Fun moments and how you used to calm me down when I got upset

Shared by Marievon Che Aghawin on September 11, 2019
I remember how, same as our  Late aunty Bess gave me your contact in Yaounde so that I could know my maternal family more and more... You too rang my number with a photo of Mfontem your brother, few years later, introducing him to me and asking me to call him and wish him well as he was swearing in as a lawyer that day.. And I happily did! 

Thank you Nchemti.
We exchanged over telecons and I recall when I got upset with the fact that Mfontem urged me to 'must' address him as Barrister! It sounded so strange to me as I reminded him we were family not For me it was I recall I reached you , Nchemti, and expressed my embarrassment....and you listened to me keenly and replied to me..."Wehh.. Marievon, let's just manage this our brother ," and I said... Wehh Nchemti, we are getting to know ourselves as family receiving appellation instructions was weird......
Nchemti.. you always knew how to calm my upset moments. 
Also when, I requested Etengeneng your last sibling to come over and stay with me and take his exams.... He was reluctant....and I reached still had these soft words and told me .."Weh... Marievon, don't worry ,I will  talk to him..."
All praises to God, Eteng finally came over and IAM glad , you , Nchemti and I assisted him in his studies.
Thank you Nchemti ! Thank God for your brotherly concerns... We thank God, before you gave up the ghost, you were informed of Eteng's success.

You were loving brother Nchemti.
Go and get some reasonable rest my brother.

Before you go.... I wish to recall the sweet comment you made on our photos of Your twin siblings (Eteng and Ayamba) and my sister Ashu. 
You commented..." I love what my eyes are seeing"
I took them out for dinner and we were happy

Nchemti, review the photo  above... 

Shared by Fefe Cam on September 8, 2019
Mr Mbah of amity Bank, Fefe my brother as u would  call me. It is with great pain n hurt to watch ur health deteriorate. It is with a heavy heart that I say adios. I remember our school days, always there for each other, encouraging and supporting one another. Hustle together. Hoped for a bright future, pray for good health and had dream of impacting our world. I have been robbed of ur sweet gentle smile in approval, humble and down to earth in ur assessment.
Thank you for the love, inspiration, support, perseverance, endurance, selflessness and generosity. Even in your last days, you defied science by refusing to accept their verdict "Fefe my brother, man no go just give up without a fight, I dey ready, come tomorrow morning make we go check the alternative treatment.
Today  I am a better person because you thought me how. I will forever miss you but I know we shall be well with your soul. 

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