“There is no death, daughter. People die only when we forget them,' my mother explained shortly before she left me. 'If you can remember me, I will be with you always.”
― Isabel Allende, Eva Luna
  • 62 years old
  • Born on July 20, 1952 in Tongatapu, Tonga.
  • Passed away on November 17, 2014 in Seattle, Washington, United States.

Thank you for visiting. This memorial website was created in memory of my beautiful mother, Nau Vete Moss, 62, born on July 20, 1952 and passed away on November 17, 2014.

She will forever be remembered for her unwavering authenticity and passion for pursuing her own path in life which carried her from the tropical shores of the sunny South Pacific, where she grew up, across the far reaches of the world. Her laughter was as contagious as her kindness. Her smile was equally as large for strangers as it was loved ones. My mother, Nau Vete Moss, has been my greatest teacher not because she was perfect but because she taught me how to appreciate and draw a deeper understanding from all that is imperfect.

This memorial is yet another path to continue our learning about who my mother was and all that she has meant to us. Please feel free to share anything you have or feel about her as your thoughtful contributions are invaluable. There are various sections to her memorial which I invite you to explore. 

She will always be forever deeply missed but undoubtedly cherished in our hearts and memories.

Posted by Dom Foulsham on 17th November 2018
I hope you liked the flowers. Red for remembrance, white for absence and green for renewal and living life to the fullest. Thinking of you on this day. Polar Bear & Muttley
Posted by Mita Vete on 17th November 2018
Miss you Aunty Nau I still remember Everytime i always come to visit you by thanksgiving week. I was planning to Surprise you in a visit with my family that thanksgiving but the lord have called earlier. I didn't have anything to give but i just want to let you know that I appreciate all you have always shares with everyone. You are gone but never forgotten I will always missed you. Ofa atu Aunty
Posted by Halani Foulsham on 17th November 2018
You were a gift to this world and it is an honour to continue to carry the torch you lit for me and others. I love you, as always mom and miss you with all my heart.
Posted by Dom Foulsham on 20th July 2018
Thinking of you on this day, and celebrating the remarkable and lasting legacy of all the people she touched, and the wonder that is her daughter, and my life changing partner, Halani Vete Foulsham and the hundreds of lives she too has in turn touched and transformed.
Posted by Halani Foulsham on 19th July 2018
So hard to believe it's been nearly four years now and that you would have been 66 on this birthday. I think of you each an every day and am beginning to draw strength from all that you taught me. I still miss you so much though. I love you mom.
Posted by Dom Foulsham on 17th November 2017
Thinking of you, as always. Dom x
Posted by Lisa Grant on 17th November 2017
I love seeing these pictures of Nau again. Such a fun and beautiful spirit. Thinking of her and of you, Halani, on this special, difficult day.
Posted by Mita Vete on 17th November 2017
Hi Aunty, Day after day and year after years but your present will never disappeared. The love that you’ve share with each and everyone. You alway put smile in someone in need, and you alway care no matter who they are. You may not be here with us but legacy lived on us forever. Rest in love Aunty Ofa atu
Posted by Halani Foulsham on 17th November 2017
Your spirit continues to shine so brightly but I miss your amazing warm hugs. Love, love, love you mom.
Posted by Mita Vete on 24th July 2017
Time goes by but it won't took away someone that you love. Always miss you aunty. Ofa atu
Posted by Halani Foulsham on 20th July 2017
I miss you every day mom. But to celebrate your birthday today, I am in France travelling... because I know that is something you would love to see me do. You are with me in spirit today and everyday. I love you.
Posted by Halani Foulsham on 17th November 2016
Two years ago today, this extraordinary lady left us for reasons we’ll never fully understand and yet, this has been the most ironic and invaluable experience I've ever had. In losing the single most influential person in my life, I discovered even more about her and the world I live in. In losing her on earth, I rediscovered my spiritual home through my amazing family history, our values, and our culturally rich and influential heritage. In losing the chance to speak with her on the phone or on Skype, I discovered the strength of my own voice and the power of silence. It’s hard to believe that this accomplished athlete, undeniable beauty, a lady whose wit and warmth are legendary; a lady who always told it to us like it was and had the personal power to call us out when we were wrong and yet to know when to protect us when we were in danger; this phenomenal, enigmatic creature - I cannot believe is my mother. Those who knew her owe a great debt to her, as well as to others like her who challenge how we think and help highlight our own vulnerabilities and ignorance - so that we might learn more. Henrietta Nau Vete Moss was the real deal. Thanks to you mom, I will never be afraid to be who I am or to share how I feel. You taught me the value of failure, hardship and opposition; and how to be a better person because of it, not in spite of it. You lifted the veil from my eyes and that’s the greatest gift you have ever given me. Life is too precious and time is too short to bullshit each other so share a bit of who you really are today and most importantly, mean it. Let people know where you stand and what you stand for but always be ready to listen and ready to learn. Thank you mom.I know with all my heart that everything I am - I owe to you. I LOVE YOU.
Posted by Dom Foulsham on 17th November 2016
Thinking of you and the remarkable impact you had on all those around you, who knew you, and so many that knew of you.but never got me meet you. In all our thoughts, prayers and admiration, always, From a grateful son-in-law on this day of remembrance Dom x
Posted by Halani Foulsham on 20th July 2016
Happy Birthday to my beautiful mother from your native Tonga. I love and miss you every day.
Posted by Dom Foulsham on 5th January 2016
Thinking of you in 2016 Love Dom
Posted by Dom Foulsham on 17th November 2015
It has been a year of sadness, a year of reflection and a year of coming to terms with the passing of a wonderful, complex, creative mum and much loved family member and friend to so many. Like all those who touch and shape our lives deeply Nau Vete Moss was and always will be an irreplaceable light in our hearts. But that same creative, loving, fiercely independent global traveler and much loved soul very much lives on in the warmth, generosity and determination to make this world a better place that she shares with her amazing daughter and someone I am so lucky to call my partner, fellow traveler and wife - Halani. And so Nau continues to touch and shape my life everyday as I learn from Halani on how to be a better person and because of that, on this special day I thank Nau and think or her as I so often do for everything she has brought to my life and all of those that continue to hold her close in our hearts and thoughts, today and every day. Love and prayers Dom
Posted by Mita Vete on 17th November 2015
The years passing by but nothing can change or replaced what has being missed. Alway a sweet memories think about your legacy that you have share with us in the time and moment we have, Love you aunty Nau Vete Moss RIL
Posted by Lisa Grant on 6th March 2015
I don't even know where to begin with all the memories of love and laughter I have with Nau. It was so special to travel with her and Halani to her home country many years ago - I'm not sure we stopped laughing that whole trip, she was always joyful but especially so around her family. And I so agree that she lives on in her beautiful, loving daughter. My heart aches for your loss Halani, but this is a beautiful way to keep her memory alive.
Posted by Sesilia Nuku on 5th March 2015
"May the choirs of angels come to greet you. May they speed you to paradise. May the Lord enfold you in His mercy. May you find eternal life." You were and still is a candle in everyone's life especially our late dad Sione Peauafi Nuku (rip). You had a beautiful heart towards your Aiga, Famili and Friends and especially towards us and our dad. You made us felt as if we can conquer the world with you on our side. I always felt as if we were your favorite NUKUbunch. ;) But I guess you had that special love for everyone in the family. I will remember your beautiful smile and especially your beautiful loving heart ALWAYS. 'Ofa lahi atu moe hufaki kiho fofonga eiki taahine Nau Henrietta Vete Moss (RIP). Toka a ihe nonga moe fiemalie ae Eiki.
Posted by Mita Vete on 25th February 2015
To God be the glory. I remember Aunty when I was growing up I heard about aunty Nau but never met her in person finally time goes by and I finally met her in person she is a type of person that love, peace, joyful and also she is a heart of a true giver she never say no is she know that you are in need. She don't even care if you are family or not she will give to every one. I remember she help this family they want a vehicle aunty Nau help them out even though she is not relate to them. Coming to a point aunty have to pay for the past due for the vehicle that is the kind of personality the Nau has. No doubt that what we want to continue her legacy the life that she live for. I remember the first time I met her here she told me nephew you going to be my driver tonight this the first time to drive around in Seattle area. She told me I will directed you and drive me where ever I want. she said go this way I said aunty that is a one way. She said please follow my instructions I said no I don't want to be in jail. She was start laughing. Anyway from That time I always make sure that I will visit aunty Nau to make sure she is ok. Ofa Lahi Atu Aunty.
Posted by Christopher Graham on 18th February 2015
Posted by Lusitania Vete-Feki on 12th February 2015
Growing up together just like sisters, you were my best friend, my partner In crime. I remember you and I were like thorns to our brothers and sisters, we always had something to say about everything lol, you were always the life of everything, cheerful, mischievous, not afraid to say what was in your mind, very kind and very loving. You have always reminded me of your dad, you had his qualities. My memories of you Nau will never leave me and even though you have left us, your legacy will always be with me and everyone that knew you. Miss you so much my sister and will always love you Nau.
Posted by Avonly Smith on 6th February 2015
I will forever miss your laughter and fun loving personality. You will never be forgotten. RIP my beautiful cousin.
Posted by Dom Foulsham on 5th February 2015
Hi Mum, I wish I had met you in person, to thank you for the extraordinary gift of life, love and light you have given me through Halani, your daughter, my Tiger, my sweetheart. She is aptly named for sure. In losing you I also lost the chance to know you and give thanks, and though we spoke via skype, nothing can replace the joy of meeting someone in person, someone of whom I have heard so much, through whom I have discovered a wonderful daughter, and by whom I try to live my life as best as possible. This webpage provides a wonderful meeting place of thoughts and ideas, but the greatest legacy of all, the most perfect reminder and testimony to someone so very much loved, is through that same light and life that Halani generously shares with all who know her. Through her, I know you, in so many small ways that I probably don't even realise half of them. Look after yourself and I will write again, soon, Love Dom aka Polar Bear
Posted by Paige Devine on 3rd February 2015
Halani~ Much of my time spent with your mom was on the tennis court or in your kitchen listening to her talk about her next race, however one thing I will always remember is how proud of you she was. She looked at you with awe and love. You were blessed as I believe all who knew her were. She was always the brightest star...
Posted by Chris Ko on 3rd February 2015
I grew up with Halani and met Nau. We were a big pack of kids always barging in everyone's homes during summer. Nau was never phased when 5+ noisy kids came barging in and like clockwork always greeted us with food and hospitality. I always thought Nau always wore tennis clothes because that is the only clothes I ever saw her in!! Every time I drive by the courts, I think of you!
Posted by Halani Foulsham on 2nd February 2015
Always keeping a fresh bouquet of yellow flowers for you mom. I love you!
Posted by Caleb S on 2nd February 2015
Halani. I read this prayer at the Church of Our Saviour at two memorial services: my twin brother's and one for a friend who committed suicide. I hope it gives you some comfort. The Song of No Coming and no Going These eyes are not me, I am not caught in these eyes. I am life without boundaries. I have never been born and I have never died. Look at the ocean and sky filled with stars: manifestations from my wondrous mind. Since before time, I have been free. Birth and death are only doors through which we pass, sacred thresholds on our journey. Birth and death are a hide and seek game. So laugh with me, hold my hand, let us say goodbye. Say goodbye, to meet soon again. We meet today. We will meet tomorrow. We shall meet at the source every moment. We meet each other in all forms of life.
Posted by Monica White Mathers on 2nd February 2015
Dear Nau, I want to write a note to you of thanks. Although we never met in person, I feel as I know you through Halani. I want to thank you for the amazing gift of your daughter. She and I were very close friends at Hawaii Prep Academy. We spent so much time talking, laughing, and bonding. She told me of your noble heritage, and was always so proud to be Tongan. She has since become such a strong and incredible person, as you well know. Her friendship is a gift I cherish, although we are thousands of miles apart. So, Nau, thank you for your daughter. Thank you for making her who she is. And I am so sorry I never got to tell you in person what it means to me to be her friend. Rest with the Angels, Monica
Posted by George Palu on 2nd February 2015
You taught me love, kindness and believing I can do anything in life. Your warmth and generous soul taught us to love unconditionally and to be proud of who I am today. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Your laughter was the sound of the Lion ROAR! God bless your spirit.

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