"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." - Mae West
  • 39 years old
  • Born on December 10, 1978 .
  • Passed away on May 3, 2018 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loving daughter, wife, mum, sister, in-law, friend and colleague - Ngozika Ikwunma Onyekwelu-Onyike. She went home on May 3rd 2018.

Engie - we miss you so much....you live forever in our hearts.....

Funeral Arrangements:

Tribute Service- Sunday, June 3, 2018, 5:30pm @ RCCG Christ Church, Redemption Crescent, Off UPS Bus Stop, Gbagada-Apapa Expressway, Gbagada, Lagos

Funeral Service - Friday, June 8, 2018, 11am @ Onyike Family House, Umuebereaja, Eluama, Isuikwuato, Abia State.

(Interment follows immediately after the service)

Posted by Chinyelu Onuorah on 10th December 2018
Engie babe...so this milestone birthday has come and you are not here for us to celebrate...but you know what? we still celebrate you, the life you lived, the lives you touched, your beautiful heart and soul.. ..sometimes it is still unimaginable. I give God praise for your life and I pray everyone who loved you will find the strength to carry on...
Posted by Chioma Onuegbu on 10th December 2018
Nnem, today should have been your 40th birthday celebration!!! We had planned to celebrate it in thanksgiving for all that you had gone through. I have struggled since you left us........not just I......anyi ncha. I walk about most times emotionally spent and detached, a million questions on my mind....thoughts of you bring about a welling up of tears and a rude and painful reminder of what had gone down. It's truly instructive to me how deeply affected I am by your absence.... You mattered a great deal in our lives. Nwanne mmadu ka ibu. To say I miss you is an understatement. Love you always...
Posted by Chinyelu Onuorah on 13th November 2018
Hi Sis, During the service last Sunday, the tears came flowing again......even as I let God know that indeed He does all things well. And in all things I do truly give Him thanks. I miss you a lot....I recently listened to Reckless Love by Cory Asbury and wished we could enjoy it together just like we used to do....you sang so beautifully and you loved singing. I miss all that and so much more....it is the day to day living without you.....your name comes up in conversations all the time.....Your beautiful face smiles back at me from various devices...
Posted by Chinyelu Onuorah on 12th October 2018
Engee babe, Missing you and decided to come here again....hmmm, it's painful having to face this reality...sometimes I just want some clarification on a topic and as usual you come to mind and then I remember you are no longer a phone call away...and then I start wondering yet again how this came to be. My dear, I have wished a thousand times over that things turned out differently, but then I have to trust God whom you trusted completely that He knows best. It still does not stop the pain of losing you or the hurt of missing you so much and yet not able to do something about it. It's the person you were that makes it so......I guess. If you had not given of yourself and been such a caring, loving and endearing sister...then maybe it would have been easier on all of us....but No! you loved too much and gave so much and that's why the vacuum is there and painfully so..... This would probably be an ongoing memoir for me....so I will be back....
Posted by Chinwe Alegwu on 14th June 2018
This is a very sad moment, we are heartbroken, we are pained, someone very dear to us has been called. But in our grief, we remain grateful to God for the time we had with Engie. Engie was a true definition of what a sister is, her kind-heartedness, her diligence, her openness, her loyalty and the sacrifices she continuously made… we could not have asked for another. Engie was a very dependable and committed person. Firm in establishing her stand while accommodating the views of others. The passion she exhibited while discussing matters that were dear to her leaves everyone wanting to have her in their corner and we are glad we had her as one of us. We had each other practically from the very beginning. From the holidays in Vom to the ones in Nsukka , Enugu and Nawfia. It was fun throughout, with ‘loads of gist’ being unwrapped till very late into the night and then started again early the next morning to the amazement of our parents. Then you would have Engie passionately expressing her views with so much excitement, dramatization and humor. Engie was a true example of one who learnt well at the feet of her mother. Her openness and generosity knew no bounds. Her cooking and baking skills have saved the day for some of us for whom it wasn’t our specialty. Her organisational skills were always on point. She could never understand some of our delays in getting ready for events or tasks (aga aga ministry as we humorously called it). She found it hard to understand how we could deliberate on things and reach a conclusion on what to do and then start delaying in its execution. She could multitask and followed up on everyone to ensure assigned tasks were carried out to the fine details. She cared so much! She was amongst those we lovingly called ‘the monitoring spirits’ because she would call to find out what time you would be traveling, call to make sure you set out early for the airport so as not to miss your flight, call to find out if you have arrived and so on. To her family, she was a great and adequate mother. She gave love, acceptance, emotional and spiritual stability not just to her kids but to the children of her friends and any child that crossed her path. My children, Esi and Ofu can attest to that. Engie’s home was a second home to them. A place where they were always well taken care of, chastised when necessary while being showered with love. We remain thankful for her faith in God and the relationship she had with Christ, as it gave her the needed strength and saw her to the end. Her strength and positive attitude throughout the sickness gave strength to some of us when we couldn’t muster any. I recall our discussion just after the diagnosis. I was so scared, broke into tears and all I could say was NOT AGAIN! NOT OUR GENERATION! Engie told me that we will be okay, that she needed our strength at that moment to see her through the treatment, she believed that together as a family we will go the long haul. And she did go the long haul, with her strength not wavering and with a positive attitude, she fought hard to the very last moment. We are left with the words of the Psalmist –‘ Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His Saints’. I know that Engie will not want us to grieve like people with no hope, but to continuously encourage ourselves with this verse and also use this moment to reflect on our lives, to make right our ways and to stand in righteousness with Christ, knowing that one day, someday, we will be called too. I don’t know how life will be without Engie, how the future will unfold. But one thing I do know, one thing we as Engie’s family know, is that Kelechi, Kamie, Ezindu and Chinekwu will not walk this path alone, we will be there to hold your hands and walk into the future as Engie continues to rest in the LORD. Love you Chynwus
Posted by Chioma Onuegbu on 13th June 2018
Nnem,.....we have laid you to rest, a day I did not think I would see. If tears could wake the dead, be rest assured you will be awake by now...My tears have still not stopped flowing ...thoughts of you fill my mind and memories of times spent keep replaying... I have never felt as helpless as I did during the last few weeks of your illness. Your loss broke our hearts and it's been difficult for me to come to terms with it. You were an easy sister to love and I loved you a lot and will always do.
Posted by Erebi Ndoni on 8th June 2018
Ngozi, It's so hard to accept that you are no longer on this side...just a call away. I had hoped against hope that things would turn out differently. I had imagined an elaborate thanksgiving service and your testimony been used as a reference point. My faith is shaken, so many questions and opinions....but in the midst of it all, i know God is still on the throne, i rest in His sovereign will. You were so endearing, so charming and you loved God so much. I remember when we first met, you were co-opted into a choir to sing and you did it with pleasure not minding the discordant parts flying up and down...you were more knowledgeable than the lot yet you were not demeaning. You taught me that every opportunity to serve the lord is a privilege no matter the prevailing circumstances. I remember how we went back and forth with corrections when your husband designed our wedding card. Even I was irritated at a point but you were so calm and each response to my mail was a piece of advice on relationship and marriage. I remember how sumptuous your cakes tasted. I remember how i would run prescriptions through you not trusting those Doctors and their funny handwriting. You would respond with a laugh reassuring me the dosage or product was OK and to call back if there were any adverse reactions.I guess missing your funeral still makes me believe your are still just a call away. Indeed you fought a good fight. God is still on the throne and He will take care of the children, He has to! Keep smiling my sister, till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Ezinne Okorafor on 3rd June 2018
“If we live, we live for the Lord, and if we die, we die for the Lord. So then, whether we live or die, we are the Lord’s”. Rom 14:8 The greatest achievement anyone can boast of is that they know God; Ngozi could make this boast. Our hearts are broken. Yet even in the midst of our deep grief, we are consoled because our hope transcends this earthly life. Ngozi, you chose eternal life from childhood. I’ve often imagined the fantastic welcome you received in heaven. I hear they know how to throw a great party up there! I can’t pretend to like this outcome; however I know my understanding is limited and my sight is dim. You are just separated from us and I know I’ll see you again in a little while. So it’s not goodbye, it’s see you later dear friend. You are deeply loved and sorely missed.
Posted by Chinma Okaroh on 3rd June 2018
Mummy Engie I can't seem to put my thoughts together. You fought your best and I know God has a reason for this although it's difficult to understand. I am glad you were a blessing to many and your left a legacy for this generation. I will personally miss you.... Live on mummy Engie!!!
Posted by Ndidi Nwosu on 2nd June 2018
NG darling , I could never have imagined that you will leave so soon..... your unequaled zest, warmth and truly beautiful heart is something that the world need tons of. From the moment we met in PH you had me enamored with stories that revealed your wit, intelligence and love for your family and for Jesus. I shed tears when it seemed that the Lord had decided it was time for you to come home and I am still quite shaken that my little friend has gone so soon, but your light still shines because Jesus made you truly special. These words are sadly bereft of all I would wish to say about the generous, beautiful lady of virtue and warmth that God gave me the special privilege of knowing. Love you girl, and rest in His perfect peace till we meet again.
Posted by Adanna Chugbo on 1st June 2018
Ngoo!!! Sista!!!...amadighi m where to start from. It's still doing me like one movie like that. But guess what, you came, you saw, you conquered!! I am consoled by the conviction that you are in a better place. Rest in Peace ezigbo mmadu!
Posted by Chukwuma Onyedikachi on 1st June 2018
Engie - I don’t know you well like your loved ones do, but am sure your departure from this world has left a huge hole in their hearts. I pray that your gentle soul will rest in perfect peace and in the bosom of the Lord. May our good Lord also comfort and console your families and friends, give them strength to move on and always remember that you will always be on their side. Farewell Engie.
Posted by Nikki Sabato on 1st June 2018
Deepest condolences to the family and friends for your loss of Engie. Rest assured that our Heavenly Father will care for you in this time of grief and sorrow . May you find comfort in the promises found in God's word. Isaiah 25:8
Posted by N Emuchay on 29th May 2018
A kind soul has departed and left behind many grieving hearts. May God grant the Onyike and Onyekwelu families, especially Kelechi and the children, the strength to bear such a huge loss. Ndo nu.
Posted by Ifeyinwa Ani on 29th May 2018
NG, always cheerful, I look into your face and all I see are those lovely smiles of yours. Sounds like a story line in a dream but yet it's the reality. Philippians 1:21 says "For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain", you truly paid your dues to humanity and God and your departure from this mother earth will remain a gain because many will yet draw closer to God from the many testimonies you left on the lips of men. You have simply chosen a better place to be, live on my beautiful Ngozi till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Chichi Abraham-Igwe on 28th May 2018
Dear NG, Chaii!!! This came as very sad news. However, we know you fought hard and you won! You strength and fortitude will remain an inspiration and encouragement to many. May your soul rest in peace in the bossom of our dear Lord! I pray God will comfort and strengthen the loved ones that are left behind. It is well!
Posted by Diepiriye Eke Amoji on 27th May 2018
Ngozi dear, it was really sad to hear that you had passed on. You fought the good fight and you indeed have taken hold of eternal life! God be with your husband, children, mother and all your loved ones and comfort them. Death has lost its sting...Goodbye for now Ngozi.
Posted by Onyekachi Anochirionye on 27th May 2018
Sister Dee as we fondly call you in FECA Nsukka, Devoted and Dependable I struggled to believe this is true! I was shocked to hear that you're no more. I feel strange writing this because I remember seeing you last year at the FECA Nsukka Reunion and we jisted, ate together as a family and rekindled the vision afresh .... Ngee you are indeed a sister and a friend that always had kind words to encourage every time you spoke,ever ready to offer a helping hand,a sister with a big heart!!, your sacrificial nature is undescribable!!.... You are gone but we take solace in the fact that you lived a memorable and impactful life! I know you are in a better place without pain and cares of this life. Rest on Sister Dee! To Kelony my brother, the kids, Njide,CJ and the entire family my prayer is that you will be strong and comforted as the Lord will keep you all in the peace of the Lord.
Posted by Uju Ogbunude Udeogaranya on 26th May 2018
Gone to be in the city whose foundation and builder is God,were there is no more sickness, pain, or sorrow, continue to rest dear Ngozi, our classmates (class2003) are heartbroken, having to deal with double dose loss.our solance lies in the fact that you finished the race and has gone back to take your price.May the Lord comfort your family at this difficult time.
Posted by Godwin Alegwu on 26th May 2018
Ngozi dear, my heart still feels heavy and so words are hard to come by. Your time with us brought a lot of blissful moments which we would have wished was much longer, however, the Lord called. Rest in peace in His glory, you shall forever remain in our hearts, good bye dear.
Posted by Ladi Alogi on 26th May 2018
Dear Ngozi, you lived a life worthy of emulation, you impacted me in a special way & stood up for me where I could not speak for myself. My comfort is that you are back to our maker's bosom where all believers long to be. ...Many daughters have done well but you excelled.....Prov 31 God will uphold your dear hubby, kids, mum & entire family by His Grace.
Posted by Chinenye Nwaka on 25th May 2018
Ng, like I fondly called you. I was shocked to hear that you're no more. We spoke exactly three weeks before your demise, you never showed any sign of pain in your voice. You are gone but we take solace in the fact that you lived a memorable life. I know you are with the Lord. Rest on Ng.
Posted by Okey Madubuike on 24th May 2018
Dear Engie, you are simply irreplaceable. Thanks for living at your best; & making indelible impacts for generations. Rest well. We'll meet again on the 2nd day! @Kelony et al, you are not alone; God comforts. Be strong!
Posted by Akunna Ume on 24th May 2018
At first I said , oh not again but then I remembered that the Lord knows it all. Though we will painfully miss you here, but heaven has gained another sweet soul. Ngo my dear, it is well . May the Lord accept your sweet and gentle soul. Ga nke oma .
Posted by Amara Ibe-iykeOgbonna on 24th May 2018
Ng , my miss America like I used to call you in Bello Hall UNN. You were beautiful, friendly and soft spoken. We love you but God loves you most. Rest in the bossom of our Lord!
Posted by Ikeazor Okonkwo on 24th May 2018
A beautiful and gentle soul has gone to be with the Lord. I pray for the entire family especially the husband and the kids. God shall console everyone. Ya diba
Posted by Sylvia Adetoro on 23rd May 2018
Ngozi dear, it's hard to believe that we never met yet you did so much for me and taught me that 'selfless' had a greater meaning than I thought possible. You bring with you so much joy and I know that Heaven is still celebrating your return. Thanks Ngozi for your love. Your family is in GOD's care and your wonderful seeds of love and care will speak for them. Rest on my dear baby sister.
Posted by Ijeoma Obowu on 23rd May 2018
Ngo.. so had to believe this is you, the hope and joy is that this is only good night and not goodbye till we all meet again. Rest in the bosom of our Lord. You will be missed greatly.
Posted by Adaeze Iheanyi Igwe on 23rd May 2018
Ngozi ... Kai this is so tough. I remember the last time I saw you ..... so kind, thoughtful, sweet .... just like you had always been from when I first met you. Your family, friends and colleagues miss you so much ....... Thank God we have a hope of seeing you again. Rest on hon.
Posted by Chioma Nebo on 23rd May 2018
Dear Ngee, your death is a sad and tough thing to accept because we’re human. We only then trust, based on our faith in God, that He knows best and His perfect will is done in our lives. Indeed, you fought a good fight and this path through was most unexpected. I pray God to grant comfort to all left behind. May your soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.
Posted by Chioma Onyedikachi on 23rd May 2018
Ngoo, it's so sad you are gone, but we take solace that you have gone to be with our Lord! I pray that God give your mum, hubby, children and all your loved ones you left behind the fortitude to bear this irreplaceable loss! Rest on dear one, Rest on!
Posted by Umeh Chinelo on 23rd May 2018
Engine babe. You were such a lovely and selfless colleague. The little time we worked together made all that came across you to know how much of an Angel you were. Am sure you are resting peacefully in the blossom of our lord. Adieu my dear friend. May God continue to console your family especially your husband and children. You death is such an unbelievable and painful loss. You are forever missed dear friend. Continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Chijioke Nwosu on 23rd May 2018
Ngozi, I am consoled by one fact and one fact only, I know exactly where you are now and that you are totally free of pain and at peace in the very presence of God Himself. Other than that, I am terribly saddened that you left now, but we trust God for comfort and strength for all of us you have gone ahead of. Your life of pure love and devotion will not be forgotten and while we're on this side of eternity, you will be in our hearts. See you on the other side.
Posted by Adaora Ifeanyi on 21st May 2018
Ngoringo my dear friend! It's still very hard to believe you are gone. You fought hard my darling, but God wanted you to rest by His side. You will forever be in our hearts, you were an Angel on earth. Rest on my dear, rest on!!! May God comfort your Mum, Hubby, siblings and children who you worried about until you left this world. He will surely see them through this. I will miss you my dear friend. Adieu.
Posted by Chidinma Agomoh on 21st May 2018
You are safely home Sis. I have peace. Rest on. It was very painful at first. God is mindful of us and is faithful. God assured me that death for you is gain. Satan has lost. You have moved on in victory and your family will miss you so so much but everyone will be just ok. Rest on Ngozi.
Posted by Nnamdi Nnama on 21st May 2018
Jumai!! Jumaimai!!! It’s a hard one... really hard one,but alas!! Who are we to question?? Indeed who are we? Our dear Ngozi, our Jumai... beautiful in, beautiful out, a beautiful soul! You will always be our sister that cared for us at Nsukka , selflessly making sure we had something to eat at any time. Ngozi, we are grateful to God for your life and for the time you spent, we pray for all those you left behind... we pray for Kelechi and the kids, your mum and siblings. Rest in Perfect Peace Ngozi.
Posted by Chinyelu Onuorah on 21st May 2018
Engie baby, Ngo bebes, Ngozi, Ngozika..........beautiful as ever.....It's been a tough one to process and accept.....it is well! I know God is with us in this and we will pull through....miss you so much sweet sis!

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