Let the memory of Nigel be with us forever
  • 45 years old
  • Born on September 30, 1947 in London, England, United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on July 16, 1993 in Boise, Idaho, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Nigel Oliver 45 years old , born on September 30, 1947 and passed away on July 16, 1993. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Brick Oliver on 30th September 2018
71... Happy Birthday! Our beautiful family just keeps getting better. You would be so proud of our sons, and their beautiful families. I still think about you and love you everyday. You are still my strength and our family is the reason I get up every morning. To care for our legacy. You asked me to finish what we strarted and I work everyday to keep that promise.
Posted by Oliver Sue on 30th September 2018
Happy Birthday Nige , can’t believe it has been 25 years. So much has changed and our family is growing. We have a new baby, finally a granddaughter Lilia who is 3 months old. We now have 5 grandchildren. Our lives are very busy and noisy with the 4 boys. Lukas started school which is amazing as it seems like yesterday he was a baby. We miss you and know you would love all these little rascals. Until next year all our thoughts are with you. Your sister Sue
Posted by Brick Oliver on 16th July 2018
Nigel, 25 years just does not seem real. We’ve missed you for over 9,000 days, every day. You left a legacy of fun, a legacy of family, a legacy of love. You would be proud of how we’ve carried on. I smile when I’m in the yard and I look at the trees we planted and when I spend time with the beautiful family that we created.
Posted by Brick Oliver on 3rd October 2017
Sorry, I'm a little late this year, but Happy 70th Birthday. It's hard to imagine, I'll be 70 soon. We've had a tough year, but all are healing now. Devon is an amazing, trophy-winning competitive cheerleader. Grant and Tyler are playing touch football and doing awesome. Stella is a super soccer player, her team is undefeated. Colton is growing fast and is as smart as any 3-year old I've ever seen... And very cute. I'm continuing to play golf, getting better at it and... I had a hole-in-one last month! Yep. Did that. I love you always.
Posted by Brick Oliver on 30th September 2016
Well honey, you'd be 69 today, and not complaining one bit. Happy Birthday. Your family keeps growing! Sue has a handful of Grandkids and Carly is getting married soon. You would be so proud of our boys and our fabulous five Grandkids, all gorgeous and smart. I miss you everyday. Rest in peace, my love.
Posted by Brick Oliver on 18th July 2016
Nigel, you would have loved to see our precious family reunion this last Memorial Day. Jesse, Susan, Devon, Tyler and little Colton flew here from NJ. We were all together with Bryan, Debra, Grant and Stella every day for four days. The five cousins were all so cute and happy to finally meet in person and play. On Sunday, when we all arrived at Settlers Park in Meridian, I heard one of them say "We're all Olivers"! I smiled to myself and thought about you. We started it all. Nigel, they are all so beautiful, smart, and special in their own ways. Your sons are such great Dads. You would have loved, as I did, seeing our Sons together again. They have chosen well, Susan and Debra are great wives, Moms, and Daughters-in-law. I miss you so much every day.
Posted by Oliver Sue on 17th July 2016
Happy Birthday Nige. We have 3 new baby boys that you would be Great Uncle to. The 8 month old twins are Liam and Logan and the newest is Maxime. Wish you were here to enjoy these boys as much as you enjoyed parenting your boys. Miss you, your sister Sue.
Posted by Oliver Sue on 30th September 2015
Happy Birthday Nige. I have been thinking of you a lot over the last few months. With Sarah's wedding I remembered you walking me down the isle at my wedding. With the new babies coming I think of you and our other family members that have passed. Love always your sister Sue
Posted by Brick Oliver on 30th September 2015
Happy Birthday Nigel. I still miss you everyday and wish you were here to share the life we created! You would be so proud of your fine sons. And you would love, love, love our precious and beautiful Grandchildren. Devon is 8, in 3rd grade and a fabulous cheerleader. Grant is 7, in 2nd grade and so handsome. Tyler is 5 and just starting kindergarten and football. Stella is 5 and just started kindergarten also and is learning gymnastics and soccer. Colton is 1 and runs the show! They all make me so happy and proud. They know who you are and they love hearing stories about you.
Posted by Kathy Petford on 30th September 2015
Happy Birthday Nigel! Miss you terribly!
Posted by Brick Oliver on 17th July 2015
Miss you every day. Our family continues to grow in beautiful ways. Sarah got married, Emily is expecting twins. Devon is doing fabulous cheering. She's a smart and beautiful girl and I love how close we are. Grant is such a smart and special boy. He's so much like Bryan, just always having a great conversation. Tyler is all boy. So smart. He loves Legos and builds such great, amazing stuff. Stella is a beautiful dancer. And a beautiful girl, with her blond curls! She's so smart and helpful. Colton has the best dimples ever! He is a happy boy who sticks up for himself, his smile would melt your heart. Tyler and Stella start kindergarten soon. Devon starts 3rd grade in a new school. Grant starts 2nd grade, same school. When problems arise, I ask myself, what would Nigel do? You are still a powerful presence and a guiding force. You would be so proud of our sons and their beautiful families.
Posted by Kathy Petford on 16th July 2015
Miss you! Not a day goes by and I always think of you!
Posted by Brick Oliver on 1st October 2014
Happy Birthday, Nigel. I am thinking about you. Sue emailed me today that she is too. We all still keep in touch and I am headed to Toronto in November to Jacqueline's wedding. We have a new Grandson, Colton Luke Oliver. He's a beautiful, happy boy. I know you are watching over us. Some of us are struggling a bit. We miss you so and what you would have brought to this stage of our lives.
Posted by Brick Oliver on 1st October 2013
Happy Birthday, Nigel. You would be 66 today and I am thinking about you. You would be so proud of and happy about our family. Sister Sue is a Grandma. Yep, little Emily has a baby boy! And, our 5th grandchild, (Jesse/Susan) a boy, is due in February. We're OK. Miss you.
Posted by Jesse Oliver on 17th July 2013
We miss you Dad. I think about you every day.
Posted by Oliver Sue on 17th July 2013
Dear Nigel whom I think of all the time. I can't believe it has been 20 years. My memories of you and our parents are as if it was yesterday. I miss you, love always from your sister.
Posted by Brick Oliver on 16th July 2013
Nigel, I still miss you every day. You were such a good husband and a great Dad. You would be a great Grandpa to our four beautiful Grandchildren. They have inherited beautiful traits from their wonderful Mothers and our sons. And, every once in a while, in a certain smile or expression they make, I see you. A special gift.
Posted by Kathy Petford on 9th July 2013
I am not sure what to say. I miss you terribly! Love from your sister Kathy Petford

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