Let the memory of Nancy be with us forever. We celebrate her life, love, and passion for people. A special wife, sister, mom, grammy, and friend to all who knew her.
  • 83 years old
  • Born on October 11, 1935 in Manchester, Kentucky, United States.
  • Passed away on December 22, 2018 in Canton, Georgia, United States.

This memorial site was created in memory of our loved one, Nancy Pollnow. On the day of her passing on December 22, 2018, Nancy celebrated her 44th wedding anniversary to her loving husband, Daniel Pollnow. It was the end of a courageous 8-year battle with pancreatic cancer. We feel blessed to have had so many good years after her cancer diagnosis in 2010. She left this world to be with her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. May God bless Nancy for the lifetime of love she shared with all of us. We love her. We miss her. We will remember her forever.

The Celebration of Life service will take place at 11 a.m. on Saturday, January 5, 2019 at Birmingham United Methodist Church, 15770 Birmingham Hwy, Milton, GA 30004.

In lieu of flowers, you can make a gift in honor or in memory of Nancy Pollnow. You can give to the charity of your choice in her name, or consider one of these options: 

  • Birmingham United Methodist Church – Nancy and Dan’s church family and Sunday School class members provided friendship and caring in countless ways. A gift to their church is a special way to honor her.
  • The Salvation Army of Clark County – Nancy and Dan Pollnow raised three children and spent many good years in Winchester, KY. A local donation to The Salvation Army is a way for their Winchester and Clark County friends to give in her name.
  • Emory Winship Cancer Institute – Starting in 2010, the doctors at Emory managed mom’s care for pancreatic cancer and enabled us to have our Nancy for eight more years after her diagnosis. You can make a gift to Emory in memory of Nancy.

Cards and letters can be mailed to Daniel Pollnow, 180 Cadence Trail, Canton, GA 30115. 

Posted by Jeff Asher on 7th January 2019
ONE DAY WE ALL One day we all wake up without our loving mom. One day she brought three boys into this world. One day she loved us as babies. One day she taught us about faith and values. One day she gave us wings to fly. One day she cheered at our college graduation. One day she encouraged our early careers. One day she rejoiced at our marriage ceremonies. One day she loved our children unconditionally. One day she stayed strong through eight years with cancer. One last day she celebrated 44 years of marriage. One day she earned her wings in heaven. One day we all face the future. One day I hope to be like my mom.
Posted by Steve Haney on 4th January 2019
I have so many great memories of growing up around Nancy and Dan and the Asher clan. Nancy was just like a mother to all of us boys that grew up together. Although the later years have separated all of us, I will always remember Nancy’s encouragement and positive influence. She was always so genuine and sincere in helping us grow and be successful. She was a greatmother which so evident in the three wonderful sons she raised. My thoughts and prayers for the entire family.
Posted by MIKE SALLEE on 4th January 2019
When I think of Nancy/Mrs Pollnow, I remember a great mother, friend and educator. Nancy has been part of our Winchester family since I was in grade school. A mother that was involved in her boys lives. She was always doing the extra things to make sure her family was loved and together. I can see her sitting in the bleachers at all of our ballgames and school activities. A dear friend to our Sallee family, Nancy was always supportive and interested in our lives and activities. A wonderful educator, who had such a positive influence in so many young lives. The last time I saw Nancy, she was dancing at a wedding and living life to the fullest, just like the picture we see on this memorial page. This joy for life will be a great memory we can all hold dear and emulate.
Posted by Tracy Barker on 4th January 2019
My sincere condolences to the entire Asher family. I met Doug and Mike at EKU in the SAE fraternity. We all became close friends.... Doug and I even shared an apt. He was nice enough to invite me to the Asher home for Sunday dinners on numerous occasions. That was where I met a gem-of-a- lady - Nancy! She was so warm, kind and generous. After college I even went on vacation with the family and we all had a blast!. Great memories with all of you. Be grateful that you had a Mom like Nancy. And thank you. RIP Nance.
Posted by Jill Suhm on 3rd January 2019
I posted the following as a comment on the tribute Jeff posted on his LinkedIn page, and he asked me to share it here: Your mom was one of the strongest women I have ever known, and being a single mom was much harder then than it is now. But rest assured that you and your brothers repaid her by becoming the fine men that you all are today. I know she must have been immensely proud. My thoughts are with you during this difficult first holiday season.
Posted by Larry Mohler on 3rd January 2019
I met Nancy at our church's Sunday School class and found we had a lot in common. Our faith n God our love of church and the love of sports. I know that now that Nancy is with her heavenly family that she will still continue to enjoy all of God's many new blessings.
Posted by Kim Warren on 3rd January 2019
I know Nancy touched many lives in such great ways. Luckily, my family was included in that circle. My parents divorced in the very early 70s and my mother moved my brother Brent and sister Melanie to Winchester. By the way, my name is Kim and I’m a guy … story might sound weird if you thought otherwise. We all started school at Victory Heights Elementary in 1971. I was ten and in the fifth grade, Melanie a year ahead, and Brent in first. The Asher clan was also there and, over time, became good buddies. Jeff was in my class and Doug in Brent’s. Not sure about Mike and Melanie but they were around. Brent and I spent countless days and nights at the Asher home and Nancy became our second Mom, something I wish everyone could experience. Nancy was our guidance counselor in high school and it was rumored that some kids got to choose their own classes. Not us. Nancy gave us our schedules and she only picked challenging classes with the best teachers, no bunny classes. That’s how much she cared for us and our future and I can’t thank her enough. I could go on forever with anecdotes from my times with Nancy and the family but just want to say how much Nancy has meant to all my family. She was truly a great lady.
Posted by Lisa Machado on 1st January 2019
Dan, You and your wife, Nancy, are a true testimony of the strength of marriage as your commitment to caring for her was so beautiful. Thank you for trusting us to assist. May you and your family find strength and comfort in the days ahead, knowing what a legacy she has left - a beautiful family who know in their hearts, for certain, that Nancy is dancing with the angels in heaven and was welcomed by our Lord. The testimonies listed here are beautiful and may your family continue to be blessed during this difficult time. Lisa and Mario, and all of the caregiving and offfice staff at Visiting Angels of Alpharetta.
Posted by Doug Sallee on 31st December 2018
Our families have been intertwined for 50 years and your mom was loved by all of the Sallee's. She was a dedicated educator who cared so very much for young people. She had a zest for life and a love for family. She raised three great men and will always be remembered as a wonderful mother and wife. Prayers for your family.
Posted by James Kilgore on 29th December 2018
Nancy fought the good fight with cancer, but it was "time" for her to stop the fight. She and Dan walked the Cadence community almost every day but her first walk in heaven with Jesus was such a reward. May the Father comfort all her family, and may her testimony be an invitation for all who knew her to be ready to meet her in heaven.
Posted by Linda Gollhofer on 29th December 2018
The about Nancy that I always marveled at was her positive attitude all the time. Playing bridge with her was a treat. She could get horrible hands but just always knew the next one would be better. She truly believed that every day was a blessing which made everyone around her just a little bit happier and appreciative that they too should treasure the gift of another day. I truly miss her sweet, smiling face.
Posted by Brenda Hampson on 28th December 2018
I met Nancy about 5 years ago when I decided to take up the game of golf. At that point Nancy had given up the sport and sold me her clubs. I love the game but unfortunately her talents did not pass with those clubs. However, each time I swing at that little ball, I think of Nancy's beautiful smiling face and I can hear her say "have fun, it's only a game." I also recall when Cadence started the Ladies' Bible Study Group, Nancy was the first to be there and it was so apparent from day one how strong her faith was in our Lord Jesus. She emitted God's grace from the first meeting until the last one that she was able to attend. She was always so positive about her illness and said it was in God's hands. When Nancy spoke, everyone embraced the words because her faith was so strong and was a reinforcement of God's great love for all of us. Nancy was also a huge influence on my husband, Harry, and I joining Birmingham United Methodist Church. She spoke so highly of the fellowship there and how she and Dan felt they were surrounded by family. Once again, her words were so true. Her smiling face on Sunday morning, while she was standing beside Dan, was a welcoming greeting to everyone and again her faith shined brightly. The love between her and Dan was so apparent to anyone who saw them together. I recall her saying one of God's greatest blessings was Dan coming into her life and being such a great father to her sons. Dearest Nancy, you were loved and will definitely be missed by all whose lives you touched. It is comforting to know that you are now in God's loving arms and that His grace is providing you endless peace.
Posted by Bella Manalang on 26th December 2018
Nancy is just one of those people that you want to be around with because she has the most positive and vibrant spirit coupled with a kind and beautiful heart. The first time I met her was in 2001 at my sister's wedding to her son Doug. I knew right then that my family and I will be thankful for her. She loved my sister Ann. Their love and respect for one another can rival any true mother and daughter bond. She became her source of strength and comfort in the toughest years of her life. Thank you, Nancy for loving Ann as your own and for accepting our crazy family. Ann is very lucky to have had you in her life to guide her. My family and I are forever grateful to have known you, your amazing heart and your family. I have loved hearing your stories and the lessons behind them. The last time I saw you was the Rose Parade last year. I am glad Ann and I were able to give you that parade to check off your list. You've lived an amazing life with Dan, the love of your life, traveled to some of the most beautiful places and raised a wonderful family. You truly were an angel among men. Now, God has called you to come home. May you rest and peace in His arms. We will miss you. Please tell our mom "Hello" for us.
Posted by Linda Witzigreuter on 26th December 2018
I met Nancy at BUMC about three years ago when my husband, Doug, and I joined this wonderful church. One of the best decisions we made was to find a class, Journey, which has turned out to be our “church family.” We met Nancy and Dan when we found Journey and we immediately recognized the strong faith and wisdom that she provided. I also got to know her in our neighborhood Bible Study and, again, I knew that when Nancy talked - we needed to listen. Nancy was a woman full of faith who trusted in God for every decision and detail of her life. How thrilling to know that she is in the arms of Jesus right now!
Posted by Jennifer Asher on 26th December 2018
I would love to believe that as the believers of Christ enter heaven, we get to hear the words “Well done my good and faithful servant”. This statement has a lot of lofty components for us to live up to, but there would be no exaggeration needed for Grammy as she entered those pearl gates. For those that knew her, this needs no explanation, but for those who didn’t, here is my brief explanation as to why this statement embodies her life. Well done- Grammy did everything to the best of her ability and she lived out the example that everything you do should be done as if it were for the Lord. Whether it be her cooking, cleaning, serving, or loving, she did it to the fullest. Good- She was good. She loved everyone and always strived to be the best and she usually succeeded. She loved at all times and she truly loved her neighbors as she loved herself. Faithful- Grammy was always there for us. She would come to any sporting events that she could of ours. Even though she lived 8 hours away, she would come to soccer games, cheer competitions, and football games. She was loyal, constant, and steadfast. She kept up with each and every grandchild’s life and she celebrated even the little accomplishments. She held value in making each and every person in her life feel important and she truly showed a glimpse of how much the Father loves us. Servant- I could not pick a better word to describe Grammy than this. You could never find her resting because she always wanted to serve others. She was also one of the most generous people that I knew. She devoted her life to serving others by being a counselor, and even after retirement, she never really gave up that job. I could imagine no other first words being said as Grammy entered eternity with her Savior. Sweet Jesus, as you begin to welcome Grammy into paradise, I just ask that you welcome your child home with open and loving arms. Hold her tight and let her rest in the warmth of your embrace. She has fought long and hard and she is the greatest example of strength that I have had in my life. She deserves rest and I know she is thrilled to be in her new body, free of pain. She is, and always will be my hero, my role model. Thank you for allowing me to be her granddaughter. I can only imagine the joy she must have right now, getting to stand face to face with her Creator and sing praises to her King. Father, when it makes no sense for us to sing, let us sing your praise louder. Amen. Love, Jennifer Asher
Posted by Mary Leisure on 26th December 2018
Today, my grandmother earned her wings and is now dancing with our Lord Jesus. I will forever miss the unconditional love that my Grammy showed me over the years. You could always count on her to be there for all life events, bring the family together on vacations, open up her home, offer her wise advice, make the best food, talk to you for at least 45 minutes every phone call, create endless memories, show Christ’s love to all, and touch the heart of anyone who crossed her path. You will forever hold a place in my heart as the most amazing Grammy I could ever ask for. God surely blessed me when he made me your granddaughter. Thank you for all the priceless memories, joyful times, endless love, leadership, and guidance you provided over the years. Christmas simply won’t be the same without you this year. I will miss you more than you know, but know that we will be reunited again one day. I love you with all my heart, forever and always. Love, Your Granddaughter, Mary Leisure
Posted by Elizabeth Asher on 26th December 2018
Yesterday Heaven welcomed home a child of God with open arms, beautiful music and I'm sure some dancing. Nancy was known by many names: "Nance", "Mom"," Counse", "Wildcat", "Grammy". I am so blessed to have her as my Mother-in-law. She was a kind, loving, generous, selfless, giving person and always accepting of others. She always said she didn't get to choose her daughters - God chose them for her and she loved all of us as if we were her own. I admire the person that she was and hope that I can be like her in many ways. I learned so much from her and loved her as if she were my own Mom. I thank God for blessing me with her and value and cherish the wonderful memories you helped us make as a family. Thank you Grammy for everything you did for the family and I look forward to seeing you again. ❤️
Posted by Michael Asher on 26th December 2018
Today, December 22nd, 2018, my Mom, Nancy Louise Bowling Pollnow, went to be with her Lord after a courageous eight and one half year battle with cancer. There has been no single person who has impacted my life more than my beautiful, caring, godly, faithful mother. An incredible mother and grandmother, she has been my greatest example of Christ's love on earth through her sacrifices for me and my family, her love of God, her generous heart, her true faith in the face of adversity, and her willingness to serve others her whole life. The impact she has made on those fortunate enough to know her was witnessed over and over by all of us no matter what corner of the world she resided in. At her surprise 80th birthday party, people came from many distant states to celebrate the wonderful life she has lived and the innumerable ways she has positively impacted them. I have been so blessed and honored to have a mother who genuinely loved me even in the toughest of times, even when I caused her concern or worry, even when I wasn't lovable at all. She embraced my wife and daughters as her own, she poured out her boundless love on all those around her, and showed each and every one of us what true faith in God actually means. As she faced the ultimate challenge of her final years, she, too was blessed to have a partner in life who truly stood by her side through the good times and bad. My stepdad, Dan Pollnow, loved her as Christ has instructed a husband to do. He has loved her as Christ loved the church, willing to sacrifice everything for her because of the deep love he shared with her. She passed away on their 44th anniversary. Mom, thank you for your amazing, limitless love, not only for me, but for our entire family. Through our shared faith, we all know that we will again see you in heaven, your eternal home, and we look forward to the day when we can celebrate with you once more. I have no doubt that your Lord welcomed you with the words "Well done, my good and faithful servant." Mom, I love you Forever Your son, Michael
Posted by Kelsey Asher on 26th December 2018
Grammy was my loving grandmother but she will always represent so much more than that to me. She dedicated her life to helping people and serving the next generation as a guidance counselor and mentor. She was one of the strongest women I have ever known and I was so blessed to have her pour her love into my life. It's hard to be a woman sometimes, but Grammy never let herself be limited by perceived limitations. Raising 3 boys on her own for a good portion of their childhoods, she grew three rambunctious sons into gentleman that respect women and have pride in themselves. She was an inspirations and I am proud to be her granddaughter. I hope I can live up to her legacy. I love you, Grammy ( Gram Cracker :) )
Posted by Ronelia Manalang on 26th December 2018
Nancy was my sister Ann’s mother-in-law. She welcomed her into their family with open arms when Doug and Ann got married in 2000. Our mother passed three years before that and Nancy became a second mom to my sister. Their bond was indescribable. Nancy’s love extended more than just to my sister. Her love extended to our entire family. She took me in when I visited Pensacola and got to taste her homemade peach ice cream (homemade as in churning cream manually). Best ice cream I’ve ever had!!! Nancy was not only loving but she was also generous. When I got married in 2006, she gave my husband and I her timeshare in Kauai so we would have a place to stay during our wedding and honeymoon. And when I was pregnant with my first child and freaking out about being a mom, she called me and told me “You do the best you can” (she would go on to tell me that advice another two times!). Those are words that I truly live by daily. And boy did she have stories!!! She shared many about her boys and how she raised them. She loved her boys unconditionally. I’m happy that she got to meet and spend time with all 3 of my kids. She became “Grammy” to them. Thank you Nancy for being a pillar of strength and courage and always being there to give me words of encouragement when I needed it. You are an inspiration to me and everyone who was fortunate enough to meet you. Thank you for taking care of Ann when she was so far away from her family. I know you will continue to watch her. Please give my mom the biggest and tightest hug from all of us when you finally meet her. We love you. Love, Rona The Kurniawan family (Ron, Rona, Cassius, Quentin, and Russo)
Posted by Ann Asher on 26th December 2018
I became an official member or the Asher clan 18 years ago when I married Doug on December 1, 2000. My wedding day was memorable but what I hold dear to my heart was what happened at my rehearsal dinner. Nancy or "mom" as I become accustomed to calling her presented me with a welcome gift that to this date I treasure in my mind and heart. At the dinner, mom gave a plaque with the following inscription; "The Hands of Family Strech Deep and Wide with Love and Support Always." The framed message went on to say... "Our family is a circle of strength and love. With every birth and every union, the circle grows. Every joy shared adds more love. Every crisis faced together makes the circle stronger. " I cannot imagine what the past 18 yrs would have been like without these kind words embodying mom's love and dedication to our family. I am forever grateful and blessed to be the recipient of her loving kindness and generosity. It is true indeed, in times of joy and crisis mom has always been there to support and encourage all of us. Mom, I pray that your example of love, strength, and courage will continue to hold our family together. I am thankful that you are now in the arms of our Lord free of pain and suffering. I miss you with all of my heart. I love you. Ann
Posted by Jeff Asher on 25th December 2018
Dan and Nancy Pollnow celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary on December 22, 2018. That was also the day my wonderful mom took her last breath. We loved her so much. We choose to celebrate the life of this wonderful lady, sister, mom, and grammy to my three children. The Celebration of Life service will take place at 11 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 5, 2019 at Birmingham United Methodist Church, 15770 Birmingham Hwy, Milton, GA 30004. We would love to have our friends and family there to share memories of her life.

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