Shared by Debbie Nash on May 13, 2013

My Grandmother was the only mother that I had in my life. ( Because) when   I was born my so called mother left me in the hospital to die. She was told  that I  would need surgery to live , My mother gave her permission for the surgery and left me there whether I lived or died she didn't care. That is where my Grandmother steped in to take care of me and to let me know that someone did love me, 
         My Grandparents sold there fishing boat to get me a coat and every thing that I would need when I came home. My Grandparents never gave up on me . 
         My Grandmother was amazing women she took in 4 grandkids with 3 of her own helping kids . My grandma worked every day and she took care of all of us, there was some things that she had to do for me so I could eat and drink she did this with out complaining. Thank you for keeping me alive I love you and miss you very much. 
                                                   Love Always Debbie 

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