Let the memory of OLUSEGUN be with us forever
  • 49 years old
  • Born on June 12, 1964 in Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on November 22, 2013 in Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, OLUSEGUN AINA 49 years old , born on June 12, 1964 and passed away on November 22, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Oladunni Angulu on 1st December 2013
The Bereola family wrote - The Entire Bereola Family in Nigeria and the Diaspora are deeply saddened by the sudden and untimely death of our Cousin Olusegun Olagoke Aina. He went too soon and may his soul rest in God's perfect peace. May God, the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the God of All Comfort, comfort us at this time of bereavement from inside-out like only He can. And may He give us peace and joy in the midst of sorrow so that we may know the hope to which He has called us through Our Lord Jesus Christ, His Son, whom He raised from the dead. Family, look to the Lord, as He has promised NEVER to leave us NOR forsake us. For nothing shall separate us from the love of God-----not even death. For weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. Our time is getting shorter and shorter day by day, so let us love one another and create sweet memories as we pass along. May God continue to bless us and keep us. Olusegun Olagoke, Sun Re O, Sun Re! - Rev E O Bereola
Posted by David Oludairo (Faddy Jay... on 28th November 2013
Segun, words fail to describe the shock that your death triggered! I recall my last visit to you in April/May with fondness, and with gratitude to God for the opportunity to talk again about Jesus, and drawing closer to Him. Then your phone call to me a few weeks ago - and my promise to visit again to continue our discussion on eternity. But all that is unnecessary now - you are there already! Fond memories abound on how you merrily brought about a dozen of us together to hang out at 78 Falolu Road in 1985/86. It was surely an unforgettable, jolly period. Your funeral next week, God willing, will bring most of us together again in almost 30 years. Today, our prayers and thoughts are with Maggie and Pelumi that the good Lord will strength them in the years ahead. Praying also that we will all meet on that sweet Resurrection Morn. Adieu!
Posted by Gboyega Ajisafe on 25th November 2013
AKONKO, from Little Road at Yaba to Modupe Johnson Crescent in Surulere then to FALOLU ROAD then to OGBA. Ojogbo, it is still Very difficult for me to believe you are Gone. Egbon mi, sun re o.
Posted by Wale Dairo on 24th November 2013
Segelu, aka "Papingo," aka "keke baje ko se to," arghh, I am lost for words! If only I knew death was going to play a fast number, I would have hopped on a plane prior to Friday just to see that smile on your face again. God's ways are not like ours, right? I planned on paying you a surprise visit next year when I visit home. Alas, I will have to be content with seeing your resting place. It's insane man, I am totally devastated. Not what I planned but hey, God knows best. I remember with nostalgia the good old Falolu days when you and I got into countless trouble with our respective dads, the beatings, the reprimands, etc. Now I can only shake my head in sorrow as I wipe the current of tears cascading down my face. Why? Why you, why now? If I could, I'll take out death with a single swipe. I'll drive it far away from our vicinity. But it beat us to it and took you away in your prime, depriving us of a jolly good reunion and the fond memories of the good old days. Words cannot describe my sorrow, my pain, my anguish. Nothing can. All we can do is bask in God's glory for making our paths cross. I reminisced on the day we would sit around a table later on in life as we watch our children pick up the baton from where we pass it on to them. But wishes does not always pan out the way we plan. It is very difficult for me to pass this tribute, it really is. If I could raise you like Jesus raised Lazarus, I would not bat an eyelid. I would, not for me, but for all of us, friends, family and kin alike who had the privilege to know you, You will be sorely missed my friend and brother from different parents and that is an understatement. Adieu my jolly good friend till we meet to part no more in the bosom of the Lord. May He continue to grant us the grace to bear your untimely loss...
Posted by Akinwale Ogundeyi on 24th November 2013
Bros, Though i never really got to to know you, my grandmum ( late T. O. Akinwande nee Aina) and and my mum (O. A Ogundeyi nee Akinwande) both spoke well of you. Its so sad that you are no more. We rest our hope in the knowledge that you are resting in the lord's bossom Rest In Perfect Peace
Posted by Sola O. on 23rd November 2013
Ajibolo! Na so e be? Na so the race finish? Na wa o... How old were we when we met again? Early teens, right? You were this weird bespectacled kid always standing behind the metal fence of that bungalow on Falolu and Abiona in Surulere, and I was the weird bespectacled kid standing on the outside till you invited me in. And what crazy times we had! I was the introvert and you were the extrovert. Crazy how I wanted to get away from everyone and just get lost in my imagination while you just wanted to live in the moment and hook up with everyone! We were too young to realise how our lives were unwinding even as we aged, right? You with your mask of boldness perpetually on, while I regressed even further into my screwed up existence... And then the boys from around the corner with whom we shared that first drink, and smoke, and party, and game of Scrabble... Messed up as we all were, you still managed to find 'M' and she walked with you every day on the road to forge a direction and purpose and life! Ah! We ought to have hooked up a little more, Sege. We should have resisted harder the natural state of chaos also known as life. I should have called. Should have visited. Should have let in more of your outwardness into my shell of a world. Should have slowed you down a little by drawing you into that same shell of a world... Should haves... Godspeed bro. Godspeed.
Posted by Oladunni Angulu on 23rd November 2013
Segeee, I never thought I'll be writing you a tribute, being your big sister, but that is the situation I find myself now. Where will I start? Is it how you used to cry after us when we were off to school and you were too young to go to school? Is it that your first day at Mary Hill Convent School when you outran me (after Mom) in not wanting to stay for school? Is it playing in the compound in the Adeyi Avenue house in Bodija? Is it your joining us in Lagos when you came to the Lagos Baptist Academy? Is it the many escapades you and 'the boys' had at Falolu road - much to the chagrin of Pops? Is it the daring banger 'games' that made one neighbor come to report you to Dad one New Year's eve in Falolu? Is it your going off to Ijanikin for A'levels? Is it the many visits to Unilag campus on your birthday? Is it the day the driver had to run back to the house when you were detained for some traffic issue - being a learner driver?? Is it your endless teasing of me and my friends? Is it your NYSC in Sokoto State and you coming back with a State Award that made Pops marvel??? Is it the challenge you had we never got to face and deal with squarely?? Is it your offering to be Church Treasurer on your first visit to a new parish in Ogba? Is it your finally marrying your sweetheart after such a long courtship? Is it the birth of your lovely daughter and the scare we had? Is it your many concerns you sparingly voiced out? I wish I could turn back the years but that is beyond me. I will never forget you and I stand on the promises of Christ that I will see you again. Sleep on, baby brother till we meet again. I love you.

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