Let the memory of Nellie be with us forever
  • 87 years old
  • Born on October 25, 1926 in Bryan, United States.
  • Passed away on January 21, 2014 in Corpus Christi, Texas, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Nellie Wright, 87, born on October 25, 1926 and passed away on January 21, 2014. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Robert Wright on 25th October 2018
Hi, Mom, it's your Birthday today and I miss you so much. Life is not the same without you. And yes mom things are starting to happen just as you told me it would. Little Robert is doing well, he works every day and is doing well. He has gotten married yet so no grandkids. (laughing) I think daily about you. How is Dad? I hope you are together. Well, mom, I love you and miss you. Keep smiling down on us and one day I hope to be with you again. Happy Birthday mom......I love you with all my heart. I'm doing okay getting a little tired now, Robert checks on me sometimes....I'm sure you know that...( laughing) Oh, mom, I got married to Marcy.......She was always by your side to your last breath. We all miss you very much. Happy Birthday
Posted by Robert Wright on 21st January 2018
Well mom its been 4 years since you left us, you are Dearly missed......I miss you and love you very much........
Posted by Robert Wright on 25th October 2017
Hello mom, its your Birthday and I want to tell you that I miss you and Love you very much. Oh how I wish you were here to see you lovely smile and hear your sweet voice. And yes to here you yell at me (lol). Well Happy Birthday mom........I love you.
Posted by Robert Wright on 21st January 2017
Well mom another year.......miss you so much and you know....I always think that one day the phone will ring and or you might come over.......how I miss you mom...Love always. Your Son, Robert 01/21/2017
Posted by Robert Wright on 6th December 2016
Oh and Happy Birthday Mom.....forgot sorry.
Posted by Robert Wright on 6th December 2016
Well mom im still here hurting so much............I miss you more than you know or maybe you do. If you can read this know that I love you and miss you. Please tell Daddy I for me...................you both were my life. Well Robert Jr. is doing well and has applied all that you taught him. Its going to be Christmas soon and I remember when I was little how you always got me what I wanted and always kept me fed and well dressed. You and Dad taught me a lot. Mom im taking your passing very hard because you didn't tell me that you had breast cancer. I feel bad because you could have got treatment for it when it was first found. I remember when you took that x ray and they told you you had lumps in you. You told them that you came with them and you are going to leave with them.......that hurt me mom.........I was helpless at that point. I remember when you started getting sick in December and I had to take you to the doctor.........and then the bad news came. He told me to get the family together because you were not going to make it. That was and is the worst day of my life. The pain I felt not knowing what to do and the fact that I could do noting. And mom you said that I had done everything that you had asked me to do. You asked me to fix you but I couldn't. Then you started to fade away slowing..........and then you were gone. I couldn't do anything to bring you back.......now I hurt so bad mom.......I love you Merry Christmas.
Posted by Robert Wright on 25th December 2015
Well Mom its Christmas again, I miss you so much..........its not the same without you here. Day and day out I think of you and how you took such good care of me and all ways giving me what I wanted. How you taught me to be the person that I am today. I miss the days when we did things together and even though I was not there I did all I could for you. There was never a thing that I wouldn't have done for you. Mom I never knew that you were so sick and if I did I would have made you have the treatments that you needed and so much deserved.....(yes im sure we would have gotten into an argument over you going but you would have gone) As for Robert Jr. Thank you so much for raising hims while I was working, he is doing such a wonderful job mom............he really grew up and is now a man. ( how he wakes up in the morning to go to work with out you yelling at him I don't know (lol) oh thats short for laughing out loud. Marcy is doing good and we are okay, continue to look over us and tell dad and Grandma Ella hello for me. Merry Christmas mom I love you and miss you so much. Ill see you one day and until day I will be thinking of you day and night. I love You, Your Son Robert Wright Sr.
Posted by Robert Wright Jr. on 26th October 2015
Happy Birthday Grandma! I love you so much, and still can't believe you're not here with me. I think about you every day. I hope you are watching over me, and I hope you are proud. You mean the world to me and thank you so much for everything.
Posted by Robert Wright on 25th October 2015
Happy Birthday mom I miss you so much, it is not the same. I remember you told me what it would be like. Well im finding out. Hope you are well and with dad and God. Its tough without you mom. I love you and miss you so. Robert is still doing good mom I love you.
Posted by Robert Wright on 21st January 2015
Hi, mom well it is now one year from your day of passing, I miss you so much. Robert has grown up and is doing so well. Of course u raised him. We both miss you so much...............at times its unbearable for me. How i wish i could just talk with you and hug you again. I love you Mom.
Posted by Robert Wright on 6th November 2014
A Poem For My Mom...i Miss You Most... I miss you, mom… I miss you most When I first wake up, in the morning I miss you most When I am trying to fall asleep, at night I can still see your face, your smile, your voice Your crazy curly hair, And the twinkles in your eyes The way you always managed To make everything okay, When things got tough You showed more love, And that was just your way You never gave up so easily I miss you most When the night sky is clear and full of stars, I miss you most At the first sight of the rising sun, When the mid-afternoon sun is a blazing ball Glowing in the horizon, It makes me feel, as if…that is how your love For your children was - always there, Always able to touch our hearts Even when you were far away I miss you most When you weren't living close by, Now, I miss you most Because you have moved on To a better place, I know that you are looking down From up above, You have become A part of the earth, The sun, the moon, and the stars The universal energy of eternal love I miss you, mom… I miss you most Whether I am thinking of you…or not, I keep telling myself to be strong That you wouldn't want me to be Filled with much sorrow and be so lost, But sometimes the tears flow freely That I surrender...to undo this knot in my throat, And all my emotions from losing you, Resurfaces…from the depths of my heart and soul I miss you most When I dream of you, And then have to wake up to reality Those short visits of you, in my dreams Leave me feeling with so much love So much joy and missing you so I miss you, mom When I see other people With their mothers, And I feel like I've been punished For not having been a better son, I love and miss you most, mom Because I still needed you in my life I'd never imagined… Having to say goodbye to you, so soon I love you, mom And this is me missing you…always Until its time to see you, again
Posted by Robert Wright on 30th October 2014
Mom we found your rings, I can see you smiling so happy that they were found. Robert found them hidden in the China cabinet. Well hope you are happy, I miss you. Your Loving Son Robert.
Posted by Robert Wright Jr. on 25th October 2014
Happy Birthday grandma! I love you so much. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. It still seems like just yesterday that I saw you and we were laughing together. You will always be the love of my life. And I'll never forget you. Everyday that passes is just another day closer to seeing you again. I'm doing as good as I can. Hope I'm making you proud. I love you so much! Gucci misses you too. :)
Posted by Robert Wright on 25th October 2014
Oh mom......Robert Jr. is doing very well......he grew up and is now a man. So stop worrying about him......
Posted by Robert Wright on 25th October 2014
Well mom its been 9 months and it has gotten any better for me, I am hurting so much over loosing you. Guess what mom and you already know but its your 88th birthday........Happy Birthday......I love You. P.s. Tell Dad I miss and love him to........hope yo are both doing well and are happy. Love ya..................................
Posted by Robert Wright on 25th October 2014
Mom I miss you so much..............I miss you..........I cant talk to you and tell you how I appreciated all that you did and taught me. I love you mom so very, very much.

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