Let the memory of NKUO FRANCIS and MAMA CATHERINE NENG be with us forever
  • 80 years old
  • Born on January 30, 1936 in NJINIKOM, NORTH WEST, Cameroon.
  • Passed away on September 24, 2016 in NJINIKOM, NORTH WEST, Cameroon.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Father, Brother,Uncle, Grand Uncle, BOBE NKUO FRANCIS, 80, born on January 28, 1936 and passed away on September 24, 2016. We will remember him forever.

Family Prayer for Francis Nkuo

L: Into your hands Mama Maria, Mother of Christian Charity,

We entrust Francis, as he journey’s home;

R: Wrap his soul to slumber in the merciful blood of Christ

And usher him to God through heaven’s door of mercy.

 Prayer For The Family On The Solemn Occasion Of The
> Internment Of  Bobe Francis Nkuo
> Heavenly Father, Please shine your light upon the family of
> Bobe Francis Nkuo and Nawain Catherine Neng as we prepare to
> lay him to rest and to live our lives according to Your
> precepts. Give us strength to overcome the sadness and all
> of the difficulties that we are dealing with now. Protect us
> against any and all problems we may encounter in the future.
> O Lord, kindly bring us together as we are meant to be. May
> the love that binds us grow stronger as we fulfill the
> destiny You have laid out for us.
> Grant our family forgiveness for any transgressions we have
> committed in our lives. May we also forgive one another Lord
> although it is sometimes difficult to perform this Christian
> responsibility. May we persevere in good works, carry out
> our good resolutions, mortify our self-will, live holy lives
> and, at our last moments, may we have strong and sincere
> repentance so as to depart this life in Your friendship and
> favour. 
> May the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace. Amen
> Thaddeus Nkuo & Family

Prayer Intentions:

Father, you are just in whatever judgment you give to our brother Francis for, he sinned against you. We beg of you that for the sake of the sacrifice of your Son, Jesus Christ, and for the glory of your name, treat him according to the greatness of your mercy.

Father, your power is shown through your forgiveness and mercy; we pray that you empower this fatherless family of Nkuo, with the grace to be worthy heirs to these rich heavenly treasures of mercy.

We pray for the grace that our family and the families of the world may emulate Francis by being sensitive to the needs of those around us; be appreciative in the use of our blessings and take advantage of opportunities to help where we can.

For the foundation our parents laid based on baptism making us children of heaven; we pray Jesus, that as we journey through life we may not fall prey to the doctrinal errors of faith. May the Precious Blood of Christ cover us always and purge our lineage from all curses and from idols formed by our desires blocking the goodness of God!

As we face the challenging situations of ill health, injustices as well as in all those we are tempted to despise; hear the cry of those suffering in their body and in their soul, those who have lost all hope; that they may all rely on you to satisfy the needs you put in their hearts.

May the Lord welcome all the deceased members of the Nkuo’s into His peace; convert the hearts of the violent, who worry only about material wellbeing, that they may hunger only to inherit the Lord Himself; and comfort the living with an empowered and guided leadership that decreases for Christ to increase.

Behold we stand before You, Lord Jesus, denouncing all the evil practices of our ancestors. We plead the waters of our baptism to flow back on all past generations of our family tree, reconciling all our ancestors with Your Father so as to liberate us from all family chains.

O Mary, Mother of Christian Charity, we commit all painful sufferings and injustices that Francis bore while on earth that you purify them in the Precious Blood of Jesus, bless the Lord for them and offer them to the Eternal Father, for the conversion of lukewarm Christians in the family, for the sanctification of consecrated souls, and for the liberation of souls in Purgatory and the consolation of the suffering.


Words of consolation

Clement Ossima: crying and waling will not change anything. It has happened. It is normal to cry for the loss but don’t remain there, look forward.

Judith Abegley: Just like Jesus’ death, we are to celebrate his life looking forward to how we can continue with what he was doing.

Charles Ndo: Francis was too inquisitive to a fault to know details about his medical situation.

Theodora: In our last conversation over the phone, he said: the doctor told me that whenever I shall notice my ailment moving downwards towards my legs, know that it is the end. This is what I am feeling now.

Josepha Nain: I see him smiling. I am consoled.

Sylvia Wallang: Tears of the family always flow in the confines of the home! How can this be when the roof of the house has been torn apart?

Ndichia Primus:

Bro, your time as destined by the Lord finally came.
In life you braved accidents, illnesses and poisons yet, it was not
the moment. Now that it has finally come, we thank God for permitting it;
we also thank God especially for the bonus' of life!

Sr. Bridget Nkuo:

Whenever I think about the family convent without its provider and care taker, I am scared. The pride of belonging has been shattered - of a holiday lodge, a sabbatical home, a rest apartment. Thanks be to God for stripping me of all so as to fill me with His all.


Posted by Priscilla Song on 23rd October 2016
Smiling Bo Con rest in Peace Rev Fr Anthony Ndang Ndichia mhm (South Africa) Since I received the shocking and sudden news of your passing on to new life in Christ, I have been trying to come into terms with this sad news. While in Cameroon last August, I spoke some deep insights with you which I will treasure for ever. The sadness is not so much that Pa has died but we shall never see him or verbally communicate with him again in this present form of life. The Lord gave, the Lord has taken, blessed be the name of the Lord. The scriptures tell us that the souls of the virtuous are in the hands of God. They may look dead to us yet they are alive with God. Good people don’t die. They only go to sleep, to rest as their labour has come to an end. They have done their part so they go to rest and wait for that time when the Lord will transform their bodies into the copy of his own glorious body. Thank you for your generosity, hard work, commitment to faith and an exemplary uncle to me and the family. When I had a private mass with you, you prayed for the sick in the family and deceased family members. Now you have joined them. Your simply humble life, faithfulness, helpfulness is being rewarded for to live is Christ and to die is gain. If we live in Christ and die in Christ we will rise in Christ. Dear uncle, I offer you to God who created you. May you return to God who formed you. May Christ who was crucified give you peace. May Christ the Good shepherd give you a place in his flock. May Christ, Son of God take you to Heaven. May Christ forgive your sins and keep you among His people. May the Lord rise with you, and May the wind always be at your back. May you meet God face to face and enjoy being with Him, until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand Amen.
Posted by IKFI MIRANDA on 20th October 2016
Tribute to My Beloved Uncle Pa Francis Nkuo (Bo Con). Bo Con, As you walk through the Valley of the shadow of death, fear no Evil; Pa, the love you shared with our family has been --(S.S.S.)---, so Simple. so Sweet and so Short, your health didn’t permit you to do it again in another Woin –Woin- Woin come together, you took Family issues at heart and just when things started coming your way, we found out that we were left alone, you were found in the arms of the lord, you answered the Lords call. We feel for you as we watched you go, leaving us with Angels to watch over us, and the fruits of your Love. Your Siblings Veronica, Pauline, Hilda, Primus, Anthonia, Lawrentia, Brigdet, Joseph and the entire family will miss you, but will let you go, you braved it to the end, May God who united this Family through you, lead you home safely, and may the peace and love that reigns remain forever in our hearts. Your dreams, projects, and plans will be accomplished with the help of God who sees, hears, feels what we feel. Pa, I hate to do what I am doing right now, but I am obliged to do it, I have always listen to your voice before taking major decisions in my Life, you are one of the Uncles who will talk to us right in your room, you made me feel safe, free, and open to tell you just anything the way I felt, your constant smile, your endless discussion just to know how the whole family was? To know how my own beloved father is,? How my mum your sister was faring?, how my brothers were doing,? How my Little Afumbom was faring? Bo con, your taught me the importance of Family Unity, the importance of a Family that prays together, what else did you fail to tell me? Even when I came in, rushing just to say Hi, I left with a word for meditation, Bo con, what else?, who else?, where else? And with whom else? Tell me, your chief organizer, were you preparing me for something unknown to me? That Faithful Saturday I was doing my usual Saturday duty, teaching children preparing for Confirmation, Uncle Joe Called, telling me you were under Oxygen, and that I should rush and tell your beloved sis Bridget Nkuo, also in Bed with a Leg Injury, I recorded the worst kind of driving, any driver could do with my kids, your grand children in the car, I tried to play the tricks you taught me to deliver the news of your state to sister who smiled and told me she had been informed, finally we spent more time looking at the pictures my younger sister Nain sent to us, making our usual Jokes , that you were just doing your usual thing, hmmmmmmm infact, when I looked at that pic, I said to myself when you get up from that bed I will tell you something nice, at the very moment, I sent a text to Nain telling her I promised to tell Pa something nice, , not knowing you will never listen to your daughter with the adorable voice again, your same brother called to tell me it was over. The Lord took you in a peaceful manner, peaceful exit, peaceful sleep , sweet sleep, the sleep to wake no more, the sleep that makes you travel to the Land of the Unknown, the sleep with no good night. Tell me Bo Con who will not want to exit that way????? Tell me. We will miss you- But GO when YOU came to the end of the road and the sun set for you. You wanted no rites in a gloom-filled room. Why cry for a soul set free. We Miss you a little-but not too long and not with your head bowed low. Remember the love that we once shared, we miss you but we will let you go. For this is a journey that we all must take and each must go alone. It’s all a part of the Master’s plan a step on the road to home. When are lonely and sick of heart we will bury our sorrows in doing good! Adieu till we meet to part no more. Priscilla Song ---(Niece)
Posted by Waindim Nsom on 20th October 2016
My memory goes back to his buoyant days with my late dad; a complicity that inadvertently he offered to share with my modest person in many ways than one. Truly a people's person he was, nay, he is, and will forever be. Requiescat in pace!!!
Posted by Ayeah Yongabi on 19th October 2016
I sometimes find it very difficult to accept the fact that people die. It is sometimes even more difficult for me to believe that people die and never return and we never get to see them again. The biggest part of my life and the most complex and complicated was spent with these two great figures that have left us. As a child moving into college, these two; Bo Con and Na Con as they were commonly called were the ones who received me and raised me up, and gave me some of the most important values that any human being will need for growing up. Treating me as their own without making any difference from their own biological children for the five long years i spent there, is a rare gift, but they demonstrated it. We ate the same food and all at the same time even though sometimes Bo Con will deprive us of our pieces of meat saying children did not eat meat. We all prayed together and sang together in the evenings and in the morning. Na Con taught me how to sing and took me to the choir during practice sessions, taught me how to play the xylophone and other choir instruments. We received the same discipline like Conrad, James, Ludwig and Josepha, and any other person who lived in that house. To say the least, i am who am i today thanks to these two great people. They fought a good fight; they completed their assignments here on earth, and the Almighty has called them back to reward them. One thing is sure, that they are smiling back at us from the bosom of the Lord. Today, it is with praise and thanksgiving that i look up to the Lord for your lives and i pray and will continue to pray that His face finds favor in you and may he grant you everlasting peace in His Heavenly Kingdom. ADIEU
Posted by Stanley Tembong on 19th October 2016
Pa 'Boh Con' I pleaded with u to give me the opportunity to meet u next January. But u said u were tired You labored relentlessly for ur family n community. Today I stand a proud beneficiary of ur hand work via my wife Mbeto. May our LORD welcome u in HIS paradise. RIP 'Pa Con'
Posted by Nsah Ferdi on 18th October 2016
It was so sad for me to leave school only to be told at home that you have passed away after a week and I remembered the last time I visited u in August and u gave me your words of encouragement and i was very happy to hear those words coming from u grand uncle. You fought the good fight, you kept the Faith, and u finished the Race. May God grant u eternal Rest. May Your Gentle Soul Rest in Perfect Peace. Adieu Papa
Posted by Kubi Serge Mbangtang on 18th October 2016
We remember your sense of humor during our childhood, renaming us; Achia*Michi, Milton*Miletos, Loveline*Lopla, Serge*Nico, Seraphine*Serala. Words are few, thoughts are deep, Memories of you we will always keep.
Posted by IKFI MIRANDA on 15th October 2016
My beloved brother Bo CON, as we used to call u. it was with complete shock and disbelief that i learnt of your sudden death. even as i pen down these words, i still cannot belive you are gone. you were a kind compassionate and exemplary big brother who dedicated his entire life in building family unity, celebrating family love and teaching young people to become the best version of who God created them to be. as a young girl, i admired your passion and dedication in the teaching field and i was profoundly inspired and motivated to embrace the noble teaching profession. Your demise has created a huge vacuum in the family and has brought tears to our eyes. But we are totally submissive to the sovereign will of God and we strongly believe that God had a better plan for you. You were a faithful Catholic Christian and i know you are resting in perfect peace in the bossom of Abraham. I believe you have gone to occupy one of the rooms that Jesus went to prepare for us. I will miss you so much brother but our faith assures us that one day we shall meet againand every tear shall be wiped from our eyes. Thank you for all that you did for this family and for humanity. You have fought the good fight, you ahve finished the race, you have kept the faith and what awaits you is the crown of glory that the Lord has reserved for the righeous ( 2Tim 4:7). May the good Lord reward you abundantly. Rest in perfect peace Bo Con. Laurentia Song Sister
Posted by IKFI MIRANDA on 15th October 2016
Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult things we can go through, so much more if it is a father. No words can express what I am feeling right now and I’m sure only time can help me accept the fact. As I stand here today and think about words to express how I feel about my dad, I realize how truly blessed I am to have his blood running through my veins. Dad gave me the best gift I could ever ask for, apart from life itself; that was the gift of encouragement, and belief that I could achieve anything. He never promised me that I would succeed in everything I did; in fact, he told me that I might fail at some of the things that I tried. Father was a simple man, who was kind and caring to all. He was compassionate and content, full of wisdom and above all; God fearing. He lived a long and happy life, passing away after watching his children raise families of their own. He showed strength until the end and still had some enlightening words for us. I know dad might not have been perfect throughout his being on earth, but who in this world is? Who? He was, however, I am happy to say, perfectly himself... a phenomenal dad... a teacher... a man of integrity... and for that I will forever be grateful. As we gather today to remember my father, let us remember to cherish his soul, and to pass on the joy and legacy that he passed on to others. By NAIN AWO Gilda Daughter
Posted by IKFI MIRANDA on 15th October 2016
My dearest uncle, commonly called Bo Con; a bulldozer, a fighter a doctor and a unifying factor. You have fought the fight and worn it but leaving us in pains. Who will go up to Bo Media to give him courage? Who will give food to Na Cle? Who will visit Na Ntoh to tell her to be strong? Who will discuss and keep Na Facompany? Who will give me talk on how to feed and be healthy? You were a father to your children, siblings cousins, nephews, nieces in short to all without discrimination. Uncle, you have left a vacuum. God called to ask whom shall he send you just answered Lord here I am ready to do your will. You are already a saint. I know you are now singing the heavenly songs with your lovely wife and parents. Adieu uncle until we meet to part no more. Thanks. Helen Natang
Posted by IKFI MIRANDA on 15th October 2016
Uncle though my heart bleeds for your departure, I can't ask "why so soon" because only our heavenly father knows why he summoned you. You will always have a place in my heart as you left an indelible bouch in it. You were so caring and kind. You make sure you visited me on daily basis, even under the rain uncle, at 5pm, you will still struggle to see me before going back home.you always make me laugh especially when I gave you groundnuts which you liked so much.who will give me possible solutions to my problems again uncle ? Your confession to me two days before you left us will remain a souvenir. You said that your dream for me when I started primary school was that I should become a nurse in future just like your wife (may her soul RIP) and that dream came true, and that is why I always come to you whenever little health problems" . How can I ever forget this uncle ? My mentor, my best friend , my father,my mother all I wish for you now is a good rest in the Lord and prepare a home for us till we meet again. Adeau uncle. Na Ben
Posted by IKFI MIRANDA on 15th October 2016
Although I have lost a dear brother I am trying very hard not to mourn because he lived his life to the fullest. Frances who happens to be my elder brother had exceptional abilities, both of intellect and personality. He was a great husband and a wonderful father, and he impacted the lives of those he came across in numerous ways. He was not just a brother to me but my best friend with whom I shared everything with. He was someone with a great sense of humour and very versatile. The one important thing I have learnt from my brother through these years has been compassion. He has taught me and the people around him to live life with an open heart; find love in others not hate; build bridges not burn them; if people are exasperated, attempt to find the love in your heart to comprehend why they are so furious. Due to his lesson of compassion, even in his last days he was able to reach out to people to forgive him if he had wronged them in anyway. It is no surprise to me that because my brother’s lesson in life was compassion he died within the Year of Mercy in the church. Therefore based on Frances’ lessons about life, may we utilize the remaining years that we have here on earth to make peace with each other, be free from afflictions and find peace within ourselves, our families, our communities, our nation and above all in the universe. As I say goodbye to my brother and best friend, I can say with confidence that he lived his life to completion and I therefore urge you all to join me in thanking God for his wonderful life spent here on earth, as we celebrate the life of this role model. Bye Frances and prepare us a place where we shall meet to depart no more. Sr. Bridget NKUO
Posted by IKFI MIRANDA on 15th October 2016
Baba, it is hard to believe that you are no more! It is logical to think of the scriptures which say that living up to your age (80) is for the strong. It is equally logical for a child to bury his parents, but baba, there is no logic in your demise. Who shall be my counsellor? Who is going to bind and shield this fragile family that you are leaving behind? I used to think that orphans were kids, but the reality is dawning on me that I am an orphan at my age. Pa it is no secret that we were not the best of friends when I was growing up, but I came to realise that I misconstrued you. All along, in spite of all odds you had a fervent desire to do good, but in accordance with your resources. You were a perfect manager and could not shift from your plans for our greater good. I think of the estates which you built to shelter us even long after you are gone with very meagre earnings. There is no better way of showing love for your offspring than this. I remember how you supported my projects when I left school and was jobless even though you were still taking care of other minors and on retirement.I used to feel that you were very wild but I remember the times you called me into your room and told me that you were sorry. What a humble father? A week before your transition, mama came to me in a dream and told me that she came to take somebody’s belongings who went out of the house and was taken away –“ sudden death”, she said. And before going to the hospital you repeated in similar words that your heart had been taken away. Who is this taker of souls? Baba who took you away from us – just like that? Your lesson of life to us was “love all and trust none - but your God”. I believe that whoever took away your soul only conveyed it to your God in whom you trusted.I am also consoled because I saw mama in my dream and so I am assured that you are with her. Baba, one thing is sure, your joint pains are gone forever; the sword that pierced your heart when mama was caught, beaten up and locked because of her political leaning has been removed. Your worries about shortage of cooking gas are no more! Claim your victory pa and together with mum, intercede for us your children till we meet to part no more. Adieu papa! Conrad.
Posted by IKFI MIRANDA on 15th October 2016
The sad news of the death of Bobe Francis Nkuo has reached and shocked us. Please accept our heartfelt condolences on this distressing occasion of the passing away of this loving family friend of ours and be assured that we join you and your brothers and sisters and the entire family in praying for the repose of his soul. Bobe Francis Nkuo lived a life of dedicated service as a Christian leader in his Church and a selfless and patriotic advocate in national affairs. He was a role model who inspired hope and confidence in all who admired his leadership qualities. It is our fervent prayer that Bobe Francis departed this life in the friendship and favour of his Creator and that his soul may rest in peace in Almighty God's Kingdom of Light, Love and Glory. Thaddeus Nkuo & Family
Posted by Afanwi Lum on 10th October 2016
All the world's a stage And all the men and women merely players They have their exits and their entrances Papa, No good byes were said, no farewells were exchanged, you left us so suddenly. This was not what was agreed when we talked in August. The plan was that we were going to get together to celebrate your turning 80! Since 2008 when I knew you, you have been nothing but a caring and loving father in law to me. You were always calling me or mum to find out how we were doing. I was delighted to finally meet you in the 2014 and for you to see the grand babies. Our relationship had just started and then ended abruptly. The bible says the years of our lives are seventy or eighty for those of strength. You lived to eighty and for that we thank God because you lived to ripe old age and you answered the master’s call with great expectation and blessed assurance for you slept in him after receiving your sacraments. I cherish the moments we spent together because even though they were short, they were warm ones which I will remember for a long time and I thank God immensely for making that happen. As a Christian, my faith tells me that during times like this we must allow ourselves to be uplifted, consoled, strengthened and renewed by our hope in the Resurrection. Yes for life is changed not ended. Now that you have departed to be with your maker, may he, in his infinite mercy grant rest to your soul until we meet again at the resurrection, when Christ will raise our mortal bodies and make them like his own in glory. Farewell papa, Fare thee well, till we meet again Afanwi (Daughter-in-law)
Posted by Anne Fuen on 10th October 2016
Baba as you were fondly called by all, I thank you for your support and love to me not only as a daughter in law, but as your own flesh daughter, that is who you were to me, i couldnt have asked for more in a dad. I stayed with you for some time and admired the great dad you were to all and sundry. You were very observant in everything and always confided in me as far as what stuff people are madeup is concerned. You frowned at laziness especially people who could be helpful to themselves but go around begging for this or that favour or item. You encouraged hardwork and were ready to go an extra mile to boost the efforts of the hardworking people around you. You had a soft spot for the needy, homeless and fatherless and assisted a lot of them spiritually, morally and financially. You were a great organiser of events and a people's person, not only us your children are going to miss you but all those you touched their lives in one way or the other. You indeed touched many!!! You were hospitable and charitable, nobody came to you and was not offered a banana, that was you. When I was living with you, you never hesitated to drop some money in the baby's (Bemsi's) basket, just in case i might be in need of something for myself or the baby. you were a good family head. I remember fondly how you gathered us for prayers every evening. Each time we prayed you made sure you added the St Francis Prayer of peace, because you saw yourself in that great Saint, your intercessory prayers thru St Francis gave you the golden gift (Xaveria, wain Nain Josepha), your first grand daughter on St Francis Xavier's feast day. Baba, you were a good troubleshooter when i had difficulties carrying on. Who is going to hold my hand now and point to the right direction that i should be following, who will I run to when I need this or that piece of advice? You encouraged me and gave me prayer books to pray always. Baba you were pointing to the right direction: God, who is Father of the fatheless. You knew yours was an earthly journey, which is short; You knew God was our Eternal Father, who will weather our every storm; You knew He will stand by us when all seems to be crumbling down; You knew God is our sheild from all adverse forces and evil: You knew God is able to do more that any human intellect can comprehend. Thank you Baba for being that pillar and model for the family. I will continue to hold on to that Hand you pointed to until we meet to part no more. Greet Mama for me, your grand kids (Bemsi, Rosine, Katrina and Lisimbom) also say hello as they whisper a prayer to God to keep you always protected by His side as you and Mama intercede for them and the entire family. Amen. Adieu Dad!!!!
Posted by Claude NGANGSI on 10th October 2016
For those who don't know me, my name is Claude Ankeambom. I want to say a few words in memory of my grandfather. Francis Nkuo fondly known as Bo Con and "BABA" for us Kids lived a remarkable life, one that inspired me greatly. His adventurous attitude, his broad range of interests, and his happy demeanor made him a wonderful person to know. He was patient, and generous with his time and affection. He always took an interest in the people he met. He had met a few of my friends over the years, and they always told me how interesting he'd been. BABA pursued his many endeavors diligently, and always rose to meet a challenge. I always felt that he expected the same of me, too. He was philosophical in his approach to life. He especially had a great perspective when it came to the little things, never displaying anger or impatience. Instead, he showed a great dignity and humor. He extended this philosophy no matter what obstacle he faced. I have always admired this trait as it doesn't seem to have been handed down.The strength of his character showed even in criticism. With a few wry words, my grandfather could be far more damning than most people could achieve with any strong language. I'll miss the stories,I'll miss his perspective and his gentle humor. I'll miss the surprising depth and scope of his knowledge. I'll miss the warmth he extended to everyone he met. I will miss my grandfather dearly. But I will treasure his memory forever. My grandfather was a quiet man, But his silence could speak volumes. The warmth of his gaze said, "I love you." The strength of his hugs said, "I will keep you safe." The gentleness of his hands said, "You're precious to me." His nod of approval for a job well done said, "I respect you." In the years to come, I may not remember many of the words my grandfather spoke, But the memories of what he conveyed without speaking a word will stay in my heart. Now we gather here And quietly shed a tear, As we lay him in the ground, No solace to be found. But Grandpa's not truly gone, Because his memory lives on, In all of us who loved him, Never to be forgotten. This is how I remember Grandpa the last time I was home in June, Feeling tired, Growing weak, Drifting in and Out of sleep... But was happy seeing me and spent a long time with me giving me alot of advice and Blessing This is how I remember Grandpa now, Still and silent, No more pain, Nothing left to Lose or gain... I will always remember Grandpa. I Love you Baba. Your Grand son Claude Ankeambom US NAVY UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Posted by Nanjel Imma on 9th October 2016
Pa Nkuo, I became really close to you when my friends Leander and Colmcile rented your apartment at Atukoni. You were annoying as only a landlord will be, hahahah!! But you were so much fun. When my friend will send me to come pay the bills you will always want me to stay and chat with you. At times I will be with u for over an hour with u asking me all those embarrassing thing abt my life and give me your special advice as only a grand daddy will do. Pa I will miss our lil talks n I will miss u. I will be the good girl u always wanted me to be. Farewell, till we meet again
Posted by IKFI MIRANDA on 8th October 2016
Baba, it is true a child has to bury the father but I didn't think it will be this early. Why is my own case different. You gave me everything to the least. Whom have you left me for? there's alot in my mind right now. If i had known. Weeeee Baba wa sangti ma achuie. Tongti si Mama. Jel ki no ajung. RIP. From Kafain Roland.
Posted by IKFI MIRANDA on 8th October 2016
Adieu bro, Even as my memory is failing, I still recall very strongly the “touch bearer” you have been to the family. When Pa opened the way for you, you did not hesitate to turn back and to pull everyone up the ladder; making sure all get educated or embark in a trade. This generous move spread not only to the extended family but also to strangers. Being a “stranger” yourself, you have been an example to them; and even as you go, many still queue the ranks of your entourage. Your social studies in the U.S in the early 70’s have been of great help to the family and community, leading you to introduce a school credit union scheme in Bafmen. You have been a “magnet” keeping the family united in a very strong bond of love, reminiscent of Felix Nkuo. You shied away from scandal and worked for peace, your patron saint being your helper. When the trial moments came, we were bargaining as to who would open the door. In the most courageous of manners, you humorously braved the odds as elder to stand the gap. Today we have seen another side of you. Who would replace this “square peg in a square hole?” As I put together the happenings of the last hour, I know you were welcomed and taken care of by Cathy and the choir. May you all pray for us to fill this vacuum and to close the open door! We are praying for you to be cloth with the blood of the Lamb and ushered through the heavenly door of mercy. Expect us anytime. Adieu Bro! Primus Ndichia.
Posted by Abimimbom Mukong on 7th October 2016
With heavy hearts we say farewell Baba.Thank you and Mama for everthing you did to make me the man i am today. Your memories live on. Rest in Peace. Mukong$Family.
Posted by Christina Bih on 4th October 2016
What an honourable man he was Dedicated, upright in his stand. Always provided the love, support Also wisdom to his children His role as a king in our lives Rightfully deserve from us all who knew him Spend more time in teaching us about honesty A spectacular role model he was And guided us through the right part A home big enough for everyone His very kind heart was the cord of love that kept the family together You will always remain special in our hearts Bo Con ...RIP Greet My Grandma for me.... Christina Bih Fumbui Maryland , USA
Posted by Nain Nkuo on 4th October 2016
*A FAREWELL MESSAGE TO PAPA* My Icon, my adviser, one who never gets angry even when things are rough. We're will I run too?. Last two weeks I visited, you told me I'm spoiling you with food, and each time I cook you'll ask if I've taken your brothers share, little did I know all of this was teaching me to be generous. It is with joy that after all what I have gone through I am still alive to bid you farewell. You rightly said illness is not dead. Bo Con as you were fondly called, and Baba, taught me to be able to face all trials with love. Respect my bosses and go for regular check ups. When I shrink. You were always there to remind me of my diet and you'll ask ask what was disturbing me, You cared for me more than you did to yourself. It is with heavy heart that Ive lost not only my dad but my partner who was equally my friend. When you were dying you asked me "which opened door and Window is this at night" little did I know another door had opened for you, I thought it was the hospital door. You smiled because I didn't understand, well I believe you have seen mama na Con, I'll be strong like you always tell me and a father and mother to my siblings. One of Your mass intention on Sunday was *For God's guidance and protection on your children and family unity* I pray this prayer is answered. Saturday 24th 9:15pm was your departure time after spending barely 7 hours in hospital bed. Looking at you gasping the last breath was like I should come with you. You asked if Xaveria has finished school, well, I'll not let you down. I'll make sure your last wishes are fulfilled, It was your time to go like you said. Greet Mama for me. ADIEU Papa. Till we meet to part no more. I miss you badly. Your number 9 shirt
Posted by James Nkuo on 4th October 2016
Baba, you gave us the air that we breathe, you prepared us to live and to face the challenges of life. Early on, you made us to understand that life is a gift and not a right and that one day one could be called by His creator at anytime! We never understood what you meant until now! I have learnt a lot from you in the course of your life especially how to live with other people, making sure that one accounts for his/her salary, planning, investing and avoiding debt as much as possible and how to be a family person above all. You have always told me to respect everyone but to be careful with who I call friend. In one of our conversations, we agreed that we would meet in December this year! I guess you just wanted to console me that we would meet on this earth again! Our hearts are broken, we wish you a safe journey. Pray for us. Tell mama that we are now in tears...tell her that i have seen her intercessions in my life and that i now have three children, Theodore, Diane, and Jason. We will remember you both for ever!
Posted by IKFI MIRANDA on 4th October 2016
You can no longer be seen by human eyes, but your love and care that you gave so many will never ever die. Words can't express the emptiness inside but God's will we must accept. MBETO Meryline.
Posted by IKFI MIRANDA on 4th October 2016
Baba, who will I run to for advice, spiritual nourishment and special prayers? Baba, you supported me in all aspects of life and above all gave me fatherly love which I never had. You thought me to be strong, focused, ambitious and courageous and the best gift and riches you offered me was EDUCATION which i stand to protect and I have been upholding the good moral values you taught me. I'm shattered since your demise and I will miss you till we meet again and I wish i could give you a goodbye kiss before your sudden departure. Adieu Baba and will always love you

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