Nick has now found peace and hopefully met Dr. Spok.
  • 32 years old
  • Born on November 24, 1982 .
  • Passed away on February 26, 2015 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Nick Sugiero 32 years old , born on November 24, 1982 and passed away on February 26, 2015. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Jane Rose on 26th November 2018
Thinking of you on your Birthday (24th) Nick and thought I would leave you a note today just to say how much you are missed. The time has gone so fast and I can still remember the lovely times we shared together like it was yesterday. You are always in our hearts. Love from Jane, Adam, Elizabeth and Isabelle xxx
Posted by Yvonne West on 24th November 2018
Thinking of you today on your birthday, we all miss you especially today. Rest in peace. Love you. xx Aunty Yvonne
Posted by Jackie Brown on 24th November 2018
Not a day goes by when I am not thinking of you. Today you would have been 36 and we would be celebrating. I take comfort that you were in my life for 32 years, I struggle with if I could have done anymore to stop this tragedy. Your Brother still fights the disease that took you from us. Miss you so much, my darling Son. X
Posted by Jane Rose on 26th February 2018
3 years has gone so fast. You are always in our hearts and memories Nick. I still feel your presence when I think of you. You were the kindest and most gentle soul. Thinking of you today , Love from Jane, Adam, Elizabeth and Isabelle xxxx
Posted by Jackie Brown on 26th February 2018
3years gone and I think about you so much. You could have been a bright star on earth, realising all your dreams. Instead I know you are a bright star
Posted by Jane Rose on 29th November 2017
Thinking of you on your Birthday on the 24th. I often look up to the moon and stars and remember you. We always do something nice with you in our hearts, in memory of you. Miss you, love from Jane, Adam, Elizabeth and Isabelle xxxx
Posted by Yvonne West on 24th November 2017
Thinking of you today on what would have been your 35th birthday and feeling sad. We all miss you, rest in peace Nick. Love you Aunty Yvonne xxx
Posted by Faisal Bin Mahfouz on 2nd October 2017
I don't know how to express more about this person He was a brother to me we both faced something in common but his death didn't help me overcome personal issues that we use to talk about . If it was a choice of me or him being in peace I'd rather be dead and not have the feeling of loosing a great person like nick , I learned so much in life from this man
Posted by Faisal Bin Mahfouz on 2nd October 2017
May god give us the strength and patience to overcome this loss it was a shock and still is
Posted by Terri Kane on 10th April 2017
Just thinking of you Nick ,sweet dreams x
Posted by Jane Rose on 26th February 2017
Thinking of you and your family today Nick. Apparently we have discovered a new solar system thought to have the potential of inhabiting life, I know you would have liked that. I also saw a really bright star in the sky tonight and thought of you. Love from Jane , Adam Elizabeth and Isabelle xxx
Posted by Yvonne West on 26th February 2017
Today is your Memorial Day, all the family will be together, remembering you. I cannot believe it has been two years since you left us all, we all love and miss you on this sad day. With much love to my nephew Nick. Aunty Yvonne xxx
Posted by Jackie Brown on 26th February 2017
Miss you my Son. I think of you so much and often imagine what could have been, pointless I know. Today your family and friends remember this tragic day when we lost your earthy presence in our lives.
Posted by Terri Kane on 26th February 2017
Miss you Nick ,two years have passed without you ,there's not a day you are not in my thoughts, fly high x love Terri xx
Posted by Jane Rose on 24th November 2016
Thinking of you for the last few weeks remembering it's your birthday coming up today. 34, gosh I wish you could have been here today to celebrate. I asked for a sign of a butterfly to confirm that you are still around and didn't expect to see one in the middle of winter. Later than day a candle with a butterfly jumped out at me and made me feel you were close in spirit. Anyway I'm a bit tearful today but it's you're special day so I'm going to remember the lovely times we spent together and what a precious friend you have always been and have a positive day in your memory. Thinking of you hun , Happy Birthday! Love always Jane , Adam and Elizabeth xxxx
Posted by Terri Kane on 24th November 2016
Happy birthday Nick ,miss you so much ,hope you are having fun up there , miss our time we spent togeather ,but you are always in my thoughts xxlove Terri
Posted by Jane Rose on 26th February 2016
Dear Nick, I'm thinking of you today on your memorial day and sending all my love to you and your family. I wish I could have been with you today and want you to know that you will remain forever in my heart and my thoughts. You have always been my best friend and for several years you were the love of my life. We spent so many years together and had such wonderful times, filled with love, friendship and joy. I've been reading through my journals today and remembering the magical times we cherished. You recently invited me to Farnborough Air show with my daughter Elizabeth and I'm so sad we didn't get to do this. The last time I was with you was at Penny-hill park when I visited and when I stayed over at your house and met your lovely cat Achilles. If I'd known I'd never see you again, I would have hugged you and never let go. Your always here in spirit and I'm grateful for the time we spent together. I hope you have Minnie to cuddle up to, you always loved her. I know you would have wanted me to make sure your mum was OK and give her a big hug. Well I'm sending hugs for her today, because I know she means the world to you. You are one of the best people I've ever known and ever loved. I hope you rest peacefully honey and we will always thinking of you. You will never be forgotten. Love Always Jane, Adam & Elizabeth xxx
Posted by Terri Kane on 26th February 2016
Cannot believe it's been a year that you've gone ,miss your chats ,and our laughs togeather. You are always in my thoughts ,until we meet again ,sleep tight, dear Nick, love you lots xxx
Posted by Gail Terry Horton on 26th February 2016
Rest in Peace Nick........God
Posted by Terri Kane on 11th February 2016
Can't believe my friend Nick ,its nearly a year since you left us, how time flys. miss you very much 'it's not the same here without you ' nothing feels right 'until we meet again 'be happy what ever your doing xxx
Posted by Eduard Drehner on 13th December 2015
Rest in peace. I remember you from back in the days as a very helpful and kind person. Best wishes "k0nsl"
Posted by Jackie Brown on 10th December 2015
Think of you many times every day, love and miss you so much. Still have to convince myself I could not have done more to save you. Would like one more chance but know that's impossible.
Posted by Charles Foster on 9th December 2015
Hi Nick, This is "Flash" back from when we were around 11 to 17 years old hanging out on ICQ, on the phone and everything else. I've tried searching for you quite a few times before, after Progenic and Infra Services but couldn't find you ... I didn't quite know what was going on. Only after searching for you again - and I had to search quite hard - have I found this site. Thanks to your Mum for putting this site up. I don't know exactly how you departed Nick, it's incredibly unfortunate - I now very much regret that I haven't tried to contact you sooner. I very much wish this wasn't the case and I wasn't writing this. MAN!! I wish you hadn't died!! Maybe see you again some day. Your old friend. Flash / Charles / Charlie
Posted by Terri Kane on 26th November 2015
Hello Nick, god how I miss you , I hope you celebrated your birthday up there ,if we could have one more day with you ,I would be in front of the line , but sadly this is not to be ,so this is the only way I can tell you, I miss you so much my friend ,the world is strange without you ,take care until we meet again ,fly high ,miss you lots Terri xxxxxx
Posted by Yvonne West on 24th November 2015
Today would have been your 33rd birthday. You are always in my thoughts. We miss you very much, which makes me sad,but then I remember all the lovely memories of my nephew as a child. Rest in peace Nick. Love you. Aunty Yvonne. XXX.
Posted by Sandy Bourdais on 24th November 2015
Happy Birthday sweet Nick. I keep thinking 'I must go and see Nick', then I remember you're gone and I feel sad all over again. Miss you. Love Sandy x
Posted by Terri Kane on 31st August 2015
Well today ,was a hard day ,you are free my friend ,fly high through the clouds ' if I could have a wish , I would wish to have you here just one day to say how special you are , I miss you every single day , God bless and keep smiling , and no stealing the sugar up there . Always in my thoughts , love you sweet Nick , nite nite , sleep tight xxxx
Posted by Terri Kane on 21st August 2015
Well Nick , life has gone so quick , since you went , I miss you so much every day , you became one of my best friend , we laugh so much , you was always waiting for me to come round , I miss that when I go to your house , and your not there .Thank you for sharing your life with me , I only wish we were given longer. Love you Nick ,sleep tight xx
Posted by Richard Bonney on 27th July 2015
Friends for life, now and forever - Miss you all the time. Only known a few people that I imagined getting old with and always being friends with: You were one of them. One of the funniest, kindest men I ever met and foolishly underestimated by most people. Sorry we didn't see each other much towards the end but life does that to people. I always imagined we'd meet down the line once you'd leveled out... For a long time you called me your best friend and you will always be mine too. Sleep easy and love you mate; wish we could go back in time... I'm sure you'd like teleportation and warp-speed too but if I could pick one it would be time travel and I'd go back to give you this message. I know you'd roll your eyes at this but hopefully I'll see you on the other side, R.
Posted by Jackie Brown on 3rd July 2015
I still cannot believe my Nick has left our lives. I get comfort from the lovely tributes. I am happy that Nick touched other people's lives. Nick used all his nine lives, stopped breathing as a baby. Wiped out and rescued from the sea in Bali. Wrote off a high performance car in Florida. Then pancreatitis which most do not recover from, acidosis, seoticimia and finally internal bleeding which took him finally. I feel powerless that he had to suffer so much, but grateful he is at peace.loved my Nick so much.
Posted by Daniel Hedman on 2nd July 2015
My sympathies to his family and friends. I unfortunately never met this soul in real life, but played many fun years with him in cyberspace. When I think back at all hours at the computer, he is one of the names that come up. I am 38 years old now, and my time is long since past :( But "Light" will always be in my heart as one of the nicest and most talented guys I ever played with. May he live as he wanted on the other side, and that his family and friends can find peace in his beautiful memory. Svensk
Posted by Jackie Brown on 18th May 2015
3 months on and I still cannot Believe you have gone out of our lives. I hope you can see all the love we have put into your house and Terris memorial garden, we miss you and wish we could have done more to save your life.
Posted by David Sharpe on 17th May 2015
I had a heap of fun with you Nick, I hope you thought the same.
Posted by Nicole Swanepoel on 16th March 2015
Condolences to Nick's family. Such a kind and gentle person. Always there with a hug when you needed it. Will truly miss his sharp wit and intelligent conversation xxx
Posted by Sandy Bourdais on 16th March 2015
Can't believe I'm writing this, because that means you're gone. I'll never forget you and the time we spent together. I hope they have Seinfeld up there! Gone far too soon my dear friend Nick. Miss you. xxx
Posted by Terri Kane on 13th March 2015
Still can't believe your gone Nick, you was such a special person,funny kind,and so much to give,not forgetting clever, I was so amazed ,how you knew about computers, we laughed so much, even though I was so much older than you ,you was my friend,and I miss you so much ,I only wish I could have helped you more. You will always be in my heart xx
Posted by Lizz Feeeman on 13th March 2015
Hi Nick, I hope you are at peace now, sleep in the arms of angels, remembering the Cheswick times with my boys, much love Lizz xx
Posted by Sune Østergreen-Johansen on 10th March 2015
We were like brothers for a while and I will always remember the great times you and I had in UK and Denmark, chasing the ladies and being young entrepreneurial dreamers.
Posted by Lee Anderson on 10th March 2015
Very sad to hear the news about Nick. I met him in the summer and he was a real character. My sympathies to his family and friends. Lee xxx

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