This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Norman Hillier, 64 years old, born on March 3, 1947, and passed away on April 14, 2011. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Carol Bechard on April 14, 2014
Its hard to believe u have been gone 3 yrs today Miss u and see u some day again
Posted by Carol Bechard on March 3, 2014
Happy Birthday Buddy miss u lots xo <3
Posted by Blanche Robinson on March 3, 2014
Happy Birthday Norm. Sure wish you were still here but I know you are at rest. Till we meet again. RIP. Blanche
Posted by Carol Bechard on January 12, 2014
Miss u Norm , I remember u telling me I should drive cab well buddy thats what I am doing lol just wish u were here with us , always in my thoughts and my heart <3
Posted by sylvia hillier on January 12, 2014
My mind knows that you are in a better place, where there is no pain
you are at peace. I understand that , I just wish I could explain it to my heart. There is an empty space in it that nothing will ever fill. We will be together again. Until then, my love will always be with you.
Posted by sylvia hillier on November 11, 2013
Norm. I miss you more every day, time does not heal the pain of losing you . There is not a day goes by that I wish you were still here with me . Always remembered and loved
Posted by sylvia hillier on June 16, 2013
Hello darling it is now June 16 /2013 I just want to say Happy Father's Day to you . our boys are all doing well and miss you like crazy .Wish you were here with us . love you always .
Posted by sylvia hillier on June 6, 2013
Today we would have been married 43 years ,I miss you more than words could ever say. I pray you are in no pain now ,I know you suffered for so long . I love you now and for always . Rest in peace
Posted by Blanche Robinson on April 14, 2013
Hard to believe it's 2 years already. Think of you every time I go by the campsite. You are missed but not forgotten my friend. Till we meet again around the campfire in Heaven. RIP 
Posted by sylvia hillier on April 14, 2013
2 years have past and I still can,t get over the loss of losing you ,but I know you are with your mom and my mother and our all in that year (2011) we lost so much .RIP, we will all be together again. Love you and miss you
Posted by Carol Bechard on April 14, 2013
Wow Norm its hard to believe you have been gone 2 yrs already , you are missed by so many . You maybe gone but never forgotten R.I.P good friend <3
Posted by Neil Race on March 3, 2013
Norm, I know your listening. I wanna say you are so missed at Tueday Night Darts. I know your having a blast in Heaven. And your showing them Angels how to Drive Cabs.
  R.I.P. Norm.
Posted by sylvia hillier on February 14, 2013
my darling I wish you were here with me, It is Valentines Day and I miss you so much . I can't wait to be with you again ,
love you and miss you
Posted by sylvia hillier on December 20, 2012
Here it is Christmas time( 2012) .You are always in my thoughts I will always love you and miss you You were such a special man that everyone loved , rest in peace sweetheart
Posted by sylvia hillier on November 11, 2012
It is Nov 11 /2012 A time to remember all our loved ones who fought a battle and lost, may they rest in peace and are in our hearts forever.Gone but never forgotten . Love you
Posted by sylvia hillier on June 6, 2012
42 years ago it was raining then and it is raining today ,our wedding day,I wish with all my heart you were here with me .I am grateful for the 41 years we had together, miss you and love you
Posted by Daphane Mifflin on April 15, 2012
It is so sad to think that a year has passed and you were not here amongst us. My only comfort is that you have mother with you now and hopefully you are taking care of each other. Rest in peace and know that you are missed always.
Posted by Blanche Robinson on April 14, 2012
Things just aren't the same with you gone. Your crazy smile and sense of humor.I will have to bring you some sweet rolls when we meet again.You are missed alot.RIP dear friend. Blanche
Posted by Neil Race on April 14, 2012
Norm. I just got to know you thruogh playing Darts. But now yourgone you have lefta hole in the Dart League at the Legion.
Posted by sylvia hillier on April 14, 2012
One year ago today Norm Donated his Organs, because of his generosity 2 people can see the world through his eyes. I am so proud of you ,i love you and miss you
Posted by Carol Bechard on April 14, 2012
Norm ,
Its hard to believe its been a year since you left us all . You are Dearly miss. Your gone but never forgotten .RIP Norm xo
Posted by Kathy Baxter on April 14, 2012
You are dearly missed and will never be forgotten. Rest in peace. 
xoxoxo Gary & Kathy
Posted by Kathy Palmer on April 13, 2012
I can't believe it's been a year either. We always thought of him as our brother growing up. I remember the little honda 50 he had in ontario, he took us all over the place. He was so good with Kevin too. Kevin climbed on his bike once and got a bad burn, Norm had just parked. When Mom took Kevin inside Norm went to the store and came back with the biggest bag of candy ever.
Posted by Janet Kane on April 13, 2012
Dear Norm I can't believe a year has gone by so quickly and I certainly miss your lovely smile and yes yelling at me to pick up my step when you would see me out walking and I know you never knew for sure just where that would be as I met you in quite a few places !! LOL You also never took me up on my request to put your sneakers on and join me. LOL R.I.P. Good Buddy R.I.P. xoxo
Posted by Kathy Palmer on April 13, 2012
Dad use to watch you walk by each day to work and one day went out to talk with you. We found out then you were a "Newf" and we became friends from that day on. Didn't take long when you came to live with us. When I had to go in the hospital to tell Dad, he cried. He was so loved and I know missed by many.
Posted by sylvia hillier on April 9, 2012
My darling Norm 1 year has past and i miss you more every day ,time does not heal all wounds, I wanted to go with you ,my wish for you is that you are not suffering now . i love you and miss you . Rest in Peace till we are together again .
Posted by Janet Kane on March 3, 2012
Dear Norm ! Miss you alot and wish you were still with us !! I just want you to know that your old age pension will not go to waste as I will take good care of it for you and buy some much needed items for my farm like a brand new Red Car just like the one you loved when you saw it sitting in me driveway !!! RIP good Buddy and I will bring darts and cards when I come up !! xoxo
Posted by Daphane Mifflin on August 23, 2011
Norm - It is hard to believe that you are gone. You walked me down the isle on my wedding day and you were there evertime I opened my wedding album. Words may not have been spoken often but you were always in my heart. Gone but never forgotten. Daphane
Posted by christine macinnis on July 19, 2011
  Norm was a great brother in-law. he always had a smile or a nice word for you. we always was joking around with everyone. I miss him rest in peace.
Posted by Teresa Macinnis-Hines on July 19, 2011
I remember many night of card games at the trailer and lots of darts in the basement. Norm I will always miss the way you made everyone around you laugh.We all miss you alot and you will be in my heart forever.  Teresa
Posted by Janet Kane on July 18, 2011
A dear and wonderful Friend and neighbour ! I always wondered when I walked past the house what will Norm have to say today ? : )He was always smiling and brought a hugh smile to my face as well with some smart remark ! : ) You may be gone but the smile with last forever !RIP Bud
Posted by Judith Schofield on July 18, 2011
Papa Hillier, A Man With A Big Heart ,Who Would Help Anyone ,,I Enjoyed Many Years Of Having Him In My Life ,He Will Always Be Remembered , May You Rest In Peace My Dear Friend !
Posted by Tina Salsman Hillier on July 18, 2011
Our papa was one of the best man i know and each and everyday that still pass I think of him and just wished for one more coffee date or one more card game! Papa you were a big part of our lives and we really miss you thank you for letting me in and showing me your love RIP papa
Posted by Carol Bechard on July 18, 2011
Norm ,
What can I say him and I had drank a few coffee's in the office . We had some good laughs .I loved him like he was my Dad as well . You are gone Norm  but will never be forgotten . Miss you Norm RIP
Posted by sylvia hillier on July 10, 2011
Forever Loved and Missed   Sylvia
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Posted by sylvia hillier on December 21, 2020
It is Christmas time again and it has been a bad year with this virus here, you are safe in heaven from it . The whole world is a different place now. I am praying for a better tomorrow for this world , love and miss you every day
Posted by Janet Kane on April 14, 2020
Can’t believe it has been 9 years already !!! Hope you are still practicing playing cards because I am and I plan on kicking your butt when I get up there !! But not in any hurray to get there either !! Lol RIP old friend !!
Posted by Carol Bechard on April 14, 2020
Hi Buddy can't believe that it's 9 yrs already where has the time gone
l often think about you and I miss our chats you were 1 in a million and it was a honour to know you .Miss you til we meet again
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