parting? I still hear your voice. God blessed me with your love and these memories and our family. Cousin Olu, Cousin Dapo, Folake and Jumoke, Uncle Seyi, I love you all very much. The Lord bless and keep you and give you peace. Aunty; never good bye, your love is with us still, but rest and may we all rise up rejoicing. Amen. Jolom'
Posted by Ignatius Ilaya on 25th July 2018
A lovely and great mother with warm , soothing voice and irresistible charm. My short meeting with mama will always be remembered as mama quickly took me back to my home town (Ughelli) in her warm and entertaining story which calmed down the hangover from my many miles journey. Without doubt I was received/entertained by an angel. You’ll be missed grandma. sleep well.
Posted by Olugbenga Songonuga on 25th July 2018
Revelation 14:13 And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them. Dear “Sister Dupe” of blessed memory, you were supposed to be my big cousin, but no, you were more than a cousin, a sister, but more of a mother to me, in the many ways you impacted my life. You were a big encourager, not only to me but to all in the Songonuga family; you were always there for us all, giving guidance and counsel when needed. I will never forget your love for God and family. You displayed this lovein the way you served God and God’s people you came in contact with. I never saw you displaying anger or bitterness, nor perceived you ever in that light; you were always gentle, smiling and very welcoming. You sowed into people’s lives in many ways, even when you had challenges of your own. You were selfless! I was truly shocked to hear of your passing on to glory, and will miss you very dearly. Sleep on “Sister Dupe” till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Femi Hamilton on 24th July 2018
Mommy, this came to me so sudden, and as a big shock, I remember growing up how you took us like your own children. We will sit, watch tv, talk politics in the comfort of the living room, always entertaining us, then comes the big smile that food was ready. You never got mad at us. You became our mom. you gave us advise when necessary, you cared about us. I am still short of words the way you left us. He knows best. Who are we to question Him. We will miss you. Sleep well Mommy.
Posted by Adeoye Oyemade on 24th July 2018
You impacted my life with your wisdom and insight and I feel very privileged. Thank you very much. Sleep well.
Posted by Roberta Legg on 24th July 2018
Mummy, you will be missed. Very caring and loving. Your smile so genuine and your way of life very inspiring. Blessed to have known you. Adieu Mummy. We love you but God loves you more. Keep resting in the Lord.
Posted by Ayo Osunrinade on 24th July 2018
Mommy - and there is no other word to describe you by a few of us that grew up eating all your food, taking over your living room, sleeping off even though we had our own parents and abode. You were truly a mother and a gentle soul. A great part of our formative years. Listening to all our problems but with a face that soothed the moment that we often forgot what the situation was. Your stew and rice was a staple for me. There were times I got to my house and there was no food because my own mom just assumed I had eaten at yours and didn’t bother to tell them to leave anything for me. Lol. You will be truly missed. Rest in peace mom!
Posted by Segun Omokeji on 24th July 2018
Mummy, you were always reassuring whenever you spoke with my wife and I. Can I ever forget how you called me, "Councillor"? Definitely not. Thank you for all you did for me. Ever grateful. Rest Mummy rest in peace.
Posted by AVIMC Athalia Ventures In... on 24th July 2018
I remember when I met you for the 1st time about 15years ago in Abeokuta when I came to meet my parents in-law to be... You made me love Abeokuta as it was often my destination (with or without Jumoke & the children); when I needed to take a break from the 'wahala' in Lagos. I always looked forward to meal time; table set, plates, cutleries and cups in their right position followed by the sumptuous meal. Many times your kind words, advise, prayers and the way you and Daddy related was an inspiration to me. You were very warm, so accommodating and always giving... Our last visit was in April 2018 and looking back, I remember vividly your goodbye wave when we were leaving for Lagos. I never knew that was the last time we will see you...I have repeatedly asked my unconscious mind, did you know that was the last time? I was in shock when Daddy broke the news, it took us all by surprise...it finally dawned on me that you were gone to rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Keep resting Mummy. You will forever be fresh in my memory. Akinbiyi Oke
Posted by Abimbola Dosu on 23rd July 2018
Mummy Nle o, omo I was twice blessed: she was my Aunt and my godmother. God must have known when I was born that I needed extra loving and put her in my life. I have so many memories all joyful where do I start. I spent holidays with her growing up, real girl time and it was delightful, she catered to my every whim! To say I loved her would be an understatement, to say I admired the person she was does not do her justice, to talk about her golden heart is the hardest thing to express. Thank you my sweet godmother for all those years of loving me, I am forever grateful to have had you in my life. We will feel the void in the Songonuga Family but Rest Well in the Lord. We know you live on in each one of us one way or another, we carry a part of you with us and look forward to the resurrection. I love you my sweet sweet godmother ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Oti Roberts on 23rd July 2018
“O-ty-ty”. “Timeyin”. Those are the names my Aunty Dupe would call me by. She was my big Aunty, our family matriarch. Whenever I got in trouble with my parents I could always count on Aunty to bail me out. My most cherished recollections as a kid in Nigeria were with her. When I would visit her in Isolo, she would always ensure I was stuffed with some rice and dodo, or of course puff puff. I can’t forget the Sunday’s morning church meals: Yam, egg and stew. Her home was the family home- she saw to that. Various extended family would always pass by and congregate there. Whether it was for fun, a meal, or to discuss a family issue, Aunty held a steady, loving hand of direction and ensured everyone was taken care of. When my father passed away, it was Aunty who was both able to console me and simultaneously encourage me to be strong for my Mom. Perhaps my favorite memory with Aunty when I was a child occurred in the backyard of her Isolo home. She would hold my hand and we would pick apples together. It was our special time and she would use the opportunity to discuss general matters and answer any questions I had in my young life. I will never forget those times. I will never forget her. I loved my Aunty with every fabric of my being and will love her forever. Aunty, those times we spent picking apples impacted my life in the most meaningful way. I thank God for you and I thank God that you are rejoicing with the angels in paradise, because after all, you were always one to me. Till we meet again, Aunty, thank you for everything. I love you. O-ty-ty
Posted by Olu Oyebolu on 23rd July 2018
I give glory to The Lord Almighty for you lived a fulfilled life You were a loving & caring Mother, a devout Christian and a mentor to a lot of people that will miss you. Adieu
Posted by Kiki Aderoju on 23rd July 2018
My Grandma was an incredible woman who touched so many over the duration of her life. It’s so difficult for me to believe she’s gone, and so painful not to have her here anymore, but I thank God that she is now resting in Paradise in his marvellous Glory. I’m eternally grateful to God to have been blessed with such a strong woman of God as my Grandmother, and with the countless number of lives she impacted, there is absolutely no doubt that her legacy will continue to live on and on. So much of what my parents have instilled into my siblings and I over the years, comes from the same morals and principles that Grandma imbibed in my mum when she herself was growing up. I’m grateful that Grandma passed on these values to her children, which ensured that my own mum herself would become a woman of great faith, a steadfast faith in the grace of God, the faith which is the only reason I am alive today despite the evil plans of the enemy during my mum’s pregnancy, to prevent me from seeing this world. The loving bond my Grandma shared with my mum and the admiration and respect I saw my mum hold for her mum, definitely set the tone for the respect and admiration I have for my own mum, and unconditional love that my mum shows me, for which I am grateful and do not take for granted. Growing up, first in Lagos then eventually in Abeokuta, every minute at my Grandma’s house was treasured! My Grandma was one of the most caring, considerate and generous people I have ever known, with the biggest and brightest of smiles, the most melodious and contagious of laughs, and so much love to give. Every second with her was a second cherished. Also, you couldn’t go to my Grandma’s house and not leave completely stuffed! Whether it was iyan and ila, or just her delightfully delicious puff puff...she could craft something to tantalise anyone and everyone! From a young age, it was so clear and evident to me the love that my Grandma had for us. Even more importantly than the unconditional love she showed us, since we were tiny, she ensured that we were taught to walk in the way of the Lord. She would always pray with us and over us so fervently. After leaving Nigeria back when I was younger, I didn’t get to see my Grandma often but her love remained unwavering and we would speak to her all the time. She would never miss a birthday, and in general she would always call, again praying into to our lives and reminding us of the principles that we stand for as children of God, and of course she would always remind us to look after our parents :) She would always ensure that we we knew how proud she was of us and our achievements, and that she loved us. Even up until my big big age now (haha), last time I got to go and see my Grandma and Grandpa in Abeokuta, my Grandma called us round in the living room just like she’d been doing since we were little, and as my siblings and I sat once again in a tiny semi circle looking up at her, she reminded us of these same values, that we are set apart and that we should continue to depend on God, and she prayed over us and spoke countless blessings into our lives. Through the pain of the loss of my Grandma, (and this has been one of the most heartbreaking experiences for me, especially due to the sudden nature and the consequent shock), I do appreciate and thank God for the undeniable truth that my Grandma’s life was one very well spent, and her entire life was one huge testimony to the incredible grace of God and the unending love of Jesus Christ. She was considerate and loving, holding her family up and also devoting her time to so many selfless causes. She was a true and literal embodiment of the Proverbs 31 Woman. I am grateful for every single one of the nineteen years I was blessed to be able to call her my Grandma. Aa tun pade! I love you ❤️
Posted by Ite Aderoju on 23rd July 2018
Gradma was a caring, loving woman of God with an infectious smile whose love affected the lives of many. Despite living so far away, I always appreciated how she would always make time to call us to find out how we were and let us know she was thinking about us. When I had the pleasure of seeing her I would be greeted with a huge smile and a welcoming hug to show how much she loved me. At every opportunity she would pray with us and teach us about God and I aspire to achieve such a bond with the Father as the one she had and bring happiness to the lives of so many as she has. As much as she will be dearly missed, it fills me with joy to know that she lived such a fulfilled life and is now resting in paradise and eternal peace with the Lord.
Posted by Tofunmi Oyebolu on 23rd July 2018
My grandmother, Mrs. Modupe Olubola Oyebolu, was a powerful woman of God who truly shone the light and love of Christ in my relationship with her as well as all the people I saw her interact with and relate with over my time with her. Right from when I was a year old and lived with her for some time in Isolo, she started to teach me the love and fear of God, caring for me as her own son and making herself available to take care of me in the first year of my life. I know she would walk me to school down the street, and I would play with her in her living room all through my time with her. All through the time I knew my Grandma, and every single day I spent with her in Abeokuta with my cousins and her, at the end of the day she would call us all together to pray. There she taught us grace, several great hymnals, and the Lord's prayer, which I never forgot even up until this day. In that I saw how she truly depended on God for her sustenance, she really trusted in him for a greater hope for the future, and knew that every blessing that she had received was only by his grace. Only when I got older did I really see her discipline and humility before God, and how she was faithful to come before him everyday before she would go to bed for the night. She even continued this pattern as all of her grandchildren as we got older, and that truly served to remind me and show me that truly God is the same yesterday, today and forever, and that her circumstances did not change his place in her life and his sovereignty over all the seasons of life that she went through. In that, my Grandma showed me humility, and I learned a great gift that no amount of worldly success can buy or grant me - the grace of God and faith in his promises in Jesus Christ. Along with being a powerful woman of God, she exhibited the love she had received from God in ALL her relationships - brothers and sisters, grandchildren, children, friends, brothers and sisters in the church; she was always fully committed to them and attentive to their needs every time she was with them. As I look back on it now it is hard for me to find someone with that level of covenant commitment to people, and I truly believe that God used her willing heart to share his love with many. As I reflect on my Grandmother's life, I am truly stricken that a woman of so much faith has gone ahead, but I am also filled with joy because she is more alive now than she ever was, for she is in the presence of God. She has run the race, and lived a life worth celebrating, and I am confident that in Jesus Christ we may be reunited with her, to dwell in the security and eternal presence of God forever, where we always should have been. Psalm 149:5 - Let the saints be joyful in glory: let them sing aloud upon their beds. Romans 8:38-39 - For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. I love you Grandma, and I am grateful to God for his provision in Christ that we may be together again to worship him forever, and to see your love and smile again.

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