Let the memory of Norman be with us forever
  • 33 years old
  • Born on March 14, 1982 in Corpus Christi, Texas, United States.
  • Passed away on April 19, 2015 in San Antonio, Texas, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Norman Lee Cooper, 33, born on March 14, 1982 to Noble L. Cooper, Jr. and Jennifer M. Booker-Cooper of San Antonio, Texas and passed away on April 19, 2015 while in the custody of the San Antonio Police Department. He was married to Carly Lopez and to their union were born two beautiful sons, Nevon and Nason Cooper.   

Norman was a very hard worker on his job, a coach for the youth athletes and a businessman.  You can see all the different pictures of him working with youth in sports.  You can see the T-shirt he created for the Spurs, his favorite team.  You can see him celebrating at his job and with his friends.  The pictures show how he spends so much quality time with his kids and wife, family and friends.  Norman always had a big, bright smile on his face.  He was always funny and so much fun to be around.

Norman leaves to mourn his passing, his wife, Carly; his son, Nevon; his son Nason; his father, Noble Cooper, Jr.; his mother, Jennifer M. Cooper; his brother, Noble Cooper III; his brother, Nate Cooper; his grandparents, The Bookers of Ohio and preceding him in death Supt Noble & Dorphine Cooper, Sr. of Houston, Tx; several uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, student athletes, etc. who love him dearly.  We will remember him forever.

Posted by Deather Durden on 5th May 2018
Carly Lopez April 19, 2017 near San Antonio, TX · They say time heals.... Time just gives you more time to realize and appreciate what you had and what you have. Time is something you can't get back, Time is valuable. Your life is Nothing but time. Make it count, Make it memorable. My families life changed 2 years ago when Norm was taken from us. These last 2 years we've had to adjust to live without him, breathe without him, eat without him, sleep without him and yet every day we get up and continue life without him. See Norm taught us that Time is Valuable and don't ever take time for Granted and to Continue push through the bad and push through the pain because we have to make every minute count with the life that we are Given. Norm knew his Time was limited here I firmly believe that, So today I want to tell you Thank You for your 15 years in my life and thank you for our boys and thank you for always being my best friend and always having my back. You Gave me 15 years of your time and I will continue to cherish every second of it, even if I didn't notice it at the time, I notice it now and I'm forever thankful for that. I'll forever love you Norm and may your beautiful soul continue to rest. —
Posted by Marva Ware on 19th April 2018
Auntie love and miss you so much
Posted by Carolyn Pierce on 19th April 2018
My precious nephew Norman. I still miss seeing you when I visit Texas. You were so faithful coming to see your auntie. That memory always has and always will make me feel special and truly loved. That and your smile will be something I will forever treasure. Love and miss you...Aunt Carolyn
Posted by Deather Durden on 20th April 2017
"A TRIBUTE TO NORM" This is a tribute to our Beloved Norm Rev Noble and Jennifer's 2nd born son Norm was the son full of laughter and fun He was also the most compassionate one What a great father Norman has been From the very beginning until the end You became a great coach and a friend You changed young boys into young men. In thirty-three years, you've done so much There are so many lives that you still touch One of them for sure is your forever crush You saw your destiny so you refused to hush. You always made us laugh, but I saw you cry You're a great person Norm nobody can deny You impacted our lives so, we can't say goodbye Losing you too soon causes us to wonder why. by Aunt Dee Cooper-Durden 4/19/17 ****************************************************************************************** Norman Cooper said this on October 13, 2013:· Judging Others: 7 “Judge not, that you be not judged. 2 For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. 3 Why do you see the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? 4 Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye. Norman Cooper said this on October 20, 2014: "Year After Year I Have been Blessed To be Able To Coach Young Men To Become Better. With Hopes of Impacting Kids lives By Showing Them How Far You Can Push Yourself and Others Around Them. Watching How Kids Learn To Believe in Others and Depend on Their Peers To Rise To The Challenge is Priceless Seeing Kids Show Passion and Positively project out Good Attitudes Win or Loose Because The Hard work and Discipline Reflect Of How They Have Grown Through The Sport And Created Ways to Be Successful in Everyday life . Coaching Is a Gift That We Must Always Strive To Achieve Greatness So When Our Students Become Teachers We Will Always Have The Fulfilment Of the One Who Sparked Greatness in Another Individual." Decide what you stand for and then stand for it all the time. Posted by Norman, January 11, 2015. Norman Cooper said: All ages all Sports all Commitment to becoming a Greater ALL AROUND Athlete G.A.S TURN UP OR TURN OUT!!!!!!!! April 11, 2014. Norman Cooper said: " I picture Myself as a Super hero So I'm loving the COMICS", March 21, 2014 at 10:10 pm.
Posted by Jasmine Castro on 19th April 2017
2 years and it still feels like yesterday. A lot has happened since you've gone but staying strong is what we do regardless of trials and tribulations. We miss YOU and we wish we could see you with your niece, she is a doll. Please continue to bless our dreams.
Posted by Deather Durden on 15th March 2017
If you don't mind, I'm playing my song, The Lord is My Shepherd for our baby this time. If you have a song, upload it and let it play for Norm. Welcome Welcome Welcome. I'll try to find more suitable songs too. Love all of you. FOR OUR NORM! TO STOP THE MUSIC, JUST CLICK ON THE SOUND BUTTON.
Posted by Marva Ware on 15th March 2017
My heart aches for you. You were one of the most generous and kindness nephew I had. I miss your smile and lovable heart and I am still praying that justice be served. By Man Law Enforcement By Praying For Almighty Gods Law. Love You Nephew!!
Posted by Jennifer Cooper on 15th March 2017
As your Mom Norm...I owe so much to you (in thanks and gratitude). You made me a better person! Although I know where you are, and I know it's a better place for you...I can't describe how sad I feel and how hard it is for me to except the fact that you are no longer here. The joy of the Lord has been and continues to be my strength. I thank God and you for leaving us Carly, Nevon and Nason. Love Always! Mom
Posted by Carolyn Pierce on 14th March 2017
How can I not miss one of the sweetest nephews a aunt could ever have? I have many nephews but Norman was one of them that celebrated me. He celebrated me by showing up every time I came to visit my sister of whom I love dearly. He showed up with his big smile, with a big hug and with his family. He did not just run in and leave. He ate with me. He tolerated me with a smile as I asked him to take many pictures. He would ask, how are you doing aunt Carolyn? He would ask about my family. I felt Norman's genuine love for me his aunt. What a blessing to have someone that precious touch my life & the life of others. The pleasant thoughts of Norman will always remain dear to my heart. Rest in Heaven Norman Lee
Posted by Noble Cooper on 13th October 2016
I can't imagine what you are experiencing on the other side of this proverbial so called life man we are maintaining your sons are amazing bro Nevon is so much like you and so much more and Nason hahaha man that boy is a bright and shining star Norm you touched so many lives I feel so Blessed to be your older brother thank you for picking up not only my slack when I was not able to carry the load and thank you for being such an amazing younger brother and older brother to nate man you are the glue then now and forever we all miss you so much Carly is So beautiful I am so glad that you got to find and experience true love I am walking one step at a time one day at a time sometimes one moment at a time WE are Troopers We Coopers and Bookers and all that make up our very colorful and eclectic bloodline I cherish you in every fiber in my being for all the knowledge you spoke speak and will continue to speak the truth about our existence is to love one another and build each other up and just be happy in the end knowing that you gave it all , well Norm we are and I'll tell you all about it when I see you again When I see you again
Posted by Carolyn Pierce on 30th September 2016
Norman I always think of you especially when I see your children, your siblings and most of all your two wonderful parents. I see your kind spirit in all of them. Your smile was your own. That smile of yours always made me feel happy. Yes, that is what you did. You always made me feel happy. As you smiled and said "Hi Aunt Carolyn" you made me happy. Thanks Norm, you will always have a place in my heart. I love and miss you. I know Carly and the rest of your family misses you too. Forever a part of me, aunt Carolyn
Posted by Barbara Vinson on 29th September 2016
I Pray that your family gets justice.... Mr.RIP Norman Cooper..
Posted by Noble Cooper on 14th March 2016
Happy Birthday Norman Lee Cooper. God Bless my lovely family I miss you so much Norm God in Heaven knows that I think about you daily bro and nothing in this world will change how I feel or replace the space in my Heart that you hold Love and Miss you Bro.
Posted by Jasmine Castro on 14th March 2016
Happy Birthday Norman!! I wish we could spend this special day with you. You're missed and loved my dear friend. Continue to watch over all of us! RIP Angel.
Posted by Jennifer Cooper on 14th March 2016
Norm - Missing you dear, beloved and wonderful son, and fighting back tears as I write this tribute!! Norm - That son who was ALWAYS there for me, who loved unconditionally, who never forgot my birthday, never forget Mother's day, who showed up with gifts every Christmas and all the days just mentioned (Always expressing love)!! Norm - Compassionate, Caring, Dedicated and so, so Loving. He is now with the one who can love him more than I.... He is now with the LORD!!
Posted by Deather Durden on 14th March 2016
Happy Birthday Baby Boy! Norm, I thought about you last night so much when I watched your favorite heroes, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Your being the wonderful baby boy you always were I believe you made it happen. Nae and I wanted so badly to watch this movie with you. All throughout the movie, I could see you. I could hear you. The things they would do and say, I told Nae, that's Norm. They're acting like Norm. Funny. Fun-loving. Loving. Heroic. Caring. Entertaining. Playful. Dude. Teddy Bear Sweet Hearts! You're still our Big Baby Boy who always wanted your mom Jenn's loving attention. You are certainly my hero and the hero of those two beautiful sons. They just light up when you were in their presence. You spent time with your kids like the greatest President of the United States, President John F. Kennedy. Love you so much darling. We will all be together again in joy, happiness and divine destiny. Mickey, Leo, Raph, Donnie brought your birthday in early this morning. You Go Norm!
Posted by Edgar Tueme on 14th March 2016
Happy 34th birthday Coop! We are all still missing you down here. Keep watching over us, I will keep you in my thoughts forever.
Posted by Noble Cooper on 7th July 2015
Bro I remember how we went on daily adventures in Germany exploring the great unknown just me and you man I never imagined a life with out you since I was twenty two months old u were there always there nobody knows all that we have gone through but God I know you had some great highs and low lows like we all do in life I have taken your absence in this realm pretty personal which u already know and by doing so created a breach in some relationships that are dear to U just know that I LOVE YOU BRO AND YOUR SEEDS HAVE MY LOVE AND MY SOUL IS FREE I WILL SEE U AGAIN until then I will carry u in my heart always I miss you so much bro...I do not care for anyone's opinions and have no tolerance for fakeness I have lived In the Shadows of my true self Know that your family is taking care of your Legacy and I am LIVING FOR THE LOVE OF U... MY MIND HAS BEEN TRANSFORMED AND MY HEART IS HEALING FROM THE HURT OF YOUR DEATH I HAVE TAKEN IT VERY PERSONAL AND THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE I HAVE TO PUT IT BACK IN THE MASTERS HANDS because I have lost my mind several times already and thanks to God I have made some progress in the 72 days that you have been gone on this earth I am amazed at the way the world is becoming but The Battle is Not Over It has Begun to become All that I Focus On Breaking The Silence I have allowed myself to be reduced to until Now I Will Be Heard Thank you For Setting The Stage on which we all can Minister to Each Other and be Ministered to Norman You Ignited a Fire in the Heart of San Antonio Texas and Inside My Soul...Bro You Are the Most Amazing Soul I Know No One Knows U Better Than God and I am So Blessed to know U Both Love Eternal Little Brother
Posted by Noble Cooper on 19th June 2015
Posted by Feliz Morris on 2nd May 2015
Words cannot express my dearest sympathy. May the Lord continue to strengthen you during your time of bereavement. Know that my love and prayers are with you and your family. Minister Feliz Morris
Posted by Kenneth Rawls on 1st May 2015
Jennifer,Noble and family I still can't believe it. I do know we love you all and praying for you everyday. God Bless whole family.
Posted by Deather Durden on 28th April 2015
Tia Chauntrice Cooper shared US 4 hrs from facebook This hits home for me..."No, the other one..." (Look in STORIES) I haven't said much about my cousin, Norman Cooper, solely because it's a sensitive situation but we as a people need to get it together. The best way to handle these types of situations is not by violence but by praying.. The Bible clearly states what we need to do.... 2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. Love and miss you Norman!!!! If it had not been for the shaking, I never would have been ready for the making, If it had not been for the beating, I would have never knew how anointed I would be. If it had not been for the pressing, I wouldn't be able to walk into my destiny. He's preparing me for greater...GREATER IS COMING!
Posted by Deather Durden on 28th April 2015
from Noble L. Cooper III FB 1 hour I see you Norman Cooper Love You Norman Cooper Thank u for Being the Best u could be U did an Outstanding Job my brutha!!! — feeling determined at Team Foundation.
Posted by Deather Durden on 28th April 2015
Carly Lopez 4 hrs · My friends "family" are so thoughtful, Norman Cooper was a one of a kind man, we loved each other through thick and then. Thank you Leslie and Pita for having this made. To my LUV Norm.
Posted by Deather Durden on 28th April 2015
John Morquecho Yes he was... An outstanding man. I'm glad I got the chance to call him my friend. WOLFPACK SAN ANTONIO TX.. 1 hr · Like · 2
Posted by Deather Durden on 28th April 2015
John Morquecho Yes he was... An outstanding man. I'm glad I got the chance to call him my friend. WOLFPACK SAN ANTONIO TX.. 1 hr · Like · 2
Posted by Deather Durden on 28th April 2015
Carly Lopez shared Warrior Athletics's photo. April 26 at 11:57pm FB note · Kymberly Vazquez to Carly Lopez I can't imagine what it takes for you to push through every single minute of everyday but.. I pray daily for God to grant you the strength. Much Love.
Posted by Gina Campos on 28th April 2015
Norman you are missed so much by so many. Me and the boys are in such disbelief and we miss you. You were family to me us, work to you coaching my boys. Note you know what a blessing you were to so many. Rest in peace and know we all love you! You would be so proud of Carly and the boys! They are warriors like you. We all have warrior in us because of you.
Posted by Jessica Busey on 28th April 2015
Norman. Man I still can't believe that your gone. It just seems unreal to me. You were such a great man to your wife and especially your kids. Not only to your own but to the ones you coached. I know I talked with you about one day my son being coached by you, as did Daniel and James. We all never thought this day would come so quickly. But as they say God only knows when he needs the best by his side. The wells family won't ever be the same with out you. Miss you and your big smile... always giving compliments to all of us when you noticed us dressing nice or when we changed something about us. Love ya and miss ya. #teamwarriors #RIPCOOPER #COOPERLIFE
Posted by Denise StClair on 27th April 2015
Jennifer and Noble words cannot express the pain I feel for the loss of Norman. My son is gone but not to Heaven like Norman he is still on earth but I have not seen him for 10 years. He is Norman's cousin. May you keep the memories of Norman in your heart forever as I have kept the memories of my son Lance in my heart. Peace and Blessings to the Entire Family.
Posted by Jasmine Castro on 26th April 2015
Norman was the big brother I never had. He gave me wisdom, great advise and always reminded me that one of the biggest things we had in common was our positivity and faith. He is one of a kind and like no other. There will be a lot of days of reminiscing of how funny and powerful he was. As I always told him, he's family and I will keep my promises in making sure his loved ones never go in need. He'd do that for me. I love you Norman, Carly, Nevon and Nason!! Family of Warriors, always strong. Amen.
Posted by Donna Star on 26th April 2015
I am so sorry for your loss which was so great. Eternal blessings upon you and yours, I am so sorry for your loss, donna Star
Posted by Jackqueline Bennett on 25th April 2015
My heart is touched i met Norman for the first time told him i am his cousin gave him and his family a big hug not know he would be leaving us.I am so blessed to have met him and knowing that he is my cousin. He will forever be in my heart. Praying for his family that God will comfort their heart's and give peace to their mind.
Posted by Deather Durden on 24th April 2015
Noble Cooper III April 21 at 6:07pm Miss U Bro I cant Believe San Antonio Police Department have such sorry employees, who trained The Retards that ended my bros life How Long have they been on the job I am so upset but God! Love U Norman! We Are Always Together Bro U were my Best Friend I am so happy to Have Known such an amazing Human Being!!! Thank U for Everything U Taught Me In Your Power Packed 33years of Awesomeness!!! U will be missed beyond comprehension, and I say this again God Have mercy on the SOULS of the Guilty.
Posted by Emmanouel Smith on 24th April 2015
I just can't believe it....we all lost a GREAT man. I too had the pleasure of sitting next to Norman at work for more than a year, and could always look forward to being greeted by his contagious smile! I never told him, but having him to talk to every day, helped me through some of my toughest times. I will never forget how his chest would swell with pride, every time he mentioned his kids! I will keep them in my prayers and never forget the amazing man, father, and friend that Norman Cooper was.
Posted by Brandon Briggs on 24th April 2015
I still remember the first time i met norman cooper back in 1999 2000 at a job i picked up at Little ceasers He was the first person who came up to me all smiles told me his name that too call him Coop GONE BUT NEVER GOING TO BE FORGOTTEN R.I.P COOP
Posted by Edgar Tueme on 24th April 2015
I am having a hard time wrapping my head around your loss of life Norman. You were one of my best friends at Transcom. You changed my life for the better bro. I worked with you for over a year and a half. That small period of time did wonders for myself and my family. I will forever keep you in my prayers. Heaven gained a warrior of goodness and love. RIP COOP
Posted by Dylan Crunkinher on 24th April 2015
We met at Dee Howard doing security when we were both 18-19 years old. It was the most boring job in the world but when we worked together we had a time. We met so many interesting characters there. Maj. Vern as you called him, old home skillet, and tons of others. One time you parked the golf cart behind a 737 when it was doing an engine test and it blew it across the tar Mac. We could spend half a shift talking to each other on the phone from 50 yards away. We had lots of great times together outside of work too. We both grew up and started families and I missed hanging out but I was always happy to see what you were up to on FB. I could tell how much you loved Carly and your boys and how proud you were of your family. It made me proud to know such a stand up man. Your parents did a fantastic job raising you. And you and Carly followed in their footsteps. Your passing is hard to accept and my heart aches for your entire family and all your other friends that loved you as I did. Gone but never forgotten RIP Coop
Posted by Deather Durden on 23rd April 2015
Carly Lopez 13 hrs ago from 4/23/15 1:31pm Von is such a strong boy, You will be so proud to know Norman Cooper that your young man scored Commended on his Reading STAAR test only missing 2 Questions. He was so excited that he cried, and he said " I know I will do good on math cause dad loved his numbers." Love u angel dreams.
Posted by Deather Durden on 23rd April 2015
D'antionnette Durden (from FB) 19 hrs · I spent most of my life with you, Nate and Noble III. You were like a big brother to me. I will never forget all the fun we had. I remember that time you played a trick on Nate when he thought he caused your nose to bleed. I saw you in the kitchen putting on the ketchup. You gave us so many fun memories. Love always, cousin Renee
Posted by Deather Durden on 23rd April 2015
https://youtu.be/pcstUT5PKNQ Coming Home added by D'antionnette Durden from FB
Posted by Tracy Stewart on 23rd April 2015
We just met not long ago at GAS. It was an instant bond with Jalen and Nevon. I remember the first day I couldn't pull Jalen off the field because he was having a QB competition with you. Yes, your throws were terrible but you tried to tell the boys you had the better passes and they just laughed. Amazing how similar the boys are and how everyone kept getting their names mixed up. Just the other day someone at the basketball court called Jalen Coop. We then became Stew-Coop and watched these boys mature so much in just one season. Thank you for all your positive words and your speeches to the boys. It brings comfort knowing that they will you cheering them on from above. You will be missed but know that we will always be there for Carly, Von, and Nason. We know how much you loved watching kids get involved in sports and always pushing them to be better. We will always cherish these memories. Thank you Norm.
Posted by Amanda Greening on 23rd April 2015
You stepped up as a father for Ashton when his own father chose not to be around. You were the comic relief any time you were around and showed the boys how to be a man. You were a father to many boys that were not your own and you will be missed greatly...
Posted by Karina Salinas on 23rd April 2015
I sat next to Norman for over a year at transcom and had a lot of conversations and laughs with him..a memory that stands out was when carly made fiesta decorations for Norman to bring to work..I said wow she went all out..she must love you a lot and your lucky to have someone who goes all out for you..nd he responded....she's my sweetheart and exhaled with a huge smile..then again when was that man not in a good mood..he definitely will be missed and remembered forever
Posted by Deather Durden on 23rd April 2015
Tara Natache Ware (posted on FB) Yesterday at 11:11am Words of Little Cousin Tyre from Italy: I am more and more proud of my oldest he is really my rock, I thank God for him every day. These are Tyre Earl words: My cousin Norman is one of the nicest people I know and I'm pretty sure all of you agree with that. Once I went to a club called club beyond and I learned that God has a purpose for everyone, the twists and turns, the ups and downs. But my understanding is that when your roller coaster is over then you will be up In heaven with God, cousin Norman is up there, he's not dead he is in heaven watching us. Everywhere I go I have been told that a funeral is supposed to be a celebration, cousin Norman wouldn't want us to cry he would want us to move on and be happy. You might notice I'm saying is I say that because he isn't dead he will always be alive in our prayers and in our heart. He will always be alive if we always remember him. Love you Cousin Tyre Also to let you all know for the past three days Rodrique has been saying a special prayer for our cousin.
Posted by Deather Durden on 23rd April 2015
Noble Cooper III shared on FB 54 mins · Love U Miss U Never Gonna Forget all the knowledge that U taught me! Norman Cooper U R Me and I am U Now We R One, closer than Ever Bro Wow U are My Hero! I never Imagined there would be a day I would not have u here in the flesh n blood but your spirit is so strong it gives me the greatest comfort feeling you everywhere now!!! Love U So Much bro, God First Then Family, thanks for 33 Amazingly Awesome years of Awesomeness!!!
Posted by Deather Durden on 23rd April 2015
By Noble Cooper III Yesterday at 5:03pm I can not wait to see all of my family together and feel Norman smiling on US I can't believe you are gone Norman Cooper Boy I miss you so much we all do I am just so proud of you Norm that is all I can say and think and all the greatness that was in you you shared it with all of us I am just Positively Overwhelmed with the Outpouring of Love for my little bro Noble Cooper and Jennifer Cooper Keep your Heads Held High.
Posted by Deather Durden on 23rd April 2015
David Collins Yesterday at 2:12pm · San Antonio, TX · I just want to say that I had to do one of the hardest things in my life this past week and look my son in the eye and let him know that a man/coach/friend that he completely admired had passed away in an accident. The pain that we all felt at that moment was almost unbearable. His best friends father is gone. I told him to be strong and be there for his friend as much as he could be. I am extremely proud of him. The way he has been there for Nevon and how they both have been ‪#‎WARRIORS‬ for each other and taking their state testing head on together in the wake of this tragedy. Norman Cooper was an inspiration to my entire family. I am blessed to have had him in my life. Kathleen and I love you guy! Thank you for all of the good memories. Things we will never lose. We'll do what we can and be there for your family. I know you'd do it for us. I am proud of you Brayden. Norman would be too!
Posted by Deather Durden on 23rd April 2015
Nate Cooper Yesterday at 11:45am For those of you that don't know, I lost my brother over the weekend under very tragic circumstances. I've really been at a loss for words but just know he was one of the greatest men I'll ever know and it saddens me to lose him so soon. I lost a brother, but gained a guardian angel. Life is crazy. R.I.P. Norman Cooper. I will always love you.
Posted by Deather Durden on 23rd April 2015
Melissa Kindred April 20 at 5:24am I had to share this Norman Cooper was an amazing father son brother husband cousin. He has touched so many lives the times we all got together with your family was always a fun time so many hearts are aching tonight especially your your beautiful. Wife Carly Lopez your wonderful boys your mom and dad Tara Natache Ware. We love your family like there our own Norman Cooper may u rest in peace — feeling sad.

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