Let the memory of Moeaoina and Leota Faoa be with us forever
  • 77 years old
  • Born on September 16, 1936 .
  • Passed away on November 21, 2013 .

It’s with my great honor, to express my profound gratitude to the lovely people who have come up with this thoughtful concept, to create such special website for the world to utilize to pay their tributes and shared their loving and sweet memories for their loved ones.

This memorial page was created in memories of our dearly beloved parents, Moeaoina and Leota Taufaoa Fruean. Mom was born on September 16, 1936 and passed away on November 21, 2013. Dad was born on June 16 1930 and passed away on June 15 2009 We will remember them forever.

Posted by Jesse Mati on November 22, 2019
love and miss you grandma and grandpa
Posted by Fitele Fruean on November 22, 2019
6 years since you left mom, and 6 years since we haven't heard your voice and seeing you, but i know you&dad are in better place now. I can only say that i miss you every day till we meet again. Love you always mama
Posted by Fitele Fruean on September 17, 2019
Happy anniversary in heaven mom&dad
Love you always
Posted by Tamara Li on June 22, 2019
Happy birthday dad
Posted by Fitele Fruean on June 21, 2019
Happy belated birthday dad. Missing you every day. I know you and mom and aunty sovine and aunty june are celebrating your birthday in your beautiful castle up there. Love you always papa
Posted by Fitele Fruean on May 15, 2019
It's an honor raised by a good parent's like you mom & dad.
Words can not describe how grateful I am to God, as your baby son, for all the warmthness love you had given me, to grow in to be who i am today, as a strong individual man. You have showed me how to stand on my own two feet in this world.
I can not thank enough, mom & dad, but i will always have you both in my heart forever❤
I wish we could turn back time, so i can see yous smiles again, but i guess God already have other plans for yous in heaven..
I will always cherish every single memories and moments we have had when yous are around, and i thank you for it from the bottom of my humble heart for all your love for me your son.
Love you always MOE ma FAOA my dear parents ❤❤
Posted by Tamara Li on May 15, 2019
Wish you could stay a little bit longer to enjoy life a bit more with us XXX
Posted by Tamara Li on November 7, 2018
Hi Mom and Dad miss and love you both my dear parents
Posted by Tamara Li on September 26, 2018
Love and miss you everyday my dear parents
Posted by Tamara Li on September 20, 2018
Happy Belated Birthday in heaven Mom love and miss you and Dad everyday.

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