Let the memory of Olujimi be with us forever
  • 47 years old
  • Born on July 17, 1968 in Kampala, Uganda.
  • Passed away on August 1, 2015 in Lagos, Nigeria.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Olujimi Falase, 47, born on July 17, 1968 and passed away on August 1, 2015. A loving husband, father, brother and friend to all of us who were blessed to have known him.  We will remember him always. RIP Jimi x

Posted by Abim Afolabi on 13th August 2018
Shocking that you are no longer here, Sad, Sad, Sad, Rest in Peace my good childhood Friend and bro... May God be with your immediate family... I never met them And May God be with Tunde and Shade and also grand them the fortitude to bear your loss
Posted by Dayo Falase on 6th August 2018
You will forever be remembered Jimi. Omo aga bi Okun. We pray that wife and children will live the legacy you left behind.
Posted by Bisoye Da Rocha on 1st August 2018
Rest on my dearest friend, Jimi. We miss you so much but our God rules. I thank God for the legacies you left behind for they are a joy to behold. Till we meet again. Amen
Posted by Bisoye Da Rocha on 17th July 2018
Remembering you Jimi on what would have been your 50th. Sleep on my dear friend, sleep on...
Posted by Yvonne Macaulay on 3rd August 2017
Dear Jimi, It was with shock i learnt two days ago that you had passed away. It hurt more than anyone could imagine. Why? Because i never got the opportunity to say Thank You. Many years ago, we had all gone to a pool party and as we were all having fun, some of us in the pool, some lounging and others watching the little ones at the kids pool; my little son decided he wanted to jump into the pool. I saw him from a little way off and made not to run after him as I knew it would have gotten him more excited and he would have run faster.He was watching me, inching closer to the deep end. I knew I had to get to him in seconds or else. But he took off suddenly and jumped right in. Everyone froze. I knew not to jump in right after him, like magic he came up laughing like he won the lottery,how come? My precious darling Jimi that's how come. Jimi was already in the pool somewhere close to the middle because there was no one at the deep end at the time. He got to him, held his little legs and brought him up. It was magical, he was in an upright position with Jimi holding on to his legs and my son laughing. Jimi what will i have done, if you hadn't been there, been able to swim under water at that speed .To be honest it happened so fast no one really saw Jimi until he came up with Temi- my son. I have told a lot of people the story how this Angel rescued my son. Jimi you've been an angel for a long time people just didn't know it. Jimi I will forever be grateful to you. Continue to sleep in the bosom of the Lord.
Posted by Tunde/Laide Orangun on 2nd August 2017
God will indeed wipe away all our tears as we fondly remember Jimi. We thank God for the life of Jimi and for the grace that God gave him to have a beautiful wife, lovely children and siblings. I pray that God will continue to be with the families he left behind in Jesus name. Amen!!!
Posted by Omobola Samuel-Mchado on 1st August 2017
Your soul still says YES to the Lord God Almighty your maker...even while you sleep. Forever missed. Sun re OOOO Olujimi.
Posted by Bisoye Da Rocha on 1st August 2017
Dear Jimi, I still remember this dreadful day two years ago. We had just finished celebrating the life of our friend Tinu Ademuwagun. Bayo Fapohunda and I had discussed your condition praying for the best for you. As I was about to lie down and sleep that same day, I got the phone call that you had gone to sleep. Never will I forget. As sad as I felt, I can not begin to imagine how your family must have been feeling. Jimi, our ever gentle, smiling Jimi, I know for sure you are in Good Hands. I also know that God has been good to those you left behind. I had the pleasure of meeting Yinka, Oluseyi and Olujimi jnr. How proud you must be of them all. Yinka is so lovely, so positive, so stronger. Oluseyi is ever so beautiful and articulate . As for Olujimi jnr? A real replica of you. I know you are watching over them with Jesus. They are a real joy. As your long-time friend, I promise to always stay in touch with them and assist them in whatever way I can, small or big. Till we meet again my friend, continue sleeping peacefully. Amen
Posted by Omobola Samuel-Mchado on 19th July 2017
Olujimi..mi, Your MEMORY will never fade. You'll live for all eternity, just as God has promised you. And though you've walked through Heaven's gate, 'We are never far apart, You're still right here, deep with-in our hearts' Sun reee---oo aburo mi.
Posted by Bisoye Da Rocha on 17th July 2017
Olujimi, oremi atata. It's been all about you today as your ISI friends remembered you with fondness. We both know you are having a great time with God, right? We here, just missing your cool self and your smile. Continue to rest well oremi xx
Posted by Tunde Falase on 17th July 2017
My Bro, As we remember you so specially today on your birthday, the memories are ever fresh , ever present and forever lasting. Forever in our hearts and minds, Jimi. Sleep on, my brother.
Posted by Omobola Samuel-Mchado on 6th August 2016
My dearest first cousin and brother. You will forever be awake in my heart and mind. Gone too soon but you remain my TREASURE. RIP sweet brother.
Posted by Beatrice Morgan on 2nd August 2016
May your soul continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Posted by Ade Olumide on 2nd August 2016
One year ago, as I was just about to go to bed, a Facebook update from an old secondary school classmate caught my eye. He'd posted a picture of another classmate, sharing the sad news of his passing last night. I was frozen as I read it. FLASH is gone??!! See.....when I started my new healthy lifestyle changes in June of 2014, Jimi was one of my biggest silent cheerleaders in the background. Right from secondary school, he was quite the physical specimen of fitness. Muscular and well cut. When he caught wind of my attempts to cultivate a healthier lifestyle via my social media updates, he reached out, and constantly and happily shared tips on exercising and diet to facilitate weight loss. We exchanged a few recipes as well. It was great, as we'd lost touch over the years. And then this happened ... Jimi Falase...rest well with the Lord. I pray that he comforts your family, and grants them the wherewithal to bear your loss. Rest in perfect peace, my brother. My heart is still heavy .... God bless you and yours eternally.
Posted by Bisoye Da Rocha on 1st August 2016
Jimi, forever missed, forever in my thoughts. What has kept me going today especially is knowing that God does not call for His children until they have completed His work on this earth. I believe you have done your work and you are now resting in His arms. It is well for I know in taking you back, God has left your family and friends the strength and faith needed to keep on going till He calls us. Jimi, though you are in a much better place, you will never be forgotten. Continue to rest well my dear friend.
Posted by Adeniran (fada) Arimoro on 1st August 2016
Flash...!!! indeed, U're surely missed. Time flies in a moment, already 1 year gone by...OBM...! In Christ Alone...He ...calls you home...!!! May God continue to guide, protect & nourish your growing family, Amen...!!!
Posted by Tunde Falase on 1st August 2016
Ah Jim Jam..... So 365 days have come and gone and we have cause today to once more reflect on your herculean struggle to this day last year. You went out like a king, our hero, with a fortitude that will never be forgotten. And as you left , you said "Everything is sorted." We take comfort that you are well and truly "Sorted", living out a divine existence in the Glory of the Lord. What it must be like from day to day, rubbing shoulders with the great of the faith, those who like you,have run the most marvelous race and are resting now in a joyous and eternal peace. You will be forever young in my heart. The sound of your chuckle will never fade. Your ever pragmatic counsel will always reflect in my judgement as I will always ask, "What would Jimi do?". You live on in our minds , Jimi and we will continue to run your race here as we guide your wife and children to become people that will reflect the greatness of their husband and dad. Sleep well my brother. Forever young in my heart...forever present.
Posted by Abiola Makinwa on 31st July 2016
Olujimi Olaniyi, We said goodbye one year ago. This time it was goodbye and not au revoir ... at least not for this side of eternity. So much has happened in the past year. Yinka, Luseyi and Luropo have found a new rhythm and purpose that builds on the strong foundation you laid. Mummy and daddy have navigated the valley of the shadow and reflect a peace that only God can give. We, your siblings, feel your presence in a new way. I thought the five will become four. But no, the five remain five. You are indelibly etched into every day, of every month. We miss you still. Thankfully, the pain, the grief is no longer the sole occupant of front seat. Jesus heals. Instead I think of you and smile. Your many nicknames flash by. Olujimi Olaniyi and Jimi Boy were mine. I look at your pictures and thank God for the days we shared. Thank you Jimi in so many ways. I sometimes wonder, what are you doing right now, right this instant? Do you reach for us as we reach for you? I suspect that you have embraced this new place and are giving it your best shot ... as we are. The tears we shed are framed with the hope of this place that you have made so tangible and so close. Thanking God for His faithfulness and grace. Olujimi Olaniyi you remain forever young in that special place in our hearts. Prosper and grow in God's Kingdom. We love you for always. Kofi, Abiola and your nephews.

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