Just close your eyes and you will see
All the memories that you have of me
Just sit and relax and you will find
I'm really still there inside your mind
I'm in that place that's filled with love
Known to you all, as "UP ABOVE"
  • 90 years old
  • Born on February 2, 1924 in Cameroon.
  • Passed away on March 13, 2014 in Ikata, Cameroon.

This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved dad, granddad, husband, father-in-law, brother,uncle, cousin, friend, mentor, Pa Nicholas Folefac, born on February 2, 1924 and passed away on March 13, 2014. He will forever remain in our memories.

Posted by Filicia Tandongfor on 1st March 2018
Missing you papa.
Posted by Filicia Tandongfor on 28th May 2017
RIP, will always missed you
Posted by Felicia Folefac on 14th March 2015
Is a year now since you left us but, your present still very strong. We greatly missed you. Will always remember you. Rest in God's peace.
Posted by Zoko Biggi on 26th April 2014
father finally the moment to part has come. As you live us here on earth, our tears for long will flow because you were special to us. We miss you dearly i will forever remain grateful to God almighty for given me a wonderful father like you. when i think of you i feel like crying all the time but i thanks God for your life and i know you are resting with the lord fare well. JENIKA NKENKAFAC NGU
Posted by Robin Tandongfor on 30th March 2014
This is a person that I’ve heard people speak about, the person that people have cherished over his life time the person that has been there to take care for all people not only his family the person that has loved everybody that has tooken charge in life and going down the right path. This person is my grandfather that I will keep in my heart forever. -Robin Tandongfor
Posted by Filicia Tandongfor on 30th March 2014
I will forever remember you. Papa, you taught me how to dress up and to present myself as a good looking woman. You taught me the differences between casual and official wears. You told me never to go to Church in casual wear. You told me that a woman must have a husband and must know how to cook and manage the home. You taught me how to care for my family. But, you never teach me how to live without you. You never teach me what death is. Now, I have to figure out how to live without you. One thing I know of course is to read the Word as you told me. You taught me that Church is in the heart and not in the building structure. I remembered the last word we share, I remembered the last song we sang, I remembered the last prayer we said. Now that you are no more, am spending my time finding more and more truth in the Words written in RED. I will forever remembered you. You were there whenever I needed you. You spent your life for me to live. You were very loving and caring. The love you shared will forever be part of my life. I am ending here Papa with heavy eyes hoping to feel your gentle hands robbing down my cheeks as you always wipe tears on my face. My heart is heavy as you no more listen to my complaints. Am hungry to hear your voice. Am hungry to hear you say as you answer the phone "Hello who is on the line, speak louder". I called the house phone several times since March 13 to talk to you as usual but no one is answering. I very much missed you. Rest in peace, until we meet again. We will always love you. Farewell papa.
Posted by Ambrose Tandongfor on 29th March 2014
Papa was loved! He would be watching over his children and grand kids. Our memory of you will never be erased. Love you forever!
Posted by Emily Mbemba on 28th March 2014
Even though I haven't had a chance to meet my grandpa, his memories and legacy will remain with me forever. I will miss you grandpa and I will miss to hear your voice on the phone. Its hard to believe your gone and as I grieve I know your in a better place R.I.P grandpa Nicholas. - Emily
Posted by Bonaventure Awoh on 28th March 2014
I met Pa once and there was a lightening impact because he carried on a conversation with me like he had known me for quite a while. Pa's legacy remains with the children he left behind. Pa continues to smile in paradise as he watches and continues to direct us through the important lessons he left us with, his humility and generosity will remain for ever. Requiescat in pace
Posted by Evelyn Fotabong on 25th March 2014
Baby SU, Felicia, Eli and the rest of the family,I know what it means loosing a love one.You guys just need to be strong, by looking at pa's going from a positive side.Not every body is lucky to bury their parents.Its difficult, but only God holds our future. Pa was a good man and for that we give God the glory. We loved him, we miss him, but he has just gone ahead to complete the good work he started, he is watching over us...
Posted by Felix Asong on 22nd March 2014
Everyday we wonder why, That you were taken high up to the sky, And we didn't get a chance to say goodbye, There are so many things we want to say, There are so many questions we want to ask. We really will miss you grandpa we will miss all the funny stories we will miss all the songs we sang together. We wish our children would've had the same fun we had with you. Farewell till we meet again your grandchildren Noella, Atem, Nka, and Fole.
Posted by Felix Asong on 22nd March 2014
A special dad is hard to find, You dad I'm keeping in my mind, I wished you could have stayed forever, But I will never forget you oh not ever. I will never forget all the good and fun times we had together. Lots of things we had in common. Lots of hobbies we shared. If dreams weren't dreams and dreams came true,  I wouldn't be here I'd be with you. When you exit a part of me left with you. Distance is one thing that keeps us apart, But dad you will always remain in my heart. A special smile, a special face, a special someone I can't replace, I love you and I always will, You filled a space that no one will ever replace.
Posted by Claudius Mbemba on 21st March 2014
"There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief...and of unspeakable love." R.I.P Pa Ni
Posted by Elizabet Folefac on 21st March 2014
When Tomorrow Starts Without Me. Shared by Elizabeth Folefac on 03/21/2014 When tomorrow starts without me, and I’m not there to see; if the sun should rise and find your eyes filled with tears for me; I wish so much you wouldn't, cry the way you did today. I know how much you love me, as much as I love you; and each time you think of me. I know you’ll miss me too; but when tomorrow starts without me, please try to understand, that an angel came and called my name and took me by the hand. It seemed my place was ready in heaven far above, and that I’d have to leave behind all those I dearly loved. But as I walked away, a tear feel from my eye, it seemed almost impossible that I was leaving you. I thought of all the yesterdays, the good ones and the bad, all the love. If I could relieve yesterday, even just for a while, I’d say goodbye and see you smile. But then I finally realized that this could never be,' cause emptiness and memories would take the place of me. When I thought of worldly things might miss come tomorrow, my heart was filled with sorrow. But when I walked through heaven's gates, I felt so much at home; when God looked down on me from His great golden throne. He said, "This is eternity, and all I promised to you. Today your life on earth is passed, but here it starts anew." "I promise no tomorrow, today will always last, and since each day is the same way, there's no longing for the past. You have been so trusting and true; though there were times you did some things ,you knew you shouldn’t do. You have been forgiven, and now at least you’re free. So won't you take my hand and share my life with me?" So when tomorrow starts without me, don't think we're far apart, for every time you think of me, I 'm right there in your heart. May your journey be a peaceful one, and may your soul rest in perfect peace. Bye Pa until we met again.
Posted by Maggie Ayuk on 20th March 2014
Pa Nicholas has kept the faith, fought a good fight And finished the race.. Pa U will b trully missed by your family and friends.. Rest now in the Lord..... Amen
Posted by Helen Fole on 20th March 2014
I'm short of words,Papa you have been the arm that we always lean on,the shouder we cry on each time the world throws at ugly situation at us. my father was a strong man. i kwn tht he didn,t just give up the ghost.He most have wresttle with God. I can hear him asking God you went to take me home,where will i live ,Quita, where will i live Manyi,where will i live Joe, where will i live boy, where will i live Ateming. I hear GOD answer, I will take care of them. papa will we for ever miss you. R. I.P. PA NI
Posted by Florence Azenkeng on 19th March 2014
Dearest Folefac family , Your Dad was a good man as we all know;he did his all. The best way you can pay tribute to him, is to be a good fathers & mothers and role model to your own children as he was. Always find the time for them. Never forget how your time was cut short with your own father, and let it be just one more reason to spend as much quality time with your family as possible. Let the memory of your dad live on through stories you tell your children about him, even if they never met him. There is no better tribute to a father than to be the best man that you can possibly be. We will cherish the memories of the times we spent together. We are with you during this time of grief
Posted by Henry Fole on 18th March 2014
I remember my father always say that my children are my life,they are the love of my life. We are going to miss u papa R.I.P pa Ni
Posted by Maryanne Ebung on 18th March 2014
A Prayer for this special Soul. Lord our God, the death of Pa Nicholas recalls our human condition and the brevity of our lives on earth. But for those who believe in Your love, death is not the end, nor does it destroy the bonds that You forge in our lives. We share the faith of Your Son's disciples and the hope of the children of God. Bring the light of Christ's resurrection to this time of testing and pain as we pray for Pa Nicholas and for those who love him, through Christ our Lord. Amen.
Posted by Churchill Nchenge on 18th March 2014
Pa Nicolas we your children, grand children, brothers, sisters, wives, cousins, nephews , others we will always missed you for the protection and love you showed to us , papa you have done your part and we will never stop at no one time to celebrate your success , may the Almighty Lord God receive you in his beautiful home . Amen
Posted by Churchill Nchenge on 18th March 2014
Pa Nicolas we your children, grand children, brothers, sisters, wives, cousins, nephews , others we will always missed you for the protection and love you showed to us , papa you have done your part and we will never stop at no one time to celebrate your success , may the Almighty Lord God receive you in his beautiful home . Amen
Posted by Felicia Folefac on 18th March 2014
An Angel whispered take my hand and come with me you're work here is done. I went away to a place where there's no tears, nor sorrow only laughter and smiles, there will always be a Tomorrow. As I move amongst the clouds. I'll look down and smile upon you, while the angels sing a heavenly song. I am not alone all who went before are here they awaited my return. I know you'll grieve and wish I was still here I am here in the memories you hold dear. Remember how much I love you and know I took your love with me. I did not wish for  you to cry, nor feel sad. My pain is gone and I am Free! Soon you'll come to me until then God will be with you Just as He's with me.

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