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  • 66 years old
  • Born on August 6, 1945 in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Passed away on October 22, 2011 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Nora C. Tuckey

August 6, 1945 - October 22, 2011.  Calgary, Alberta

With great sadness the family of Nora C. Tuckey say farewell to their beloved wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, niece and sister.  Nora passed away peacefully at home after a 22 month battle with ALS.  She was predeceased by her parents, Chuck Emery and Mary McCallum.  Nora (Boots) will be dearly missed by her husband Sid, daughters Cory and Shelley (Ron), step children Kim (Richard) and Garry, granddaughters Sarah, Breanne and Sydney, sisters Anne  (Pepper) and Dede, Aunt Nora, niece (Dianne) and many other nieces, nephews, cousins, neighbors and friends.  For most of her life, Nora lived in Calgary, Alberta with her husband, daughters, granddaughters and their beloved dogs, Woof, Misty, Teaka, Jimmy, Sage.  Nora always held her childhood home, the Okanogan valley, dear to her heart and visited often.  After graduating from South Okanogan High School in 1964, Nora moved to Calgary where she married Sid and started their family.  Nora always loved athletics, nature, music and animals.  Her love for animals and nature was ultimately expressed in her involvement with the Southland Natural Park Society.   She was President of the Society for many years and was able to inspire many local community residents to come together to fight for environmental/community causes.  Both Nora and Sid volunteered many hours and received multiple municipal awards for their efforts at Southland Park.  In 1994 they received the Calgary Mayor’s Award for Environmental Achievement and in 2001 Nora received the prestigious Calgary Mayor’s Award for Environmental Individual Achievement. 

We would like to thank the Alberta ALS Society for their assistance during Nora’s journey with ALS.  We would also like specially acknowledge Nora’s dedicated caregivers, Christine, Carla and Erin who made it possible to stay at home. 

A celebration of Nora’s love of life will be held on Thursday November 3rd at 2 pm at the McInnis and Holloway Fish Creek Chapel.  14441 Bannister Rd, SE, Calgary Alberta.  A short service followed by tea will take place.  The family wishes that donations be made to the Alberta ALS Society in lieu of flowers.


Posted by Jeanine Hamm on 22nd October 2018
Nora really miss you October 22 2018 miss your phone calls funny as you left on my Birthday we will miss you. Love Jeanine and Mel
Posted by Shonna McLeod on 6th August 2018
Memories never fade or friendships. We had something special and I cherish it. Your little tree is in full bloom now and I can see it out my kitchen window and see your beautiful smile and your wonderful giggle. You are missed always.
Posted by Jeanine Hamm on 6th August 2018
Nora today you left us miss you always Jeanine and MEL
Posted by Jeanine Hamm on 6th August 2018
Nora you are always on our minds missed by your family Love and Prayers. Jeanine and Mel
Posted by Christine Samonte on 6th August 2018
I will never forget this day because you share the same birthday as Dan. Happy 73rd birthday Nora. Miss you.
Posted by Kim Cawsey on 6th August 2018
Thinking of you on your 73rd birthday with love and affection, as are many others on this special day that you were born. It is very sad that you were taken away from us far too soon; but your memories will be with us forever!
Posted by Kim Cawsey on 22nd October 2017
We miss you and think of you often! You will be with us always & forever.
Posted by Shonna McLeod on 22nd October 2017
Remembering all our fun times together and missing you so much my dear friend.
Posted by Kim Cawsey on 6th August 2017
You will live in our memories always & forever!
Posted by Shonna McLeod on 6th August 2017
You are always in my heart and memories my dear friend.
Posted by Jeanine Hamm on 22nd October 2016
We really miss you Nora remember the good times. Jeanine & Mel
Posted by Kim Cawsey on 22nd October 2016
5 years eh??? The time seems to race past! It is wonderful to have a look again at the photos on this website and remember your lovely engaging smile. Thanks for the memories!
Posted by Shonna McLeod on 22nd October 2016
You still live in my heart my dear friend. Missing you now and always.
Posted by Maryanne Pope on 8th August 2016
Thinking of Nora this time of year...and always :) Maryanne
Posted by Jeanine Hamm on 6th August 2016
Nora we will never forget the good times think of you often you are greatly missed until we meet up there. Love Jeannine and Mel
Posted by Kim Cawsey on 6th August 2016
Thinking of YOU Nora on your birthday! Never to be forgotten! All My Love Always & Forever, Kim
Posted by Maryanne Pope on 29th October 2015
I think of Nora often...and know she'd get a smile out of my new dog, Sadie!
Posted by Jeanine Hamm on 25th October 2015
Miss you and the time has passed the memory will be remembered the great time camping when Shelly and Cory were little girls just had my birthday on October 22/15 Love you Gal
Posted by Kim Cawsey on 22nd October 2015
Thinking of you is so hard to believe that you have been gone for 4 special memories of you will live on with me forever!
Posted by Shonna McLeod on 22nd October 2015
Thinking of you today and rembering our special friendship and shared secrets and happy times together. I miss you so much my dear friend.
Posted by Shonna McLeod on 6th August 2015
Today I am remembering all the Birthday fun and giggles we shared for so many years. Miss you always my dear friend.
Posted by Kim Cawsey on 6th August 2015
Thinking of YOU on your special day Nora! Richard & I both think about you often and find it hard to believe that you have been gone from us for nearly 4 entire years! You live on as a constant reminder to live our lives with gusto and enthusiasm...just as you lived every day of your life. It is wonderful to view all of your photos and bring you back into our world in a more real way by remembering just how much joy & positivity you spread throughout your way too short a life! Love you ALWAYS, Kimxxx
Posted by Christine Samonte on 6th August 2015
Happy Birthday Nora! I will always be grateful for all the things you made me realized. Thank you for inspiring my life.
Posted by Maryanne Pope on 22nd October 2014
Another year has gone by. I was writing about Nora this week because I'm working on a book manuscript about my dogs, Soda and Sable. Nora is never far from my thoughts...she taught me - and gave me - so much :)
Posted by Shonna McLeod on 22nd October 2014
The sun is shining brightly this morning - just the kind of day you would have loved. You were my friend for so many years and we shared so many happy memories together and you never leave my thoughts. I miss you and your wonderful giggle.
Posted by Kim Cawsey on 22nd October 2014
To my Dearest Stepmother : I cannot believe that another year has passed us by and that it has truly been 3 years since your passing! The days quickly disappear, but your memories are as vivid as ever! I am forever blessed to have had you in my life and all of us will miss you until we too say goodbye to this place we now call home! Very nice to remember you today & always...Al My Love, Kimxx
Posted by Maryanne Pope on 7th August 2014
Been thinking of Nora a lot lately!! My dog, Soda, passed away in May and although I was heartbroken, I will always have fond memories - all thanks to Nora, who connected us more than 13 years ago :)
Posted by Kim Cawsey on 6th August 2014
Today is Your Birthday! I have been thinking about you a LOT over the past while! I am ever grateful that I had you as such a strong influence in my life and I will miss you forever. Happy Birthday Dearest Nora!! Kimxoxo
Posted by Shonna McLeod on 6th August 2014
Never a day goes by that thoughts of fun stories we shared over a cup of tea and the many giggles spent talking over serious or silly matters while walking our dogs in Southland Park. I remember our day setting up the owl project and the four of us had so much fun together that day. I hope you are roaming the clouds with your dogs - happy and at peace finally.
Posted by Kim Cawsey on 22nd October 2013
Thinking of you Nora on this 2nd year anniversary! We miss you greatly and you will be with all of us in mind & spirit always & forever! Thank you for the impact you have had on my life! Kimxx
Posted by Maryanne Pope on 22nd October 2013
I was just thinking of Nora the other day when I was reading through some of my notes - and came across some of her words of wisdom....just when I needed them most! I miss you, Nora :(
Posted by Shonna McLeod on 22nd October 2013
Two years have now passed since you left us to begin another journey. I think of you every day and I miss you terribly my special friend.
Posted by Christine Samonte on 7th August 2013
Happy Birthday Nora...i miss everything about you. you will always be in my heart.
Posted by Kim Cawsey on 6th August 2013
Hi Nora...we are thinking of you and all of your loved ones today on your birthday and remembering your very special birthday party 2 years ago today! You are missed by all of us greatly and your memory will stand strong in our hearts always & forever!! Kim & Richard xoxo
Posted by Shonna McLeod on 6th August 2013
We shared many birthdays together and I am remembering your special day with love and happy memories.
Posted by Anne Austin on 19th November 2012
I was very sad to hear that Nora passed away, especially because I only found out today. I had the pleasure of volunteering for Nora at the off-leash park, Nora was full of energy,enthusiasm and dedication when it came to the park. Nora was a very special lady and I am glad that I met her. Rest in peace Nora (I bet you are at the rainbow bridge welcoming our furry friends).
Posted by Christine Samonte on 27th October 2012
Miss you Nora. Thank you for the happy memories.....
Posted by Maryanne Pope on 24th October 2012
Thinking of Nora this week and always! Maryanne Pope and Soda :)
Posted by Marilyn Berg on 23rd October 2012
I think about you all the time miss Nora. I can't believe you've been in heaven a year already. I know life goes on but it goes on a little sadder without you.
Posted by Laura S Johnson on 23rd October 2012
I have been thinking of Boots (Nora) and can't believe its been a year. I bet you're flying free now! I am thankful for the time we spent two months before you went.
Posted by Barb Brough on 23rd October 2012
It seems so long since you've been gone... not just a year.... I thought of you yesterday while in The Park.... and then a song that reminded me of you came up yesterday .... It definitely was a melancholy day without you Nora.... I miss calling you 'My Friend'.....
Posted by Shonna McLeod on 23rd October 2012
One year has passed now and I look at our photos together and remember the happy times we spent together over the many years our friendship endeared. I miss you so much and especially miss hearing your little giggle and our long discussions over a cup of tea. You live forever in my heart dear freind.
Posted by Teresa Armstrong on 22nd October 2012
Thinking of our sweet Nora today, we miss her more and more every day and are thankful that we have Sid in our lives to be able to share those beautiful memories of such a special lady.
Posted by Linda Scarlett on 14th December 2011
i met Nora in Southland where she watched me with my new very timid rescue dog. She said I was a lot of my dog's problem because I was afraid of other dogs & tensed when they came near. She said my dog fed into my fear. I later repeated this at an Animal Services meeting where she said she would never have said that. I assured her she had & that I'm forever grateful to her. Thanks, Nora
Posted by Cathy Lohlein-Spence on 19th November 2011
Fond memories of Boots in school and growing up in Osoyoos. Our sincere sympathy to the family. Cathy-Lohlein -Spence (Vernon,B. C. ) Fran-Lohlein-Prevost (Vernon,B. C.)
Posted by Wendy Emery-Blomberg on 17th November 2011
It's hard to realize that my very dear cousin Boots is no longer walking this earth--we can all feel her presence though and find comfort knowing she is with family and pets that were such a huge part of her life. I was blessed to have her in my life as my best friend since we were very small-- I can hear her wonderful laugh-still. My prayers to her much loved family !-God Bless!
Posted by Christel Muhs on 3rd November 2011
Sid, Corry, Shelley & families. My thoughts and prayers are with you today and in the future. I will always cherish Nora's memory and what a blessing it was to have such a good friend - caring, compassionate, and inspirational.
Posted by Darlene Kastner on 3rd November 2011
Ron, Shelley, Sarah, Breanne and Syd, Thoughts are with you today and in the difficult days ahead. Cherish your memoreis and hold them close to help ease the pain. I'm sorry we can't be with you today, however we will be travelling to Saskatoon. May Nora rest in peace. The Kastners
Posted by Wendy Kon on 2nd November 2011
Nora was such an inspirational person, always worrying about others even when she was faced with such a devasting disease. She showed me such kindness and compassion, I will never forget her. She made the world a better place for both humans and dogs and will be greatly missed by both. Deepest condolences to Sid and family.
Posted by Colleen Hillman on 1st November 2011
I love your distinctive voice. I can still hear it in my head when I think of you. I love how you were always interested and genuinely concerned about Kevin and our boys. I love how you had such a strong & beautiful bond with your dogs. I can't go by Southland Park without thinking of you. I know your are in heaven and that you have at least 3 dogs by your side!

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