Mom, you made us who we are today and gave the world a most beautiful legacy...your grandchildren & great-grandchild. We love you and miss you so much. Forever in our hearts, we hope you are at Peace and watch over us still. All our love....
  • 77 years old
  • Born on October 1, 1936 in Higby, Ohio, United States.
  • Passed away on September 19, 2014 in Durham, North Carolina, United States.

This memorial website was created to celebrate the life of our our dear Mom, Grandma, Aunt, and friend,  Norma Elizabeth Montgomery White  (Aunt Jit).   Born October 1, 1936 and passed away September 19, 2014 at age 77.   She will be forever in our hearts.

We invite all family and friends to remember and celebrate Norma's life, and to contribute pictures and stories to this site.

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Posted by Patsy Rich on 2nd October 2018
A day late, but when was I ever on time? I hope you and the angels had a fantastic day celebrating your birthday yesterday. I'm sure it was full of romance novels and lottery tickets! Love you.
Posted by Tammy Costello on 1st October 2018
Norma...on Saturday, May 19th, your baby grandson graduated high school, I know you knew this already because you were there with us in Taylor's locket. You would have been so proud to be sitting there with us, you were in our thoughts the whole time. Also, you may see my mom up there now, say hello for me. I posted some new photos of Elijah on his first day of college and one with Jen and Lou. Norma we love and miss you and Ralph. Happy happy birthday sweet Norma, Love always Tammy C.
Posted by Pamela Lancaster on 1st October 2018
Happy Birthday to The Most beautiful spirit...I miss you and love you, Mom.
Posted by Patsy Rich on 21st September 2018
Hi my friend.....I think of you often. Especially this year at Elijah's high school graduation. I know you're proud of him and were there that day looking down on him with a big smile. He's got your heart and your passion. You left such an incredible legacy. Love you, and please know you'll never be forgotten. <3
Posted by Jenna White on 19th September 2018
Crazy to think it's already been 4 years. I still get that big stab in the gut when I think about how badly I miss you and Papaw. I think about my childhood and how grateful and lucky I was to have you guys. I wish you could have been here to meet Charley. I can picture you grinding your teeth and pinching her cute chubby legs wanting to bite her : ) She would have loved you guys sooooooooo much. I have a big picture of you guys in her room so we will always have you nearby. You will be in all my favorite stories I tell her and my example of all that is good. I love you tremendously and I know that ache of wanting you here will never go away, but the warmth you left in my heart helps ease the pain.
Posted by Pamela Lancaster on 19th September 2018
Miss you Mom...hard to believe you've been gone 4 years already. I try to remember that you are in a good place...probably hanging with Aunt Georgia and Aunt Connie, but I'm still so sad and wish you were here. I'm sure you are enjoying watching our new baby. :) So much like you.... I love you and miss you...every day... you were an amazing Mom. You showed us in so many ways how to be good people by sharing your strength, your love, your open-mindedness and your acceptance of anyone you met, of us, just the way we were. Big hugs and kisses to you. With all my love, Pam.
Posted by Pamela Lancaster on 12th May 2018
Happy Mother's Day Mom! This is a special Mother's Day for you. You are a great-grandma! A beautiful girl who looks so much like you and already has some of your expressions. She is so precious. We are so lucky to have her. I wish you could hold her... I miss you more than ever, Mom and love you so much.
Posted by Tammy White on 1st October 2017
Thinking about you today!! Happy Birthday!! You are dearly missed! I love you!!!
Posted by Patsy Rich on 1st October 2017
Happy birthday, my friend! xoxoxoxoxo
Posted by Pamela Lancaster on 1st October 2017
Happy Birthday"! Dear Beautiful Mom. This is going to be a really special year for us. Taylor and I were imagining how crazy excited you would be if here with us. We love you!!!!! Miss you bunches. xoxoxo
Posted by Patsy Rich on 19th September 2017
I miss you, my friend, and can't wait until I see you again. Love ~ Patsy
Posted by Tammy Costello on 19th September 2017
Norma, I miss you. I miss Elijah's Grandma "Elmo". He is almost 18 now, I see subtle things in him that remind me of you. :) I wish so bad you could be here to see him graduate from high-school this coming year. I don't even know if you can read our messages here, but I sure hope you know and see how much you are loved and missed by us all. Love always Tammy (TC)
Posted by Pamela Lancaster on 19th September 2017
I miss you Mom! Three years ago today I gave you my last hug. On Sept 6, 2014, after months of not communicating, you awoke from your dementia and told me that Grandma had told you to get ready to take a trip. You said you didn't want to go. I asked you "why not?" and you said you didn't know. I told you I thought you would have a good time and be happy. On Sept 13, 2014 you told me that Grandma said you had to go with her. Those were the last coherent words we shared. I know you are happy and free of pain...I hope by now you are healed and enjoying life again. I love you and miss you so much. xoxoxoxox
Posted by Pamela Lancaster on 14th May 2017
Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I still can't get used to not having you here. Hope you are as happy as when Aunt Georgia came to me to tell me she had passed with her message "I died, I'm ok, I'm really, realy happy!" I really miss you. My solace is believing that you are well and happy and keeping watch over your babies, That you no longer suffer from the illness and hard life you lived. And that we all are always connected. Miss you and love you so much. You are the best Mom, the best role model. I just really want to hug you. Love you...
Posted by Jenna White on 2nd October 2016
Happy Birthday Grandma, I think about you constantly and miss you all the time. Your picture is by my bed and I see you every morning. I think all the time how I was the luckiest granddaughter to have you as a grandmother. I was floating down the river yesterday and it was so peaceful. All the trees were still...all except one which was swaying so calmly. I closed my eyes and listened and thought of you. You are such an inspiring woman and I thank my lucky stars that i got to be apart of your life. I love you will all my heart and soul forever and always.
Posted by Pamela Lancaster on 1st October 2016
Happy Birthday Mom! For your birthday today I am making a donation in your honor to a very special person and cause. I know you are dancing, hooping and hollering that we have a woman in the running for President, and how much you loved "your girl". I wish we could celebrate this historic event together....and I agree with Patsy...I saw a picture of Elijah and told Greg..."Oh my gosh...Elijah looks just like Mom!". Love you and miss you sooooo much.
Posted by Patsy Rich on 1st October 2016
Happy birthday, Norma! I see you every time I look at Elijah. You'd be so proud of him. Love and miss you, my friend. <3
Posted by Tammy Costello on 1st October 2016
Happy, happy, birthday beautiful Miss Norma White (aka Grandma Elmo) Elijah and I miss you dearly! Ralph better be spoiling you up there today... ;) I don't know if cyberspace reaches the heavens, but if you see these messages know that we all love and miss you so much. xxx
Posted by Pamela Lancaster on 18th September 2016
Mom, I look at your pictures and read the books you gave me. I touch the inscriptions where you wrote special notes to me but none of that makes up for not having you here. I miss you more not less. I love you so much and pray you are happy. xoxoxoxoxox pam
Posted by Pamela Lancaster on 7th May 2016
Happy Mother's Day, Mom!! With each year that passes I discover more reasons why you are the most special Mom in the world. Thank you for all the hardships you endured to make our life happy and safe. I miss you so very much. With all my Love, Pam xoxoxoxxo
Posted by Taylor Lancaster on 11th March 2016
Hi Grandma! I just wanted to let you know I've been thinking about you...
Posted by Pamela Lancaster on 20th December 2015
Mom, Jenna wrote this note to you a long time ago. Jenna did such a good job describing who you are. We all agree, and miss you...this amazing woman Jenna describes.... "Grandma! I'm so blessed to be a part of your life. I have so much love for you, it would take a million lifetimes to express the extent of that love. I forever look up to you and admire you for not only the mother and grandmother that you are but also the person and the friend and strong woman you have managed to be even through all the hard times you have endured. You have such a pure and beautiful spirit that just makes people gravitate to you and fall in love with you. Thank you for being the heart and soul of this family. You are amazing. I love you with all my heart...forever and ever. Love, Jenna Elizabeth"
Posted by Pamela Lancaster on 6th December 2015
Mom, with Thanksgiving just past and Christmas coming soon...I wish so much I could give you a big kiss. So...the new picture of Dad giving you a big smooch with me looking on will have to do for now. I only wish I could give you the smooch myself. I miss you so much. The Holidays are so empty without you and Dad here. Love, Pam
Posted by Tammy White on 2nd October 2015
Dear Norma: "Happy Birthday to the most beautiful woman in the world!" I want you to know that I think of you every day! I wish you were still here. You are such an amazing woman, mentor and I know you touched everyone's lives that you came in contact with. I cherish the memories and joy you have given me and truly miss you.
Posted by Jenna White on 1st October 2015
Happy Birthday Grandma, I miss you so much and wish everyday you were still here. I look at your picture every morning... you and Papaw are right by my bed. You are one of the most beautiful, wonderful, amazing, strong, loving people I have ever known. I hope you are having a great birthday in heaven. I love you with all my heart and soul. Love Always, Jenna Elizabeth
Posted by Tammy Costello on 1st October 2015
Happy birthday sweet miss Norma from me and Elijah wish We could pick up the phone to tell you this are so dearly missed. Love Tammy & Elijah
Posted by Patsy Rich on 20th September 2015
Norma! I think about you every day. I've got the pictures I printed for your balloon release sitting right where I can see them. I'm taking care of Elijah and Joe for you. You're dearly missed, my friend.
Posted by Taylor Lancaster on 19th September 2015
Hey's been awhile and I'm not sure what to say...I guess I just want you to know that I think about you every day, your face is the last I see before bed and the first I see every morning. You were a wonderful, amazing person in life and even after your passing you continue to inspire me. I love you so much. love, Tay-bug
Posted by Pamela Lancaster on 19th September 2015
Mom, it’s been 1 year since I last lay with you and held you tight. Looking at your pictures, your memories, our memories, I am reminded of just how incredibly strong you were to keep our family together; how gifted you were to lift yourself to have your own business with less than a high school education, how much you taught me about unconditional love and tolerance; and how blessed I am to have had you as my Mom in this life. I miss you and love you so much….. love, Pam
Posted by Pamela Lancaster on 6th May 2015
Dear Mom, Thank you for teaching me how to be an awesome mother. You taught me how to love unconditionally, to be strong, to be my own person, and that love that comes from deep in your heart and soul must be shared with all....especially those who need it most. I miss you so much....your loving daughter....
Posted by Pamela Lancaster on 22nd November 2014
You were one of my favorite aunts and also a wonderful friend. You will be missed. Love, Joyce (Tackett) Haddox Entered by Pam at my cousin Joyce's request. Joyce, Mom felt the same way about you! Pam
Posted by Teresa Marie on 18th October 2014
Dearest Pam, Greg and Joe, I was so sorry to hear about your Mom, Dear Norma. I was just talking to a friend a week or so before about one of the best bosses I ever had was your Mom, Norma! but more than just a boss, I felt Norma as a mentor/friend/family. She was truly, a deeply compassionate woman, who always, gave LOVE through her way of being. She also had such a great sense of humor and although I can't remember what we laughed about at times, I remember crying laughing so hard with her! I loved your Mom, and I have always held her in my heart and will continue to. I have been praying for her Soul's Journey and I look forward to meeting up with her again…………… sending you all big love from me to you!
Posted by Debbie Bowles on 13th October 2014
I will be forever grateful that Norma and Ralph took us in and made us a part of their family. Thanks Pam, Greg, and Joe for sharing your family! I hold so many special memories of holidays and birthday gatherings. Norma loved her family and especially the grandchildren unconditionally. When thinking about the cleaners, I think of hard work. Norma and Ralph were not afraid of hard work. They proved it is possible to work hard and have fun. It was wonderful to be a part of the team. Norma was a role model for me. She genuinely cared about people and had a gift to accept them just the way they were. It was easy to have honest conversations with her. My life is richer because of my friendship with you, Norma. You will be missed so much but continue to live in our hearts and lives.
Posted by Pamela Lancaster on 12th October 2014
Mom.... We will never say goodbye! You had such a hard time the past fiew years...with the Alzheimers and I am so happy that you have your mind back and your heart is free. And I know even though I can't hug you, that you are still here with me. I will remember you. But I really miss hugging you. I love you so much. The best mom in the world. xoxoxoxo Pam
Posted by Joe White on 12th October 2014
From Ralph Everett White: (as channeled through me this morning - the son most like his father) Norma, it's about dang time! - As in life, here in heaven, I am a mess without you. I made the mistake of divorcing you. You had the strength to remarry me. You made my life so much better than remaining alone - or God forbid, with some floosy! You traveled all the way from Ohio to California on a Greyhound bus, with three babies in tow, with just $20, and a bag of Oranges. I know you did it for the kids, but I also know that you loved me. You showed me far more love than I ever showed you. I was a mess, and from this lofty view, I see now that you saved me, and our family. I'm sorry that the world with be without you. But I am so glad that you will now be with me.
Posted by Elijah White on 11th October 2014
Grandma was the one person whom I always enjoyed seeing. Never a time where I would not miss her. She was someone so wonderful and positive that it was a sin not to love her. Sadly, I've only been with her a few times throughout my life, and I wish I could've spent more time with her, and especially during those last moments of hers. I will always miss putting together puzzles with her and drinking the coffee she gave me that I wasn't really supposed to have. Her home was so pleasant, one that was so welcoming and bright, and It wasn't quite that typical feeling of Grandma's house, it was that feeling of home. The warm feeling you got, of that oh so familiar and sweet place that you knew so well. Grandma was and still is one of the most beautiful women I'll ever know. A beautiful mind, and a beautiful face. A face that i'll never forget. I miss you Grandma. Love you. Sweet dreams.
Posted by Patsy Rich on 2nd October 2014
I'm having trouble typing through the tears. were such a beautiful soul. You made me a part of your family from the very start. You gave me my best friend. You shared your grandchildren with me. You comforted me when I lost my own parents. I can't think of a kinder, more loving person. I will miss you and try to learn by your example. My heart goes out to all that were touched by your spirit. Thank you for letting me be a part of your unforgettable life.
Posted by Jenna White on 1st October 2014
Happy Birthday Grandma! You always threw the best birthdays for us kids making the best homemade German Chocolate Cake! I wish we could have done one for you this year. I miss you so much and hope you guys are celebrating up there. Love you sooooo much. -Jenna
Posted by Pamela Lancaster on 1st October 2014
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! The stars in the sky were shining so much brighter this morning as if the candles on your cake had been lit. Wish I could share this day with you in person...but it is comforting to know you are in good company where you are! I love you so much....pam
Posted by Pamela Lancaster on 30th September 2014
Jenna, Thank you soooo much for the wonderful video "Norma Elizabeth White" you made for Grandma!!! You really showed how much fun Grandma had with you and her entire family. I know how much love you put in to that effort for Grandma. Grandma and I are so proud of you and love you very much. Thanks to Uncle Vic for getting it posted. :)
Posted by Greg White on 30th September 2014
well MOM i sure am gonna miss the best cook in town , you could take nothing and turn it into something ,I am gonna miss you mom you where mom to all of are friends I LOVE MOM your son greg
Posted by Jenna White on 30th September 2014
Grandma Elizabeth, I miss you with all my heart. I still can't believe this day has come. You have made my life so wonderful and I am so blessed to have been able to call you my grandma. You are the definition of pure love and have been my light for so long. I promise to keep it bright and will carry you with me everyday. I am heartbroken, but know it will heal because it is filled with the love you gave me. Love Always, Your Granddaughter Jenna Elizabeth
Posted by Taylor Lancaster on 29th September 2014
I found this poem Grandma had published in "The National Library of Poetry-Dance on the Horizon" and decided to share it here: Forlorned Forlorned, the body turned away Saddened by the city worker's Destroying his meager belongings Hollow cheeks Below his sunken eyes His stomach rumbled With hunger pains The body shivered As the night winds blew He shoved his hands into his pockets Heading in an unknown direction He walked for hours in the cold Suddenly like an omen from heaven He saw the church on the corner As he trodded up the steps Leading to its opened doors His hopes surmounted As his bare feet touched its wooden floors Times can only get better He had been told, many times before. I love you, Grandma!
Posted by Kathy Hussey on 29th September 2014
I did not know Elizabeth, but I know her son Joe, and the kind of man he is must be a testament to the kind of woman and mother that she was to him. She raised a smart, funny, caring man who is a wonderful, supportive partner to my sister. My condolences and love to the whole family and to everyone who will be missing her.
Posted by Marie Vans on 29th September 2014
Norma was my second mom. She was always made me feel loved and took me in when I was a teenager and couldn't handle my own family. She was always there with a kind word. She was who I thought about when I needed the example of a strong women, an example of someone who could deal with the hardness of life and still stay sweet, understanding, and loving. You will be greatly missed, Mom.
Posted by Joe White on 28th September 2014
My Mom always put the needs of others above her own. Compassion was her credo, and she cared about folks that didn't care about her. No one could out work her. And it's hard to imagine that anyone could endure, with such grace, all that life imposed upon her. Sweet, funny, and ornery - "Rotten", as she would call it. She wasn't the greatest cook, but her pork chops and new potatoes in brown gravy is unsurpassed. The world is less beautiful now that she is gone. Hopefully, those of us that were blessed with her presence can try to bring a little of her back, everyday through actions of her example.
Posted by Pamela Lancaster on 22nd September 2014
Grandmas Wall: Grandma.... Loved to crochet Loved to have her hair brushed. Was a seamstress Made the best Macaroni salad Worked as a car hop Had really soft skin Always got me toys when we went to Safeway Had the nickname "Grandma Elmo" Worked on an assembly line. Loved chocolate "Oh boy...Oh boy" Was a waitress Raised a son who had a medulloblastoma at the age of 12 Makes the best "hotta cakes" in the world Loves her Grand babies Makes GREAT egg noodles from scratch Loves "Mommas Family" Wrote a romance novel Loves jigsaw puzzles Has soft fine hair like grandma Eva Ran a drycleaners Was a prom Queen Walked in high heels in the snow to catch the bus to get to work in her mid 20's while caring for her 3 babies on her own. Has 4 children ( Pam, Greg, Joe, Tammy) and 4 grandchildren (Louis, Jenna, Taylor, Elijah) Loves White Castle hamburgers Has a bunch of brothers and sisters Lived on a farm
Posted by Pamela Lancaster on 22nd September 2014
Mom was the best Mom. She was incredibly couragous and strong. Mom loved her children, but the real pride of her life were her grandchildren. She always had time to eat their mud pies, let them put makeup on her, listen to their heartbreaks and just love them. During Mom's battle fighting Alzheimer's she was always positive and adorable...her favorite phrase when we brought her chocolate...."Oh boy...oh boy". Mom...I know you are right here with me...but I will miss getting to hug you. I promise to try and keep the fun going!!! Love you!!!!!

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